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A dog breeder in Burgos was arrested for the second time for recidivism in animal abuse – Health Insurance





The Civil Guard has detained D.O.U, 28, a few days ago as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of animal abuse and five dogs have been seized due to the poor state of health and injuries they presented for what they have required optional assistance.

Last July, this Command reported the result of the «Chenlibur» operation and the detention of a dog breeder located in the Odra-Pisuerga region as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of animal abuse, for failure to provide the necessary care to several dogs on his property.

The SNature Protection Service of the Civil Guard (Seprona) then inspected the authorized hatchery for 75 dogs, verifying generalized dirt, accumulated depositions, traces of food on the ground and a pest of parasites; rubble and construction material, poor and dangerous facilities without shade and shelter.

The animals, 97 adults and 50 puppies, then lived together overcrowded, poorly fed and under extreme dirt and some suffered severe diseases due to negligence in their care and lack of veterinary attention.

After this, last November and in compliance with the order issued by the Court of Instruction Number 2 of Burgos, the Seprona directed an inspection to the facilities to verify the state in which they were and the health of the dogs that They were there.

Four months after the summer visit, little had improved and varied in the complex, when checking that new animals were sick and had wounds.

Hardly any major works or reforms had been undertaken with importance in relation to animal welfare or that significantly improved the general condition of the hatchery.

As a result two adult doberman, a puppy of the same breed, a boxer dog and a dalmatian puppy have been seized. The lousy health of these specimens made him fear for his life; For weeks they have received veterinary attention, as they showed severe pictures of dehydration, extreme thinness, wounds from fights and abrasions with sharp metal objects that had not been treated.

When an evident negligence in his care and omission of optional treatment is demonstrated, after the corresponding veterinary report, D.O.U. He has been arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of animal abuse.

Open investigation

A line of investigation has been opened when medicines exclusively administered to veterinarians are found in the hatchery, purchased irregularly from a veterinary commercial.

The Seprona has requested the corresponding Court to withdraw the property of 124 dogs, in addition to the disqualification of this person for the exercise of profession, trade or trade that is related to animals, the closure of the installation and the revocation of the environmental license granted.

The proceedings have been delivered in the Courts of the capital.