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Curfews, fines, barrier gestures … the practical guide to New Year’s Eve version 2020 – Insurance for Pets

The health authorities are worried because the sequence is delicate on the front of the fight against the Covid-19. France finds itself cut in two, with in the East, a flagrant deterioration of the situation, and in the West, more favorable indicators.

In this context, the authorities have not ceased, in recent weeks, to warn and encourage the French not to party (too much) so as not to worsen the situation. However, partying is not prohibited: here are the recommendations and what you need to know about this evening.

A curfew at 8 p.m.

While travel was authorized on the evening of December 24, New Year’s travel is restricted after 8 p.m. Since the government has instituted a curfew since deconfinement, only a few exceptions are allowed. So, after 8 p.m., you will only be able to travel for professional reasons, health reasons, a pressing family reason and the release of pets.

All of this with a certificate, of course. Nothing prevents you from spending an evening with family or friends, but you will either have to sleep there, or organize accommodation for your guests: they will only be able to move from 6 a.m. Note that it will be possible to travel between regions and if your train arrives after 8 p.m., you can still reach your place of residence with a derogatory certificate: your train ticket will serve as proof.

Travel not justified by a certificate between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. will be sanctioned with 135 euros for non-compliance with the curfew. And in several regions of France, the authorities have warned: controls will be tightened.

An evening with a limited number of guests

The best is to stay at home and organize a video with friends or family but invite people who are not prohibited, be sure to limit the number of guests. As for Christmas Eve, it is recommended to limit the number of guests: six adults maximum without children. During a press conference given in early December, Jean Castex was also questioned on the subject: « Can we invite a few people at home who will arrive before 8 pm and who will leave after 6 am? Yes it will be possible but the objective is to limit movements as much as possible » had declared the Prime Minister.

Respect barrier gestures as much as possible

In this period of strong circulation of the virus, caution will be required during this evening when the temptation to « let go » is great. As for Christmas and any gathering during an epidemic, it is recommended to respect barrier gestures as best as possible and to ventilate the rooms in which you are as much as possible. The Government recommends aeration of ten minutes every hour: this will allow potentially contaminated aerosols to be evacuated and the air to be renewed. The ideal would be to leave the window open permanently during the evening.

During reunions or arrivals, we avoid hugging and kissing. If you feel like dancing, prefer individual dances spaced apart from each other: languorous slow is rather not recommended, except with your other half.

Wearing a mask is also recommended, as long as you do not eat or drink. Be sure to respect the physical distance between the guests during the aperitif or the meal.

For hand hygiene, why not provide your guests or evening partners with a pump-bottle of hydroalcoholic gel? In the same way, host or guest, do not hesitate to agree between yourselves on the barrier gestures to be respected before the evening. This will help ease any tensions that may arise during the evening on this subject.

And what to do for the meal or the aperitif?

On this point, priority to individual portions and we avoid as much as possible the plates and bowls to share. For you the verrines, individual skewers and other cheese topped with a spike, to peck.

We also avoid turning the charcuterie or toast boards from hand to hand. Prefer an aperitif in the form of a buffet, if you can. This should allow less handling of food and surfaces.

If you are organizing a dinner party, it is preferable that one person is in charge of serving the food and drinks, with dedicated cutlery. Again, to reduce the risk of contamination from surfaces.

Wash your hands as soon as possible and as often as you can and avoid eating with your fingers. For drinks, it is recommended to clearly identify your glass in the early evening. If you lose sight of it or doubt whether it’s yours, get another one.

In the Alpes-Maritimes, the prefecture has issued a decree prohibiting the consumption of alcohol on public roads. In all the communes of the department, the consumption of alcoholic beverages on public roads is prohibited from December 30, 2020 at 8 p.m. to January 2, 2021 at 6 a.m. And of course, if you have any doubts about your condition or have symptoms that may be reminiscent of Covid-19, self-isolate and get tested as soon as possible.

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The unparalleled mobilization of a neighborhood to find a German Shepherd dog decided not to be found – Insurance for Pets

Posted on 12/30/2020 4:49 PM

Written by Anthony Pruvostin the category Emotion

© Happy Dogs Boarding

Almost 6 weeks after going missing, a dog who had managed to escape anyone who tried to get him home was finally rescued. Significant resources had been mobilized to find him.

