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Nice story: Georges took in Ptitlu, a reformed assistance dog after an injury – Insurance for Pets

Georges Blayo and Ptitlu, accomplices. (© La Gazette du Center Morbihan)

Ptitlu, a 15 month old black Labrador with chocolate eyes, was destined to become a assistance dog, a traveling companion and technical assistance for people with disabilities. But life decided otherwise …

A call launched

AT Saint-Brandan in the Côtes-d’Armor, the association Handi’dogs is one of the four centers in France specializing in the training of dogs trained to become traveling companions of children or adults, in the context of assistance, awakening, social support, assistance for people epileptics and legal aid. The four-legged animals are educated to accompany them, guide them and keep them company. A real commitment to solidarity.

In spring 2019, the association launched a call to host families in the Morbihan, in order to eventually open a antenna. Georges blayo, originally from Baud (Morbihan), got wind of this call. A great opportunity for retirees ready to help their neighbor.

I had made inquiries in another association to welcome a guide dog for the blind, a little earlier in the year. Without success. So when I found out about Handi’chiens, I applied and had an interview. I was held back.

Georges blayo

Georges opened the door to his house and his heart in Ptitlu, in October 2019. He is a fiery, affectionate young dog who even brings the newspaper back to his masters!

Younger, Ptitlu was already bringing the Gazette back to his masters! (©DR)

Reformed due to injury …

Twice a month, Georges Blayo and the Labrador meet Charlyne Eury, educator in Handi’chiens, in the city center of Baud with other welcoming people.

The young woman supervises the host families, advises them, teaches them how to educate these future short-haired mentors. « The ideal is to have a dog good in his paws. Let him be comfortable in all circumstances and be calm, ”she lists.

In total, the dogs stay with their families for 16 months, then return to the center in Saint-Brandan to complete their training.

In August 2020, Ptitlu was injured. He undergoes an operation for a ruptured knee ligaments. The verdict falls: he can never become a service dog. It is reform for health reasons.

… But adopted!

When they can no longer perform their mission, the animals are placed adoption.

The host family has priority. If it cannot keep it, the association then turns to the general public. The dog can be adopted by strangers and disappear into the wild without follow-up. It was not an option for me.

Georges blayo

The Baldivian, despite being prepared for a possible split with Ptitlu as part of his training, just couldn’t let him go. “He would have been disturbed to change family. It wasn’t intended for him to stay, but I got attached to him. I kept it with me, ”he describes with a smile.

Peanuts and Pacha, the other dogs trained in Baud, will join their future owners in 2021. For Georges and Ptitlu, a new life begins.

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Joe Biden appeals to « democratic cats » after using dogs for his campaign – Insurance for Pets

Posted on 10/26/2020 at 2:48 p.m.

Written by Norman Bougéin the category Miscellaneous facts

© Joe Biden / Twitter

After putting the dogs to work in a previous campaign video, Joe Biden’s camp is counting, this time around, on cats to seduce the American electorate, a few days before the poll.

The race for the White House has entered its home stretch. TheUS presidential election will, in fact, take place on November 3. Faced with the current president, the republican Donald Trump, the candidate democrat Joe Biden is running for the next 4-year term. To try to grab a few more votes, his camp recently played the pets in his campaign.

At the beginning of October, he had broadcast a first video under the theme  » Dogs for Biden-Harris » (Kamara Harris is the running mate of Joe Biden) on social networks. We saw canines carrying t-shirts on which this slogan was registered.

Besides, Joe Biden himself owns 2 dogs, German Shepherds. The first, Champ, had been purchased from a breeder in 2008, in the wake of the victory of Barack Obama in the presidential elections. It was a promise he made to his wife if the former senator from Illinois rose to the top office. 10 years later, the couple adopted the second, Major.

This time it is no longer a question of dogs, but of chats. Indeed, as reported RTL, a new video, with felines as protagonists, was posted on the candidate’s Twitter account Biden last October 17th.

The spot, lasting just over half a minute, shows cats alongside signs, masks, mugs, t-shirts, caps and more. accessories promoting the candidature of Biden and Harris. It ends with a call to send SMS including the word  » cat », Specifying that this is not a joke.

The sequence is accompanied by the following caption:  » We must come together to defeat Donald Trump. Democrats, Independents, Republicans and, yes, even the ‘demo-cats’ ».

See you next week, therefore, to find out if the democratic cats and dogs will have helped Joe Biden to accede to the presidency of the United States …

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The science ticket. Migratory fish, endangered species – Insurance for Pets

Salmon going upstream. (ALTOPRESS / MAXPPP)

Contaminated rivers or soils, abandoned industrial waste… Do you live near a polluted site?
Click here to alert us!

Yesterday, Saturday, October 24, was World Migratory Fish Day, notably scheduled for October 25, but brought forward by one day due to the Covid. The opportunity to understand and protect these endangered species.

We know these fish which come up streams after having crossed thousands of kilometers. What we know less are the reasons for this cyclical phenomenon.

They have to leave a place where they are less well than before, because the environment is too polluted but also for reasons of food and reproduction.

Gilles Boeuf, honorary president of the Natural History Museum

And the most fascinating is their mode of navigation in the water. A sort of magnetic compass has been found in the brains of salmon, as well as an « astronomical » navigation system.

Salmon are able to receive light information from the sky at night.

And once the ocean has been crossed, you have to find the river where they were born. « The final approach is chemistry, specifies Gilles Boeuf. The salmon stay in the river they come from; genetic brothers are constantly releasing molecules which act as beacons for its return. If we sterilize the river, he can’t come back. « 

Humans also have a lot to learn about the adaptation of migratory fish to switch from freshwater to seawater, and vice versa.

The water of the fish comes out through its gill to dilute the sea water. It drinks constantly. In fresh water, it’s the other way around, he pees all the time!

Gilles Boeuf

Lots of intelligence. But their performance is just as amazing, as their propulsion is more efficient than our propellers. Or even those tunas or swordfish that spin at 100 km / h, in an environment 800 times denser than air, with, it is true, a skin so smooth, that it has been copied for submarines and swimmers suits!

For too long, their fishing was out of control:

In 1800, 3,000 tonnes of wild salmon were fished in France. Today, it’s not even 30 tonnes. And especially overfishing in estuaries: we caught them just before their reproduction, which is stupid!

Gilles Boeuf

Not to mention the many dams on our waterways, and despite the fish passes, elevators – and even fish vacuum cleaners! – preventing their migration leads them to certain death and, on a large scale, the disappearance of these species. « When we see how we treat the living, I’m ashamed in fact « , adds Gilles Boeuf. Will we have time to unlock all their secrets before they disappear? It’s a real question …

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Protix – LINK – Insurance for Pets

Protix has won the Dutch Innovation Prize 2020. The large-scale nursery for insect larvae is a lightning-fast grower and a technology pioneer in an area that should contribute to making food production more sustainable, were some of the deliberations of the jury led by UvA professor Henk Volberda. The award was announced on Monday evening October 19 in the TV program ‘De Wereld van Morgen’ on NPO1. The top three also consisted of AI specialist Bolesian and high-tech system developer and builder Demcon.

Protix recently built a factory in Bergen op Zoom where larvae of black soldier flies are reared on a large scale. These are then processed into food (protein) for farmed fish, chickens and pets. It is important for the productivity of the process that the larvae receive sufficient food. To this end, a robot has been developed that is able to count the number of larvae at lightning speed so that the amount of feed can be accurately adjusted. In this way, the food chain is also closed: organic waste is used as feed. This way of food production is much more sustainable and more in balance with nature and an answer to the production of animal food that has many negative climate effects.


The ‘counting robot’ and the artificial intelligence, in combination with smart algorithms that it has at its disposal, is so innovative that the company has been designated by the World Economic Forum as a ‘technology pioneer’ and this aspect also weighed heavily for the jury in the designation of the company. as the winner. For the development of innovations, the company works closely with a wide range of external parties, including knowledge institutions.

Growth perspective

Protix has the ambition to build a second factory with a larger scale than the factory in Dongen. The next step in a phase of rapid growth – from start-up to scale-up. That was also appreciated by the jury, who also saw a lot of growth prospects: ‘The progressive approach of Profix is ​​currently applied in animal and fish nutrition and has the potential to be applied in many other food value chains. Sooner or later, numerous value chains will have to deal with a stronger emphasis on sustainability. Protix is ​​responding proactively to this transition. ‘


The Utrecht-based Bolesian is also a pioneer, but then in the field of artificial intelligence. The company has been active in this field for more than three decades, but has grown rapidly in recent years because it is able to convert large amounts of data into, for example, adequate predictions of the necessary maintenance of roads and sewerage systems. Bolesian’s systems enable humans to perform tasks that require human intelligence but are of an « inhuman » size.


De andere runner-up, Demcon from Enschede, this spring, at the personal request of the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, Hugo de Jonge, developed a high-tech respirator within two months and produced it in large numbers. This to meet the then great need of hospitals for such equipment, needed for the treatment of seriously ill Covid-19 patients. The company, together with industrial partners, succeeded very quickly in reallocating a large number of specialists for a sizeable project that was literally vital.


The other seven companies in the pre-selection for the Dutch Innovation Prize 2020 were Arcadia Chrysanthemums (specialized in the cultivation and marketing of disbudded chrysanthemums), Binder Green Projects (development and realization of professional greenery, Port of Rotterdam Authority (development, management and operation of the port), Koppert Cress (developer ingredients to intensify the taste, aroma of dishes), Livekindly Collective (developer and producer of sustainable food without animal additives), Mc Energy (specialist in the design and production of energy storage solutions) and Vital10 (offers individual insight into health and increasing vitality)

Dutch Innovation Monitor 2020

After several selection rounds, these ten companies have survived from the approximately one thousand companies that cooperated with the Netherlands Innovation Monitor 2020. This survey is known as one of the largest annual surveys of innovation in the Netherlands and looks at the innovation capacity of companies. The winner was determined by a jury led by Prof. Henk Volberda, professor of strategic management and innovation at the Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam. He is also research leader of the Dutch Innovation Monitor.

Stay up to date with industry news, Read Link magazine digitally or request a copy at


The jury, chaired by Volberda, consists of: Hans Boumans (Technology Transfer Manager TNO), Lotte de Bruin (director of the Netherlands ICT), Thomas grosfeld (specialist Innovation and Top Sector Policy VNO-NCW), Mariëtte Hamer (chair of the Social and Economic Council), Geert Huizinga (director of FME advocacy), Mark Pehlig (deputy chair of Koninklijke NLingenieurs), Sjaak van der Tak (chair of LTO Glaskracht Nederland), Doekle Terpstra (Chair of Technology Netherlands), Focco Vijselaar (Director-General Business and Innovation, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate) and Pieter Waasdorp (Director of Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate).

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Furious resident Wognum chases firework cutters – Insurance for Pets

WOGNUM – “I am so done with the fireworks, done with the police and the municipality doing nothing about it, I will now take measures myself, ”a resident of Wognum told Medemblik on Sunday morning after another night of lighting. fireworks in his area .. “As far as I am concerned, there may be a curfew and very severe penalties. I have been here for days with pets who are stressed by the heavy bangs,Said the man.

Last night was the last straw for the man when fireworks were thrown in his garden, the man ran outside and chased two boys who were running away. Unfortunately for the man, he couldn’t get hold of the two firework throwers. “But I do have a description of those two ‘bastards’ I will report to the police tomorrow.

The nuisance from fireworks is not only great in the municipality of Medemblik, last night a boat in Enkhuizen caught fire due to arson and the center of Enkhuizen looked like a war zone, local residents told Enkhuizen Current


Depending on how serious the offense or crime is, the offender will be fined or imprisoned for surrendering illegal fireworks. The fine is quickly € 400 per illegal article that has been chipped. Young people can (for less serious offenses or crimes) also attend a Halt-punishment qualify.

in-house fireworks remover fury and wognum

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Nestlé is growing faster again – and is raising forecasts slightly until the end of the year – economy – Insurance for Pets

(Sat / dpa) Specifically, Nestlé reported organic growth of 3.5 percent for the third quarter on Wednesday. At 4.5 percent, the strongest geographic growth was in Asia, Oceania and Africa. At the first half of the year, total growth was still 1.3 percent. In the first quarter, however – boosted not least by hamster purchases due to the corona crisis – at a proud 4.3 percent.

