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For my profession (commentator for Ziggo at NBA basketball games) I have to keep up with that world, as good and as evil as it can get. Until (maybe) to be played again.

The NBA is in fact in July to release an almost crazy looking plan on the sports world where all 30 teams from Disney World in Orlando, Fl. to play. Each team has its own hotel, its own transport and without an audience. Probably three or four games per team per week. Television all over the world. So I read a lot of news about ‘facts’ from that world for half an hour a day. Are there players who are ‘positive’, who are already training again (11 of the 30 teams), where are actions going on?

Helping poor families

Today’s catch: The Miami Heat plus four more donate $ 50,000 to help poor Miami families feed their pets. Washington coach Scott Brooks shaved his head. By his daughter, of course, and he paid her $ 50,000 for that haircut and shave. For her charity projects. Utah Jazz’s Mike Conley donated $ 200,000 for the food banks in the poor suburbs of Salt Lake City. Ex-star Magic Johnson has a large company in which a financial branch is doing a good job these days. His company borrows at almost no interest for (mind you) $ 100 million in businesses run by minorities or women who have run into problems from COVID-19.

Pat Connaughton (who you certainly don’t know) from the Milwaukee Bucks hosted a ‘Doing Good Radiothon’ at ESPN Wisconsin and raised $ 205,859 in 11 hours of talk and record (turn); money going to food banks in Wisconsin. Russell Westbrook of the Houston Rockets was the “star cook” in a big campaign to thank Los Angeles hospital staff for their commitment and provide them and their families with healthy and good meals. Westbrook previously gave more than 6 million to other organizations. Yes, this is the one-day catch and that’s how it continues: Not only professional basketball players, but baseball players, football players, ice hockey players and soccer players are all somehow getting money sent to the poorest people in the USA.

They’ll do it

Nowhere in the world does that happen in such a way as in that crazy country; it is done diligently, always in the spotlight, of course from a good heart and of course from a well-stocked own fair. It’s easier for Westbrook to give away 6 million than for De Graafschap’s right back, to put it simply. The fact is that all those sports people DO it there in America.

I always immediately think (and not only in these corona days) why should it be in the newspaper or via tweets, why are there cameras, why can’t it be tacit? If you, reader, transfer 50 Euro to a foundation that gives vagrants a good meal in Utrecht or Goes, it will still be done anonymously, without mention in the newspaper, without a funny interview at Radio1 or a nice video at Beau. Well-known people, celebrities, people at the top tend to have their generous gifts always accompanied by the ‘publicity’ watermark. Perhaps not always on their own, but also helped (?), Or directed by managers and / or agents. Nor is it said that all celebrities or celebrities do this, I add. Or?


However, in North American society and also in the world of top sport it has become ‘normal’ to support your generosity by publicity. You can think of the why and sometimes you can also see in our parts that it is already becoming commonplace: famous Dutch people who have done something nice for pathetic oldies in these days, see that gladly back in a sympathetic film (‘what was further noticed at Op1.

Or is it big world news when a singer, artist or footballer offers flowers to an old woman who has been forgotten by the cabinet and who is languishing somewhere on the third floor of a home? Sometimes watching such a video is reason to become very depressed and not to like the people who are ‘known’ there as hard-core.


I leaf through the newspaper (Trouw) and fall into the mud of Benjamin Smith, Canadian and quite discredited, because… money. Bonus. Suppose it is morally defensible that the bonus of 2019 can be paid out because the man worked exceptionally well for Air France in the previous financial year and has demonstrably made a lot of money for that club … Then the squabbling of the job ? Of course not. Everywhere in the bonus culture, at any company and in any country, an abrasion remains.

Look, a skilled man or woman is hired by company X. She or he negotiates a top salary for himself and that is allowed. Then, after fresh coffee is brought, the bonus chapter comes to the table. With the help of a handy tax specialist, something is thought up that a popping bonus should be paid if the woman or man in question performs something great, if she or he, through just her or his efforts and actions, keeps the business going, helps out or gets out of the red … Why? Because we’ve been doing it like this for years? Because it is tied to these kinds of jobs? Because this is a poisonous weapon in the world of the great business leaders? Because ‘they’ do it that way with Delta, Singapore Air and Emirates? Because the oh-so-fragile way of leadership remains attractive in this way for a small group of not always capable captains of industry?

