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Dogs soon to be trained in Ajaccio to detect Covid-19 – Insurance for dogs

The cynotechnical teams of the Corsican firefighters, with the Ajaccio hospital and the Gendarmerie, joined a new test of detection of Covid-19 thanks to the scent of dogs.

The NOSAIS trial, initiated by Dominique Grandjean, veterinarian of the National Veterinary School of Alfort and the Paris fire brigade, aims to identify patients suffering from the new coronavirus thanks to the smell of dogs.

On his Facebook page, the professor explains that the trial should start this week both in Paris and in Ajaccio.

« Dogs will be trained for a period of about a week and then go through a phase of validation of the sensitivity and specificity of their action which should take about ten days. »

In Corsica, five dogs from the Corse-du-Sud fire and rescue service should participate in this research project, specifies the SDIS 2A.

« This test aims to verify the relevance of this process which remains to be validated ».

If this test is successful, it will allow rapid and massive screening of the population. Other countries are also in the training phase.

In an interview with our colleagues from Sciences etvenir, the professor explains that dogs may be able to spot sick people by the smell of sweat as they can already do with other illnesses.

« The virus leaves traces » in the human body. « We are working on axillary sweat samples, that is to say under the armpits. If these traces exist dogs will mark them for sure! »