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Brexit. What will really change from Saturday? – Insurance for Pets

At midnight French time on January 31, the United Kingdom officially left the European Union. But the effects of Brexit (for ? British exit) will, in reality, be barely visible the next morning. It will take until December 31, 2020, the end of the transition period provided for in the agreement between London and Brussels, to really cut the bridges. Unless there is a further extension, possible until the end of 2022, if both parties agree.

This reprieve should allow the British and Europeans to renegotiate one to one some 600 international agreements (trade, traffic, justice, defense, etc.).

For expatriates?

In this 1st In February, the 3.2 million EU nationals living in the United Kingdom and the 1.2 million British in Europe are obviously not asked to leave. They still retain all their rights (work, pensions, social security, etc.), at least until December 31, 2020.

Europeans expatriated across the Channel must, however, if they have not already done so, take steps to obtain a “settled status” (residence). So far, the European Parliament has worried, most have only obtained temporary and not permanent residence status.

For travelers?

Since the United Kingdom is not a member of the Schengen area, a passport or identity card is already required to get there. Nothing new, therefore, at first. Ditto for the European health insurance card, necessary in the event of hospitalization in the United Kingdom: it remains valid for the time being. And after that ? Everything will depend on the negotiations to come.

Note however a concrete change for the British: they will be able to benefit from this 1st February, a national passport, blue in color, which will no longer bear the words “European Union”.

The British will benefit from a national passport, in blue color, on which will no longer appear the mention “European Union”. | REUTERS

For pets?

Over 300,000 European cats, dogs, ferrets and other pets travel to the UK each year for vacation or to live there. And about 250,000 farts British do the opposite. Their conditions of entry or exit from the country will not vary, until December 31, 2020. Just barely will they, as before, be microchipped and up to date with their vaccinations. For the rest, everything is possible: new vaccines (rabies, etc.), quarantine at the border, etc. These arrangements will also be at the heart of the upcoming negotiations between London and Brussels.

For “duty free”?

The United Kingdom remains in the customs union until the end of the transitional period. So there is no question, for the moment, of re-establishing duty free: if product taxes are settled in the country of purchase, the EU does not impose any restrictions on the quantity of alcohol or tobacco. Customs will continue to ask, beyond 800 cigarettes and 10 liters of spirits acquired in the United Kingdom, if these products are intended for personal consumption, recalls the European Consumer Center.

For the driving license?

The European driving license will remain valid in the United Kingdom for the next few years, confirmed the British government. After the transitional period, on the other hand, the British could be forced to acquire an international permit to circulate in the EU, unless otherwise agreed.

For Erasmus +?

The student exchange program is maintained for the time being: Europeans who are already studying or doing an internship in the United Kingdom and British people in a Member State will be able to complete their studies under the same conditions, continuing to receive their scholarships. What happens next will also depend on the negotiations to come.

In 2016, in front of the University of Newcastle in the north-east of England, students hostile to Brexit were distributing leaflets to convince students to vote against Brexit. Their fear: the impact of the withdrawal on Erasmus programs. | David Ademas Archive, WEST FRANCE

For customs tariffs?

Nothing changes until December 31. Beyond that, Northern Ireland, the only British province to have a common land border with an EU country (the Republic of Ireland), will enjoy a special status. Goods produced in Northern Ireland will continue to flow to the EU without control. Those imported into Northern Ireland from Great Britain or a third country (non-European), and intended for the European market, will however be subject to customs controls in the ports or airports of Northern Ireland where they will arrive.

For fishermen?

The question of access to British territorial waters for European fishermen is already shaping up to be one of the main areas of tension to be feared in the upcoming negotiations between London and Brussels. But fishermen can continue as before, at least until December 31, 2020.

For the British in our cities?

757 Britons are elected to French municipal councils: it is the most represented nationality among the 2,500 non-French elected representatives of European origin. During the March 2020 elections, they will no longer be allowed to run on the lists, unless they have taken care to change their nationality, to acquire that of France … or another Member State. Same scenario for voters: the British will no longer have the right to vote in France.

For the British in Brussels?

They pack up. From this 1st February, the British no longer have the right to sit in European institutions, nor to take part in debates and votes. Their country, on the other hand, will continue, until the end of the transition period, to pay its contribution to the European budget, and will remain subject to all European rules and legislation.

The departure of the 73 British MEPs from the European Parliament leaves a big void. The number of elected officials rose from 751 to 705. Twenty-seven seats were also redistributed to demographically under-represented Member States. France recovers five…

For English in Brussels?