My father (a decent liberal with correct ideas) used to say, “If they would give a bonus to a doctor who saves 27 people a year performing incredibly difficult surgeries … then I understand that, but only the white collar- to enrich Mafia, we simply forget the concept of ‘moral correctness.’ “

I always liked those words. And that’s where all this pinches now. Of course, Smith complains that he has neatly arranged everything and that it has been statutory approved, that it has been made public and that the majority of shareholders have nodded: “C’est bon.” Of course he calls that the bonus applies to 2019, so pre-corona. He writhes like an eel in a jar of snot to be right, an equal that nowhere has ‘moral correctness’ as a support beam. If a person does top work, something in which she or he is extremely good at and in which she or he is a big exception in this world, a bonus is explainable and accepted No, still not.

Morally incorrect

Now that we are heading for a “new-normal”, it seems advisable to take a closer look at the bonus and perhaps cross it with a neat cross. That no longer fits: that is morally incorrect. Smith will then have to do it with a scant nine-year salary. If he’s a guy, after all the uproar around his person, he gives that whole bonus to a club of French virologists or to the Red Cross. Without a camera then. With a dry press release from Air France.

Incidentally, and I also write that in my shoes, NBA players laugh completely disgust when they hear the amount of Benjamin Smith’s salary… nine tons only. LeBron James deserves that per game. Yes, it does say that: per game. I repeat: per game. And no, that can hardly be approved, morally speaking. James says about that: “Apparently they will do that for me.” Curious how the ‘new normal’ will be adapted for all those boundlessly overpaid top athletes… if that will ever happen.

To be clear, the above-mentioned basketball player Connaughton played 18 minutes per game this season, threw in 5.3 points per game and the audience started cheering when he entered the field: he was an infrequently used white bench player who sometimes threw in a ball. A cult player with a great social feeling. Annual salary $ 1,723,050. Ben Smith: Eat your heart out! He once announced that 5 years ago, when he signed for the Bucks, he received a drawing bonus of one ton. He bought a Jeep Wrangler for that, which he still drives because the car still works. Ben Smith laughs at that; a bonus of a ton! Amateur.

Report correction

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External dewormer for pets – Pêche Alliance – Insurance for Pets

The market report was recently added by Healthcare Intelligence Markets, which helps make informed business decisions. This research report further identifies the segmentation of the market with their subtypes. Various factors are responsible for the growth of the market, which are studied in detail in this research report.

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Main key players described in this report: Boehringer Ingelheim Zoetis Merck Elanco Bayer Virbac Ceva Animal Health Vetoquinol Bimeda Animal Health Chanelle

The main questions answered in this report:

1. What will be the size of the market and the growth rate over the forecast year?

2. What are the main factors driving the market?

3. What are the risks and challenges facing the market?

4. Who are the main suppliers in Market?

5. What are the trend factors that influence market share?

6. What are the main results of Porter’s five forces model?

7. What are the global opportunities to expand the market for?

The researchers in this report shed light on different terminologies. The competitive landscape section of the report covers the solution, products, services and business overview. This market research report covers several dynamic aspects such as factors, constraints and difficult factors.

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Reasons for purchasing this report:

1. It offers an analysis of the evolution of the competitive scenario.

2. To make informed decisions in companies, it offers analytical data with strategic planning methodologies.

3. It offers a seven-year market assessment.

4. It helps to understand the main key product segments.

5. Researchers shed light on market dynamics, such as drivers, constraints, trends and opportunities.

6. It offers a regional analysis of Markets as well as business profiles of several stakeholders.

7. It offers massive data on the underlying factors that will influence market progress.

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Chapter 1. Prologue Report

Chapter 2. Market introduction

Chapter 3. Research methodology

Chapter 4. Market dynamics

Chapter 5. Analysis of market factors

Chapter 6. Market, by type

Chapter 7. Market, by diagnosis

Chapter 8. Market, By treatment

Chapter 9. Market, By end user

Chapter 10. Market, By region

Chapter 11. Company landscape

Company Profiles Chapter 12

Conclusion of Chapter 13

Chapter 14 Annex

Who are we:
HealthCare Intelligence Markets Reports provides market intelligence and consulting services to global customers in 145 countries. As a B2B company, we help companies meet the challenges of a constantly changing market with unrestrained confidence. We produce personalized and syndicated market research reports which help market players to develop game change strategies. In addition, we also provide future trends – future market perspectives in our development reports of drugs, clinics and health industries. Our intelligence enables our customers to make decisions that, in turn, are game-changers. We are constantly striving to better serve our customers by directly allowing them to meet with our research analysts so that the report meets their expectations.

