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The Councilor for Road Cleaning and Maintenance of Municipal Centers, Ramón Lorente, presented on Tuesday at the City Council the new awareness and information campaign «Take care of Toledo»Set up by your department to raise awareness about the collection of canine droppings and about the hours of bowling in the Casco.

In addition, to bring the cleaning management closer to the citizen and inform of the resources that the City Council allocates for these purposes, from the Consistory a web page has been developed that will facilitate the management of waste.

Lorente has alluded to the latest OCU survey (2019) on road cleaning of the provincial capitals and cities with greater number of inhabitants and has maintained that in the last eight years, Toledo has experienced a “constant improvement in the perception they have citizens on the management of the cleaning service in Toledo ».

As he recalled, the regional capital is located among the 18 cities that have improved in street cleaning in the opinion of citizens, when most of the Spanish cities have receded in this perception. That is why, in his opinion, «Toledo progresses properly»On road cleaning.

Black spots

However, Lorente has expressed the need to combat the greatest « black point » in road cleaning, which for the majority of Toledo surveyed is the no collection of canine droppings by dog ​​owners.

Therefore, this campaign is focused on «solving one of the problems that pets generate in urban settings; canine droppings, which are not collected in public spaces and that offer a negative image of the city, causing discomfort and hindering street cleaning tasks ».

As for the objectives, the mayor has detailed that it is about improving the cleanliness of the municipality; promote coexistence and respect among neighbors. As for the sanctions, he also recalled that there are regulatory measures to regulate and sanction « irresponsible behavior » of the owners of the dogs through the municipal ordinance and that the fines can reach 1,500 euros.

On this matter, Lorente has maintained that reversing this situation is not only a matter of sanctioning but also of raising awareness about the maintenance of the city and its image, correcting untiring behaviors and informing of the lack of knowledge, also, of the established schedule of baggage.

Finally, the mayor recalled that « the city that spends the most money on cleaning is not cleaner but the one that gets the least dirty » and has encouraged citizens to promote a better coexistence from respecting and maintaining standards.