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Abandoned and dehydrated dog is rescued by cyclists – Environment – Life – Health Insurance

Three cyclists who performed their usual training on the roads of Río Negro, in the Argentine Patagonia, stopped when they saw a dog in poor health, abandoned and dehydrated.

A good heart would give water and food to the canine, but these athletes decided to go further and carry it on their shoulders, literally, to rescue him.

In the video, which the sports training group ‘Marican Team’ uploaded to their Facebook account, it has gone viral because of the curiosity of the video and the images.

There they say that it was « Rodri, Alan and Emiliano », team members, who saw « Abandoned puppy that was dehydrated, provided water and approached the urban area. »

That group of cyclists is made up of fans of that sport in the city of Villa Regina, Argentina, who plan and perform different routes in their training.

In their social networks they publish moments, like this one, which already has more than 1.8 thousand comments and has been shared more than nine thousand times. In addition, the publication has multiple encouragement comments and invitations to help unprotected animals as they do.