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Marvella Bed
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90, State Street Suite 700,
Albany, New York 12207
Phone. : 44-753-712-1342

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Struck by lightning, a dog offers his life to save that of his master – Insurance for Pets

Posted on 05/27/2020 at 8:17 p.m.

Written by Norman Bougé
in the category Rescues

© Jonathan Tyler Hardman / Facebook

To save his master, Rambo was struck by lightning in his place. Unfortunately, he died there.

Rambo the German shepherd and his master, Jonathan Hardman, had gone to make a hiking with a group of friends in Mount Bierstadt in Colorado. They had arrived at the top of the Mountain. On the way down, they were struck by lightning.

There was nothing to indicate that a drama was about to take place. Hardman was guiding his dog on a rocky path when a flash took place, causing him to lose consciousness.

Hardman woke up unable to move his hands and legs, he reports to 9NEWS. The animal was inanimate.

When he understood that his companion was dead, Hardman had the Broken Heart. He didn’t yet know that he had life.

Injured, Hardman did not hesitate to take his pain in patience and to run to seek help to save Rambo. Once at the hospital, the doctors explained to him what would have happened if the dog had not been present. Indeed, the poor beast had absorbed most of the electrical charge, sparing its master.

The lightning that struck where was Hardman and Rambo side by side, reached both of them. If he had not been there, the man would have received the entire load in his body, reports the Dodo.

Rambo his master is greatly missed, but the latter is perfectly aware that he owes his life to courage and at the loyalty of his former companion.

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He wrote a social media post to let his friends and family know that he had been struck by lightning and survived, but that the brave Rambo is dead.


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VIDEO. In India, the time of deconfinement has struck for thousands of baby turtles – Insurance for Pets

#Pollution Alert

Contaminated rivers or soils, abandoned industrial waste … Do you live near a polluted site?
Click here to alert us!

The scene takes place on a beach in the Indian state of Odisha: thousands of turtles aged a few hours or days may have rushed into the sea. Formerly the graveyard of olive ridleys, these thousands of newly hatched turtles could have clear the sea thanks to the containment due to Covid-19.

A little respite

Rushikulya Beach is one of the few nesting colonies where this endangered species leaves its eggs every year to incubate in the heat of the sand. But the steady increase in human activity here has become a major concern for environmentalists and the state forest department. Normally, a large part of the eggs are devoured by stray animals or are caught in fishing nets.

But in 2020, containment allowed some 300,000 turtles to lay eggs here with more security. Turtles usually come to the beach at night to lay their eggs, but with confinement, they were able to enjoy a deserted beach during the day. The eggs hatched in 45 to 60 days.

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Minister Schouten threatens to close slaughterhouses; corona ultimatum for the meat sector – Insurance for Pets

Minister Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Safety has issued an ultimatum to Dutch slaughterhouses. After new infections with the SARS-CoV-2 virus were also confirmed today at Van Rooi Meat in Helmond, after Vion, the second largest pig slaughterhouse in the Netherlands, she announced today that she will close slaughterhouses that cannot demonstrate enough to do everything to prevent corona infections.

Tomorrow evening the minister will speak to the Collective Meat Consultation (COV) about the trace of contamination that has been found. Schouten: “They have to show that they are taking measures. Then I will consider whether it is safe enough for the inspection staff of the NVWA.”

Schouten is responsible for the health and well-being of the employees of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. They supervise daily affairs in slaughterhouses. The cabinet wants to know more about the working and living conditions of the slaughterhouse employees through the SZW inspection. At Van Rooi, three infections were identified among the 43 NVWA veterinarians and assistants of the Quality Assessment Animal Sector (KDS). The finding prompted the testing of Van Rooi’s total workforce.

According to the COV, the closure of meat companies and / or slaughterhouses in connection with corona infections such as in the US is “not the case in the Netherlands”. COV spokesman Richard van der Kruijk explains this to the magazine Pig Business.

Vion and Van Rooi are, with a street length ahead of their competitors, the two largest pig slaughterhouses in the Netherlands. If slaughter stops in the Netherlands, this will have consequences for farmers and their animals. 300,000 pigs are slaughtered every week in the Netherlands. Farmers can keep the slaughtered animals extra for a short time, but not much longer than two weeks, because they become too heavy.

After two weeks, the cessation of the total pig slaughter in the Netherlands would mean that 300,000 pigs cannot find a way out every week and will have to be destroyed on the farm or will have to move abroad as far as capacity is concerned. The minister says he is not concerned about meat shortages in shops when slaughterhouses close. “I also think that public health is really more important than whether you have a piece of meat on your plate tomorrow night.”

