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A man pretends to drown and his dog jumps into the water to save him – Health Insurance




The dog is man’s best friend. This traditional saying is not quite real on many occasions, but on other occasions it is not even painted. It is the case of a dog that came to the rescue of its owner to avoid drowning, not knowing that I was just pretending it.

The can in question is about a Rottweiler, which, in addition, do not usually have a very good reputation for their bad character and because more than once they have bitten people. However, in this case the dog behaved in an unbeatable way with its owner.

Pean Chinh Tuyen threw himself into the pool, shouted his pet’s name on numerous occasions and made noises as if drowning. The dog, as soon as he heard the screams, he looked for a way to go to the rescue and dodged all the obstacles until he threw himself into the water and managed to get his owner out of it. The video has gone viral on social networks.