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Dog sacrificed to protect his master and his brothers from a bear – USA and Canada – International – Health Insurance

The sad story of the end of a puppy after protecting its owner and his dog friends from a black bear was shared on social networks and has touched many Facebook and Instagram users.

The dog, named Pete, was adopted by Cathi and Steve 18 months ago, when he was still 12 years old. It was this couple who shared on the Instagram page « Me & My Shadow Pets », which they direct, the tragic event during a walk in the state of New York.

Cathi and Steve work in their own dog walker and pet care service, and often take Pete with the other dogs they take care of for a walk in the woods. However, they did not imagine that that day, when hiking on a rainy day, they would end up finding a bear in Greenwood.

Cathi tells on Instagram that the dogs surprised the black bear right next to the path and this animal felt threatened, so he began to face the dogs. It was then that the brave Pete stepped forward and faced the bear so that his mistress and the other dogs could run and be safe.

“He felt threatened and turned around. Pete stepped forward and held the bear until I could save the other dogs « , writes the caregiver on the social network.

‘Pete’ was seriously injured after his encounter with the bear, but managed to give time to safeguard his pack. Subsequently, the dog was taken to a hospital, where they detailed that he had quite serious spinal damage and could never walk again if he survived all the surgeries.

It is at that moment, the couple decided that it was better to let it go so that it would not continue to endure so much pain. “We decided it was better to let it go that afternoon. Run free Pete, you don’t have all those old age pains anymore. You spent 18 great months with us, running every day as you loved, ”the couple posted on his Instagram.

Brave Pete would have turned 14 in June of this year. His owners said goodbye to him with a heartbreaking message at the end. “I love you Pete. Save me some cheese for when we meet again. «