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Pet Food Market in the US Market 2023 Leading countries, growth, drivers, challenges, trend, forecast – Showbizznet – Insurance for Pets

The Pet Food Market in the US market report provides us with benefits in answering revenue, consumption, suppliers, production, sales, gross margin, market share, sales channel, distributors, traders, dealers, opportunities, market risk, driving force of the market.

The Pet Market in the U.S. Market Report highlights the economy, past and emerging industry trend, and the availability of basic resources. Furthermore, the Pet Food Market in the US market report explains development trend, analysis of upstream raw materials, downstream demand and current market dynamics is also conducted. Ultimately, the report makes some major proposals for a new Pet Food Market project in the U.S. industry before evaluating the opportunity.

Experts predict that the global Pet Food Market in the U.S. market is expected to grow at over 5% CAGR in the 2019-2023 period.

Download sample PDF report at –

Geographic segmentation of Pet Food Market in the US market:
North America (United States, Canada, and Mexico), Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia, and Italy), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, and Southeast Asia), South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia), Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa).

Top players in Pet Food Market in the US Market:
Colgate-Palmolive Co.
General Mills Inc.
Mars Inc.
Nestlé SA
and The JM Smucker Co.

Market Driver: increasing awareness of animal nutrition

Market Trend: Growing popularity of custom pet food

Market Challenge: Growing Cases of Pet Food Recalls.

Increasing awareness of animal nutrition

Homemade pet food is not a healthy and balanced diet. This is driving the need for functional pet food products over homemade formulations. The increasing awareness and significance of functional pet food products are driving the popularity of pet food and will lead to the expansion of the global pet food market at a CAGR of more than 5% during the forecast period.

The growing popularity of custom pet food

Premium pet food is composed of organic and only protein-source ingredients and has a number of health benefits. In addition, the demand for adapted pet food products is increasing due to the humanization of pets. These factors are expected to have a positive effect on the overall growth of the market.

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Important questions answered in Pet Food Market in the US market report:
– What are the main trends in the Pet Food Market in the US market?
– What are the growth challenges of this market?
– What will be the market size and growth in 2023?
– What are the main factors driving this market?
– Who are the major suppliers in the Pet Food Market in the US market space?
– How do the main drivers and challenges influence this market?
– What are the strengths and weaknesses of the main suppliers?
– What are the Pet Food Market in the US market opportunities, market risk and market overview?
– How revenues from this Pet Food Market in the US market in the past and coming years?

Report price: $ 2500 (single user license)
Buy Pet Food Market in the US Market Report at

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Infection animal-human – second corona infection from mink to humans in the Netherlands – Insurance for Pets

In the Netherlands, a second person may have been infected with the novel corona virus in a mink.

According to the Dutch authorities, an employee of a mink farm near Eindhoven “very likely” contracted one of the animals. However, the risk of further spread by the animals is low. Last week, the Department of Agriculture reported a first transfer to a mink farm employee.

Two farms near Eindhoven were closed at the end of April after corona infections were found in the animals. The ministry has taken measures for mink farms. All companies must carry out virus tests, visits to plants with cases of infection are prohibited. The authorities also examined whether the virus could have been transmitted from one farm to another by wild cats. According to government reports, three cats in one of the facilities showed the virus.

Which animals are infected?

It is still unclear which animals can transmit the virus to humans. And reliable information about which animals are infected is rare. Cases were known from Belgium and France in which cats had become infected from their owners who were ill. However, science does not consider it likely that the corona virus will spread to pets. The Friedrich Loeffler Institute also sees it that way. The institute observes animal diseases throughout Germany and says: Dogs, cats and other pets do not play a relevant role in the spread of the corona virus.

The same applies to livestock, director of the institute Thomas Mettenleiter told Deutschlandfunk Kultur.
None of feathered farm animals such as chicken, duck or turkey have been shown to be susceptible to the new corona virus. The same applies to pigs. “They were tested at three different institutions and none of them led to an infection. This means that these animals are obviously not susceptible to this infection.” And that would not allow them to spread the pathogen either.

It is different with ferrets, by the way. According to Mettenleiter, they don’t get sick, but they pass the virus on. And mink – as in the Netherlands – apparently too.