Ted gave a hard time to many people who were trying to locate him for the to rescue and bring it home. This German shepherd 8 years will have passed 40 days far from his own, but he’s back, safe and sound, as the story goes The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Its owner Joan Kellett, that he had adopted when he was one year old, was able celebrate Christmas in his company, in their house Harding in New Jersey.

It all started on October 26th. That day, the dog had just arrived in a canine education school at Laurel Springs. He was to stay there for some time to refine his obedience. That same evening he had succeeded in escape by jumping over the wall, then climbing the outside fence of the establishment.

Of research were immediately launched. The refuges and pounds of the region were alerted, as was the police. Of drones have even been deployed, but without results.

A few days later, Ted was seen on the side of Sewell, to one fifteen kilometers from the school he had fled from.

Kathleen Tortu-Bowles, a 62-year-old woman from to lose one’s job and who loves dogs, is attached to research. She relayed the info on social networks, distributed posters and surveyed the area behind the wheel of her car.

In early December, a delivery man saw the German Shepherd near a house at Deptford. He then informed Kathleen Tortu-Bowles who immediately went to the scene.

She approached the dog very slowly, given to eat, then managed to get him to wear a leash. Ted his a licked face, as for the thank.

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Hours later, the elusive dog was in the arms of his mistress, moved to have found him after such a long separation.

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first media release for the latest of the great pandas – Insurance for Pets

It was presented to some 150 journalists. The young Yuan Bao, the second giant panda born in captivity in Taiwan, appeared on Monday, December 28 in front of the cameras for her six months, climbing the timber assemblies of the Taipei Zoo. His parents, Yuan Yuan and Tuan Tuan, were donated by China to Taiwan in 2008 to symbolize the improvement in relations between the two countries.

China, which uses its « panda diplomacy », has a habit of loaning its pandas to foreign zoos, but had given this couple, whose names combined mean « reunion » or « unit. » The island and the mainland have been governed separately since 1949 but the Communist regime claims its sovereignty over Taiwan.

Yuan Bao a « well grown up », assured the mayor of the capital Taipei, Ko Wen-je. The young animal, conceived by artificial insemination, weighed 186 grams at birth, and now weighs 13 kilos. The mother, Yuan Yuan, had already given birth to a female, Yuan Zai, in 2013, which was then the first panda birth in Taiwan. Since then, the panda family has been the zoo’s central attraction. Just over 1,800 large pandas still live in the wild, according to theth world wide fund for nature WWF.

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prohibition of slaughter without stunning is allowed – Insurance for Pets

EU member states may prohibit slaughter without stunning. Such a prohibition is not contrary to European law, the European Court of Justice has ruled. Jewish and Islamic organizations had gone to court to challenge a 2017 Flemish ban on slaughter without stunning. They believed that the ban was contrary to freedom of religion.

According to the Court, the Flemish prohibition offers a “good balance” between animal welfare and “the freedom of Jews and Muslims to practice their religion”. The judgment is remarkable because the advocate general at the Court concluded in September that the Flemish prohibition is in conflict with European law. At the time, the advocate general did acknowledge that slaughter without stunning “is difficult to reconcile with modern views on animal welfare”.

The Latest News writes:

According to the European Court, there is no European rule in force that opposes a regulation whereby ritual slaughter is subject to a method of stunning that is reversible and does not have to lead to the death of the animal. In addition, each Member State – or region – has a wide margin of discretion to strike a balance between animal welfare and freedom of religion.

The Flemish Minister of Animal Welfare Ben Weyts (N-VA) is happy with the conclusion of the European Court, he says on Twitter.

In the Netherlands, the Party for the Animals tried to ban slaughter without stunning in 2011. Although a large majority of the House of Representatives voted in favor of the Party for the Animals bill, there was no majority in the senate. In 2018, the party submitted a new proposal to ban slaughter without stunning.

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Dog food pulled from shelves: ‘Stop your … – Insurance for Pets

The Federal Food Agency is urging dog owners not to give their dogs any more Pedigree Vital Mini Adult beef and vegetables sold in a 1.4 kg bag for the time being. It contains too much vitamin D. Dogs can become unwell after eating.

