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What story is behind the dogs and cats that reach animal shelters? And how is the experience of adopting a pet that has been abandoned by its owners? With these premises, SER Alcazar has launched a new section dedicated to the adoption of animals In collaboration with ‘Animalcázar’, the animal guard of Alcazar de San Juan.

Every Tuesday, in ‘Today for today La Mancha’, and from the hand of volunteers of ‘Animalcázar’, we will know some of the dogs or cats that are in this shelter, how they got there, what characteristics they have or what care they need. Further, We will have testimonials from people who have decided to adopt to some of these animals thus giving them a new life.

‘Animalcázar’ now has about 70 dogs and 130 cats In its facilities, figures that usually increase after holiday periods, when there are more dropouts. Despite this, he points out Francisco Javier Sánchez, volunteer of the protector, « we do not lack enthusiasm and desire to work, although what we would like is to cease to exist because that would mean that there are no abandoned dogs. »

‘Dobi’ with two volunteers from ‘Animalcázar’ and Manoli, adopter of a dog
/ BE Alcazar

In this first program, we have known the history of Dobbi, which came to the protector in 2016 and has been waiting for three years to be adopted. Dobbi arrived at the shelter through Sultan, a dog that was found in the Alcazar polygon, « with very shattered pads and many wounds. » A day later, Dobbi appeared on the same site, « as if he were looking for Sultan. »

Dobbi is a podenco hybrid, quiet, about four years of life, very receptive to love, compatible with dogs of other breeds, and with some problem of hypothyroidism that, thanks to a small treatment, does not prevent him from leading a completely normal life. Those interested in adopting it can contact ‘Animalcázar’ on the phone 605 26 39 39 or on its website.

In space we have also known the Manoli’s testimony, which last January 4 adopted Ceres, a dog whose daughter fell in love after volunteering with the protector. « Maybe she is not a beautiful dog, but what she gives you on an emotional level makes her the prettiest, » explains Manoli, who underlines the « grateful » attitude of the adopted dogs and ensures that « if tomorrow I had to make the decision, the would take again with eyes closed. « 

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