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A Coruña will improve the facilities of the kennel, but renounces to municipalize it | Coruña Radio – Health Insurance

The Council of A Coruña will not municipalize the municipal kennel. The Councilor for the Environment, Esther Fontán, thus renounces one of the main demands of the animalist association Libera who submitted by municipal registry more than 43,000 signatures supporting this request. Fontán ensures, however, that the animal reception center, located in the Bens Park, will be subject to a significant improvement.

The animalists criticize the conditions of these facilities and in the delivery of signatures they were accompanied by the spokesmen of Atlantic tide Y BNG. Zero slaughter is one of the premises of municipal policy with regard to stray dogs, but the truth is that adoption campaigns are not enough to give access to all animals and facilities are « at the limit ».

« The kennel is going to expand, » Fontán said. « It will be a new kennel, with new services; but – the councilor warns – the lack of sensitivity and responsibility of citizens regarding the care of their pets makes the kennel insufficient »

The municipal facility usually houses more than 90 dogs and cats. Last year there were 393 deliveries of animals, among the 60 adoptions themselves and the return of lost animals thanks to the microchip identifying

War against invasive species

Fontán has also pointed out that the services of Environment They are subjecting all parks throughout the city to intense cleaning of invasive species. A withdrawal that, fundamentally, is being done by hand in the presence of important native species.