As the reason for the slight increase in growth, Nestlé cites a sustained dynamic in North and South America. There is also greater demand for products for pets and Nestlé Health Science. The world’s largest food company traditionally only publishes profit figures for annual and semi-annual figures.

However, due to the sale of parts of the company and the stronger Swiss franc, the reported turnover in the third quarter fell by 9.4 percent to 61.9 billion Swiss francs, as the company with headquarters in Vevey announced. Nestlé had sold the skin care business Nestlé Skin Health. Overall, sales and currency effects reduced sales by 12.9 percent.

By the end of the year: Stronger growth and profit

« Nestlé has shown itself consistently in a volatile and difficult environment, » said CEO Mark Schneider in Wednesday’s announcement. The company has « acted quickly and responsibly », reduced the negative consequences of the pandemic and reacted quickly to the changing needs of consumers, said the Nestlé boss.

For the full year, Nestlé has raised its forecast slightly in the press release. The manufacturer of Nespresso coffee, Purina animal feed and Cailler chocolate now expects sales to grow by 3 percent and an improvement in the operating profit margin by the end of the year. So far, the food company has assumed 2 to 3 percent. “We assume,” the company also writes, that “both the underlying earnings per share at constant exchange rates and capital efficiency will increase”.

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Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright take a ride in the £ 65,000 Range Rover after veterans fear – Insurance for Pets

Michelle Keegan has relaxed with her husband Mark Wright after the fear of vets.

Earlier in the week, the couple rushed their dachshund Phoebe to the vet after eating a flapjack filled with raisins, toxic to dogs.

But Phoebe felt ready to take a fall walk with her owners and her dog companion Pip.

Michelle and Mark slowed down this weekend as they took their dogs for a walk and took the Range Rover for a ride after the drama of the week.

Her natural beauty shone when she opted for relaxed glamor behind the wheel of the couple’s £ 65,000 Range Rover.

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright take a ride in the £ 65,000 Range Rover after veterans fear

The Our Girl lead actress applied touches of glamorous makeup, but kept her look dressed up with an LA cap.

Their quiet weekend comes amid rumors Mark is considering joining Crawley Town’s League 2 squad.

Michelle and Mark slowed down on the weekend

It comes days after Michelle issued a stern warning to pet owners that raisins are dangerous for dogs.

The former soap star rushed her dog to the vet amid fears for her dog’s health.

Her natural beauty shone as she opted for relaxed glamor behind the wheel of the couple’s £ 65,000 Range Rover

She wrote: “WARNING. Please do not feed your dog raisins, grapes or any food containing them, they are TOXIC to dogs …

« Luckily I knew that and when I saw an empty flapjack wrap and my dog ​​kick its lips I knew exactly what had happened. »

She has a coffee to go

“I immediately called my vet and they told me to bring her NOW so they could give her an injection to make her vomit.

A few hours later, Michelle kept her fans in the loop when she updated them. Phoebe felt « a little nauseous and sorry for herself. »

It comes days after Michelle issued a stern warning to pet owners that raisins are dangerous for dogs


“The most expensive flapjack I have ever bought !!!! « 

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Traveling by car with a dog – Insurance for Pets

Did you know that dogs on board are a major source of distraction while driving? This is why the Highway Safety Code prohibits driving a road vehicle when an animal obstructs the driver’s view or interferes with his driving. Committing such an offense subjects drivers to fines of $ 30 to $ 60, but above all to the risk of an accident that could cause serious bodily harm.

Your dog should never be able to roam freely in the car. Whether you are planning a car trip with your dog or going on a road trip with him, it is essential to be well informed and prepared to prevent incidents.

Having your safety and that of your pet at heart, Promutuel Insurance reviews with you the right actions and precautions to put into practice when you take the road with your dog.

Driving with your dog on board: good to know

Are you going to the dog park? Need to take your pet to the vet? Did you know that with gravity, the weight of your animal and its transport cage is multiplied by 20 during sudden braking or an accident? This means that a 20-pound dog can turn into a 400-pound projectile capable of injuring or damaging the lives of passengers, not to mention the risks to its own life.

The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) provides road safety advice to follow for safe driving, regardless of the length of your trips.

  • Secure your animal with a harness. Although there is no law that requires you to tie up your pet in a car, it helps to ensure that it does not compromise your visibility and your ability to drive safely.
  • Install a safety net or barrier.
  • Place your dog in a carrier and secure it with a seat belt.

The SAAQ also mentions a few things to avoid while driving when your dog is accompanying you:

  • Never drive with your dog on you: it is prohibited by law, but also very dangerous. Deployment of air bags can be fatal.
  • Don’t let your dog stick his head out of a window: you expose him to unnecessary risks (stones, insects, objects too close, etc.).
  • Do not leave your pet alone in the car: dogs are not immune to heatstroke, which could be fatal.
  • Do not attach your dog’s collar to the back seat: in the event of sudden braking or an accident, it could break his neck.

Take a car trip with your dog: how to prepare

Are you going on an adventure by car and have decided to take your dog with you? Beautiful moments await you! On the other hand, traveling by car with a dog requires good preparation, for the happiness of your companion and yours. Here are 8 tips to be perfectly prepared for a trip with your companion:

  1. Get your companion used to traveling

Do not plan a trip of several hours with your dog on board if he has never been in a car before. Get him used to this new environment and test his ability to go on the road by completing short distances and gradually increasing the length of journeys. Don’t be disheartened if the first experience is a bust. Dogs, like us, are able to adapt (up to a certain limit, of course). Don’t forget to reward him after each trip!

  1. Make sure your dog is identified

Make sure your dog is tattooed or identified with a microchip. Bring all the necessary papers for entering another country as well as their health record, identification papers, vaccination record, etc.

  1. Be up to date with your dog’s vaccines

If you intend to leave Canada, customs in foreign countries may ask you to see your dog’s vaccination record. Before you go, make sure you are up to date with your companion’s vaccines.

  1. Learn about the diseases to watch out for in the area you are visiting

Canine diseases vary from place to place. If you leave Quebec, learn about diseases, bacteria and parasites to which your dog could be exposed during your vacation. The same goes for poisonous plants and animals (porcupine, snake, spider, etc.).

  1. Pack your pet’s suitcase

Do you like to take your pillow when traveling to sleep better? It’s the same for your dog! Since he will be transported to an unfamiliar environment, reassure him by taking his favorite blanket, bed and favorite toys. A little bit of home abroad will help them adjust.

  1. Take breaks every three hours

To avoid unpleasant surprises and allow your dog to stretch his legs, stop every three hours. Put it on a leash when you stop on the side of the road or at rest areas. Road noise could make him nervous and cause him to react in an unpredictable way.

  1. Have water and food available

Some dogs tend to salivate more when in a car. They can become nauseous. It is important to keep your dog hydrated by giving him frequent water. Remember to feed it, but avoid large portions. Give him smaller rations, more frequently, so he doesn’t get sick in the car.

  1. Don’t forget to put into practice the SAAQ’s driving advice set out above.

Your dog has the travel sickness? Here are some tips to make it more comfortable and avoid unpleasant surprises on the road:

  • Avoid feeding it in the morning before you leave.
  • Practice walking short distances and slowly increase the length of the trips.
  • Try natural anxiolytic treatments (eg: Zylkene) available online and in pet stores.
  • If your dog is homesick, reassure him by taking his favorite things and toys.
  • If he is sick, remember to give him water frequently to prevent him from becoming dehydrated.

Road accident: is my dog ​​covered?

What about protecting your dog in the event of a traffic accident? Will it be covered by auto insurance? In fact, it is rather home insurance that covers it. If your dog is killed in a car accident, your home insurance will compensate you for the value of your dog. In home insurance contracts, animals are covered in particular in the event of damage caused directly by transport accidents.

And what if your dog becomes stressed in the car and bites you or attacks one of your passengers? According to the SAAQ, no compensation is paid by the public automobile insurance plan of Quebec in the case of « an accident caused by the autonomous act of an animal transported in a vehicle ». This is another good reason to be vigilant. However, damage caused by your dog to equipment or to others, such as a bite or damage in a hotel, is covered by your home insurance, more specifically your liability insurance.

Promutuel Insurance is there to provide you with peace of mind when traveling by car with your companion. Contact us now to ask your questions about auto insurance or to request a quote for home insurance that will cover your dog!

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Two raccoons break into a bank in California, images of the « robbery » circulate on American TVs – Insurance for Pets

A raton sink. Illustration photo. (BRITTA PEDERSEN / DPA CENTRAL PICTURE)

The story takes place in the United States, in California, and in this period of tension in a country divided by its presidential campaign, here is information, unusual, which transcends political divisions and makes people smile. It was Tuesday, October 20, around 7 a.m. in the town of Redwood. A man comes to withdraw money from the ATM of the Chase bank when he sees movement inside the branch. Looking through the glass, he comes across two intruders, masked, obviously, since they were two raccoons, this animal that looks like a nice gray plush, with a black and white striped tail and rimmed eyes. black.

In the video surveillance footage, the couple can be seen taking over a desk, one showing the chair comically to the other, with his paw outstretched, as if to indicate the direction to take to continue their journey. research. Not very successful, it must be said, since they only found the bottom of a package of almond cakes in a drawer.

On the way, they vandalized a computer screen and scattered a few files on the ground, before the police and SPA agents arrived and pushed them towards the exit, after a ten-minute chase in the area. ‘agency. As with any intrusion into a bank, an investigation ensued because, if raccoons are able to enter without raising the alarm, other curious, more human ones could do the same.

And it was their muddy paw prints that betrayed them: we found them on the trunk of a tree that they climbed, before jumping on a ventilation grid to make their way through the ducts. , until the false ceiling gave way under their weight and fell into the hall.

A micro-event which fascinated local televisions. The bank was visited by CBS, ABC, or FOX News. Because it’s cute (obviously), that it does not require a tray full of controversies to discuss it and, above all, it only generates positive, amused, even moved comments. Witness the shares, by the thousands, on social networks of this story, making the raccoon the unlikely antidote to gloom and division.

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Prof Nadine Buys: ‘Animal welfare and economic profitability are not opposites’ – Landbouwleven – The weekly magazine for the Flemish country – Insurance for Pets

De in recent years we have taken great steps forward in the field of animal welfare in Flanders. That is also the opinion of Prof. Nadine Buys (KU Leuven), who has been providing pioneering research work for years and is vice-chair of the Flemish Council for Animal Welfare. It is on the initiative of that council that Ben Weyts (N-VA), Flemish Minister for Animal Welfare, is funding a new chair at university level. This highlights that the importance of animal welfare in society and in scientific research is increasing ….

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The owner of tomcat Tijn has passed away, who wants to take care of him? – Insurance for Pets

Every animal deserves a nice owner. This time we introduce Tijn (5) to you. The tomcat is waiting for a new home at Animal Shelter Helmond, after his owner has passed away. Do you have a place for this guy?

According to volunteers from the shelter, Tijn is a friendly and sweet tomcat. « He still thinks his new asylum environment is a bit exciting, but he already likes to give headlines and show himself a bit more. »

Nice to know

Tijn lived in a one-person household. Therefore it is not known how he deals with children, for example. Also, employees of the shelter do not know whether he can interact with other pets. « It seems wise not to let him live with a busy family, » the shelter reports. It is also nice if Tijn can go outside regularly.

To adopt

Would you like to get to know Tijn personally? Call Dierenasiel Helmond on 0492-513971 to discuss the options. Check here for more information about Tijn.

