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Cultura Inquieta hosts a concert for « happily adopted » dogs – Health Insurance

Nacho Serrano



The Animal band, the first group of musicians who play only for and for animals, organizes the first concert for «Happily adopted dogs». It will be held on Thursday, November 28 at 1:30 p.m., in the Madrid headquarters of Restless Culture (Duque de Osuna Street, 8). A snack for dogs and their accompanying humans will be served. It is a new experiment of this peculiar formation, which seeks to show positively the effects of the adoption of abandoned animals, as well as rewarding dogs with a unique and rewarding sensory experience.

A jazz quartet – double bass, guitar, piano and saxophone – will experiment with sounds, rhythms and melodies to transmit endorphins to canids. There will be a special area with food and wifi to leave humans. In addition to the concert, pets can enjoy a photographic exhibition designed especially for dogs. Your accompanying humans can also enjoy another exhibition, especially for animal lovers and the Animal Band project, and a snack for dogs and people.

The initiative is altruistic, collective and open, counting so far with the collaboration of Cultura Inquieta, music festival and alternative art media, with more than 3 million followers on social networks, which offers its facilities and media in Madrid. Also by Marta González Novo, director of the radio program Hoy por Hoy Madrid of Cadena SER and promoter of the idea after having interviewed the band, who will be the Madrina of the extraordinary concert.

The Animal Band is an altruistic project that, in just three months, accumulates more than five thousand followers on Instagram. Their concerts for donkeys, cows, meerkats, penguins or horses They have caught the attention of media such as Clarín, SER, Telemadrid or Onda Cero.

The « Concert for Happily Adopted Dogs » has a limited capacity for 30 dogs. To sign up for free, you must write to