Among the 24 official languages ​​recognized by the European Union, according to the treaties (art. 352 of the TFEU and art. 55 of the TEU), English remains the most widely used within the institutions. According to European treaties, each new member state is free to indicate “its” language at the very moment of its accession. In theory, Brexit requires, English – chosen by the United Kingdom alone – could therefore disappear. But that would require a unanimous vote of the 27 states. It seems unlikely that Ireland and Malta – which had promoted Gaelic and Maltese when they joined – would give up English, the common language of their countries.

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You couldn’t miss it. Stop sending mittens to Australia! – Insurance for Pets

A koala injured in fires with mittens at the end of its legs. (AFP)

Australia no longer wants mittens for its Koalas. You know that the country has been ravaged by monster fires, that millions of hectares have gone up in smoke, that millions of animals have perished or been seriously injured …
Among them, the koalas. We have all seen these images of koalas, with burned legs.

The animal rescue collective craft guide has therefore launched an appeal: help us we need blankets, pockets and mittens for our injured koalas.
The idea is to put the cream on the legs of the koala and put the mittens on it so that it cannot touch it. Result, the appeal was heard.

And there is the beautiful story. In Canada, for example, a Facebook group employs almost 15,000 people to knit mittens. In France, in England too everyone started knitting. In short: generosity, mobilization, we love the world when it is like that. Except that our knitters may have invested a little too much in their mission.

Enough is enough ! We can no longer receive mittens, it’s super nice but we no longer know where to put them. The heads of associations, the volunteers when they see the mittens coming, they no longer want to say that it’s cute. They are at the end of the line.

The problem is that with this deluge of good intentions, there is no longer room to store everything. Some volunteers had to rent boxes at their own expense to put the mittens. An association did not go there by four paths and published this message: “Thank you for your support, your solidarity, your kind words and thoughts, and the items made so far. Please do not send items to Australia again.”

And don’t try to fall back on blankets or kangaroo pockets because it’s the same. Sometimes too many good intentions kill good intentions.

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The unreasonable human being and the unreasonable animal – Insurance for Pets

How many animals were killed, killed or killed in the last day, last month or last year? Worldwide at least 150 billion ‘consumption’ animals on an annual basis, 1.8 million animals per day in Dutch slaughterhouses and more than 1 billion animals in recent forest fires in Australia.

Most people don’t even dizzy anymore. To be honest, it makes little sense to call them. After all, the animal remains the object of our thinking, man is the center of existence. Political and social discussions rarely or never concern fundamental questions in the human-animal relationship. What can humans use the other animal for, what does it mean that animals have self-esteem, does the animal have rights and what interests must we weigh against each other?

Cc photo: Michael Strobel

In 2020 people are still unreasonable, activists are desperate and animals are unreasonable. The debate about the intrinsic value of the animal, the integrity and rights of animals can finally be held. If not, let’s be honest and definitively record that animals are simply goods forever and ever. The uncivilized occupation of the earth by humans is then the realistic reality in which slavery, exploitation and destruction of animals is the prevailing standard.

However, it is good not only to remove stone historical statues from their pedestal, but to raise living man from the height and to descend within the nature of which he is and remains a part.

Farewell to anthropocentrism
We still live in the collective delusion that actions towards animals have no moral consequences. (Western) society has not come much further than criminalizing individual animal abuse and establishing what welfare rules are. Institutional, cultural, religious and scientific atrocities against animals are commonplace. You could even call it a universal cultural heritage. Slaughterhouses are the largest places where blood flows from young animals, those who love bullfighting go to Spain, to see a cock on a pole for three days there is an island to be found, we allow the knife to be cut into a prayer without anesthesia and testing white bunnies to see if batteries are toxic is no moral problem. The dull person who is alienated from living nature and only moves within the walls of a created cruel cultural world where human interests are concerned.

Where nature comes into the picture, it is there for humans. Debates about whether or not to eat meat are mainly related to the climate crisis. Even with regard to climate, environmental and nature issues, there is the pitfall of the anthropocentric paradigm. Let us tackle the crises for us, humanity, to give the children a future. The non-human animals are additional damage. The farewell to anthropocentrism is too painful for modern people. God has been declared dead in the West, alive and kicking out there, rational science has been embraced, but animals still act in our minds based on their instincts. People have freed themselves from their gods, started to behave like a new god with dominion over all the biological results of evolution. Man is seen by man himself as a supernatural creative force with “reason” and “free will.”

