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“There is nothing to suspect that the cat represents a risk of contamination for humans” – Insurance for Pets

Scientific Director of the National Veterinary School of Alfort (EnvA), Professor Renaud Tissier recalls that there is nothing to suspect that the cat represents a risk of contamination for humans. With his colleagues, he tested the first cat contaminated with coronavirus in France.

“No evidence” of transmission to humans

There are only a handful of cats infected with Covid-19 worldwide, “less than a dozen”, report the specialists. To date in France, two have tested positive, the first in Essonne, the second in Bordeaux. In all cases, transmission has taken place from humans to animals. “There are indeed rare cases of transmission, which have been spotted in some cats, and in ferrets too. They live in a state of extreme proximity with patients with Covid-19 “, specifies Renaud Tissier.

“There is nothing to say today that the opposite is possible”, specifies the scientific director on the antenna of France Bleu Paris. An observation that had already reminded the French health agency Anses. “So there is no evidence that pets are linked to the spread of the epidemic”, he specifies. If a few cases of contamination to cats have been proven, there are even fewer concerning dogs. “Experimental animal infections show us that the dog seems much less receptive to the new coronavirus”, says Renaud Tissier.


Let the owners of furballs reassure themselves, “there is no special measure to adopt with your pet, only common sense”, explains the professor, for example ensure “wash your hands before and after petting your pet”. To protect it, you also need “take care to avoid close contact“when you’re sick. We are not going to try to disinfect our animal with hydro-alcoholic gel“, he warns.

The question of rats in Paris

France Bleu Paris revealed this Wednesday, May 13: with the high concentration of coronavirus in wastewater, sewer workers say they are worried about their health. This raises the question of rats, many of them walking the streets of the capital. But on this point also Renaud Tissier wants to be reassuring: “there is no risk with rats”, he reassures. Rodents are among the least susceptible to contamination, explains the professor, since tests show that it “they have to be genetically modified to be able to contaminate them”.

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Color is not the preserve of artists – Insurance for Pets

The use of colors in the art of practice is not the prerogative of artists, nor that of craftsmen. The world of colors is open to everyone. What could be more visual than a color? The choice of colors goes beyond the simple visual, it is strategic and allows to communicate an emotion or to manipulate the mind.
Take the example of states, according to German sociologist Max Weber, the monopoly on the exercise of legitimate violence. They carefully choose the colors of their flags and those of the uniforms of their various armies and police. To do this, they take into account the geographic, social, cultural, religious and security constraints inherent in their area of ​​sovereignty. To dress their troops, the armed forces have always avoided flash colors; except for parade outfits. For combat outfits, armies take into account the necessities of camouflage to prevent their men from being easily seen by the enemy. Color then takes on a whole strategic meaning.
Contemporary history teaches us that the Moroccan state first used colors to distinguish the political parties which unfortunately became so numerous that the palette of available colors quickly ran out, which justified the use of objects and animals to differentiate them. As paradoxical as it may seem, and on another level, state decision-makers, some of whom were fortunate during their childhoods to learn about coloring, opted to abandon the five-year plans and other inherited development programs from the Soviet era to replace them with projects for which we do not start with numbers to name them but rather beautiful colors of the terrestrial, maritime and celestial nature. This is the era of the coloring generation which has been inaugurated.
In marketing, color has played an important role in differentiating products, brands and producers. The judicious choice of product color range has contributed to the success of many businesses.
Insurers have always used colors in the daily exercise of their activity but also to advertise through their banners. They first used the numbering of the files they manage. However, the alphanumeric numbers and codes were not sufficient to differentiate the multiple categories of contracts and claims associated with them. The differentiation by colors imposed itself; since the introduction of insurance in Morocco by Western insurers. The cardboard folders containing the contracts have different colors chosen according to the category of insurance managed. With regard to the automobile industry, some companies reserved and always reserve the color red for claims files. Red in Western culture (which the Moroccan insurance was largely inspired not to say copy) it is love certainly, but also the forbidden, the danger and in a less poetic way, the blood, even symbol of life but also of death and disease. In Arab-Muslim culture, the story is different; red is the preferred color for men and women. Tunisian sociologist Abdelwahab Bouhdiba, does he not evoke the “centuries-old reign of red over Arab clothing” 1.
If in Morocco, insurance companies, subject to the control of State 2, freely choose the color of their files, they must on the other hand respect that of the certificate of compulsory insurance of motor vehicles which they issue to insured and which is subject to very strict regulations, which have evolved over time. In 1934, the State ‹‹ intervened to set up a set of compulsory legal rules that all insurance companies are required to respect ›› 3.To avoid any slippage and aware of the fact that “disorder is is order minus power ”4, he intervened to gradually adopt adequate measures to bring order to the insurance sector and even used colors to achieve his mission.
This is discussed in detail in the following article which is entitled: Insurance a world of colors.