Mars Belgium, after consultation with the FASFC, will recall one production lot of Pedigree Vital Mini Adult beef and vegetables in a 1.4 kg bag with one specific best-before date of 12/11/2021. The product contains too high a content of vitamin D, as has been shown by a quality check.

“We ask consumers who have bought it to immediately stop feeding their pet with this product and to contact our consumer services. We work closely with our distribution partners to get the product off store shelves as quickly as possible. We would like to recommend every bag of store owners and consumers Pedigree Vital Mini Adult beef and vegetables of 1.4 kg to check. The products with an expiration date of 12/11/2021 may no longer be consumed by pets’, says Mars Belgium in a statement.

The product in question was sold in department stores of Colruyt, Delhaize Le Lion / De Leeuw, Intermarché Belgium and Carrefour Belgium.

The FASFC emphasizes that this is an isolated incident and that no other Pedigree ® products have been affected or are part of the recall. So they can be given to dogs without any problems.


Dogs need a certain amount of vitamin D in their diet to maintain a healthy balance of calcium and phosphorus in their body. That helps keep their bones healthy and plays an important role for muscles, nerves and all cells in the body.

However, an overdose of vitamin D can lead to poisoning. Characteristics include loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea, difficulty in breathing, urinating more than normal, and epileptic seizures of some kind. Without treatment, it can lead to kidney failure and even death.

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Viennese pet shop: For the sake of our animals, completely renounce New Year’s Eve this year – Insurance for Pets

Andreas Popper, chairman of the Viennese pet shop appeals to all animal lovers: Let us adhere to the corona rules of the federal government and do without firecrackers and Co.

Vienna (OTS) This year there is the greatest chance for our animals – pets as well as farm animals and wild animals – to bring a peaceful turn of the year.

Although the bang is forbidden in the residential area anyway, many animals suffered each year. This has to come to an end.

Animals are friends, companions and therapists – and in times like these they are of particular importance to many people. « The corona crisis clearly shows us that animals can make an immensely valuable contribution to society with reduced social contacts, » explains Andreas Popper, the chairman of the pet retailers in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO)
A total of around 5 million pets live in around half of all Austrian households. Austria’s animal lovers look after around 2 million cats, 1 million dogs, 520,000 small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, 400,000 birds, 125,000 reptiles and fish in 420,000 aquariums and garden ponds.

Animals do permanent social work

Animals have extremely positive health and psychosocial effects on humans. It has been shown that pets strengthen the immune system, lower stress, lower blood pressure, lower the risk of heart attacks and can thereby extend life. Pets are an important part of life, especially for single people, for example in difficult life situations as we are currently experiencing due to the corona crisis. They also convey joy and meaning after losing a partner, ”says Andreas Popper. Even for very young people, pets play an important role in their social development: Children and young people learn to take responsibility through pets and they increase empathy.

Recommended products in winter and around New Year’s Eve

Animals enjoy our existence, we have a duty to deal responsibly with animals and nature.

This is why the Austrian pet trade recommends the following products with the request – especially in difficult economic times – to buy them in Austrian shops:

Healthy and high quality main food / snacks and natural Kauartikel (e.g. coffee wood, chewing roots, antlers ..)
Care products: Paw protection for salt sprinkling, natural shampoos, etc.

Against cold: Thermal blankets and heat pillows for transport, therapeutic dog clothes

Against New Year’s Eve bangs as well as for education and socialization : Relaxation products based on pheromones as a spray, tablet, collar or room evaporator

Support for outdoor posture : Insulated rodent stalls and huts, heatable drinking troughs and other heating devices

For safety : Luminous collars, flasher and reflective leashes and harnesses to protect our dogs as best as possible when going out at night

For indoor employment: Games for the animal (e.g. intelligence games and activity articles for dogs, cats, rabbits and the like)

For the wild animals : species-appropriate food, bird feeders, shelter and nesting aids for birds, hedgehogs, squirrels and others

The Austrian pet shop with over 1000 shops supplies the pets with the necessary products such as feed, emergency and hygiene items even during the lockdown!

We are always there for our animals and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a peaceful, reflective New Year.

