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Abandonment is the biggest animal abuse | Radio Bilbao | Today for Bilbao – Health Insurance

Today for Bilbao He has taken care to know the aspects that this draft bill includes and that does not satisfy animal protectors and veterinarians.

In statements to the program, Sonia Brena believes that as things stand, the goals that have been set are not going to be achieved, starting with the concept and definition of ‘animal abuse’.

Another aspect that does not seem very clear is that of the rooms where a pet can ‘live’ or ‘be’. The president of the protector raised the question of whether a dog can be 24 hours in a car, an orchard or a shack, without being prohibited or punished by the new law …

The president of the Official College of Veterinarians of Bizkaia says that the key point is the identification of animals. Álvaro Mateos believes that this group must have the necessary tools for this identification.

Both join voices and state that abandonment comes many times for not sterilizing the animal and for breeding between individuals, who then do not know what to do with the puppies.

José Ramón Becerra, one of the mentors of this blueprint, parliamentarian of Equo Berdeak in Elkarrekin Podemos, does not agree with his interlocutors. It states that more than 100 improvements from different groups have been taken into account, some in Araba, and that at all times have tried to prevent it from becoming a debate. In any case, there is nothing definitive. We will have to keep talking, combining opinions and contrasting ideas.