* (Insurance intermediary at Berrechid)

(1) Abdelwahab Bouhdiba, “Arabs and color” article published in: Cahiers de la Méditerranée, pp. 63-77, 1980 Under the supervision of Clémence Sugier.
(2) Mohamed Zerhouni, “The control of insurance companies in Morocco”, Fédala printing edition, 1988.
(3) Abdesalam GUELLAF, “State control over the insurance sector”, Arabian Al Hilal, Rabat, 2nd Edition, 1998, p.91.
(4) Quote from Léo Ferré.

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VIDEO. Social distancing also exists in bees – Insurance for Pets

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Group life facilitates the spread of disease among populations. And humans are not the only species to fight this problem. To fight diseases and prevent their spread, bees have amazing devices.

Bees are able to collect antimicrobial resin from trees and use it to cover the inside of the hive. Particular attention is paid to the entrance to the hive. “It is believed that it is for workers who come into contact with pathogens in the environment, potentially by contact with other bees foraging on the same flowers or with a virus left by a bee on one of these flowers.“Alison McAfee, a researcher specializing in bees at NCSU, explains. For us humans, it’s like washing your hands when you get home.

In bee colonies, different groups of workers perform different jobs. Young bees generally work inside the hive and therefore do not leave it. “They maintain the brood, clean the nests, feed the queen“Alison McAfee develops. Conversely, older bees go out foraging. Thus, the queen and the vulnerable larvae are not in contact with potential pathogens.”It really limits the interactions that foragers have with these vulnerable individuals and it is a kind of social distancing“says Alison McAfee.

Finally, workers are able to find and eliminate contaminated larvae and pupae from the hive: vs’is hygienic behavior. “Workers can detect the first symptoms of the disease by feeling a change in the smell of the larvae“, specifies the researcher. Instead of treating the sick brood and bringing it back to life, they let it die outside the hive. Thus, the sick larvae are sacrificed for the good of the colony and to allow keep everyone healthy.

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Corona crisis: children and childcare workers in quarantine; Wednesday again Security Council – Society – Insurance for Pets

The Pro League will reconsider via video conference on Thursday how to proceed with the Jupiler Pro League and the Proximus League. These were shut down until at least May 1 due to the corona crisis. On Wednesday, UEFA extended the deadline for the completion of the national competitions by more than a month.

The Belgian football competitions will certainly not resume before 1 May, and the group training sessions of the professional clubs will also be stopped until at least 5 April. Whether that ban will be extended or not will be clear on Thursday. After the training can be restarted, another four weeks of ‘preparation’ must be observed before the competition slot can possibly take place.

There are still four scenarios on the table for the further course, with or without duels behind closed doors. UEFA’s decision to give national leagues the opportunity to finish until August 3 increases the likelihood of scenario 1 (complete play-offs). In doing so, Belgium would walk the same path as the big five European leagues (England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France), which will kill the impending financial massacre.

Much of course depends on how the corona crisis continues to develop. Buying time is also an option. The Pro League is gradually realizing that no solution is ideal. Seventeen professional clubs want to draw a final mark under the 2019-2020 season. In an open letter, they urged a quick decision. Logical, because in the current situation they have more to lose financially than they can win when finishing the competition. Waasland-Beveren, Virton, Roeselare and Lokeren are already putting their players on technical unemployment, despite the advice of the Pro League not to.

In addition, the seventeen professional clubs find football irresponsible in times of corona and advocate drawing attention to next season’s preparation. There is still something to earn for the other seven clubs. Consider, for example, a place in play-off 1, extra TV money or European tickets. They see the opportunity to play football with the UEFA deadline to August 3, although that may happen in empty stadiums. A scenario of which the smaller clubs are already shivering.

Stopping now also has consequences. Because who will become champion? Who gets which European tickets? Who is going down? Who is rising? Questions that can give rise to legal spectacles. To avoid some, some drivers drew up plans for a competition with 18 or even 20 teams. Also unclear: what about the last installment of the TV money? In cases of force majeure, the Pro League is insured, but the corona crisis has not yet been recognized as such.

