Travel with your Cat

Here Are My 110 New Stupid Cat Drawings To Make You Laugh

Helllllo, Pandas! My name is Ainars and I’m the creator of @dailypurrr on Instagram.

More than three years ago, I figured out that I wanted to make silly cat doodles and do them every day. That’s how dailypurrr started. But before that, I had dozens of failed attempts to create something that would bring some fun to people around the internet.

This time, I decided that I would be silent until I’d made my first 50 cat drawings. When that happened, my friends and family got to know that I was secretly making low-quality cat doodles.

One month later, I was going to sleep and had about 500 followers on my Instagram page and was hoping that in three upcoming months, until the New Year, I would have my first 1000 followers. But… Life is full of surprises.

When I woke up, there were 1100 followers. I refreshed the page—1200, refreshed it once again—1300… I was shocked and decided to ask where all these people got to know about my page. It turned out that 9GAG made a post about my drawings.

That was a life-changing moment and my page got its first 10 or 20 thousand followers, which led to huge interest in my page.

So, I continued to make daily doodles, until one day I received a casual email with an offer to do an interview. Without any doubt, I answered that I was absolutely ready. That e-mail was from Rokas, who is a part of the Bored Panda team.

When this short interview and article came out, my follower count skyrocketed and after that, the whole internet was flooded with reposts of that interview, my drawings, and all the other materials.

Thanks to Bored Panda’s team, I’m where I am right now! I’m so thankful to them and to everyone who will enjoy my drawings here! Thank you so much!

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