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A pack of dogs murders a pregnant woman in France – Health Insurance




A pregnant woman, who was walking his dog in a forest of Aisne, in northern France, was killed by a pack who participated in a deer hunt, police sources reported.

The death of the woman, who was 29 years old and was walking through the forest of Retz, 150 kilometers from the border with Belgium, was caused by a “hemorrhage as a result of the various dog bites on the arms and legs, but also in the head», Explained Soissons prosecutor Frédéric Trinh.

According to the prosecution, a « blood sample was taken of 93 dogs », the five belonging to the victim, and those who participated in the deer hunt in the place.

The tests seek identify the animals that bit her and, for the moment, the prosecutor has indicated that the bites are « ante mortem » and « post mortem. »

The victim had called his partner to alert him to the presence of other « menacing » dogs while walking his own. Y it was he who discovered the body This Saturday afternoon. At the moment, there is an organization open for « homicide for dog aggression. »

However, the Société de Venerie (hunting association) has said in a statement that « nothing demonstrates the involvement of hunting dogs in the death of this woman. » They justify that hunting dogs « are trained to hunt a particular animal and obey man in all circumstances. »