The Pro League board of directors will meet on Thursday on the issues, but will not vote yet. This is only possible at a General Meeting where all clubs are present.

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87% self-employed people fear income loss due to corona crisis – Insurance for Pets

HOLLANDS KROON – The corona virus causes a lot of income stress among working people, especially among self-employed people with and self-employed people without personnel. No less than 87 percent of Dutch self-employed people who completed the Wage Guide’s Corona survey are afraid of earning less next month.

The difference is large compared to employees with a normal employment contract. Of this group of employees, only 11 percent are afraid of earning less. Self-employed workers and other self-employed persons, workers who by definition already have more uncertainty, are now experiencing the consequences of the corona crisis.

Since the start of Loonwijzer corona research, 8,000 people worldwide have completed the survey, including more than 600 Dutch people. The questionnaire is suitable for anyone who works or normally has work, including self-employed workers and temporary workers. Questions that come up in the survey include:

  • Do you have to do your work from home?
  • Is the work hampered by the corona crisis?
  • Has the workload increased or decreased?
  • Have you lost your job or work?
  • Are (sufficient) protective measures taken at work?

Research into work and private life

In addition to the above-mentioned questions, inquiries are made about the home situation, such as the composition of the household. The influence of pets on the perception of the crisis is also discussed. Based on all the answers, Loonwijzer presents the latest results every day, using maps and infographics.

Stichting Loonwijzer aims to share information about wages and labor law through its websites and to compare it at a global level. For this survey, the international Loonwijzer team collaborates with renowned research institutes at home and abroad. With this data, they can closely monitor the development of the corona crisis and its impact, in more than 110 countries.

The Dutch survey can be found at .

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Visits to the cat home again possible – Insurance for Pets

Hoyerswerda. Katzenhilfe Hoyerswerda e. Operates quietly, quietly and yet very committed. V. has been a cat home since 1994, where he takes in, looks after and passes on these four-legged friends. Since the end of March, the facility has been closed due to the corona pandemic, primarily to protect the seven zookeepers from the virus, explains the association’s chairwoman Christina Koch. A message is important to her: “Pets do not transmit the corona virus to humans – but humans can infect their animals.”

The helpers look after a maximum of 200 cats in the home. The association’s treasurer, Lothar Eulert, has created several outdoor enclosures with his wife, and a veterinarian ensures that all “velvet paws” are castrated, dewormed, vaccinated and chipped for further placement. She also treats sick and injured animals until they are fully recovered. “Only then will they be put in good hands,” says Christina Koch.

The association pays the resulting costs, the wages of the animal keepers, operating costs and the effort to maintain the buildings and outdoor enclosures from donations and membership fees. Thanks to the constantly donated food, the four-legged friends always have enough to eat. This is thanks to Katzenhilfe Hoyerswerda e. V. many loyal animal sponsors, long-term donors, the animal protection shop and Mars GmbH from Verden, which produces feed for pets, among other things. “Many cat owners, some of whom brought an animal from our home years ago, don’t forget us,” says Christina Koch, pleased. The number of people who work for the cat home is also growing in and around Hoyerswerda. “We are infinitely grateful for any donations,” confirms the association chairwoman. She finds it negative that to date there has been no state aid for animal shelters and associations that lose income as a result of the corona pandemic and that are burdened by additional admission of animals. For the Katzenhilfe Hoyerswerda e. V. is a completely new and worrying experience.

Since May 11, 2020, the cat home in the industrial area at street A 29 has again been able to welcome animal lovers who want to give the “velvet paws” a good home. During a visit, keeping a distance, disinfection measures and wearing a face mask are mandatory. Guests should call 03571/428180 or email [email protected] register and express her wishes for the new pet, explains Christina Koch. The cat home is open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Exceptions can only be made by phone.

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Global Pet Health Products Market Report 2020 – Covering the Impact of COVID-19, Financial Information, Developments, SWOT Analysis by the World’s Best Companies – Insurance for Pets

The Research Report on Global Pet Health Products Market provides analysis of market prospects, framework and socio-economic impacts. This Report attempts to encompass authenticated information on market size, share, product footprint, revenues and rate of growth. All of this information is the result of primary and secondary research, with reliable and authentic projections regarding technical jargon.

Based on the current market situation, this report continuously observes promising growth in the global Pet Health Products market. The report further suggests that the market appears to be growing at an accelerated rate during the forecast period. In addition, the main players are defined on the basis of proprietary technologies, distribution channels, industrial penetration, manufacturing processes and revenues. In addition, the report also examines R&D developments, legal policies and strategies of players in the pet health products market.