Discover more about Animal Shelter & Animal Ambulance?

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Dog bite costs 100,000 euros ( – Insurance for Pets

The dog on a leash, but that does not exhaust the attention of masters and mistresses.

Photo: dpa / Stefan Sauer

Many Germans love animals. More than 30 million pets are kept in this country, according to the industry association for pet supplies (IVH). These include 10 million dogs alone. And he is not only a loyal companion and friend of humans, but also a predator at the same time. Nevertheless, the number of pets has been increasing for years. This is also due to the increasing number of single households.

There is no end in sight to the trend: forecasts by the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden have shown that the number of one-person households will increase by 2 million to 19.3 million households by 2040. But while in the past it was mainly households with small children who bought (small) pets, today it is increasingly one-person households who want to be alone with a cat or dog.

Since around every second single keeps an animal, the pet market is growing and has long since grown into a regular industry.

Last year the German pet industry achieved sales of 5.2 billion euros – an increase of more than two percent. The specialist and food retailers in particular benefit from this. But the insurance industry is also increasingly entering the comparatively new market.

The Hamburg insurer Hanse-Merkur is regarded as one of the industry leaders. So far, hundreds of thousands of dogs have been insured. According to the »financial test«, full health insurance for these four-legged friends can cost up to 1,300 euros a year. After an operating theater insurance introduced in 2019 sold well, Hanse-Merkur is now also planning coverage for cat owners. Other providers already have this in their program.

Liability insurance is a classic on the « pet market », as the industry uses it. Small animals such as hamsters, mice and cats are usually covered by personal liability insurance – but dogs are not. In order to protect themselves against damage, dog owners need dog liability insurance. A must because it covers financial, property and personal injury. An annual fee for a dog is around 50 euros.

Even dachshunds are dangerous

Against this background, a ruling by the Frankfurt am Main Higher Regional Court caused a sensation among lawyers. The verdict is about a woman who sat down on a park bench with her dog on a leash. A two year old child approached the dog and touched the animal. The dog turned out to be an aggressive animal (again): first it growled, then it bit the child in the face. The toddler had to be hospitalized for a month and a half so that the severe injuries could heal.

The dog had bitten occasionally before. The woman with her darling was therefore no longer allowed to approach children under the age of 14. A penalty warrant for negligent bodily harm was issued against the dog owner. She was also sentenced to pay the child around 100,000 euros in compensation for pain and suffering.

Your dog owner’s liability insurance should pay for this damage. However, the insurance company did not see itself in the »obligation to pay«. The basis for this assessment was a clause in the contract that excludes services as soon as there is a breach of duty. However, the clause only applies as soon as the damage was caused « by deliberate deviation » from laws or regulations on dog ownership. The higher regional court ruled that the woman did not commit such a breach of duty in this case.

So the insurer has to pay the 100,000 euros. At the same time, however, the court confirmed that such an exception clause is legal. As soon as a conscious breach of duty by the dog owner can be proven, the insurance no longer has to pay. The insured then bear the entire damage themselves.

Liability for the little ones too

What many dog ​​owners – with and without an insurance contract – do not know: Even the smallest dogs are threatened with hardship due to an enormous liability risk. The principle of strict liability according to Section 833 of the German Civil Code (BGB) applies to dog owners: If an animal kills a person or injures a person’s body or health or damages something, then the person who keeps the animal is obliged to to compensate the injured person for the resulting damage.

« In the worst case, mistress or master are liable to the point of ruin for damage caused by the dog, » writes the journal « Versicherungsbote » on the Frankfurt case. Even a sleeping dachshund can be fatal as soon as the animal triggers an accident with high levels of property damage and personal injury. A dog owner was sentenced by the Hamm Higher Regional Court to 15,000 euros in compensation for pain and suffering because an elderly lady fell on the condemned’s sleeping dog and was injured. Animal love alone is not enough.

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Animal Health Market Analysis Report by Price, CAGR, Revenue, Demand Ratio and Gross Margin Forecast to 2024 – – Insurance for Pets

The Animal Health Market report is an advanced research on the global and regional industries production, sales, and consumption status and professional market outlook by experts of IndustryResearchCo. The Animal Health market strongly develops its compound annual growth over the forecast from 2019 to 2024. Report Project that the Animal Health market size will increase from USD Million in 2018 to USD Million by 2024, with an estimated CAGR of XX%. The base year considered for the study is 2018 and the market size is projected from 2019 to 2024.

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The Animal Health market report provides an overview of the industry size, share, classifications, applications, and industry chain structure with the impact of COVID-19. Global Animal Health Market report accomplished and careful research on the present state of the market and focus on production plants, their capacities, global production, and revenue are studied.

The final report will add the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this industry.

The Animal Health market segmentation is as follows:
Market keyword by Top Manufacturers:
Bayer AG
Alivira Animal Health Limited
Vetoquinol S.A.
Zydus animal health
Norbrook Laboratories Limited
Phibro Animal Health Corporation
Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC Norbrook Laboratories
Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH
Virbac SA
Zoetis, Inc.
Hester Biosciences Ltd.
Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Animal Health from Merck
Elanco (Eli Lilly and Company)
Something Animal Health

By route of administration

By type of drug
Anti-infectives Agents
Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic Agents
Hormones and substitutes
Nutritional products

By distribution channel: –
Veterinary hospitals
Veterinary clinics
Pharmacies & Drug Stores

By animal type
Farm animals

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Geographical analysis by region:

North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia and Italy)
Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia)
South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia)
Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

Points covered in the Animal Health report:

The points that are discussed in the report are the major market players involved in the market such as manufacturers, raw material suppliers, equipment suppliers, end users, traders, distributors etc.
The full profile of the companies is mentioned. And the capacity, production, price, revenue, cost, gross, gross margin, sales volume, turnover, consumption, growth rate, import, export, the supply, future strategies and technological developments they achieve are also included in the Animal health historical data from 2012 to 2018 and forecast data from 2019 to 2024.
The growth factors of the market are discussed in detail, and the different end-users of the Animal Health Market are explained in detail.
Data and information by manufacturer, region, type, application, etc. as well as custom searches can be added based on specific requirements.
The report contains the SWOT analysis of Animal Health. Finally, the report contains the conclusion part where the opinions of industrial experts are included.

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Some major points in this Animal Health report are:

What will be the market growth rate, overview, and analysis by type of Animal Health market in 2024?
What are the key factors driving the global Animal Health Industry, analysis by applications and countries?
What is Dynamics, this overview includes scope analysis and price analysis of key Animal Health manufacturer profiles?
Who are the opportunities, risks, and driving force in the Animal Health market? Knows the upstream raw material supply and downstream buyers
What are the opportunities and threats that manufacturers face in the Animal Health space? Business Overview by Type, Applications, Gross Margin and Market Share
What are the market opportunities, market risk, and market overview of the Animal Health market?

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Growing demand and growth opportunity – Tropicalizer – Insurance for Pets

A new business intelligence report released by HTF MI with the title “Global Accident and Illness Pet Insurance Market Report 2020” is designed to cover the micro level of analysis by manufacturers and key business segments. The global accidents and sickness pet insurance analysis in order to market offers energetic visions to conclude and study market size, market hopes and competitive environment. The research is derived from primary and secondary statistical sources and includes qualitative and quantitative details. Some of the main players featured in the study are Petplan UK, Anicom Holding, Agria, Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA), Nationwide, ipet Insurance, Trupanion, Direct Line Group, Crum & Forster, Petplan North America, PetSure, Petsecure, Japan Animal Club, Petfirst, Pethealth, Petplan Australia, PICC, iCatdog, Hartville Group, Pethealth & Embrace.

Que retiennent Petplan UK, Anicom Holding, Agria, Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA), Nationwide, ipet Insurance, Trupanion, Direct Line Group, Crum & Forster, Petplan North America, PetSure, Petsecure, Japan Animal Club, Petfirst, Pethealth, Petplan Australie, PICC, iCatdog, Hartville Group, Pethealth & Embrace Ahead in the Market? Compare yourself with the strategic moves and results recently released by HTF MI
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Overview of the Global Pet Accident and Illness Insurance Market
If you are involved in the global pet accident and illness insurance industry or wish to be, this study will provide you with an inclusive perspective. It is essential that you keep your knowledge of the market up to date, segmented by applications [chien, chat], types of products [, segmentation de type de produit, assurance accident pour animaux de compagnie et assurance maladie pour animaux de compagnie] and main players. If you have a different set of players / manufacturers based on geography or need reports segmented by region or country, we can provide customization based on your requirement.

This study mainly helps to understand which market segments or region or countries they should focus on in the coming years to channel their efforts and investments to maximize growth and profitability. The report presents the competitive landscape of the market and a consistent in-depth analysis of the major vendors / key players in the market along with the impact of the economic downturn due to COVID.

In addition, the years considered for the study are as follows:
Historical year – 2014-2019
Year of
reference – 2019 Forecast period ** – 2020 to 2026 [** sauf indication contraire]

** In addition, it will also include the opportunities available in the micro-markets for stakeholders to invest, a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape and product services of the main players.

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The market titled segments and sub-section are illuminated below:
The study explores the product types of the pet accident and disease insurance market :, Product type segmentation, pet insurance and pet insurance

. Global Pet Accident & Illness Insurance Key Applications / End Users

Les principaux acteurs du marché sont: Petplan UK, Anicom Holding, Agria, Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA), Nationwide, ipet Insurance, Trupanion, Direct Line Group, Crum & Forster, Petplan North America, PetSure, Petsecure, Japan Animal Club, Petfirst, Pethealth, Petplan Australia, PICC, iCatdog, Hartville Group, Pethealth & Embrace

Region Included are: North America Country (United States, Canada), South America, Asia Country (China, Japan, India, Korea), Europe Country (Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy) and Other Countries (Middle -Orient, Africa, GCC)

Important features that are offered and highlights of the report:
– Detailed overview of the pet accident and health insurance market
– Evolution of industry market dynamics
– In – in-depth market segmentation by type, application etc.
– Historical, current and projected market size in terms of volume and value
– Recent industry trends and developments
– Competitive landscape of the pet accident and health insurance market
– Strategies of the main players and product offers
– Potential and niche segments / regions showing promising growth
– With a neutral outlook vis-à-vis the performance of the accident and health insurance market for pets
– Information on market players to maintain and improve their footprint

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Main strengths of TOC:
Chapter One: Overview of the Global Accident and Sickness Insurance Market
1.1 Pet Accident and Health Insurance Industry
1.1.1 Overview
1.1.2 Products of large companies
1.2 Pet Accident and Health Insurance Market Segment
1.2.1 Industrial chain
1.2.2 Distribution to consumers
1.3 Price and cost overview

Chapter Two: Global Pet Injury and Illness Insurance Market Demand
2.1 Segment overview
2.1.3 Others
2.2 Global Pet Accident and Health Insurance Market Size by Application
2.3 Global Pet Accident and Health Insurance Market Forecast by Demand

Chapter Three: Global Pet Accident & Illness Insurance Market by Type
3.1 By type
3.1.1 TYPE 1
3.1.2 TYPE 2
3.2 Pet Accident and Health Insurance Market Size by Type
3.3 Pet Accident and Sickness Insurance Market Forecast by Type

Chapter Four: Major Region of Pet Insurance Market
accidents and illness 4.1 Sales
global pet accident and sickness insurance 4.2 Global Revenue and Market for pet insurance against accidents and illnesses share

Chapter Five: List of Top Companies

Chapter Six: Conclusion

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Key questions
treated • What impact has COVID-19 had on the growth and size of the global pet accident and health insurance market?
• Who are the major key players and what are their key business plans in the Global Pet Accident and Health Insurance Market?
• What are the major concerns of the Five Forces Analysis of the Global Pet Accident and Health Insurance Market?
• What are the different prospects and threats faced by dealers in the global Pet Accident and Health Insurance market?
• What are the strengths and weaknesses of the main suppliers?

