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A city council hires private detectives to find out who does not collect the excrements of their pet | The Window | The coffee growers – Health Insurance

The Salamanca town of Santa Marta de Tormes has hired two private detectives during the month of February to investigate neighbors who do not collect their dog’s droppings, as required by the municipal ordinance. They will collect evidence and data that will identify those who will be sanctioned. Something similar they did recently in another town of Salamanca, Carbajosa de la Sagrada.

In ‘La Ventana’ we talked to the mayor of the town David Mingo which has ensured that it is not a collection or prosecution measure; but what they want is to serve as awareness measure, Mingo says he wants to see it « as something positive. »

The concern from town

« I believe that things must also be considered from the point of view of education, » said the mayor in ‘La Ventana’ insisting on « the effect of awareness, let people know that this has to be done for responsibility » ; That is why they have launched this initiative when They detected – he explained – during the election campaign that this was something they saw as an important problem in the town.

These detectives hired by the City Council they will not replace the work of the municipal police in any way; they are hired because, as the mayor explained, « it is impossible materially to make a global campaign with the agents who are working. » What these detectives investigate will be passed to the police, who will have to act and impose the fines that are necessary and can reach 600 euros. Mingo explains that The work of the detectives is “what any neighbor can do as a citizen” and stresses: « we do not intend to replace the local police ».

A matter of coexistence

The mayor acknowledges that, although everyone has seen on some occasion how someone left the excrements of his pet on public roads « It is true that people have a hard time » recriminating it to their owners because « when you try to live together you don’t want to confront either ».

“Generating that awareness and having a result is what we seek”, David Mingo has told about the decision to hire detectives. A measure that the mayor himself understands that may « sound grandiloquent » but that what they seek above all is « to be effective. What really worries us was dirt. ”