What do we not want to know and why not?

Animals are not machines and people are not gods – perhaps with the exception of Pele, Maradona, Cruijff and Messi – because it is certain that many other “higher” animals have an urge to explore and are eager to learn in a way that goes far beyond their instinct. The animal is a feeling, knowing and willing creature. Your human is less unique than you think. Animals other than you feel pain, experience stress and anxiety. An animal has knowledge about its environment and acts to investigate and find. The animal also has an intrinsic value.

This means that animals, irrespective of their usefulness for humans, have an self-esteem that is not automatically subordinate to human interests. This legal recognition means that the interest of the animal must be made transparent and must be weighed against other relevant interests.

Even if animals do not suffer, the question is whether everything is allowed by what humans want. It is about respect and integrity. Integrity means that the wholeness and integrity of an animal must be respected. Respect the uniqueness of the animal to prevent it from being a parts factory for the purposes of humans. And not to mention the species-specific behavior of the animal: being able to move, play, reproduce, investigate and so on. Everything animals cannot or hardly do in intensive livestock farming. It is about more than just the meat. About the entire relationship between humans and other animals.

Can it be about more than one ounce of meat?
In this first 20 years of the new century, the terms intrinsic value, integrity, species-specific behavior have shifted to the distant background and have been forgotten. Not to mention the echo of animal rights, what is that again? Health and well-being are sometimes discussed, but it is mainly about saving the planet so that people can go to amusement and nature parks in a reasonable climate in 2050 and afterwards probably eat cultured meat, 3D-printed meat or vegetable meat substitutes with the taste and bite of meat.

The debate about the self-esteem of animals, their integrity, the rights of animals and the trade-offs between interests must be conducted. Back in the west and of course the earth keeps on saving and fighting the climate crises is important, but don’t do it only for your own species. What do we miss within the social movement?

In the Netherlands there are a number of excellent animal interest organizations. Encourage animal protection and Wakker Dier that encourage people to consume more consciously. Yes, we know, animal-friendly meat does not exist, but you also do not believe in mirror fairy tales that everyone will become vegan? Only calling “Go Vegan” does not save the planet and few animals. There are many organizations that enter the field of animal suffering in many ways to bring about a change. Because there are many types of consumers and therefore many strategies are also desperately needed.

But the social movement is missing something. There is a political branch, the PvdD, but something is needed outside of it. An (inter) national organization that puts animal rights on the agenda and achieves more successes. A well-known man or woman who, with the help of many, in a professional structure and open culture, loosens the discussion from the anthropocentric old classical view. I don’t care much who jumps in the gap within the social movement. Although I hear a song in my head: Go, Go, Marianne, lead us, deliver the animals, now from the tyrants and set us free! And make us free! Perhaps a new non-parliamentary association or foundation, with an already familiar face, achieves much more than fairly repetitive discussions with positions taken within a political system.

Man, God, Darwin and Animal. In 2020 people can start again with the downing of stuck human placards that we will be ashamed of 100 years later. Life is worth everything and life is about the quality of life for people and for all other animals.

Let’s tear away a tear from all animal suffering and then decide that we will do it differently, better and above all more morally. The animal is entitled to it. It is about more than one ounce of meat or a slice of vega sausage.

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Plans for an animal crematorium in Schermbeck – skepticism remains – Insurance for Pets

The majority of the committee members opted for restrictions that initially make construction at the Hufenkampweg site less likely.

After a long discussion, the planning and environmental committee of the municipality of Schermbeck decided by a majority – with Michael Fastring (SPD) and Dr. Stefan Steinkühler and Jürgen Trick (both Greens) – another “hurdle” for the construction of the planned animal crematorium in the Hufenkampweg industrial area.

Specifically: The administration is commissioned to allow the settlement of businesses and systems within the normal possible distance classes after the distance decree for NRW in the further process of drawing up development plan No. 52. However, with numerous restrictions, according to which only administrative and manufacturing types of business, such as service companies, and manufacturing are permitted.

Exclude certain operating rates

In addition, modes of operation without these features, such as retail businesses, facilities for church, cultural, social and health purposes, amusement facilities, facilities for sporting purposes, warehouses, storage spaces, crematoriums and the like could be excluded.

However, the municipality of Schermbeck is also aware that there could be a standard control procedure, the outcome of which is uncertain.

The Wesel company Cremare has now submitted the building application for the construction of an animal crematorium, the Wesel district is currently examining the admissibility.

