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Dog shares its water with a thirsty Koala in Australia – Environment – Life – Health Insurance

Australia is experiencing one of the most catastrophic environmental crises in its history, the fires that have hit the region since September of last year have left homeless, not only hundreds of people, but also thousands of animals, whose habitats have been reduced to ashes

Kangaroos, koalas and other species have lost their lives in their attempt to get away from the flames. Videos and images of animals killed and severely injured by burns are published daily.

But in the midst of this bleak landscape, the faces of the solidarity of people who help these creatures and save them from dying in the fire, from hunger or thirst have also been seen.

This is the case of Rutsy, a dog that has given a great lesson in hospitality to many Internet users by sharing his bowl of water with a small marsupial which, it seems, has become a very good friend.

According to Andrew Fost, a neighbor of the canine’s owners and who made the tender scene popular in a Facebook post, « Koala comes to drink some water every time it is very hot. »

In the video you can see how Rutsy beats his tail while the koala drinks a little water, then the dog does the same and seconds later, as in a gesture of complicity and gratitude, they join their snouts as in a tender caress.

The publication became so popular that Australia’s ‘7News’ news portal interviewed Danielle Stone, the one in charge of recording the video and owner of Rutsy. The woman said that the koala is called Quasi and that she regularly wanders around her house to drink some water on hot days.

For Stone there are many things that people can learn from these images, Rutsy’s noble gesture is an invitation to be supportive of others. « I think humans could learn one or two things from this pair » concluded.

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