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Behind, far behind was when dogs and cats were given leftovers. First came the homemade food and over time the feed and wet food emerged … now it is the turn, without neglecting the dry food or the one that comes in tubs, to the call natural food. To meet this condition of « natural » the most important and fundamental is that natural ingredients are used, without artificial chemicals. This type of feeding is free of dyes and preservatives and they are prepared with fresh meat or fish. What must be taken into account is that these products are intended for them since natural pet food is not the same as for human consumption. There are « natural » ingredients that are good for us; But not for them. Since Edgard & Cooper – are those who after three months of research, created the first feed for dogs with 100 percent fresh and unprocessed meat – say that « there is no nothing like fresh meat with simple ingredients, cooked and packaged respecting the natural environment ». Most pet foods are overprocessed and wrapped in plastic. They propose a food for dogs and cats naturally rich. A natural and tasty diet, made with lots of fresh meat, fruits and vegetables. They also use biodegradable bags and if this is not enough they donate 10% of their profits to support protectors, who help the animals that need it most. Since 2013 it offers a wide range of delicious recipes for animal feed for both dogs and cats. Feed, cans, tubs and even snacks. For this, as they say they use: fresh boneless meat, never processed, for the best protein intake. In addition, unlike others, their canned recipes contain cereals and are gluten free, making them more easily digestible. These are indicated for those animals with more sensitive stomachs. Nor are they added dyes, artificial flavors, preservatives, or added sugars, only healthy elements so that at each meal it provides all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that our pets need to stay healthy and strong.

Carnivores in origin

Whenever we talk about feeding for our pets, we remind them that originally our dogs and cats were carnivorous. That means that despite having been domesticated by humans, their digestive system is not prepared for elements such as carbohydrates or milk, in the case of dogs. Therefore, natural food is the most appropriate to your diet. The reason? It offers feed free of artifice and additives and yet they contain a high content of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. With this, what is achieved is to provide benefits for your health.

Main benefits

Less tartar buildup. Nutrients of natural origin help our animals’ mouths stay healthier for longer. The owners will notice how the amount of tartar decreases markedly.

-Digestionof our pets improves. Your bowel movements will be smaller, since your body will make better use of nutrients. They will also have less gas and their body odor will be less intense.

-Weight control. Overweight is a disease that many of our dogs and cats suffer thanks to this type of food our pets will also benefit from a balance in the supply of nutrients that will help them keep in their line.

-Inartificial. The health of our pet becomes more visible: your hair will shine more than ever.

-Better immune system. TheNatural feed contains some nutritional contributions that favor a better development of the immune system of our pets, so they will be more protected in a natural way.

How to get used to natural food?

In the case of dogs they are animals of customs, so when introducing new foods it is better to go slowly. Too easy. Over three or four days, you have to gradually increase the amount of new food in your pet’s bowl, while reducing the current food to the same extent. Three quarters of the same thing happens with cats and they can become very twitchy with food. For them as in the case of their « colleagues » dogs, the ideal is to introduce the new food little by little. It may cost a little (no more than four days). Finally you should know that most cats stop eating when they are satisfied … but not all. If your cat is more plump than it should – what is known as Gardfield syndrome – it is more advisable to reduce the portions. Also, unlike dogs, cats don’t usually drink enough water. That indicates that wet food is the most advisable for them, not only because the minions like its texture; but because they also contain much more water than dry foods.