Inquiries & contact:

WK Wien – Vienna State Committee for Mail Order, Internet and General Trade
Andreas Popper, chairman and chairman of the Vienna pet shop
T: 01/514 50 3224
E: general

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what will change between Europe and Great Britain from January 1, 2021 – Insurance for Pets

Trade, customs, fishing, pets … Here are the main changes that will take place next Friday.

After more than four years, two negotiations leading to two agreements (that of withdrawal and that on the future relationship), the die is now cast. They are making a lot of changes from January 1, 2021.

● Trade: zero quotas, zero tariffs

This is the heart of the agreement reached on December 24. By giving access to its single market for all British products without tariffs or quotas, the European Union is granting a hitherto non-existent privilege. British exports, 46% destined for Europe, will be able to continue at no extra cost. The same goes for European exports. Relief for the aerospace, automotive and food industries for which the UK is a prime market.

● Return from customs

However, not everything will be as easy as before. « There will be real changes, this is the consequence of Brexit », hammered Michel Barnier. Because Brexit is synonymous with the return of customs, which were abolished in 1993. Import and export declarations will be the rule for any transaction. An administrative burden that risks driving up prices. Not to mention the impact on the fluidity of trade when customs officers will have to, at a minimum, examine the documentation of each truck. And that the controls will be systematic for the food industry. « Each live animal entering EU territory will have to be individually inspected by a veterinarian », specifies a European source.

● Fair competition

Avoiding all fiscal and social dumping was one of the red lines of Europeans. To ensure this fair competition, London and Brussels have known « The most advanced system that exists ». If the differences in standards (in terms of environment, labor law, taxation) become too important on the one hand, the other could choose to impose tariffs in a retaliatory way. And if a European company considers that it is suffering from state aid attributed to a British competitor in a dubious manner, it can apply to the courts or to the European Commission.

The City, Europe’s leading financial center, will therefore no longer be able to sell its financial products across the EU after January 1.

● – 25% for fishing?

The sticking point that brought the negotiations to the brink of failure, the whole battle revolved around the percentage that the European Union should cede to the United Kingdom. European fishermen will gradually reduce their catches in British waters until they are reduced, by June 2026, by 25% according to the Commission and « By a few% more » then, according to Michel Barnier. Afterwards, the water division will be negotiated annually. The risk of a British refusal will therefore exist. But safeguards have been implemented in the text, assures the European Commission.

● The City dethroned?

No more financial passports. Neither finance nor any service is part of the deal. The City, Europe’s leading financial center, will therefore no longer be able to sell its financial products across the EU after the 1is January. The European Commission will unilaterally decide to award equivalence decisions, provided that London maintains regulations equivalent to that of the Union. For the moment, only 2 (of the 39 existing) have been granted by Brussels. This forces the big banks, or investment funds based in London, to open branches in the Union. The preferred destinations are Dublin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Paris, but these relocations remain marginal, representing no more than 10,000 jobs.

● New paradigm for transport

The watchwords of the Withdrawal Agreement for air, road, rail and maritime connectivity are “Continuity and sustainability”. If chaos is avoided, it won’t work like it did before. For tourists crossing the Channel Tunnel, be careful to have an international driving license because driving licenses are no longer automatically recognized. London-Paris flights will be maintained, but British airlines will no longer be able to carry out cabotage (stopover flights such as London-Paris-Rome).

● End of free movement

The free movement of Europeans in the United Kingdom (and vice versa) ends on 1is January. An identity card will be sufficient for the first few months but, from October 2021, Europeans will have to present their passport during customs checks. For any stay of more than three months, you will need to apply for a visa.

● Pets under the microscope

To travel to England with your dog, cat or goldfish, the European passport for pets will no longer be recognized. However, the rules will not change immediately. In the opposite direction, however, the procedure will be more complicated. In particular, owners will have to obtain a certificate of good health ten days before the trip and enter the EU through certain points established in advance.

