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They have a reputation for exquisite and they are. The cats are carnivores And the meat has to be in your diet. These, unlike their « friends » dogs, can never be vegetarians or vegans – although there are some specimens, we say it with knowledge of cause to those who like carrot or lettuce pieces.

From Purina they affirm that the felines take as main source of energy the protein and they need more of these than dogs need. The meat provides three essential nutrients for the mininos such as taurine (for the heart and eyesight), archidonic acid (skin and fur) and Vitamin A (for fur and eyesight).

So in this way, to keep your cat in perfect shape, Your diet should contain a balanced amount of essential nutrients; but at the same time it has to be attractive to its delicate palate. Include in your diet human food or some supplements can be harmful to your health causing digestive problems.

Cats when they are babies have the sensitive stomach and that is why when they stop drinking breast milk, they need a special diet rich in protein and other nutrients to help them grow strong and healthy. Contrary to the popular image of cats drinking milk from a bowl, veterinarians consulted say that they do not need milk once they are have weaned. It is a food that is difficult for them to digest, since they do not have the enzyme that processes lactose (the sugar in milk).

Therefore, cow’s milk and its derivatives can cause diarrheaa and other stomach problems. In the veterinary market there is a special milk for them, it is a creamy food; but lactose free The same as the sweets, this milk contains calories and must be dosed for the cat to maintain a balanced diet. Keep in mind that milk for no reason has to be water substitute. Water should not be missing at any time.

A diet according to age

From one year on, a normal and healthy adult should receive a balanced diet. There are two proposals in the market: wet food and dry food (I think). Wet foods are presented in cans, aluminum containers or in individual doses in sachets. At the time of the meal should be served to room temperaturein this way the cat enjoys its texture and smell more and better (do not leave it exposed for a long time since it can be damaged). If you do not consume all the content, store the leftover in the fridge (no more than 24 hours). When we give it back it must be put back to room temperature.

Jellies have become very popular among this type of food. Precisely Purina Felix Fantastic Duo He has just released a new range with tender pieces of two types of meat or fish (ox, chicken, white fish and salmon). They contain no flavorings, preservatives or artificial colors added. As for the dry food, These have become a very popular alternative. Your balls contain the balanced amount of nutrients. They also have a crunchy texture that helps and allows the cat to have good oral health.

Keep in mind that the I think dry It contains a higher concentration of nutrients than wet ones, so it is recommended that the rations have a smaller amount. Both dry and wet for cats and dogs are alike; but to each his own and what corresponds to him. The dietary needs of dogs and cats are very different.

Food change

Both cats and dogs at mealtime frequently they are bored to always have the same food. Before falling into the temptation to mix the usual feed with some «little temptation » (pieces of chicken, turkey, tuna or fish) If you decide to change it for another, you have to introduce the new food gradually.

You have to be patient – all changes cost – between 8 and 10 days will be more than enough; but as we tell you a lot of patience. A abrupt change It can lead to cat digestive problems. However, other veterinarians consulted propose putting two containers: one with their usual food and another with the new one.

In this way the pussycat thanks to its innate curiosity You can little and as we say gradually try the new one. Finally we don’t want to stop talking about the importance of water. Make sure your cat has fresh and cold water day and night and clean to drink. The container must be placed at a distance from the food and at the same time away from its sandbox.