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Dogs of small breeds have a greater predisposition to heart problems – Health Insurance

Carmen Aniorte



Small-breed dogs – popularly known as mini- are the favorites of many people. The main reason is that given its size pcan adapt to any home. They are also the races preferred by people of a certain age since they are easier to handle when walking.

However, if these races are not cared for and not in all cases, they may have a predisposition to suffer heart problems over the years. «Chihuahua, Yorkshire and the Maltese Bichon are three of the races that can suffer from such diseases if they do not have the proper care. Moreover, the Spaniel Cavalier King Charles is the breed that has a greater predisposition to suffer coronary heart disease, ”says Alexis Santana, veterinarian specializing in cardiology and practice manager at AniCura Albea Veterinary Hospital in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

« This is due, » adds the veterinarian, « to small-breed dogs are more susceptible to mitral valve disease. In fact, 85 percent of the consultations we receive in cardiology correspond to this disease ».

Keys to avoid heart problems

Low exercise tolerance level: Dogs with heart problems have a lower level of tolerance for physical activity. If we notice that our dog gets too tired during the walks, that he does not want to climb the stairs or asks us for help to get on the chair, it is convenient that we tell our veterinarian because he could suffer from heart disease.

Abnormal breathing: Through the breathing of our dog we can know if he suffers any heart problem. If breathing is accelerated, you have a cough or difficulty breathing, we should go to a veterinary office. These signs are usually more evident during the night.

The obesity: Overweight in dogs is an increasingly widespread problem and is one of the most important factors when developing cardiovascular disease.

Age: Heart problems usually appear in senior patients. That is, in dogs over eight years. Puppies can also suffer from such diseases, but their detection is much more complicated and only a veterinarian can make the proper diagnosis.

Fainting and bleeding: If our dog suffers from a heart problem and is in an advanced stage, he could suffer fainting. Our goal is to detect heart disease before reaching this stage, but if it has not been so, we must immediately go to the veterinarian.

Tips to consider

Finally, when giving some advice to maintain proper cardiovascular health in our pets, these are very similar to those recommended to humans: perform physical exercise on a regular basis, maintain a healthy diet with quality feed that include cereals and ingredients periodic veterinary reviews to detect any type of disease