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Denounced in A Coruña a couple when their dog dies after falling from a window | Coruña Radio – Health Insurance

Agents of the Local Police of A Coruña have denounced a couple for abandonment and mistreatment of animals with the result of a deceased dog « due to lack of diligence », as reported. The owners would have left their dogs alone and one of them fell through a window and died.

Specifically, the complaint was formalized last week against a couple « for not taking the necessary measures to ensure the safety and welfare of their pets according to their etymology, resulting in one of the deceased dogs. »

The events occurred on January 2, on the street Neyra Mendaña, when those responsible for the animals, left them alone and the youngest, four months, rushed from one of the windows of the house, a third floor, which was open. After receiving a strong impact against the ground, The animal died shortly after in a veterinary center.

The people responsible for the animals had been denounced on other occasions by the continuous barking, disturbing the neighborhood rest.

In addition, when the deceased animal belongs to the breed american staffordshire terrier the owner was denounced for lacking a license for the possession of a potentially dangerous dog breed and not having it registered in the municipal registry for this type of breed.

Possible fines

It also lacked civil liability insurance and the animal did not have the mandatory microchip implanted, « which may result in solidarity cumulative sanctions of around 6,000 euros« , informs the Consistorio Coruñés.

Likewise, the agents requested that it be assessed whether these people meet the necessary psychotechnical conditions for the responsible possession of pets. All of this will be reported to the Department of Environment for being the competent in this matter.