Thank you for reading this article; you can also get a report version by chapter or by region, such as North America, Europe or Asia.

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Craig Francis (Director of Public Relations and Marketing)
HTF Market Intelligence Consulting Private Limited
Unit No.429, Parsonage Road Edison, NJ
New Jersey USA – 08837
Telephone: +1 (206) 317 1218
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in vitro fertilization to help the subspecies – Insurance for Pets

Fatou, 20, and Najine, 31, are the last two of the white rhino subspecies in Kenya. They have full-time caretakers, caring for them, and a 700-hectare enclosure in a reserve in northern Kenya. Everything is done so that their subspecies does not disappear. In 1960, there were still 2,000 white rhinos in Africa. Decimated by conflicts and poachers, there are only two left. Fatou and Najine were in a Czech zoo and were repatriated in 2009 in the hope of breeding them. But the last male died in 2018 without being able to procreate.

The conservator of the reserve refuses this fatality. When the last male rhino died, Samuel launched an unprecedented experiment: the artificial fertilization of rhinos. In August 2019, the first stage was launched. Technicians and scientists arrive from Europe to collect oocytes from Fatou and Najine, anesthetized for the occasion. Ten oocytes could be recovered and fertilized in a laboratory in Italy with sperm taken from males before their death. Three embryos were thus obtained and then frozen while waiting to see if they are viable.

The JT

The other subjects of the news

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Biodiversity in Europe is increasingly threatened and agriculture, urbanization and pollution are to blame – Insurance for Pets

Biodiversity in Europe is coming under increasing pressure. This is primarily due to agriculture, forestry, further urbanization and pollution on the continent. This is evident from the report ‘State of nature in the EU (2012-2018)’ of the European Environment Agency (EEA), an institution of the European Union. Dunes, grasslands, marshes and peatlands are particularly under severe pressure.


Much effort is being made in the field of environmental conservation in almost all European member states. Yet hundreds of habitats and plant, bird and animal species are currently under threat in Europe. The EEA reports this. The agency states that more needs to be done to maintain or restore habitats and species in good “conservation” status.

(Belgian pets are overweight and that’s worse than we think.)

Need for fundamental change

The report cites various causes for the further deterioration. In addition to the above factors, aggressive alien species, climate change, changes in the water level of rivers due to, for example, dams, and illegal hunting and fishing are said to have played a role.

The EEA therefore argues that we need to produce and consume food in a different way, manage forests and change the way of life in cities. Only in this way can the well-being of people and European nature be assured in the future.

(Fukushima: Japanese government to dump million tons of radioactive wastewater into the sea.)

Pessimistic about habitats


The report does not bode well for the state of habitats in the EU. Currently, barely 15 percent are in good conservation status, while no less than 81 percent of habitats are in poor or poor condition. Grasslands, dunes and swamp, mud and peat habitats in particular show strongly deteriorating trends, the report says.

Birds and reptiles

In addition, almost half (47 percent) of the 463 bird species in the EU are in good condition. That is 5 percent less compared to the previous study period between 2008 and 2012. In addition, the share of birds with a bad or appalling status has increased by 7 percent, to about 39 percent.

Reptiles have the largest proportion of species in good conservation status, as much as 35 percent.

Insurance for Pets

Haustier-Boom in der Schweiz dank Corona-Pandemie – Insurance for Pets

Ohne Corona würde es den Hund jetzt wohl nicht mehr geben», sagt Roger Spahni. Der 51-jährige Manager sitzt im Park seines Wohnquartiers Monbijou in Bern auf einem Stuhl und krault Ixes. So heisst sein 10-jähriger Labrador-Mischling, der keine Ahnung hat, dass gerade über ihn gesprochen wird.

Bis kurz vor dem Lockdown wohnte der 30 Kilogramm schwere «Tönderhund», wie ihn sein Halter beschreibt, im Tierheim an der Birs in Basel. Davor verbrachte er sein ganzes Leben in französischen ­Pendants. Ixes galt als nicht vermittelbar – das Tierheim führte ihn auf der Webseite als «Sorgenkind» auf. «Er war unberechenbar wie eine Flipperkugel», sagt Spahni. «Wenn ich ihn im Februar nicht adoptiert hätte, wäre er wahrscheinlich im Laufe des Jahres eingeschläfert worden.»

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Virbac: Quarterly financial information_Sept 2020.pdf – Insurance for Pets

Virbac: quarterly financial information as of September 30, 2020

This report is drawn up in narrative form in accordance with the terms of implementation of the provisions of article L451-1-2 of the Monetary and Financial Code issued by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF).

1. Major events of the quarter

On July 1, 2020, Virbac sold its Sentinel antiparasitics for dogs to MSD Santé Animale for an amount of US $ 400 million. Under the terms of the agreement, Virbac ceded a set of rights and titles for the United States on Sentinel Spectrum and Sentinel Flavor Tabs. The consideration received for the transaction includes price supplements for the acquisition of stocks of finished products and raw materials.

It was also agreed that the US subsidiary will continue to manufacture Sentinel Spectrum at its site in Bridgeton, Missouri for the next ten years.


2. Major post-closing events

No major event has occurred after the closing of September 30, 2020.

3. General description of the financial situation of the issuer

3.1 Activity

Quarterly consolidated sales

Revenue for the third quarter amounted to € 235.6 million, up + 0.9% compared to the same period in 2019. At constant exchange rates, the quarter posted a solid performance at +6, 8% (+ 11.1% excluding Sentinel), the sharp depreciation of certain currencies, in particular the Brazilian real, the Mexican peso, the South African rand and the rupee, having strongly weighed on the performance for the quarter.

Excluding the impact of the sale of Sentinel in the United States, all regions are growing compared to the same period in 2019. The Asia-Pacific and Europe regions are driving growth thanks to the excellent performances of India and France. China, which posted robust double-digit growth over the period, France, Benelux, Spain and Italy, which thus made up part of the delay observed in the first half of the year. The United States posted double-digit growth excluding Sentinel, thanks in particular to the contribution of products in the specialty range. Latin America posted growth over the quarter, mainly driven by Mexico and Brazil, while Chile was down.


in millions of €

3e trimester

2019 turnover


Provisional 2020 turnover




Evolution at constant exchange rates


Change at constant exchange rates and perimeter 1


  • The change at constant exchange rates and perimeter corresponds to the organic growth in sales excluding changes in exchange rates by calculating the indicator for the year under review and that of the previous year on the basis of identical exchange rates (the exchange rate used is that of the previous year), and excluding changes in scope by calculating the indicator for the year under review on the basis of the consolidation scope of the previous year, and excluding Sentinel sales on two exercises considered.

Virbac : NYSE Euronext – compartiment A – code ISIN : FR0000031577 / MNEMO : VIRP

Financial department: tel. 04 92 08 71 32 – –

Cumulative turnover at the end of September


in millions of €

Nine months

2019 turnover


Provisional 2020 turnover




Evolution at constant exchange rates


Change at constant exchange rates and perimeter 1


Evolution by segment


The companion animal business grew overall by + 2.2% at actual rates (+ 3.6% at constant rates and + 6.1% excluding Sentinel), mainly driven by growth in the specialties, petfood, dermatology and hygiene ranges which offset the withdrawal of the vaccine and antibiotic ranges.

Production animals

The production animals segment also posted very good growth of + 2.5% (+ 8.2% at constant rates), driven by the ruminants sector (+ 11.2% at constant rates) and the ‘industrial breeding (+ 3.0% at constant rates); while the aquaculture sector is slightly down (-0.3% at constant rates) compared to the same period of 2019.

3.2 Debt

The group’s net debt at the end of September 2020 amounted to -46.1 million €, which represents a decrease of 414.5 million € compared to the end of 2019. This financial surplus is explained by the sale of Sentinel products for 410 million US $ in July at MSD Animal Health. Excluding the impact of the sale of Sentinel and at constant 2019 exchange rates, the debt reduction amounted to € 56 million and was mainly due to the favorable evolution of our turnover over the period and the decrease in expenses related to the health crisis.

4. Perspectives

The animal health sector has shown strong resilience in recent months, which helped limit the impact at the end of September on our activity, and leads us to raise our annual outlook. We are now anticipating sales that could be in a range of between 0% and 3% over the year 2020 at actual scope (post sale of Sentinel) and at constant rates. In addition, we anticipate an unfavorable impact of foreign exchange rates on sales of around € 30 million linked to the sharp depreciation of currencies in the Latin America and Asia-Pacific region. The ratio of “current operating income before amortization of assets resulting from acquisitions” to “sales” should, for its part, benefit from the favorable impact of the activity mentioned above as well as the non-recurring impact. linked to the sharp decrease in expenses, and be in a range of between 13% and 15% for the year 2020 on a real basis and at constant rates.

  • Note that the sale of the Sentinel brands at the beginning of July, for which we will continue to manufacture the Sentinel Spectrum presentation on our American site in Bridgeton, should result in a decrease of approximately US $ 55 million in sales and approximately 3 points of the Ebita ratio2 on sales on a pro forma basis for a full year. In 2020, the impact on the Ebita to revenue ratio should be limited to around 1 point, given the good sales level of Sentinel, which represented revenue of US 39 million. $ in the first semester.

2Ebita: Current operating profit before depreciations of assets arising from acquisitions.

Virbac : NYSE Euronext – compartiment A – code ISIN : FR0000031577 / MNEMO : VIRP

Financial department: tel. 04 92 08 71 32 – –

Always working for animal health

Virbac offers veterinarians, breeders and owners in more than 100 countries a practical range of products and services to diagnose, prevent and treat the majority of pathologies while improving the quality of life of animals. Thanks to these innovative solutions covering more than 50 species, Virbac contributes day after day to the evolution of animal health.

Virbac : NYSE Euronext – compartiment A – code ISIN : FR0000031577 / MNEMO : VIRP

Financial department: tel. 04 92 08 71 32 – –

To read the rest of this noodl, you can check out the original version here.

The company Virbac SA posted this content on October 19, 2020, and is solely responsible for the information contained therein.
The contents were released by Public unedited and unedited, onOctober 19, 2020 07:38:03 UTC.

Insurance for Pets

Global Pet Insurance Market Status After The Market Situation 2020 – Insurance for Pets

Latest Pet Insurance Market Research Report released by market researcher provides useful industry insight regarding the growth prospects of the market during the forecast period 2020-2029. According to the study, due to the growing demand of the product in the given region, the considerable advancements in the Pet Insurance industry, and the increasing investments in the studies and promotion activities, the Pet Insurance market is expected to grow at a CAGR of **. **% during the forecast period 2029. The information our analysts collect is from credible primary and secondary sources which offer solutions to some of the major queries related to the global Pet Insurance market.

The industrial intelligence study of the Pet Insurance market covers the market estimate size in terms of value (Mn / Bn USD) and volume (x units). With the aim of recognizing improvement opportunities in the Pet Insurance market, the market research has been segmented geographically into crucial regions which may grow faster than the entire market. Each phase of the Pet Insurance market has been individually studied on the basis of pricing, distribution and demand outlook for regions all over the world.

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Main manufacturers sought: –

Petplan UK (Allianz), Nationwide, Trupanion, Petplan NorthAmerica(Allianz), Hartville Group, Pethealth, Petfirst, Embrace, Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA), Direct Line Group, Agria, Petsecure, PetSure, Anicom Holding, ipet Insurance, Japan Animal Club,

Market segmentation by types: –

Lifetime Cover, Non-lifetime Cover, Accident-only

Market segmentation by applications: –

Dog, Cat

Pet Insurance Regional Market Analysis: –

– North America (United States, Canada),

– Europe (Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Russia and Italy),

– Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, Australia and South Korea),

– Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, etc.),

– The Middle East and Africa (CCG and South Africa).

