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A DNA record and fines of 720 euros for those who do not pick up their dog’s poops in Vic (Barcelona) – Health Insurance





The Barcelona population of Vic (Barcelona) has applied the first penalty of 720 euros for not collecting dog droppings on public roads. Properly, the fine for not collecting pet depositions is 500 euros, to which must be added the cost of conducting the test of DNA with which the owner of the can is identified and included in the sample database of the municipality for future infractions.

As the session explained this week, two agents of the urban guard identified a person who did not collect the excrements of his dog on public roads. As established by newprocess, the local police identified the neighbor and the civic agents collected a sample of the excrement to analyze it in a laboratory linked to the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). This will obtain the first data of the new sample base of Municipality DNA, which aims to promote citizenship and eradicate these behaviors that can affect public health.

The mayor of Coexistence and SecurityElisabet Franquesa, remember that the penalties for not collecting dog droppings in the public space are 500 euros and the cost of carrying out the DNA test, which is about 120 euros more, must be added. It also notes that the measures promoted by the City Council to prevent dog droppings on public roads are not eager tax collector but deterrent. It is for this reason that people can take advantage of doing jobs to the community instead of paying the economic penalty.

As the government justified in a press release, with the new stool DNA database, an abandoned stool can be analyzed in the public thoroughfare and identify the animal. A fact that will punish the owner who has a dog and behaves in an uncivil way. In the event that an abandoned stool, once analyzed, cannot be linked to any of the animals in the database, the analytical results will be saved to make subsequent identifications and also sanction retroactively.

«This system of genetic analytics will also allow to act in those locations where collect many neighborhood complaints about abandonment of excrement but it is unknown who owns the offending pet. The genetic analysis will allow to determine characteristics of the dog, such as the breed, the size or the coat, to help identify the specimen and thus be able to sanction the owner ”, they affirm from the municipality.