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Illness and protection

+ Droplet infection or suspended particles: What role do aerosol particles play in the transmission of the coronavirus?
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Fake news, conspiracy theories, protests

+ Corona demos: Opponents of the Corona measures are in the minority
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+ Self-proclaimed party: How resistance 2020 questions the corona crisis
Widespread accusations: How Bill Gates became the target of conspiracy theorists

You can also find the Dlf news on Twitter at: @DLFNachrichten.

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Affected by strange symptoms, only a radio at the vet could determine what this dog was suffering from! – Insurance for Pets

Posted on 5/26/2020 at 7:16 p.m.

Written by Norman Bougé
in the category Miscellaneous facts

© Local 12 / WKRC-TV

Dovey had less of an appetite than usual. At the same time, the owners of this dog wondered where the nipples of their child had gone. They were far from suspecting that these 2 events, at first sight unrelated, were linked.

At the time, Dovey, female dog of race Shar-Pei, was 4 years old. His masters had just had their 2e child and they had built up a whole stock of teats for the baby. However, these disappeared mysteriously, and in large numbers.

Parents also realized that their bitch tended to eat less. She even had vomit once but as it seemed to go well, they didn’t care. Until Grandmother make a surprising discovery, as the story goes Animal Channel.

She had, indeed, seen Dovey jump on the kitchen counter and take one of the teats of the infant. As soon as they found out, the owners of the dog took her to the veterinary clinic Gentle Care, situated at Edmond in the state of Oklahoma (south-central United States). This is where the Dr Chris Rispoli, veterinary who knew perfectly Dovey, since he was monitoring it from an early age.

The specialist requested a x-ray and what the latter revealed confirmed her suspicions and those of the family. The Dr. Rispoli could count 9 teats in the stomach bitch and so he had tooperate. However, the intervention brought an additional surprise: Dovey had, in fact, swallowed a total of 21 totottes !

The vet removed them all. He decided to post the Pictures (x-rays and teats out of the stomach) for 2 reasons. First, because he didn’t never seen that in 20 years of career. Second, to encourage owners of dogs and pets in general to be more careful with the objects left within their reach.

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Dovey got over it well and his masters made sure to put the teats out of his reach. His incredible story was the subject of a report (in English) on the channel Local 12 / WKRC-TV :


Insurance for Pets

COVID 19 Latest Updates and Dog Companionship Key Market Impact Factors That Could Accelerate Rapid Growth 2020-2029 – Insurance for Pets

The Dog Insurance Company market has experienced rapid business transformation through good customer relationships, competitive growth and technological advancements in the global market. It also provides comprehensive data on the Dog Insurance Company market, which elaborates market dynamics such as industry trends, key ideas, growth opportunities, business development, drivers and challenges. sales in the Dog Insurance Company market. The Dog Insurance Company market is segmented into product types, end-use applications, main market players and geographic regions. This research study also focuses on supply chain trends, technological innovations, key developments and future strategies of key manufacturers in the Insurance Dog Industry.

Insurance Pet Dog Market provides some accurate information to readers in the form of frequency tables, bar graphs and pie charts to easily understand market growth in the universal market. In addition, the report discusses business plans, sales and profits, market stations and the market volume of the Insurance Dog Market. Next, Chien De Compagnie D’Assurance analyzes its product launches, product market and gross margin as well as financial details and key advances. We also provide crucial information on the short term and long term goals of the Insurance Dog Businesses, which will give you a suitable destination. Here, we have also developed SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) with Chien De Compagnie D’Assurance market feasibility study, by industry players.

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Segmentation of the World Dog Insurance Company:

This report focuses on the Companion Dog Insurance in a global market, to classify the market according to key players, type, application. This study answers several questions for Dog Insurance Company manufacturers primarily in which market sector they should focus over the next five years.

The main manufacturers covered in this report are:

  • Petplan UK (Allianz)
  • at national scale
  • Trupanion
  • North American Petplan (Allianz)
  • Hartville Group
  • from Pethealth
  • Petfirst
  • kiss her
  • the Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA)
  • Group Direct Line
  • Agria
  • Petsecure
  • PetSure
  • Anicom Holding
  • ipet Insurance
  • Japan Animal Club

Geographically, this report studies the main producers and consumers, focuses on product capacity, production, value, consumption, market share and growth opportunities in these key, spanning, key regions.