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The report offers a multistep view of the global Pet Insurance market. The first approach focuses on printing the market. The second subdivision of the report comprises analysis of the global Pet Insurance market on the basis of its revenue size in terms of value and volume.

The objectives of the study of the Pet Insurance Market report are as follows:

1. Identify the opportunities and challenges for the global Pet Insurance market.

2. To provide information on the sections affecting the growth of the Market Analyze the Pet Insurance Market on the basis of various factors- price analysis, supply chain analysis, SWOT analysis, etc.

3. Identify and analyze the profile of the main players involved in the manufacture of Pet Insurance around the world.

4. To provide regional market analysis regarding the current Pet Insurance market size situation and future prospect.

5.To analyze the competitive expansions such as developments, individual product launches, companies and benefits etc. in the Global Pet Insurance Market.

6. To provide a detailed analysis of the market structure along with the forecast of the various segments and sub-segments of the global Pet Insurance market.

The presentation of the report table of content provides an exact impression of the global Pet Insurance Market report:

Chapter 1 – Describes the Pet Insurance report provides valuable inspection of the market, product value structure and research, Pet Insurance market size and scope, forecast from 2017 to 2029. Although the appearance of the Pet Insurance market, factors affecting Pet Insurance business expansion also in-depth study of emerging and existing market holders.

Chapter 2 – Display the major manufacturers of the Pet Insurance Market with their sales, revenue, and market share. In addition, the Pet Insurance report describes the import and export situation of Pet Insurance industry, the ratio of supply and demand, the cost of labor, Pet Insurance the supply of raw materials, production costs, marketers and downstream users of the {{Keyword}} market.

Chapters 3, 4, 5 – Pet Insurance Analyzes presents competitive analysis based on product type, consumption by region and import / export examination, composite annual growth rate of Pet Insurance market and forecast study from 2017 to 2029.

Chapter 6 – Provides in-depth study of Pet Insurance business channels, Pet Insurance market sponsors, Suppliers, Pet Insurance distributors, Merchants, Pet Insurance market opportunities and risks.

Chapter 7 – Presents the Pet Insurance findings and market research findings.

Chapter 8 – Annex Pet Insurance.

Purchase the research report as per your requirement @

Ultimately, the Pet Insurance Market report comprises investment analysis and development trends. The major growing opportunities of the fastest growing Pet Insurance industry sections are covered throughout this report. This report brings knowledge about import, export, consumption and consumption ratio. The report then provides one of the most crucial aspects of the Pet Insurance market – the forecast for the next 10 years based on previous and current data.


M. Benni Johnson (Powered by Prudour Pvt. Ltd.)



420 avenue Lexington,

Suite 300 New York,

NY 10170, United States

Phone: +1 718 618 4351

Site Web:

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A robot dolphin for dolphinariums – Insurance for Pets

In the heart of Hollywood (United States), a dolphin like no other was born in an animation studio: it is a robot, intended for water parks to replace dolphins captured alive. « If your usual day is swimming a hundred kilometers in the ocean and you find yourself in 23 meters, and that is your existence, it’s such an artificial environment and you can put it in blue and similar to the ocean, but you are still a roaming, sociable animal confined to a tub« , warns Walt Conti, founder and CEO of Edge Innovations.

But can a robot replace a real dolphin? « In many ways, it’s the same thing, assures a technician. If you use live dolphins, you have to capture and train them. When we create robots, we do exactly the same thing: the only difference is that there is no breeding to do, you don’t have to feed them and you don’t have to to worry about the safety of human beingsEach copy is sold for 26 million dollars; China could be the first buyer.

Insurance for Pets

Where is the air cleaner than on our floriculture companies? – Insurance for Pets

« Have you discovered the #Strelitzia plants anywhere in this clip? » It was a question from a strelitzia growing colleague on Twitter, with a link to a video from the Flower Council of Holland. It was Saturday morning, so I had time. At 1:06 am I saw them pass by. « Sharp! »

I had not watched the video before, but it was already launched in 2018 on It is part of a campaign that aims to raise awareness of how much influence plants have on our well-being. We growers have known that for a long time, of course. Nowhere else so many relaxed people as in a flower or plant greenhouse. Where is the air cleaner, the stress less, and the holiday feeling greater than at our floriculture companies? Just sayin.

I myself have known that from an early age. My mother still has a big plant heart. Figuratively then eh. I don’t know anything other than that cyclamen got a foot bath on a saucer. Woman’s tongues used to fill the windowsill. Ferns curled their leaves. Deer horns were not animal but vegetable to me. And in winter there were even flowers on the windows. The love for greenery is in our DNA.

Yet she handled plants differently than I encountered in the video. “They have been taking care of us since the beginning of time. Thank you plant for the oxygen I breathe. Thank you plant for your coolness in the summer. That you don’t say anything when I’m hunting for a snack at night. For making my house a home, thank you plant. For forgiving me when I came in with that guy from Sales. After that drink, remember? In short, that you are more than a plant, thank you plant. ‘

I can laugh about it. Who does not recognize certain things in it? Plants, flowers, music, art, it can move you, encourage you, help you through a difficult period. ‘Music was my first love and it will be my last.’ That could be music by John Miles or by JS Bach.

Still, I prefer to look for Who is behind all those presents and gifts. My mother taught me that from a young age. Thanks Mom.

Kees van Egmond

Read more columns from Kees here

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From washing dishes to vacuuming: many household tasks can be done smarter – Insurance for Pets

Making your home smarter is often done for more comfort or because it is fun. Say to Google Home: Hey Google, Netflix and chill! after which he dims the lights and switches on Netflix on the television, which is a good example of smart home. However, there are also a lot of less attractive home jobs that smart products can help you with.

Do the dishes

Although dishwashers are not exactly new, those devices are also getting smarter. It is no longer a device in which you put a block yourself and press some buttons and wait. Smart dishwashers, for example from Samsung, LG, Siemens in Boschcan help you with so much more. You can set and switch on smart dishwashers remotely via an app, partly because they are equipped with an automatic soap dispenser that you only have to refill once or twice a month. You will also receive automatic notifications when the program is over. There are also programs to set, so if you put a rather caked lasagne dish in the dishwasher every week, you can set just the right program to get your bowl spotless. Finally, there are also dishwashers with smart locks, so that your children cannot open the appliance in the middle of the program.

The window patch

Geckos are animals that have evolved to give them ‘sticky legs’. Thanks to the suction cups under their feet, wonder geckos can perfectly bump into the glass of a terrarium. This revolution is also applied in, for example, the Gladwell Gecko robot window cleaner, which clamps to your window with a suction cup and cleans everything. This is not only very practical if you are not a fan of window cleaning: it also makes it easier to clean windows that you normally had to do dangerous antics with a ladder. You can determine exactly where the robot window cleaner moves to via the app. All you have to do is wash the microfiber cloth afterwards. You can also wait for a while smart windows, although they must of course also be washed.

Feeding cats or dogs

Whether we should classify this entirely under a household task depends on your relationship with you pets but for those who are a little more distant from their animals, feeding can be a tedious job. A job that you really shouldn’t forget. There have been automatic feeding stations on the market for decades, offering all-weekend feed that is made available by lid every day, such as the House that we recently tested. There are also smarter pet food devices that can monitor when your pet is eating and even talk to your pet from a distance.


There are of course cooking robots that can make complete star meals, but they are still a bit expensive. The ‘next best thing’ is a slow cooker. Consider, for example, a Crockpot. In the morning you put all kinds of ingredients in the appliance and after a long day of work you come home and have a warm dinner. Thanks to the app, you can let things heat up before you get home and in any case exert more influence on the cooking process as the day goes on. In addition, there are smart ovens that do more or less the same for you, also via a remote app. But there is more: they often have a screen with which you can request recipes, they can clean themselves and you can through speech talking to the oven to have it open when your hands are full, like the Home Connect from Siemens.


Although summer has come to an end, this is one of the most hated jobs in and around the house. Mowing. It lasts almost all year round and it takes quite a bit of energy. The Husqvarna Automower, but also the smart lawn mowers from Gardena, Robomow and Wolf-Garten, can mow the grass for you. Like a kind of robot vacuum cleaner, such a device goes over your lawn. The end result is also very sleek. Plus, they are better for the environment than, say, a gas-powered mower. In many cases it is also the case that if he needs new electricity, he automatically returns to the charger and then happily gets back to work. Knowing more? We discussed recently everything you need to know about robotic lawn mowers.

To make coffee

When guests come, you should always leave them alone in the living room to make their own coffee in the kitchen. With a smart coffee machine, you don’t have to be a bit less active with that. In addition, you can often make all kinds of different types of coffee, a big plus for guests who like a Latte Macchiato instead of black. Moreover, there are even smart coffee machines with which you can ‘print’ latte art, so that you can, for example, make your guest’s head on the coffee. We recently tested the brand new Nespresso, of which only 1,000 are made: Nespresso O. Below you can see the Siemens EQ.9, on which you can, among other things, create a ‘coffee playlist’. Want to know more about smart coffee machines? We discuss the basics in us article about smart coffee machines.

Fold laundry

It often takes a long time and it is difficult to do it very tightly and properly. Folding the laundry is not the most annoying job, but if you are not good at it, your clothes will continue to look like when they just came out: chaos. A smart laundry folder can help. Now it is quite an investment, but if you really hate it, then for about 500 euros you have a laundry folder (Foldimate) that makes the clothes in your closet look like you live in a luxury clothing store. Well, at least it’s cheaper than the Laundroid.


We all know that there are robot vacuum cleaners, but to complete this story, we’ll add it anyway. The Roomba has continued to improve in recent years, but also received competition from, among others Samsung in Eufy. He can now clean longer at a time, vacuums better and can navigate around furniture as if he were a ninja. It can be programmed and controlled with the app. Like the aforementioned lawn mowers, Roomba also returns to its charging station when it is empty. Read more about scenario’s that you can set to make your house vacuum automatically and what you should pay attention to if you want to buy one.


In line with the robot vacuum cleaner, there is also a device that helps with other dirt on the floor. iRobot Braava can wet mop the floor or some sort of steam so that stubborn dirt on the floor, such as muddy animal feet or caked grease in the kitchen. He can also keep an eye on whether he is not wetting furniture. Very smart. Braava can simply do its job while you are working in your home office: when you come back to the living room, your floor is shiny clean.

Cleaning the toilet

You can opt for a Fluidmaster Flush ‘n Sparkle for cleaning the toilet, but that is actually not necessarily a smart device. The only useful thing is that it cleans in a different place so you don’t ruin your septic system. What you can consider, for example, is to purchase a Japanese toilet. These are very smart: they are equipped with all kinds of buttons to clean you in various ways or to give you a fresh feeling. There are also those who clean the toilet, like one of Toto. There are also some more Western pots that can clean themselves, such as the American Standard model below. You can also for these features choose to make your toilet smarter.

Do the laundry

It is often a tedious job, but that is actually mainly because there is a lot of aftercare. Doing the laundry is now a lot easier: you throw the dirty laundry in the drum, for example set your hybrid washing machine so that it washes and dries everything and you take your clothes out reasonably ready to fold. Smart washing machines are effective because you can switch them on remotely via an app, such as before you go to sleep when the energy rate goes to off-peak hours. Smart washing machines are also getting smarter. That of LG can, thanks to artificial intelligence, see which program it can run best based on the fabrics in your laundry. Also read about what a smart washing machine can do. If you do not have a device that is a washing machine and dryer in one, there are also various smart dryers on the market. For example, LG leaves the washing machine with the dryer to communicate.

Knowing more?

Would you like to read more about smart home appliances? Then you can extend us archive with background articles refer to it. In addition to smart household products, we also discuss protocols and platforms for your smart home here.