For those wishing to immigrate to the UK from January 2021, it will be necessary to face a stricter immigration policy. They will be subject to a new points system

● A points system for European expatriates

For the 4.2 million European nationals living across the Channel before December 31, 2020, no worries. Their rights are protected. For those wishing to immigrate to the UK from January 2021, it will be necessary to face a stricter immigration policy. They will be subject to a new points system in which age, English proficiency, level of education will be taken into account to obtain a visa, valid for five years. Added to this is the obligation to have a job offer with a salary of at least 26,500 pounds (29,500 euros), which now makes it impossible to embark on an adventure by living from odd jobs.

● Cardiff removed from the list of Erasmus destinations

End of season for the 32,000 European students who, each year, temporarily enter British universities thanks to the Erasmus program. For French students, their third favorite destination is crossed off the list. The UK has decided to exit the student exchange program, citing cost issues and announcing a global program to replace it. As for those who want to study in the UK, outside Erasmus, the change in status will involve a sharp increase in tuition fees.

● The end of « roaming »

Another consequence of Brexit. European consumers’ right to roaming at national rates will not be guaranteed, and UK mobile operators may therefore charge additional charges to European roaming customers. And vice versa for the British in Europe.

● Limited security cooperation

The agreement provides for the exchange of classified information and cooperation in the fight against terrorism and cross-border crime. For foreign policy, foreign security and cooperation in defense or development, Boris Johnson has chosen to exclude them from the agreement.

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Incredulous garbage sorter saves life of cat locked in plastic bag, spares him the worst – Insurance for Pets

Posted on 12/27/2020 at 10:26 a.m.

Written by Norman Bougéin the category Rescues

© East2West

While sorting through the trash that was passing on the conveyor belt before going through the shredder, an employee was intrigued by one of the bags he was having trouble opening. The man was far from expecting to find a living cat there. Yet that is what it contained. A discovery that saved the life of the feline.

« The cruelty of the people is surprising », Deplores Igor Perfilyev, company director Gorkomkhoz, specialized in sorting of waste and where a chat has been saved in extremis by one of the staff.

The facts took place on December 21 on the company’s website in Oulianovsk, in western Russia, reports the Daily Mail. The scene was captured using the video surveillance installed in the room where the waste inspection took place.

That day, the sorting team saw, as usual, the waste pass before their eyes on the conveyor belt. In particular, employees had to check the contents of the bags, final step before moving to crusher.

One of these bags caught the attention of an officer. He took hold of it and tried it some difficulty opening it. When he did, he saw with dismay that a cat was inside. He immediately took her in his arms and asked that the conveyor belt be stopped. He then has it caress for the comfort, because the animal was terrified.

Terrified, but unharmed. Miraculous, even, because it was going straight towards the crusher. The presence of mind of this man made him save the life.

Igor Perfilyev assured that the feline was  » healthy, clean and well maintained », Which suggests that he did have a family before ending up in this waste sorting center. He adds that unfortunately they find animals more and more often among the rubbish.  » The big problem is that it is impossible to find those responsible for these acts », He regretted.

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According to M. Perfilyev, it’s here 3e times in 2 months that such a discovery was made on the premises of the company. The employees had saved 2 Florid turtlese and a hedgehog white-bellied.

It is not known what happened to the cat afterwards, but it was probably given to a refuge, where he will wait to find a new adoptive family.

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French of the world. A New Year on the Arctic Circle – Insurance for Pets

Stéphane in Autti: « We teach our customers to drive a sled » (Photo DR)

« It’s the most beautiful place in the world to spend Christmas. Everything is white, it’s beautiful and it’s cold! » Large expanses of lakes and boreal forests, birch and fir trees, all covered in a white blanket of snow and ice.

Stéphane in Autti, Finland « It’s the most beautiful place in the world to celebrate Christmas » (Photo DR)

Autti is located 80 kilometers from Rovaniemi, and it is consecrated Santa Claus village. It is here, in the heart of nature, that Stéphane and Nathalie built their house. Chilly abstain! « There, we have just spent two days at -30, there today it is a little -10. In winter, we have peaks at 25 -30 -35 °, in January, there are periods of a week at -35 to -40 maximum. « 

Stéphane: « We have just spent two days at -30 ° in Autti, today it is -10 °. » (Photo DR)

Each winter, from mid-December to the end of March, the couple receive their clients for stays of one week on average. But this year, the heart is not really there.

