Insurance for Dogs

Castilla-La Mancha will allow access of domestic animals to authorized public places – Health Insurance

Mariano Cebrián




Being able to enter a bus or a bar with a dog and fines of up to 60,000 euros are some of the novelties which will include the new Animal Welfare Law that Castilla-La Mancha will have as of 2020. It will be then, as Tuesday announced by the Minister of Agriculture, Francisco Martínez Arroyo, in the press conference following the Governing Council, That this draft bill has been taken into consideration, which will now reach the Advisory Council to later return to the executive body of the autonomous community and be definitively approved in the first months of next year.

As the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development recalled, his team has been working on the development of this regulation for years, but it was in 2017 when he received a great boost. As a result of the participation and consensus of several groups involved in this matter, a text has been improved that, in his opinion, «is at the forefront and makes us very proud because it makes the Castilian-Muslim society one of the most advanced because it protects and cares for animals».

Martínez Arroyo reported that the new Animal Welfare Law will include two basic principles: on the one hand, « consider animals as sentient or sensitive beings, not as things or goods for the first time, » since the 1991 law, which carries 29 years in force, I did not consider them that way. And, on the other hand, it affects everyone, and not only domestic ones, excluding animals that have specific regulations, such as those of livestock farms, which are governed by European regulations, and wildlife and animal species in bullfighting shows and zoos, which have state regulations.

News and prohibitions

Among the novelties that appear in these regulations, the counselor pointed out the simplification in animal identification, so that a single record will be created – there are now two – that will be managed by the Council of Veterinary Colleges of Castilla-La Mancha, and the regulation of zoological nuclei, which will specifically require its workers to have training in animal welfare.

Likewise, the law will give importance to the dissemination, information and education in animal welfare with awareness campaigns, among other issues, about the compulsive purchase of domestic animals, the consequences of unwanted reproduction, sterilization, abandonment, abuse or possession of wild animals. And, in addition, it contemplates the creation of an Advisory Council of Animal Welfare and Protection that will evaluate the application of the law.

Martínez Arroyo also pointed out that the law prohibits some activities such as dog fights, roosters or any other animals that were not expressly prohibited, the presence of wild wild animals in circuses, the use of animals tied at fairground attractions, the exhibition with commercial purposes, aesthetic mutilations and has remarked that the purpose is the «zero sacrifice».

In addition, the new regulations will facilitate the access of animals to buildings and public establishments in general, unless the premises consider otherwise and request it and indicate it at the entrance to it. The sanctions in force of the 1991 law will also be updated, so that the maximum amount that was set at 6,000 euros is multiplied by 10 to 60,000 euros, while changing the type of sanctions, serious and very serious, for the actions of animal abuse.