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A goat and a dog, candidates for mayor of a small town in Vermont – Health Insurance




The elections to the mayor’s office of Fair Haven, a town of Vermont, are more than at odds. The inhabitants of this small town, located in Rutland County, will leave on March 3 to choose if your honorary mayor will be a goat or a dog.

Although it may sound surprising, it is not the first time that an animal occupies this position. Lincoln, the first of the two mammals that appear on this occasion, is the one who has held the position since March 2019.

And who presides and represents the City Council? Fair Haven has an administrator, a position occupied by a neighbor who is responsible for various tasks related to that function. The peculiar honorary position that is disputed, and in which the chosen one must walk on all fours, began as an initiative that sought to raise funds to replace the community elementary school playground, CNN says.

« There is a five dollar registration fee to enroll pets in this race, ”municipal manager Joe Gunter explained to the chain. «Any resident of the town can cast a vote for mayor. We are asking for donations on election day, but are not required to participate. Every little bit brings us closer to our goal ».

March 3 the neighbors will go out to vote for their favorite candidate and the results will be known of the peculiar Fair Haven elections.