District Wesel has to decide

Background: The approval of crematoriums, e.g. for pets and horses in the course of possible application or company-specific approval procedures under the immission control law and the public participation to be carried out reserved for the district of Wesel as the responsible licensing authority.

According to the administration, certain residual risks remain

Furthermore, the administration had explained in advance: By the second partial decision of the Planning and Environment Committee in the meeting on October 1, 2019, the administration was commissioned to determine whether an exclusion of animal crematoria should be carried out with a view to the possible exclusion of crematoriums in the “Hufenkamp” industrial area is justifiable in terms of urban planning.

A specific exclusion of this type of plant / mode of operation alone is not possible in a legally secure form according to the present statements if, by the way, the system / operating modes that are permitted according to the distance classes in the NRW Distance Decree are approved almost without restriction.

A legally compliant planning free of errors presupposes that the municipality, if it restricts the area types defined by the legislator or legislator, also has valid, understandable urban planning reasons for this.

In the event of a judicial review, however, certain legal risks remain.

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The hamster, a pet rodent – Insurance for Pets

>> In the paradise of pets
>> The pet trade is on the rise

A hamster is both fun and interesting to observe.

Photo: Phuong Nga / CVN

Very pretty, interesting to observe, inexpensive to buy and maintain. These are the characteristics that make a hamster an ideal pet. This rodent is robust with a tail a little shorter than the length of its body. He has a cute face, small noses and ears, short legs and wide feet. Its thick fur can be black, gray, white, buff, brown, yellow or even reddish. The lower parts of his body are white with shades of gray and black.

Raising a hamster at home

“The hamster is smaller than the dog, cleaner than the cat and much more alert than the fish. It is ideal for apartment living”, considers Nguyên Xuân Long, 13, who lives in the Câu Giây district of Hanoi, after having raised several domestic animals. “I have two hamsters that I bought three weeks ago. They are an inexhaustible source of entertainment for those who like to observe them”, he believes.

Once a week, he accompanies them by the lake located in the urban city of An Binh in Câu Giây to share experiences and present his nice critters to his friends.

The hamster is very sensitive to noise, such as shouts for example, and prefers to be looked at rather than touched.

Photos: Phuong Nga / CVN

Carrying his hamster in his hands, Trân Van Son, a pupil of the Mai Dich college, confides that this little rodent has requirements in terms of place of life and master. “It is better not to leave him in an almost empty cage. He needs to move, explore, play and gnaw”he says. And to continue: “A hamster is a lot of joy, but also work. As a caretaker, it is your responsibility. It is entirely up to you”.

Some websites (,, offer many kinds of hamsters such as: Campell hamster, Russian hamster and Roborovski hamster. The price ranges from 50,000 to 300,000 dong depending on the age, beauty and rarity of the hamster. The Russian and Campell hamsters are the most affordable – count around 50,000 dong.

Like many parents, Nguyên Thi Ngoc Hanh, 42, gave in to the pleas of his child who wanted a pet. “My son is passionate about pet rodents and dreamed of having a hamster. For his 12th birthday, we gave him one with his cage. He was overjoyed for a week”, she remembers.

According to her, this little rodent can bring a lot to children, who learn to take responsibility by looking after a living creature, to treat it with respect. In addition, its hairs very rarely cause allergies.

The hamster is ideal for apartment living.

Photo: Phuong Nga / CVN

“Two of the drawbacks are its short lifespan, around three years, and its incompatibility with young children, who rarely know how to handle them safely”, says Ngoc Hanh. The hamster does not like to be cuddled and petted. It is very sensitive to noises, such as shouts for example, and prefers to be watched more than touched.

The hamster feeds mainly on seeds. But he also likes vegetables, fruits or tubers, especially carrots. These allow him to have his teeth, which grow throughout his life.

Evaluating your health is one of the important elements in choosing a hamster. A healthy animal has a clean, supplied coat with no dandruff, crusts or peeled areas. His eyes are wide open and clear, and the coat around them perfectly dry and without the slightest crust or secretion. His nose should be clean, with no trace of discharge.

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What will happen to French people traveling to the UK after January 31? – Insurance for Pets

The United Kingdom is getting there. Midnight Friday, the British will say bye Bye in the European Union, more than three years after the 2016 Brexit referendum. An upheaval that plunges many EU citizens into the dark.

