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A suspicious debt, the lie of the caretaker of the dog Pocahontas – Health Insurance

Aitor Santos Moya




Away from the cameras, Pocahontas’s trainer, Alfonso García, kept a secret. The kidnapping of the dog, a labrador retriever that was going to be delivered to a 15-year-old girl with reduced mobility, when she trained with him at the height of the Paseo del Deleite (Aranjuez), made him jump to the foreground media. Through tears, he was reeling the moment of the attack in a zebra crossing very close to the entrance of the parking lot of a shopping center. At least, in its first version, since, warning of the possible presence of video surveillance cameras In this area, he changed places and moved the event to a more remote space. This script twist immediately made the researchers suspicious. But it was not the only cause: four individuals of gypsy ethnicity, one of them armed, in a van without a license plate in the back … The story seemed so « perfect » that it made water everywhere.

First images of Pocahontas after being recovered by the Police

Therefore, the agents in charge of the case put Alfonso under tracking just two days after denouncing the disappearance of the dog. In parallel, the Local Judicial Police Brigade and the Civil Guard worked together to find their whereabouts, without revealing the hypothesis handled. A fact that only some workers of the Bocalán Foundation were aware of, in charge of training Pocahontas to help people in situations of disability or social disadvantage. « There were things that didn’t add up and we told the Police, » explains its president, Teo Mariscal, in a telephone conversation with ABC. Although the coincidence of both interpretations led to the same objective, none of those involved could rush to avoid the search for the animal.

A week after the caretaker filed the complaint, the agents found the dog hidden in his home, so they proceeded to arrest him, accused of an alleged crime simulation. Already under arrest, Alfonso declared that the kidnapping with a gun was not such; although the individuals of gypsy ethnicity whom he pointed out did take Pocahontas. The reason it was the supposed debt -some sources pointed to a drug issue yesterday- that he would have contracted with the false captors. With the growing ball, the trainer managed to raise the money with the help of relatives. Then, the exchange came, always as told.

Bad conditions

The theory that Alfonso kept the dog in his house from day one loses bellows given the bad conditions in which it was found: dirty and with obvious symptoms of emotional abuse. « It seems to have been tied up in a village, » said the president of the foundation, aware that much of the work done before being delivered to a Malaga family has been lost: « Hopefully in a month you can start to help the girl ». The road will not be easy, since these animals, prepared to open doors, turn on lights or help a person get dressed, need continuous training, more if possible, in the last month, where Alfonso was hired to train him 24 hours .

At 26, the young man had collaborated with several protectors, in addition to the Bocalán Foundation. « It was the first time he worked with a dog at home, » summarizes Teo, who, beyond what happened, does not doubt his ability as an instructor. Until now, whose most rugged secret He has been discovered: « I don’t think anyone else will hire him again. »