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Product Manager Pet Food Goood (m / f / d) | Interquell GmbH through Kugler & Rosenberger GmbH & Co.KG – Insurance for Pets

We are looking for a full-time Product Manager Petfood Goood (m / f / d) to further develop our product management and support the marketing team. With the brands Happy Dog, Happy Cat and Goood, we are a high-performance provider of natural nutrition for pets. Our product range focuses on dry food, snacks and supplementary feed. At the Wehringen location, we are looking for an employee (m / f / d) for our marketing department as soon as possible. Your tasks: Development and implementation of concepts and strategies for the new or existing product range of the sustainable Goood brand. , Market and competition analyzes Deriving recommendations for action and controlling This is what you get with a successfully completed degree with a focus on marketing or comparable professional training with additional qualifications Relevant professional experience in marketing, ideally you have initial professional experience in product management of (organic) food / pet food Willingness to take responsibility take over and enjoy working independently, as well as working in a team. A quick perception and confident demeanor are also important for you in your dynamic everyday work Comprehensible Very good knowledge of English We offer you a varied job in an owner-managed family company in which openness, honesty and the demand for the highest quality are part of the corporate culture Short decision-making processes and fun at work Very friendly atmosphere Flexitime and additional vacation Are you interested? Then we look forward to your detailed application with your earliest possible starting date and your salary expectations to our partner, who will support us in the search for personnel: Birgit Gora at Kugler & Rosenberger GmbH & Co.KG I Bahnhofstr. 18 I 90518 Altdorf near Nuremberg I 09187 / 40919-22

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the top 10 questions – Insurance for Pets

The curfew implemented in Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Grenoble raises many questions © Pathdoc

This Friday evening, at midnight, the curfew comes into force in Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Grenoble. His goal ? Limit the circulation of the Covid-19 virus in France and thus avoid congestion in hospitals. With an average of 20,000 new cases per day in France, the previous restrictions put in place are no longer enough. The Prime Minister thus pointed out a  » sudden and dramatic acceleration »Contaminations for ten days.

A state of health emergency has been declared. It will come into effect this Saturday, October 17. In this context, the  » epidemic braking Appears as the  » only real strategy Possible, recalls Jean Castex. The President of the Republic therefore announced last night the establishment of the curfew. Private relationships are specifically targeted by this constraint. Indeed, the places where everyone evolves without a mask and without social distancing are areas of active circulation of the virus. However, there will be no travel restrictions, with the president calling on everyone to be accountable. Explanations.

1. Does the curfew really work?

According to a study carried out in Guyana, the curfew would indeed be effective in fighting the epidemic progression. Thus, since the spring, the curfew in Guyana has reduced the transmission of the virus by 36% and up to 50% of hospitalizations in intensive care. A curfew that started at 11 p.m. and ended at 5 a.m. It is therefore assumed that the curfew implemented in the affected cities will be all the more effective the longer it lasts.

In Lyon, the curfew extended to the entire metropolis

2. Is the whole of France subject to this curfew?

The establishment of the curfew will concern the areas most affected by Covid-19. Thus, the Ile-de-France region and eight metropolises are concerned. Lyon, Lille, Grenoble, Saint-Etienne, Montpellier, Aix-Marseille, Rouen and Toulouse will have to respect this new restriction.

Please note that the curfew will be applied throughout the Lyon Metropolis. The 59 municipalities of Greater Lyon are thus affected, from Quincieux to Givors and from Craponne to Jonage. That is more than 1.4 million inhabitants forced to stay at home at night.

3. How long will the curfew last?

The driving ban will be effective from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. for 4 weeks. Or until the weekend of November 14-15. However, if Parliament validates the Head of State’s request, the measure will extend until 1is December. The curfew could therefore last for 6 weeks.

The first 2 weeks, the President of the Republic will be attentive to the evolution of the contamination rates per day. The goal ? Reduce the 20,000 new cases per day currently observed to less than 5,000. If the curve does not decrease by then, changes to the curfew will be considered. In particular a lowering of the curfew to 8 p.m. or even 7 p.m.

Curfew: watch out for the patrol!

4. I have an appointment at 9 pm outside the metropolis, how do I get back?

From 9 p.m., travel is limited to the strict minimum. In case of meeting outside the metropolis, few choices are available to you. Sleep there or move the meeting time to be able to go home at 9 p.m. maximum.

On the other hand, if it is a life-threatening emergency or a trip to acquire drugs from the on-call pharmacy, trips are authorized despite the curfew. Note that health establishments may however refuse access to the accompanying person. Taking your pet out or helping a loved one in a situation of dependency cannot constitute a fault. Likewise, if proof is provided, travel by train or plane arriving after 9 p.m. is also authorized.

5. What is the risk if we do not respect the curfew?

For any trip without valid proof, you risk a fine of 135 € in the event of a police check. A fine of € 1,500 in the event of a repeat offense. 12,000 police and gendarmes will thus be deployed to control public space during these 6 weeks.

The Head of State clarified that he did not wish to set up «  a driving ban, but a strict limitation for good reasons « . A dispensation may therefore be granted, the police having to assess the strict necessity of the trip.

Public transport maintained in the evening

6. I am a night bus driver. Will I keep my job?

Despite the curfew, Emmanuel Macron specified that public transport will not be subject to any restriction or limitation of movement after 9 p.m. Indeed, unlike confinement, the transport sector will continue to operate normally. The goal ? Allow those who owe it to be able to travel and ensure a financial windfall for the assets concerned.

Note that all night workers, regardless of their sector of activity, will be able to benefit from proof of travel. The proof will also be valid for those who return from work after 9 p.m., although changes in the work schedule are recommended.

Curfew in the evening, telecommuting during the day

7. I’m joining my family tonight. We will be 8 people in total. Do I have the right?

The President of the Republic also announced the limitation of groupings to 6 people. All private parties are prohibited throughout the country. However, within the family framework and within a property, the police will not have the possibility of sanctioning. Compliance with this rule is therefore left to everyone’s responsibility.

Be careful, however, when moving. Reuniting with your family is authorized but movement within the metropolises concerned cannot be done after 9 p.m. It will therefore be necessary to adapt its schedules to remain within the framework of the law.

8. Why continue to go to work during the day and risk being infected?

Emmanuel Macron did not wish to reconfine the large metropolises. The reason ? Ensure that the assets can work and run the country’s economy. While the virus also circulates during the day, the labor sector remains less affected than the private sector.

However, to reduce collective pressure, companies that can do so will have to introduce or increase teleworking. On average and if possible, 2 to 3 days a week. Note that this measure is not limited to the areas concerned but extends to the entire French territory.

Reinforced aid for the most affected sectors

9. I am a restaurateur and the curfew is killing my profession. What should I do ?

The head of state did not deny the difficulties that restaurant owners face. Some will decide to close, others to continue. As for other sectors such as theater, cinema and events, additional measures and aid will therefore be established to allow a decent income.

The government will introduce a  » local consultation »This Friday with trades heavily impacted by the curfew. If the health situation justifies the measures, the economic and personal impact should be as low as possible. Indeed, Emmanuel Macron has assured his support and declares that he does not want that  » VSEs and SMEs go bankrupt because of the curfew ».

For these sectors, partial unemployment supported increases to 100% for employers and 84% net for employees. The special funds (solidarity fund, loan guaranteed by the State) are also being extended. Finally, exceptional aid over the next 6 weeks will be put in place for beneficiaries of RSA and APL. 150 € to beneficiaries, as well as 100 € per child.

10. Are sporting and cultural events held in the evening?

Cinemas can open their doors within the time limit imposed by the State. The rule of one in two seats will apply and the number of people will be limited to 1000. Sporting events, such as football matches, are maintained despite the curfew. However, they will be held behind closed doors until further notice.


Among the other measures and announcements detailed by Jean Castex:

  • In traffic areas such as shops and throughout the territory, the number of visitors will be regulated to allow a space of 4 square meters per person.

  • While the nasopharyngeal PCR test remains the most reliable, other tests will soon be available. Citizens should be able to self-test or use other types of testing. All these new measures should make it possible to drastically reduce delays. 5 million tests were thus ordered.

  • Faced with the failure of the Stop-Covid application, the President of the Republic announced the creation of a new “All Anti-Covid” application. Like the previous one, the latter will allow tracing of contamination, but will also inform users.

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advice, feeding and monitoring of your animal! – Insurance for Pets

Posted on 10/15/2020 at 5:50 p.m.

Written by Anthony Pruvostin the category Conso

Regulars of Maxi Zoo stores and those who wish to discover the range of pet stores will now be able to order their products online. From food to hygiene, everything their animals need is now available on this new e-commerce site.

Maxi Zoo, today there are more than 180 points of sale in France. The chain of pet stores also comes frominaugurate its e-commerce site to allow its customers to benefit from a even easier access to its extensive catalog.

With its virtual store, Maxi Zoo offers its customers a additional service and an complementary product offer to that of physical stores. The approach also aims to respond to thedemand evolution, as pet owners increasingly rely on online shopping for to be delivered at home, at their place of work or elsewhere.

Food, accessories, toys, hygiene and care… All the products that the owners need to take care of their companions are therefore now available day and night et en a few clicks.

The launch of the online pet store Maxi Zoo, it is also an opportunity to discover novelties, brands meeting with great success in Europe and which had not been distributed in France until then.

The e-commerce site also gives the possibility of benefiting from a offer of products and personalized advice. It suffices for this to create your profile by entering the characteristics of its dog, chat or other pet: breed, name, age, weight, activity, overall health, etc.

Read also: A boy with heroic courage rewarded by PETA, receives a medal for having saved a dog in a burning house!

« E-petfood is now a necessity and is part of a cross-channel strategy undertaken by the Fressnapf-Maxi Zoo Group », Indicates Jan Wejbrandt, CEO of Maxi Zoo France. « We were already present for our customers through our network of stores and the wise advice of our sellers, but today with the merchant site, we will be able to serve them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and everywhere in France. », He adds.

M. Wejbrandt ensures that, at the same time, the network of physical stores will continue to get bigger in France, because the latter  » remain the favorite shopping places of the French ».

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A tigress hugging a tree, award for best wildlife photography 2020 – Insurance for Pets

Sergey Gorshkov has been awarded the Wildlife Photographer Prize 2020 from the Natural History Museum in London.

The price Wildlife Photographer for the best wildlife photography of the year was awarded Tuesday 13 October by the Natural History Museum in London to Russian Sergey Gorshkov for his photo « The Embrace », an image showing a Siberian tigress hugging a conifer in the ‘Eastern Russia.

It took photographer Sergey Gorshkov over eleven months to capture this moment with hidden cameras. Writer and editor Rosamund Kidman Cox, chair of this year’s Wildlife Photographer jury, describes « low, wintry sunshine that highlights the ancient fir tree and the enormous tigress mantle as she grips the trunk in obvious ecstasy and inhales the scent of the tiger on the resin, leaving her own mark as a message. A unique glimpse of an intimate moment in the heart of a magical forest. « 

Frank Deschandol, from Le Havre, was crowned photographer of the year in the « invertebrates » category for a photo of cuckoo wasps taken in 2019 in the bay of the Seine.

« A tale of two wasps » by Frank Deschandol, category « behavior: invertebrates ». (© FRANK DESCHANDOL / WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2020)

Specializing in macro photography, he explained to France Bleu Normandie that due to the speed of the insects, he was forced to develop a « specific material ». « Luck did the rest », he says since two species have appeared « in the sharpness zone », which makes it so rare. Frank Deschandol wins a reward of 1,250 pounds, or nearly 1,400 euros.

« A risky business », in the category « Photojournalism: a unique snapshot » on the bushmeat trade in Indonesia. (© QUENTIN MARTINEZ / WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR)

Gardois Quentin Martinez won him an honorable mention in the « photojournalism: unique shot » category for a photograph illustrating the bushmeat trade in Indonesia. And Montpellier’s Laurent Ballesta is hailed for two photographs in the « underwater » category.