The main actors presented in this report include:

John Morrell
K9 Natural
Bayer Health
Ark Naturals
Liquid Health
Nutramax Laboratories

Request a sample pet health product market report:

Global segmentation of the pet health products market:

By product type, the market is mainly divided into:

Cat Litter
Pet Bath Fluid
Pet Bath Brush

By end users / application, this Report covers the following segments:


Market, by Regions

  • North America (United States, Canada, Mexico)
  • Europe (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Central and Eastern Europe, CIS)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, South Korea, ASEAN, India, rest of Asia-Pacific)
  • Latin America (Brazil, rest of Latin America)
  • Middle East and Africa (Turkey, GCC, rest of the Middle East)

Report highlights:

  • Report covers changing industry dynamics
  • Detailed information on market segmentation
  • Past, present and projected industry size and recent industry trends
  • Key competition landscape
  • Business strategies of the main players and product offerings
  • Potential and niche segments, geographic regions showing promising growth
  • A neutral perspective on market performance

What does the Pet Health Products Market Study Report offer?

  • It recognizes the factors affecting the growth of the Pet Health Care market such as drivers, constraints, opportunities and trends.
  • It examines the year-over-year growth in the global Pet Health Products market.
  • It analyzes trends that have an impact on the demand outlook for the Pet Health Care market in various regions.
  • It identifies the different tactics used by players in the global pet health products market.
  • It identifies the impact of the Pet Health Care market on various industries.

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Chapters defined in the table of contents of the Report:

Chapter 1: Market research, drivers, constraints and prosperity, overview of segmentation
Chapter 2: Market competitiveness by manufacturers
Chapter 3: Production by regions
Chapter 4: Consumption by regions
Chapter 5: Production, by type, revenue and market share by type
Chapter 6: Consumption, by applications, market share (%) and growth rate by applications
Chapter 7: Full profiling and manufacturer analysis
Chapter 8: Analysis of manufacturing costs, Analysis of raw materials, Manufacturing expenses by region
Chapter 9: Industrial chain, supply strategy and downstream buyers
Chapter 10: Analysis of the marketing strategy, distributors / traders
Chapter 11: Analysis of market influencing factors
Chapter 12: Forecasting of the market
Chapter 13: Results and conclusion of the study in Pet health products, appendix, methodology and data source

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XLPE Market 2020 has updated the COVID-19 crisis for future development by 2029 | Dow, Borealis, Wanma MM – Insurance for Pets

The Global XLPE 2020 Market Report is a research document that includes comprehensive data that stimulates and helps assess all aspects of XLPE activities. It deploys an overview of the base and structure of the XLPE market, which summarizes its beneficial or prohibitive aspects liable to regional and global development. It describes XLPE’s ongoing trends and role by thoroughly probing several manufacturers, associations, suppliers, organizations and industries below the XLPE market.

The XLPE market is divided into type and application spectra. Depending on the type of segmentation, the market is divided into Silane Cross-linked, Peroxide Cross-linked, Radiation Cross-linked. Applications of these XLPEs include Cable, Tube, Foam. Market analysis also draws attention to industry trends in various regions, including Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and others. China would stand out in the XLPE regional hierarchy. The report also provides insight into the impact of global and local XLPE market professionals, business regulations, value chain optimization, probability survey, technology goals, product launches and market growth review.

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This XLPE report contains the manufacturer’s facts such as price, benefits, net income, company allowance, etc. The data set will provide better expertise to competitors in the market. In addition, the look at covers the assessment from a global perspective, which shows a level of regional growth, as well as the scope, information on disbursements, market size and profits.

Best manufacturers (so far): Dow, Borealis, Wanma MM, Polyone, UBE Ind., Solvay, Jiangsu Dewei, Shanghai Kaibo, Zhonglian Photoelectric, New Shanghua, CGN AM, Original, Hangzhou New Materials, Linhai Yadong, AEI

XLPE Breakdown of the market by type: Silane Cross-linked, Peroxide Cross-linked, Radiation Cross-linked

XLPE Market breakdown by application: Cable, Tube, Foam

Geographically, this report is segmented into different main territories, containing the profits, sales, growth rate and market share (in percentage) of XLPE in the fields listed below,

South America and countries included
The Middle East and Africa
North America
Asia-Pacific and countries included.