Due to Covid-19, French tourists stayed at home. Only three-day charter flights are exceptionally authorized to save the season, but they were not enough to bring back many foreigners.

Stéphane: « We have four different breeds, each with its own characteristics » (Photo DR)

Stéphane and Nathalie have lived in Autti since they left Marseille for their common passion: sled dogs. They arrived here with their motorhome, in which they experienced their very first winter in Lapland, and with around thirty animals.

« We have four different races, explains the Frenchman, each with its own characteristics: the Siberian husky is the joker, it can do everything, the Malamute is the tractor for sled dogs, the Alaskan husky is a racing dog and the dog wolf of Czechoslovakia, he can learn everything. « 

Stéphane: « Each driver will take care of the 4 to 6 dogs in his team » (Photo DR)

Reasons for this: individual responsibility and natural social distancing, erected in virtue of nature. Finland also owes this good result to its small population: five and a half million inhabitants, over an area as large as Germany. The country finally has Russia as a neighbor and has never stopped stocking medical equipment since World War II.

Consequently, no confinement here, the measure is also banned by the Finnish constitution, gatherings can, depending on the region, be only limited to 10 people. Everyone has downloaded the equivalent of the « Tous anti-Covid » application and respects the wearing of a mask, even if it is not compulsory. A discipline that allows residents to cross paths in bars and restaurants, which remain open like all shops, and even to meet in the sauna:

« Everyone has it in every house, even in town, even in apartment buildings, apartments. There is at least one sauna in each house, even a second sauna for guests, for friends. If saunas are not provided in some buildings, there is always a sauna for a whole block in the basement. « 

It is here, in the middle of nature, that they built their house (Photo DR)

The Finnish authorities estimate that there will be 85% fewer tourists this year than in 2019.

Write to them:

Their website

Find this chronicle on the website, the app and in the international mobility magazine « French »

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Aleph Farms from Israel wants to produce alien meat (video) – Insurance for Pets

Aleph Farms’ rendition of its future BioFarm units. Photo Aleph Farms

If it is up to Israeli start-up Aleph Farms, which unveiled the world’s first slaughter-free steak grown from animal cells in late 2018, meat production will begin to take place in space.

The Israeli company has already experimented with meat production in space, producing slaughter-free steak on the International Space Station last year. The initiative was an attempt to demonstrate that sustainable food security on Earth and beyond can be provided by producing meat regardless of the availability of land and local water resources.

With the announcement of a new program called Aleph Zero, Aelph Farms aims to improve food security by producing fresh, quality meat everywhere, independent of climate change and natural resources. The company wants to introduce new possibilities for producing fresh, quality meat, even in the harshest, most remote environments, such as outer space. If successful, the program could lead to alien food production, one of the main obstacles to long-term space missions.

The startup told NoCamels that it is developing strategic partnerships with technology companies and space agencies for long-term research and development collaborative agreements « that will ensure the integration of Aleph Farms’ innovations into leading space programs. »

Such programs will leverage the company’s deep-rooted know-how in cell biology, tissue engineering, and nutritional science to establish BioFarms in alien environments, enabling the company to apply what it has learned in space.

“The restrictions imposed by deep-spaceexploration is forcing us to hone the efficiency of our meat production process to much higher sustainability standards, ”explains Aleph Farms co-founder and CEO Dr. Didier Toubia explains.

“The ‘Aleph Zero’ program reflects our mission to produce delicious quality meat locally regardless of where people live and consume, even in the most remote places on Earth such as the Sahara or Antarctica, so that everyone has unconditional access to quality food, anytime, anywhere, Added Toubia.

Toubia noted that the program’s name, « Aleph Zero, » represents the mathematical symbol of the smallest infinite number and thus the company’s vision of producing meat with almost no natural resources.

The company hopes to build its first BioFarm next year.

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So sweet! These Leiden pets are completely in the Christmas spirit – Insurance for Pets

During these somewhat strange Christmas days, we could use some extra sweet. And what could be cuter than putting your pet in a Christmas outfit or photographing it in front of the Christmas tree? Right, nothing. You responded en masse to our call for Christmas snapshots. So… if there is one thing you are viewing today, let it be these incredibly cute pictures.

The Christmas tree as a decor