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Controversy in China for dyeing chow-chow dogs like pandas as an advertising claim – Health Insurance





A coffee shop in China with painted chow-chow dogs like panda cubs It has been widely criticized for the treatment given to these pets.

The Cute Pet Games cafe opened its doors last month in Chengdu, in the southwestern province of Sichuan – home to a good part of endangered bear species – with six chow-chow dogs Fluffy dyed black and white.

The video of dogs wandering around coffee has gone viral on Chinese social networks. In the video, published by Chengdu Economic Daily, the owner of the coffee is seen offering a dyeing service for 1,500 yuan (190 euros) to customers who wanted to give their pets a similar makeover.

Internauts criticized the treatment that the owner of the cafeteria is giving dogs. « On behalf of animal lovers, these pet cafes just want to make money, » said a social media user. « I suggest dyeing dog owners in black and white, » he added.

Others recalled that veterinarians always warn of the damage that tincture can cause to the dog’s hair. «Dogs are dogs. Dyeing them does not make them pandas And they are living beings. You hurt them just because you think they look good.

But not everything was critical. A part of the users of the networks applauded the initiative « of the panda dogs ». «They are your dogs. It’s up to you. Very pretty ».

After the controversy, the owner of the bar announced on his website that he will stop offering the pet dyeing service «Chengdu is the home of the pandas. We wanted to do something different, differentiate ourselves from other cafes and pet stores, ”he told local media. «Like their owners, their lives are much better than bears. Internet users, please do not project your thoughts on us, ”he said.