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The XLPE Global Market Report covers the following data points:

Section 1: This section covers the XLPE world market overview, including basic market introduction, market analysis by its applications, type and regions. The main regions of the world XLPE market are Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. XLPE Market statistics and outlook (2020-2029) are presented in this section. The dynamic XLPE of the market indicates the opportunities, the main drivers, the market risk are studied.

Section 2: This section covers the profile of the XLPE manufacturer according to their commercial overview, the type of product and the application. In addition, the volume of sales, the XLPE product price, the gross margin analysis and the XLPE market share of each player are presented in this report.

Section 3 and section 4: these sections present XLPE competition based on each manufacturer’s sales, growth and market share. It also integrates the XLPE market situation according to regional conditions. XLPE sales and growth by region (2020-2029) are studied in this report.

Section 5 and section 6: these two sections cover the XLPE market by country. Under this, the XLPE revenues, the market share of countries like the United States, Canada and Mexico are provided.

Section 7, section 8 and section 9: these 3 sections cover the XLPE turnover and sales growth in all regions. Under the XLPE report covered in these regions, growth and sales in these regions are illustrated in this XLPE market report.

Section 10 and Section 11: these segments represent the XLPE market share, revenues, sales by type of product and by application. The growth in XLPE sales observed during the 2017-2020 period is included in this report.

Section 12 and Section 13: these sections provide information on the XLPE market forecasts (2020-2029) for each region. Sales channels include direct and indirect XLPE marketing, merchants, distributors and the growing trends presented in this report.

Section 14 and Section 15: In these sections, XLPE key market research results and results, survey methodology and data references are covered.

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Suite 300 New York City,

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At least 650 dogs and cats chosen on the internet have been adopted at the SPA – Insurance for Pets

Since April 16, to relieve congestion at its 62 shelters and welcome new arrivals, the Society for the Protection of Animals welcomes applicants for adoption, who must first follow a procedure on the internet.

A new companion during confinement. More than 650 dogs and cats, chosen from the internet from photos and videos, have been adopted by the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) thanks to a government exemption granted in the name of animal welfare.

>> Find the latest information on the Covid-19 in our live

Since April 16, to relieve congestion at its 62 shelters and welcome new arrivals, the SPA has been welcoming adoption candidates, who must first follow a procedure on the internet. If the magic works in compliance with strict sanitary rules, they leave with their animal.

“We had 10,000 requests but we selected 700 dogs and cats eligible for ‘joint adoption’. This will allow us to resume pound exits and animals abandoned by their owners”, explains Jacques-Charles Fombonne, the president of the SPA, “delighted” that almost all the animals proposed for adoption have found a home.

Leaving with the identification papers of their new four-legged friend, the new masters will have to return to the SPA to finalize their adoption, after the containment has been lifted.

According to Jacques-Charles Fombonne, the system will remain unchanged until May 18. “But since people will be able to move, we will be able to welcome the whole family and open adoptions to all of our animals”he says. “We will also modify the conditions of access. Instead of making an appointment in the morning and one in the afternoon, we will welcome people every 90 minutes to organize 4, 5 or 6 adoptions per day, four days per week”.

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RDA: animal welfare must be part of the cycle – Insurance for Pets

Good animal welfare is a prerequisite for the development of circular agriculture. That is the opinion of the Council for Animal Affairs (RDA).

The think tank of experts in the field of animal welfare, health and associated ethical issues, writes in this view that animal welfare has so far been neglected in the questions surrounding circular agriculture.

Establishment of advisory committee and research agenda

To ensure this, the RDA recommends setting up an advisory committee and a research agenda, so that questions and knowledge are available to entrepreneurs. It is also important to develop circular agriculture at European level, so that a level playing field is created for farmers. The Taskforce Earning Capacity also came to this conclusion in October 2019.

More residual flows

According to the Council, feeding more residual flows can endanger animal welfare and health. For example, because residual flows have a different digestibility or may be contaminated. The safety of these products as use for animal feed is therefore important. The experts mention, for example, feeding swill, which is prohibited under current regulations because of the risk of animal diseases such as KVP, MKZ and BSE. DNA technology could make it possible to separate the vegetable residual flows from the animal ones. This first category can then be presented to farm animals; the animal residual flows are suitable for, for example, farmed fish or insects. Feeding the latter back to animals is ecologically less efficient, the RDA concludes. This advocates the humane consumption of insects.

Research into combination of animal species

The time it takes to achieve the conversion of circular agriculture offers the opportunity to build animal welfare in livestock farming, the RDA notes. For example, research should be conducted into which combination of animal species are the most effective for converting residual flows into high-quality food.

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