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Coronavirus: Beijing Bans « Uncivilized » Behavior – Insurance for dogs

Beijing will ban from June 1 a series of behaviors deemed « uncivilized » to improve hygiene in public places in the midst of a new coronavirus pandemic, the municipality said on Sunday.

China, which officially records more than 82,000 people infected with Covid-19 on its soil and 4,632 deaths, was the first country affected by the disease.

The end of the “Beijing bikini”

Sneezing or coughing without covering your nose or mouth and not wearing a mask in public in case of illness are now part of a new list of offenses in the Chinese capital.

Citizens are also required to « dress properly » in public and not to go bare-chested – an apparent reference to the so-called « Beijing bikini » practice, when in summer many men are used to strolling and wander in the air and the t-shirt pulled up.

The new regulations also require the installation of markings for social distancing in public places.

« Social Credit »

Beijing, a city of more than 20 million, already discourages a range of « uncivilized » behavior, including spitting in public, throwing litter anywhere, walking dogs on a leash, and smoking in places where this is prohibited. But in reality, the regulations are not always respected and certain habits have not completely disappeared.

The latest rules – adopted on Friday – also encourage the police to report serious crimes, which can affect a person’s « social credit ».

China has started in recent years to put in place different « social credit » systems that give points to « good » citizens but can prevent others from taking the train, plane, or making a reservation. ‘hotel. The Beijing metro announced last May that it had started to take away points from travelers who eat inside the trains.