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Bimba, deadly victim of firecrackers in Jerez | Jerez Radio | Present – Health Insurance

The roar of New Year’s Eve firecrackers ended the life of Bimba, a small wine cellar that was adopted by the Jerez family Pablo Guerrero.

Pablo tells Radio Jerez how, after twelve bells, pyrotechnics was the protagonist of New Year’s night. He says that for a couple of years they live these holidays with fear, due to the boom of firecrackers in the streets and the fear that the noise causes the little Bimba.

It was 20 minutes after eating the grapes when the family realized that the dog had disappeared. Frightened, she escaped from the garden and ran throughout the urbanization. The family went looking for her. Until they heard that Bimba managed to find the door of his house.

It was at the time of opening the gate, when another roar of firecrackers sounded, which caused the dog to run again in terror, until it ended up being run over by a neighbor’s vehicle that didn’t even stop to help the animal.

Apparently, the family heard the crash and went to their aid. Then, Pablo’s parents looked for a urgenie veterinarian. However, it was late. Little Bimba entered brain death.

That is why this Jerez family has wanted to tell about this tragic event in Hoy por Hoy by Radio Jerez to denounce the excessive use of firecrackers and to sensitize people about how pyrotechnics affect dogs.