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A virus dangerous for wild boars and dogs appeared in the Allier – Insurance for dogs

A case of Aujeszky’s disease was detected in early March in Beaulon, near Moulins, at the home of a boar breeder, intended to be sold to private hunting parks.

Information is provided by the World Organization for Animal Health (OMSA) to view by clicking here.

What is Aujeszky’s disease?
The definition of the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain.

The breeder concerned, Franck Tascon, is angry because he does not know the origin of the contagion: « I work flawlessly, with my veterinarian in Dompierre. My breeding is healthy. I don’t buy wild boars, especially not abroad. I exchange my males every three years with other French farms ”.

All the wild boars in Franck Tascon’s park should have been killed, but the confinement halted the procedure.
“I have a suspicious case and a positive case. I isolated the two boars concerned in a separate park. « 

If Franck Tascon is angry, it is because he learned, after the disease declared at home, that two other private parks near his home were affected by the disease at the beginning of the year.

Three affected farms

In January, a first park located in Chevagnes was affected, that of Jean-Christophe de Monspey, who confirmed to our colleagues at France 3: « Every year, we have the obligation to carry out checks. 40 wild boars from my farm have been tested, one of them, only one, has tested positive for this virus. « 
Following this discovery, all of its livestock were slaughtered as provided for by French regulations and a period of 21 days of crawl space was observed after the disinfection of the site.

In the process, authorities controlled a second park, located nearby, in Montbeugny, where Aujeszky’s disease was detected and the animals slaughtered.

The third source of contamination detected, at Beaulon, at Franck Tascon’s, would have been made possible « through the park’s fence, by other specimens of non-captive wildlife », indicates the OMSA report, dated 21 April 2020. An insufficient hypothesis the hunters of the Allier, in particular their president, Jean-Pierre Gaillard.

« There is nothing to confirm that the transmission was from wild fauna to farm animals or, first of all, from farm animals to wild fauna. We would need analyzes on wild boars in an open environment but we were warned by the State only after the third case at Beaulon. It was 15 days before confinement. Now we will have to wait for the hunt to reopen to conduct these analyzes. « 

Deadly disease for dogs

Aujeszky’s disease, extremely rare in France, is not transmissible to humans. However, it is fatal for dogs, « in 48 to 72 hours, » says Jean-Pierre Gaillard.

The president of the hunters invites all the canine owners in Sologne bourbonnaise to the prudence, when the authorization will be given to them to walk and to hunt.

Meanwhile, Franck Tascon’s sick animals are confined to his home in Beaulon and his anger does not weaken.

President of the national union of game producers, Jean-Christophe Chastang follows the operation carefully: “Mr. Tascon is a model breeder, who plays the game, very attentive to these animals. He also raises mallards. We will ensure that the State compensates him correctly for the slaughter. In any case, I trust the state services and the direction of Agriculture to stop the contagion. Perhaps, in the future, the procedures can be improved, this will be discussed between the State and the representatives of the sector. « 

There are 47 wild boar farms in the Allier.

Stéphanie Ména

If pigs can also be affected by Aujeszky’s disease, no epidemiological link with surrounding domestic pig farms is known.
The president of the Allier chamber of agriculture, Patrice Bonnin, also underlines the extent to which the system is « secure in pig farms » and « very frequent » health checks.

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