  • South America Dog Insurance Company the market covers Colombia, Argentina and Brazil
  • North America Dog Insurance Company the market covers United States, Canada and Mexico
  • Europe Insurance Company Dog the market covers France, Russia, Italy, United Kingdom and Germany
  • The Middle East and Africa Insurance Company Dog covers the market Egypt, UAE, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria
  • Asia-Pacific Dog Insurance Company the market covers Southeast Asia, Japan, China, India and Korea

On the basis of the product, the Dog Insurance Company report displays the production, the price, the market share and the growth rate of each type, mainly divided into:

  • Lifetime coverage
  • Lifetime non-coverage
  • Accident
  • only

Based on end users / applications, this report focuses on the status and outlook of the main applications / end users, consumption, market share and growth rate for each application, including

  • small breed
  • large breed

Global Dog Insurance Company market research ensures an adequate market arrangement worldwide with in-depth analysis of the main vital facets with directions that are referred by the pros.

Inquire for more Detailed Information on Dog Insurance Company report before Buying (use Corporate email ID to get higher priority):

[*Note: doit nous Entreprise / Entreprise email ID et numéro de Contact pour obtenir une priorité plus élevée]

This report provides in-depth research and detailed analysis of the current market as well as the future outlook for the global Dog Insurance Company market. The report examines the main growth drivers and challenges for the Insurance Dog Industry, covering geographic regions as well as the global market. The Dog Insurance Company market companies are expanding their activities through investments and development programs, as well as various services outside the purchasing process. The sustained technological developments will enable market players to achieve stability on the world market.

Global Dog Insurance Company market research examines, the next few years were considered to assess the market estimate:

Global Dog Companion Insurance Market report can help you:

  • Describe the Dog Insurance Company market information, product size, growth opportunities, factors that drive market growth as well as detailed market risk analysis.
  • display the overview of the global Insurance Dog market separated by geographic regions, sales margin, product price comparison according to 2020 and 2029.
  • discloses the major manufacturers of Chien De Compagnie d’Assurance products around the world, the business strategies followed by them, their profile information.
  • view the Aggressive Insurance Dog Market scenario presented by the best players using market gains in 2020 and 2029.
  • illustrate the presence of the Dog Companion Insurance industry by type of product, the applicability of the product, the sales volume and the growth indicated by each type of product from 2013 to 2019 is explained.
  • shows upcoming market trends in the Insurance Dog Industry for the 2020-2029 forecast period that will assist market players and newcomers to make informed decisions.
  • shows the main regions and countries present on the Dog Companion Insurance market, from 2013 to 2020.
  • reveals sales channels, merchants, important research results, final data, appendix, data collection sources.

See the detailed report here:

In conclusion, Global Chien De Compagnie D’Assurance Market report covers all past, present and future market trends that will show growth and pave the way for business opportunities for market players.

contact us:

Mr. Benni Johnson (Powered by Prudour Pvt.Ltd.)
Tel: +1 718 618 4351.

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Beauval ZooParc will reopen to the public on June 2 – Insurance for Pets

“There will be room for everyone in June,” says the director, who nevertheless encourages visitors to book before coming.

The Beauval ZooParc in Loir-et-Cher will be able to reopen to the public on June 2, reports France Bleu Orléans on Monday May 25. The park had been closed since mid-March due to an epidemic of coronavirus.

>> Follow our live on the coronavirus and its consequences.

“We have the oral agreement of the prefecture of Loir-et-Cher with whom I am in daily contact”, explained to France Bleu the director of the Parc Rodolphe Delord, who “exchange regularly with Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne”, Secretary of State for Tourism. The director of the largest tourist site in the Center-Val de Loire region says he is “very happy and relieved”.

From June 2, and throughout the month of June, the Beauval ZooParc will open its doors to the public from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday and from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday. Wearing a mask will be compulsory for visitors “in tropical greenhouses, for shows and our indoor buildings”, specifies Rodolphe Delord. Park employees will all have a mask. A route with signposting on the ground will be marked to respect distances, and 90 hydroalcoholic gel dispensers will be set up.

The ZooParc invites the public to favor reservations before arriving on the site. “We miss the long weekends of Ascension and Pentecost which are traditionally the most visited by visitors”, explains Rodolphe Delord, “It allows us to take no risk and restart the season with June and July which are not our biggest months”.

The director of the Beauval ZooParc says “count on half of the maximum attendance, during the months of June and July, or 15,000 visitors maximum per day, which is very manageable”. “There will be room for everyone in June”, says Rodolphe Delord.

During the confinement, 210 Beauval employees remained working, in order to maintain the park and take care of the animals, but 575 employees were partially unemployed. The park, located in Saint-Aignan, has lost millions of euros since the start of the coronavirus health crisis, and has seen its turnover drop by 40% since mid-March.