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Arrested for mistreating his dog with a sharp object and assaulting police officers – Health Insurance




National Police agents have arrested a neighbor of the Llano neighborhood (Gijón) for mistreat your dog and attack the agents that went to identify him.

According to a press release from the Gijón Police Station, the police intervention took place in the early hours of the 20th, when the agents were commissioned to a cider house in the neighborhood because a client was increasing and disturbing the rest and refused to leave the establishment.

The cops got him to calm down and go to his home in a peaceful way, without anyone present wanted to make a complaint against him.

However, 15 minutes later the policemen had to go to this person’s home because the neighbors had communicated that there was a family quarrel and that this man was very aggressive.

The agents verified that there were no more people in the house, there was only one dog that at that time had no apparent injuries. An hour later, the police returned to that house because inside there were many screams and the barking of the animal.

At the police insistence, he opened the door again and at that moment the scared dog came down the stairs. The police checked that he had leg injuries that made it difficult for him to walk and also on his head, with some cuts under the eyes.

The owner also showed the arms with traces of blood that he claimed had been caused by his dog’s bites. The agents, given the situation in which the animal was, which had several sharp wounds on the body, they demanded explanations from their master, who was aggressive and pounced on them. He was arrested for animal abuse and attacked authorities of the authority.

The detainee already had a dozen prior antecedents for threats, resistance and ill-treatment. In his statement, he said that the dog had thrown all his clothes and that when he scolded him he had started to bite him, and that he had only defended himself and had not hit him at any time.

The animal was transferred by the Municipal Lacero to an emergency veterinarian for examination, assistance and healing of his wounds, of which recover successfully.