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Beijing lists prohibited behavior – Insurance for dogs

Sneeze or cough without
cover your nose or mouth and do not wear a mask
in public in
cases now included in new offense list
in the Chinese capital.

Citizens are also required to
« dress properly » in public and do not walk around shirtless – a
apparent reference to the so-called « Beijing bikini » practice, when in
been many men used to stroll and wander the
belly in the air and the t-shirt reassembled.

The new regulations also require the installation of markings for social distancing in public places. Beijing,
 city ​​of more than 20 million inhabitants, already discourages a whole series of « uncivilized » behaviors, notably the spitting in
public, to throw litter anywhere, to walk dogs without
leash and smoke in places where this is prohibited.

Big brother

The latest rules, adopted on April 24, also encourage the
police to report serious offenses, which can affect the
« social credit » of a person, a system that China has implemented in recent years, where citizens are given good or bad points that can prohibit them or allow them to take the train, plane, or perform a booking

China, which officially records on its soil
more than 82,000 people infected with Covid-19 and 4,632 deaths, was
the first country affected by the disease.

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