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Deadly family drama in the USA: horror mother hangs children and has sex with dog – Health Insurance

In Pennsylvania, a mother hanged her two children. (Icon)
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It is a cruel crime that recently happened in the US state of Pennsylvania. Like among others « Daily Star » reports, a mother is suspected of hanging her two children on a leash. In addition, the woman is accused of having sex with the family dog.

Mother hangs her own children and has sex with a dog

A court has now charged 36-year-old Lisa Snyder with two murders after hanging her 8-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter in the basement of her home in Berks County. Police had found the lifeless bodies. According to the report, the woman hanged her two children with a dog leash. Previously, the horror mother was said to have searched the internet for targeted murder methods, it is said. She also accuses the court of having sex with her dog to have had. Photos showing Snyder in clear sexual acts with the animal prove this.

Horror mother let her own children die

According to the local newspaper « The Morning Call », Snyder is said to have shown no feelings when she was arrested. In an interview with the police, she initially claimed that her children had committed suicide. However, she herself did nothing to save her children. When the rescue workers arrived at the scene, they were already dead. « One could assume that a mother who found her children hanging would do everything possible to save them, » said District Attorney John Adams. « But she did nothing of the sort, » Adams said. Snyder is currently being held in a Berks County prison. The process continues.

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