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Are races more delicate than mestizos? – Health Insurance

Carmen Aniorte




«They do not lack reason, in our veterinary centers we observe a greater number of pathologies linked to the racial factor, that is, to purity, ”says Javier Álvarez de la Villa of the Víctor de la Serna Veterinary Center. We can start with the skin. This organ protects the surface of the animal of physical, chemical agents and pathogenic microorganisms.

In the ancestor wolf is very resistant. It consists of several layers of cells, of sebaceous glands, of a layer of keratin as a shield. Well, in pure races, it may be weakened. The surface barrier frequently fails and allows allergens and microorganisms to sneak in. Appear then allergic dermatitis and pyoderma, sun exposure dermatitis, fold dermatitis and others. In these specimens, extreme care must be taken to restore the damage or prevent it by « Strengthening » of the damaged surface barrier of birth.

Other pure races have an enormously extensive skin. As they have left over for « all places, » it is gathered in « accordion mode » with the consequent folds. « In these folds, oxygen does not circulate, abnormal secretions accumulate, bacteria and fungi grow and dermatitis of the folds (intertrigo) ensues, » says the veterinarian. Other pure animals to have, they have no hair. They are the delight of their owners. They take care of them like babies, for their greater exposure to the elements.

A solid heart

Another example is in the circulatory system, and more specifically, in the heart. «Certain races may be born under suspicion. Thus, cardiomyopathies are not uncommon in cats, and very specifically, feline hypertrophic heart disease», Says veterinarian Álvarez de la Villa, adding:« the heart grows, but does it inward, directly decreasing the size of the cardiac chambers. A more solid heart that fails to fill adequately with blood and not expel it. These cats can pant, being able to succumb to an acute cardiocirculatory collapse.

In dogs, dilated cardiomyopathies with some racial predilection can be observed. The heart is not able to contract. « Fofo » appears, without force. Then, extremely serious cases of congestive heart failure ensue. Again the heart It is a sample of the greatest propensity that seem to have the purest individuals against the mestizos. In them, certain paternal and maternal genes, when they come together can express pathology. In mestizos, homozygosis intervenes less. Genetically we know this phenomenon as «Vigor of hybrids».


We’ve all heard of dysplasia. This set of pathologies affects the elbow and the hip. Again, pure races are more predisposed. During the development of the specimen, the hip or the elbow is inadequately shaped. The joint structure is not congruent and osteoarthritis with its consequent pain appears over time. «In addition to the appendicular skeleton, limbs, the spine could also suffer in specimens of certain races. Degenerative myelopathies, unstable hemivertebras, vertebral canal stenosis and other pathologies are, unfortunately, frequent in our Veterinary Centers, ”says Dr. Álvarez de la Villa.

And to continue with the bone elements, we do not forget at the cephalic level where wonderful pure specimens of certain races could present severe respiratory pathologies Nasal tightness, soft palate too long, nasal coanas (funnel-shaped cavity) too small. Very beautiful animals, but sometimes they will have to pay that « toll » of purity. But the list of setbacks when choosing pure races would continue to grow over mestizos.

Liver problems

Chronic liver diseases of extreme severity are also linked to the racial factor. Veterinarians are connoisseurs that an individual of race X You can have liver disease X just because you are of that race. In some pathologies the liver becomes inflamed so much that it even loses its functional capacity, threatening the patient’s life. In other cases , The liver is not well irrigated. The blood is diverted, dodges it, and so does its duty. There are many more examples.

But then, why do we choose pure races over mestizos? It is part of our free right of choice. Many feline and canine individuals are of incomparable beauty, of immeasurable nobility, of keen intelligence, of extreme sympathy, of pride, strength and other advantages inherent to the breed that incline us to its acquisition. Wonderful dogs and cats of breed and, no less, wonderful dogs and mongrel cats that in the end are dogs and cats, neither more nor less. Our wonderful companions