But there’s no need to panic immediately. If you have planned a trip across the Channel this year, no additional steps will be necessary. Indeed, the withdrawal agreement concluded between London and Brussels provides for a transition period which runs until December 31, 2020.

No changes until December 31

During this period, “all rights” of the Union with regard to free movement “will be maintained […] as if the United Kingdom is still a member of the European Union, “says the European Commission. In other words, a valid identity card or passport will suffice to travel there as part of a trip. will be required.

Likewise, UK law will provide the same rights as those provided by the EU in the event of denied boarding, cancellation or long delay of flights, trains, buses or boats. European carriers will therefore continue to be subject to Union law for travel to and from the EU.

No more changes to plan for school trips. Only an identity card or passport and authorization to leave the country for minors will be requested during the transition period. Travel conditions with a pet will again be the same as at present, while the French driving license will still allow you to travel across the Channel.

The extended transition period?

Finally, the European Health Insurance Card (CEAM) or, failing that, the Provisional Replacement Certificate will remain valid during the transition period and will allow access and treatment of the necessary medical care during the stay . A French tourist can therefore be treated on the same conditions as an insured person from the British social security scheme, at the financial cost of his health cover.

The transition period will help establish the future trade relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Negotiations are expected to start sometime in February. But many doubt the possibility of reaching an agreement in just eleven months. This is why an extension of the transition period until December 31, 2021 or even 2022 cannot be excluded.

Once it is completed, the British government website states that the identity card for citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) will no longer be accepted for travel to the United Kingdom. The presentation of a passport will therefore be compulsory. However, a visa should not be required for stays of less than three months.

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VIDEO. Why were a million seabirds found dead? – Insurance for Pets


Contaminated rivers or soils, abandoned industrial waste … Do you live near a polluted site?
Click here to alert us!

A million seabirds killed by a heat wave. It is the sad result of a scientific study and the resolution of a mystery dating back several years. Between the summer of 2015 and the spring of 2016, 62,000 guillemots of starving Troïl were found on beaches. However, this was only a tiny fraction of the total number of victims. Almost four years after the fact, scientists estimate the total number of dead birds at nearly one million and give details of the causes.

A sea heat wave which appeared in 2013 in the northeast of the Pacific Ocean is responsible for this massacre. And in 2015, it intensified causing a warming of three degrees over an area of ​​1600 square kilometers and thus disrupting ecosystems.

Algae important for the food chain then became rare and others, more harmful, multiplied on the contrary. Predators such as salmon, halibut and cod have seen their metabolism change, pushing them to eat more and therefore competing with fish-eating birds. Finally, the production of phytoplankton has also greatly decreased.

Franceinfo is a partner in the “Let’s act together for the environment” consultation with If you want to participate, you can propose your ideas and vote on that of the other participants in the module below.

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Most new star restaurants score poorly on animal welfare – Insurance for Pets

The eight Dutch restaurants that received a Michelin star for the first time earlier this month are generally not concerned about animal welfare. This is apparent from an analysis of the Animal Welfare Check.

Six of the eight restaurants score insufficient. Only Eden from Valkenswaard and Amsterdam’s Graphite take enough account of animal welfare when compiling their menus to get enough, says Animal Welfare Check.

It is striking that they offer relatively more vegetarian and vegan dishes and do not have duck liver and veal on the menu. Eden only uses pork from the Varkenshoederij in Mechelen, one of the five-star pig farmers from Varkens in Nood.

The fact that the other new star restaurants are doing so badly has everything to do with Michelin’s selection criteria. “Michelin primarily rewards restaurants with a classic, animal-protein-based cuisine,” writes organization. For example, the restaurants serve their guests with foie gras and veal.

Foie gras comes from ducks and geese that are force-fed with a tube in the throat. This causes a lot of stress, anxiety and injuries. Foie gras therefore scores 2 on animal welfare. (…) Veal without certification even scores 1 on animal welfare. The calves are taken from the mother immediately after birth, never go outside and often have anemia due to insufficient roughage.

cc photo: takedahrs

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Beware of scammers !: Puppy dealers offer alleged dogs from the LPT laboratory – Insurance for Pets

Fraudsters are trying to make money with the LPT scandal. They offer supposedly saved dogs to buy on the Internet.

Exclusively for
SVZ + users


January 24, 2020, 8:11 p.m.

The controversial LPT laboratory near Hamburg has been closed. The animal protection organization “Four Paws” and the association “Laboratory Beagle Aid” now warn against unscrupulous fraudsters who pretend …

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