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Bioparc organizes a parade on December 15 to promote the adoption of abandoned dogs – Health Insurance





When the last month of the year is approaching and the atmosphere of the next parties begins to breathe, from the protective Adopt An Abandoned Dog (A.U.P.A) and BIOPARC Foundation begin preparations for the Christmas solidarity parade to enhance the adoption of dogs, which in 2019 reaches the 15th edition. For this occasion, the date chosen was Sunday December 15 at 12 noon and the place, as always, the park access plaza presided over by the elephant Scipio, a free access area for all citizens.

First, an appeal is made to the fact do not give animals as if they were objects that, after the first moments of illusion, end up being a problem solved, in some cases, with the cruel abandonment of the animal. Once again, it is necessary to insist on the enormous responsibility of incorporating a pet into our lives, as it is a decision for many years, which entails economic expenses, must have the consensus of all the people who are going to take charge and requires all the necessary care to ensure the welfare of the animal.

Second, to convey the wonderful experience of the people who decide to assume these commitments and share their lives with these animals that « give us » all their love, joy and fidelity. In this regard, emphasize the adoption of an abandoned animal as the best and most supportive option for those who decide to make this important decision.

In BIOPARC we can learn stories about dogs such as: Pearl, 7, saved by firefighters from being drowned after falling into an irrigation raft. Little wolf, a puppy of 4 months sociable and affectionate. Fossa, 6 months, who was found on the road with her sister on a stormy night. Coke, 14 months, rescued by the police. Melchior, a dog of 2 years active, cuddly and very good. Or the protagonist of the poster of this edition, Argo, who was adopted as a puppy and a year and a half has suffered abandonment because his family « had no time for him » and is a tragic example of the irresponsibility of the human being.

Stories that remind us that abandonment is one of the most heartless acts that can be committed and sadly we must remember that Spain continues to lead the European Union in abandonment of animals, a fact that is in our hands to change. The BIOPARC Foundation wants to emphasize the need to educate and raise awareness in empathy, respect and welfare towards animals, transmitting these values ​​and extending them to the conservation of nature and its biodiversity, in order to form a society committed to the future of the planet