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A « curious puppy » causes a fire in your home after throwing a burning iron | International – Health Insurance

The fire department of Los Alamos, a region located in the state of New Mexico (United States), has recently published a video on its Facebook account through which it has demonstrated one of the consequences of leaving home without turning off electronic devices such as the iron. May your house end up being grass for the flames.

Just a few days ago, specifically last Monday, Los Alamos fire department received a phone call through which they informed him that one of the houses in the town was on fire. After attending it, the firefighters did not find any person. Only two scared dogs who did not know very well what to do after the fire

The puppy caused the fire

Hours later, and after contacting the tenants of the apartment, firefighters discovered that the fire was caused by one of the dogs. Specifically by a nine-month-old puppy, known as Kahua, who threw a burning iron. This is demonstrated by the security cameras of the house, where you can see how the fire started.

As the images reveal, the dog was playing in the living room until He decided to rest his two front legs on the ironing board. After shaking the board a little, it fell on the floor, burning several clothes. This caused the start of a fire that scared the two dogs. While the first of them left the room as soon as he began to see the flames, the second remained lying on the sofa.

The authorities were able to control the fire and save the dogs

It wouldn’t be until several minutes later, specifically until the room filled with smoke, when the dog decided to go to another room. Luckily, the authorities were fast enough to control the fire and, at the same time, rescue the dogs. Therefore, the incident was only a scare that could end in tragedy.

After the event, the fire department has recommended to homeowners Make sure you have operational smoke sensors to avoid such accidents. Also that they do not replace combustible elements next to devices that produce heat, such as heating, and verify before leaving home that they have completely unplugged devices.