« The night shift », photo de Laurent Ballesta. (© LAURENT BALLESTA / WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR / NHM)

« The current of life », photo de Laurent Ballesta. (© LAURENT BALLESTA / WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR / NHM)

Originally created by BBC Wildlife Magazine in 1965, then called Animals, the competition as it stands today was taken over in 1984 by the Natural History Museum in London. This year’s winners were selected from over 49,000 photos from around the world. Aimed at photographers of all ages, nationalities and abilities, the next competition will be open for entries on Monday, October 19, 2020 and will include important new categories focused on the impact of people on the planet.

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Spanish scientist’s medicine can save millions of lives – Insurance for Pets

© The Country

Spanish biotechnologist and immunologist César de la Fuente, together with a research team, has succeeded in turning wasp venom into a synthetic antibiotic that eliminates multi-resistant bacteria. The research results are promising, because 80 percent of the mice that were administered the antibiotic in the study survived an infection with resistant bacteria.

Medicine can save millions of lives

In the study, De la Fuente rearranged the molecular structure of the wasp venom making it harmless to humans but deadly to resistant bacteria. If approved, the drug can be used for hundreds of different types of infectious diseases and can save millions of lives worldwide.

José Miguel Cisneros, head of the Infectious Diseases Department at the Hospital Virgen del Rocío in Seville, is enthusiastic about de la Fuente’s research results. According to Cisneros, it is a distinctive and innovative approach to one of the biggest issues in global healthcare.

Infections that cannot be treated are the leading cause of death

Due to the lack of an effective and safe antibiotic, more than 35,000 people die each year in Spain alone from an infection with multi-resistant bacteria. Worldwide, this is 700 thousand per year, a number that will increase considerably in the future without the arrival of an effective drug. According to a WHO calculation, in 2050 without effective antibiotics, 10 million people per year will die from an untreatable infection. In thirty years, infection with multi-resistant bacteria will thus become the number one cause of death.

De la Fuente reports that the antibiotic effect of the wasp venom, known in scientific circles as Vespula Lewisii, has been known for years, but that its extreme toxicity has prevented its medicinal use until now. With a rearrangement of the molecules in the poison, de la Fuente managed to eliminate this harmful effect.

Double effect

The wasp venom is not only antibiotic, but also has anti-inflammatory properties. This makes the effectiveness of the wasp venom even stronger, because infections always provoke inflammatory reactions. It is precisely these inflammatory reactions that can cause people to become seriously ill and eventually die.

It is the first time that animal poison has been used in the development of an antibiotic. The next step in the research is the preclinical phase, in which the antibiotic is tested on test subjects. This testing phase is going to take some time, but if all goes well, this drug could save millions of lives worldwide.

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Automatic Pet Food Bowl Market Research, Sales and Forecast | Jempet, Petnet, Radio Systems (PetSafe) – Insurance for Pets

« Market. U.S, Recently published report on« Automatic Pet Feeder Market »2020-2029 analytics reports provide a significant source of fast information for business strategists and based research. The report includes an in-depth study of the prevailing and future situations of the global automatic pet food bowl industry. The industry analysts and experts have conducted a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative assessment of the global Automatic Pet Feeder industry using research methodologies such as PESTLE analysis, Porter’s Five Forces and SWOT analysis. pertaining to Automatic pet food bowl. A separate assessment of the current and future Automatic Pet Feeder trends is also outlined in the report.

Insights and in-depth analysis of the latest trends and technological advancements provide the customers with an open hand to introduce their products and procedures to replace the service charge. Several companies engaged in the Automatic Pet Food Bowl – market are studied and analyzed so that you can understand patterns, marketplace dynamics, probability factors and product specifications affecting the Automatic Pet Food Bowl – market growth worldwide.

Have questions? Request a sample from Automatic Pet Feeder Market:

*** Note: the sample of this report is available upon request. Use a corporate email ID to get higher priority. ***

The main players in this report: Jempet, Petnet, Radio systems (PetSafe), Feed and Go, CleverPet, POPPY, RolliTron, Nibbles, Petwant, PeTreaT, RELENTY (LUSMO), Pets at Home

Coverage by product type (market size and forecast, main company by product type, etc.):

Edible ABS
ceramic made of stainless steel

Application coverage (market size and forecast, different demand market by region, main consumer profile, etc.):

and dry food Treats & Meds

The report also addressed crucial aspects such as Automatic Pet Feeder pricing, production, distribution, supply, profit margin and revenue. In addition, it has highlighted the main drivers optimistically influencing the growth of the global Automatic Pet Food Bowl industry. Factors that could hinder overall automatic pet food growth are also explored by the authors of the report.

Inquire / speak to expert for more detailed information on how the Automatic Pet Feeder market is growing in 2029:

(Ask for a discount)

*** Note: Use a corporate email ID to get a higher priority. ***

Key questions answered in the report:

What is the growth potential of the Automatic Pet Feeder market?

Which product segment will conquer the lion’s share?

Which regional market will emerge as a leader in the coming years?

Which application segment is growing robustly?

Buy this Automatic Pet Feeder Report:

Top reasons to buy this report:

To get a comprehensive analysis of the market and a full understanding of the commercial landscape of the Automatic Pet Feeder.

Discover the profitable market strategies endorsed by competitors and leading organizations in the world.

To assess the future outlook and outlook for Automatic pet food bowl sector analysis and forecast 2020-2029.

There are many reasons why an organization should conduct market research. Some of the crucial ones are below:

Uncertainty: Extreme uncertainty is one of the defining functions of an organization because there is uncertainty about the product or outcome, the supply chain, the intended buyer segment, the corporate version, and almost every other part of the business.

Inability to be self-critical: with the need for proper marketing research the product fails because the viewers don’t share your idea of ​​this modern and extremely good product and the goods don’t log into the target market and get a disappointing response.

Adjustment of the report: This report can be adapted to your requirements for additional data or countries. Join our sales team (

Segmentation and targeting

Fundamental demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral industry information in the Automatic Pet Feeder Market is intended to help prepare the functions that the business must include to meet business requirements.

Some of the major highlights of TOC covers


1.1 Market definition

1.2 Scope of the report

1.3 Research assumptions

1.4 Base currency, base year and forecast periods


2.1 Direct marketing

2.2 Indirect marketing

Market dynamics

3.1 Market trends

3.2 Opportunities

3.3 Market factors

3.4 Challenges

3.5 Influencing factors

Automatic Pet Feeder Industry Insights

4.1 Sectoral segmentation

4.2 Industrielandschap

4.3 Supplier Matrix

4.4 Technology and innovation landscape

Automatic pet food bowl, by region

Company Profile

6.1 Corporate overview

6.2 Financial details

6.3 Productlandschap

6.4 Strategic outlook

Market outlook and investment opportunities


List of tables

list of figures

Please contact us:

Mr. Benni Johnson (Powered By Prudour Pvt.Ltd.)

Send email:


420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 300 New York City, NY 10170, United States

Tel: +1718618 4351


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DVT: compound feed production remains stable – Insurance for Pets

The German feed industry is moving at a constant level. According to the latest market surveys, 287 reportable companies across Germany produced a total of 23.9 million tons of compound feed for farm animals and pets in the 2019/2020 financial year. The figures collected by the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE) were named by the Deutsche Verband Tiernahrung e. V. (DVT) on the occasion of its general assembly, which was carried out digitally this year. “The number of companies has only decreased slightly by 6 companies compared to the previous year. The continuous decline in compound feed manufacturers is continuing, ”explained Jan Lahde, President of DVT.

With 171 companies (almost 60 percent), the north of the republic continues to be the center of compound feed production. The average production volume achieved per company in the 2019/2020 financial year was around 83,000 tons. This corresponds to an increase of 2.5 percent. The company’s growth threshold is still at an annual production of 100,000 to 200,000 tons. Their volume has increased steadily since 2016/2017 until today. On the other hand, companies in the listed size class were able to continuously expand their market share during this time. Companies under 100,000 tons have largely reduced their production on average over the past few years.

With around 73 percent of the total production (17.4 million tons), the northern federal states had by far the largest share in compound feed production. The volume in the southern federal states decreased by 0.4 percent to 3 million tons. 3.5 million tons came from eastern Germany, around 3 percent less than in the previous year.

As in previous years, pig feed made up the largest share (40 percent) of compound feed production with 9,613,555 tons. The pig feed sector was thus able to further expand its scope in the 2019/2020 financial year by 125,309 tonnes (1.3 percent). The proportion of cattle feed in total compound feed production is around 29 percent at 6,999,180 tons. In contrast to pig feed, the production volume in the cattle sector decreased by a minimum of 73,473 tons (1.04 percent) compared to the previous marketing year. The quantities of poultry feed produced are also falling. With a total volume of 6,142,998 tons, the production volume decreased by 225,863 tons (3.5 percent) compared to the same period of the previous year. The share of poultry feed in total compound feed production was almost 26 percent.

In the corona pandemic, the feed industry was able and is able to show that the supply of feed to agriculture is guaranteed through the existing supply chains. Lahde: ​​“The availability of agricultural raw materials is good globally.” He rejected a general restriction of feeding to regionally available raw materials: “Even if the proportion of different types of grain in compound feed is a good 48 percent and this, together with the mill by-products, is predominantly from the company’s own Originating from the country, animal refinement is dependent on the global procurement of raw materials for a versatile, high-quality animal nutrition and protein supply. ”Lahde also emphasized that the manufacturers of animal food could be grateful and proud to work in an industry that is essential for survival and despite all the critical ones Discussions about agriculture once – at least for a brief moment – was perceived that way.

According to Lahde, the outbreak of African swine fever is like a twilight of the gods. « We are all well prepared, but we have little influence on developments in the markets, » said Lahde, commenting on the situation. The only thing left for the manufacturers of pet food is to consistently adhere to hygiene measures in order to prevent the disease from spreading. Regardless of this acute crisis, however, there is no doubt that pig production in particular is under great pressure due to political decisions, including the various strategies in arable farming and livestock farming, and that a reduction in the population is to be expected.

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Potential impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Flea Flea Products market scenario by key players Main companies Merck Animal Health, Virbac, Ceva Sante Animale, Bayer AG, Sergeant’s Pet Care Products Inc. – Insurance for Pets

The global Coronavirus epidemic has affected all industries across the globe with the Anti-Chip Products market being no exception. As the global economy heads into a major recession following the 2009 crisis, Cognitive Market Research has published a recent study that carefully studies the impacts of this crisis on the Global Flea Flea Market and suggests possible measures to curb them. . This press release is an overview of the market research and more information can be found by accessing the full report.To contact the Research Advisor, email us @ @ or call us on + 1-312-376-8303.

The Anti-Flea Products market research report covers and analyzes several factors impacting the growth of the market. Anti-Flea Products market report also provides a detailed analysis of major aspects of the companies such as financial aspects, research and development and the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on its companies during the estimated forecast period.

Scope of the report:
Some of the key types analyzed in this report are as follows:
Oral Pill, Spray, Spot On, Powder, Shampoo, Collar

Some of the key applications are as follows:
Vet Stores, Mass Merchandise, Pet Superstore

Below are some of the major key players:
Merck Animal Health, Virbac, Ceva Sante Animale, Bayer AG, Sergeant’s Pet Care Products Inc., The Hartz Mountain Corporation, Ecto Development Corporation, Wellmark International Inc., Merial Animal Health, Eli Lilly

A question ? Ask your question here for a reduction (Copy of the COVID-19 impact analysis updated) : Click here ->
Download the Sample of the Anti-Flea Products Market Report 2020 (Analysis of the Impact of Coronavirus on the Anti-Flea Products Market)

The Flea Control Products market is also determining the introduction of new products and strategies which are being used by several companies to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. The study report also analyzes the value chain analyzes of the Anti-Flea Products market for the estimated forecast period. It also analyzes the risk factors that are associated with the Anti-Flea Products market
Request to buy or customize the report:

There are 13 chapters to display in the Anti-Flea Products market:
• Chapter 1: Introductory Overview, Specifications, Classifications and Applications of Anti-Flea Products Market, Segment by Regions;
• Chapter 2: Structure of manufacturing costs, Raw material and Suppliers, Manufacturing process, Structure of industry chains;
• Chapter 3: Analysis of Technical Data and Manufacturing Centers of Chip Flea Products, Commercial Capacity and Production Rate, Factory Distribution, Technology Supply and R&D Status, Raw Material Supply Analysis;
• Chapter 4: General Market Analysis, Capacity Analysis (Company Segment), Sales Analysis (Company Segment), Sales Price Analysis (Company Segment);
• Chapter 5: Regional Analysis
• Chapter 6 and 7: Analysis of Segments by Types and by Applications
• Chapter 8: Company Profile of Major Manufacturers
• Chapter 9: Market Trend Analysis, Regional Market Trend, Market Trends by Product Types and Applications
• Chapter 10: Regional Marketing Types Analysis, International Marketing Types Analysis, Supply Chains Analysis;
• Chapter 11, 12 and 13: Sales Channels Anti-Flea Products Suppliers, Traders, Resellers, Research Results and Conclusion, Appendix and Data Source Anti-Flea Products To check the full table of contents, click here:

In addition, the Anti-Chip Products market report also provides a detailed analysis of the impact of several political, environmental, social, technological, legal, and economic factors that are likely to affect the Anti-Chip Products market In addition, the modifications trade policies due to COVID-19 were also discussed in detail.

To check the full table of contents, click here:

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Insurance for Pets

the SPA denounces an « instrumentalization of the animal » and calls for a « better supervision » of the sale of animals – Insurance for Pets

Posted on 10/12/2020 at 11:15 a.m.

Written by Alexander Godin the category Miscellaneous facts

Photo d’illustration

The SPA is launching its #StopAnimalObjet campaign so that pets are no longer considered as goods. The association wishes to obtain a modification of the law, so as to prohibit the sale of animals in pet stores and online.

The animals are living beings endowed with sensitivity, as stipulated in Code civil and the Code rural. So they are everything except goods. This is what the SPA through a communicated published on the occasion of the launch of its campaign fight against sale of dogs, cats and other companions in the pet stores and online, report France 3 Pays de la Loire.

Under the hashtag #StopAnimalObjet, the Society for the Protection of Animals actually wants to obtain  » the ban on the sale of animals in pet stores and the strict control of online ads », Indicates Jacques-Charles Fombonne, volunteer president of the association. The aim of the process is to  » put an end to the animal suffering market ».

The association seeks to encourage responsible adoption, which is the opposite of the sale in pet stores where the animal is considered  » like a commodity without worrying about what happens afterwards and it is a cause of abandonment ».

Through this public awareness campaign, the SPA wants change the law by integrating these 3 points:

  • The prohibition of creation or transfer of all commercial establishment sale of dogs and cats
  • Prohibition of the sale of animals outside the breeding activity from which he comes
  • Reserve the online ads to the only ones licensed breeders and professionals

France 3 Pays de la Loire collected the reactions to this initiative of various stakeholders in the region’s pet sector. Naïs Venanzi, responsible for refuge SPA d’Yvré-l’Évêque (72), often has to deal with cases of animals whose owners no longer want after taking them from online shopping sites. She recalls that the animal placement is a full-fledged profession, « which requires a lot of skills. You have to match a lot of criteria, which pet stores or online sales sites don’t do ».

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Francoise Hamon, breeder of Swiss White Shepherds at Héric (44) for a quarter of a century, has also supported the SPA campaign. She believes that pet stores do not offer  » not necessarily a context well suited for these small dogs « , Because their employees do not always have » the experience and qualities of the breeder who gives birth to his puppies and who is the most able to give advice so that the puppies evolve in their new family ».

Insurance for Pets

a sanctuary welcomes the surviving wolves of Saint-Martin-Vésubie – Insurance for Pets

After a journey of more than twenty hours, the wolves arrive at Frontenay-Rohan-Rohan, in Deux-Sèvres, from their valley of Vésubie (Alpes-Maritimes), devastated by storm Alex. The trip went well for the three animals accustomed to the alpine forests. « They were put to sleep for the transport and for the capture, so after twenty hours of transport, it is normal that they are a little lost. They will recover very slowly« , describes Clément Berthet, of the Animal Intervention Society.

These wolves lived in captivity in Saint-Martin-Vésubie, but bad weather destroyed the structure of the park. They found refuge in a sanctuary nearly a thousand kilometers away. « We will observe them a lot and reassure them as best we can« , explains Béatrice Gérardot, head of the sanctuary.

Insurance for Pets

Adapted barn lighting improves the welfare of pigs – Insurance for Pets

Pigs feel better with the right lighting in the stables. The Westford slaughterhouse in IJsselstein and pig farm De Hoeve BV in Valkenswaard are therefore investigating in their ‘Enlighted Pigs’ project how light can best be used for better animal welfare.

The project is in line with the government’s plans, which wants the Netherlands to be a leader in sustainable circular agriculture by 2030. This includes the reuse of waste, but also animal-friendly livestock farming.

Light affects mood

It is already known that light influences people’s productivity and mood. The influence of light on animal welfare, on the other hand, has been studied to a limited extent. In their project, the companies want to find out how factors such as intensity and color of light play a role in animal welfare, the environment and ultimately the operating result.

The project

The companies want to develop a technique of stable lighting that is best for the animals. Ultimately, this lighting concept must be included in the standard monitoring system. This measures, among other things, the temperature and the air quality in the barn and then adjusts them for an optimal climate.

The companies work together with the Animal Production Systems chair group of Wageningen University & Research (WUR). This learning group focuses on sustainable livestock farming and animal welfare. The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) is funding the research.

The lighting systems used in the study come from Signify, formerly Philips Lighting. Signify also supplies smart sensors for lighting adjustment.

Pig farm De Hoeve BV

Pig company De Hoeve BV has carried out several projects in the field of sustainability. For example, in 2017 the company started a project to achieve an optimal stable climate. This investigation not only measures the temperature of the house, but also the CO2 and oxygen content and the presence of ammonia and particulate matter. Pig farmers can use this data to create a better environment for the animals.

The Mono Digester project started in 2016. The aim of that project was to realize an energy-neutral pig farm. With the mono fermenter, energy can be generated with manure from the pigs. Fresh manure is used for this, which also limits the development of methane.

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New system uses drones to measure and model emissions
Farm data is a goldmine according to Eindhoven students

Insurance for Pets

Boss wanted: It’s not going well for Astor, he is in the shelter for the 2nd time – Insurance for Pets

Astor (9) is unfortunately for the second time in the shelter of the Hague Animal Center. When it was handed over for the first time, it had already had several owners. Eventually he ended up with a loving family who had to give him up after three years with great sorrow.

Astor had found a home with people who love him deeply and still do today. Unfortunately they had to bring Astor back due to circumstances and that was a terrible decision.

Other dogs

The reason Astor came back is that he doesn’t get along with other dogs and there have been a number of incidents involving other dogs in the past. Astor was already out with a muzzle. If it had been up to Astor’s owners, they wouldn’t have gotten rid of him. But because of the incidents that happened, they could no longer let him out in their neighborhood.

Cats are okay

Astor was able to stay home alone with his previous owners and he was also neatly housetrained. Being alone at home has to be slowly rebuilt. Astor has also lived in the house with cats.

Read more under the photo

His caretakers are looking for people who can offer Astor a nice home and who don’t mind walking a dog that has to wear a muzzle. Are you looking for a super sweet, relaxed dog, who has crazy play moments? Do you live in an area where not many other dogs live? Then quickly contact his caretakers.

Tip: Send us an email with your details such as: family situation, other pets and approximately how long the dog should be home alone. The email can be sent to: [email protected] .

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Guus is staying in the shelter because his owner has passed away. Guus and his owner are always together …

Missy and Lizzy’s owner has died, now they are looking for a new home

The budgerigars Missy (blue) and Lizzy (green-yellow) came together at Dierenambulance Den Haag …

Would you like to discover more about Animal Ambulance The Hague?

Insurance for Pets

Global Robot Pet Care Market Report Types, Applications, Players And Regions-Gross Percentage, CAGR, Outlook 2026 – – Insurance for Pets

Marketdesk offers the latest published report on « Robot Pet Care Market Analysis and forecast 2020 – 2026 “provides important insights and the provision of a competitive asset for customers through a detailed report. Robot Pet Care market research report also offers granular analysis of scenario of market share, sales forecasts of pricing and profitability, and geographic regions of the market.

The report offers a comprehensive analysis of the Robotic Pet Animals Industry market, by types, applications, players, and regions. This report also shows the 2020-2025 Production, Consumption, Revenue, Gross Margin, Cost-Gross Market Share CAGR, and Factors Affecting the Market of Robotic Pet Care Industry in US, EU, China, India, Japan, and other regions

The scope of the Robot Pet Care market research report ranges from market scenarios to comparative prices among key players, benefits, costs, and profits of the specified market regions. Robotic Pet Care Market report shows the factors that influence growth with the market and product development along with technological up gradations that are boosting the Robotic Pet Care Market. The Robot Pet Care Industry report cited the various opportunities for the growth of the market over the forecast period 2018-2025. It also mentions the major market trends the market is developing.

Effect of COVID-19 on the Market Get Sample PDF of Report @

The Global Robotic Pet Care Market 2020 Report Includes The Following Points And More:

1. The Robot Pet Care Market Issue, which helps in picking up the basic information about the market.

2. With the leadership of the Robotic Pet Care division, the market investigation is clear. For a clear understanding of the Robot Pet Care market and for more information the segment is also divided into sub-segments.

3. In the next fragment, the development of the elements of the robot pet care market from. These robotic pet variables are obtained from the major sources and are verified by the robotic pet care business specialists.

4. There is a six-year guess based respondent on how the Robotic Pet Care market is estimated to grow.

Market Analysis by Players: Robots Pet Care market report includes the following top providers in terms of company basic information, product category, sales, revenue, price and contribution margin.

Litter Robot Hexbug, CatGenie – Petnovations, Autopetfeeder, Add-a-Motor, High Tech Pet, CatGenie – Petnovations, Hexbug, Autopetfeeder, High Tech Pet

Market analysis by type: Each type is examined, such as sales and market share, sales, price, gross margin and other similar information.

Automatic animal repellents
Automatic pet doors
Pet Feeder & Brunnen
Catgenie robot litter
Litter robot litter box
Pet tracking & entertainment

Market analysis of applications: Each application is examined, such as sales and market share, sales, price, gross margin and other similar information.

Commercial uses
Household Uses

For any request, contact our expert @

The PDF report will help you understand:

• Competitive benchmarking and structuring

• Competitor stocks across the industry

• Market analysis and evaluations

• Market opportunities

• Latest trends & dynamics

The key areas in terms of calculating the Robotic Pet Care market evaluated in this report are Volume and Income (US $). A Complete Study of the Robotic Pet Care Market’s key sections and the topographical separation across the globe will be added. A few parts of the Robotic Pet Care market, for example, limitations and the future section of each segment have been discussed, totally. Further, the Robot Pet Care market report concludes the future projection of the Robot Pet Care market in the world.

The Robot Pet Care Report has included an analysis of late developments in innovation, key robotic pet care industry players nitty gritty profiles and special model investigation. It offers worldwide robot pets presenting the estimates for years to come.

This Robot Pet Market Research / Analysis report provides answers to the following questions

1. Who Are the Global Company Profile, Product Information and Contact Information?

2. What is the Current Robot Pet Care Market Status, Competing in This Industry by Business and Country for Smart?

3. What Are Projections of the Global Robotic Pet Care Industry Considering Capacity, Production, and Production Value?

4. What Will The Estimation of Costs and Profits, After Worldwide COVID-19: Impact on Businesses?

5. What are some of the most promising, high growth opportunities for the Robotic Pet Care market?

6. What are the risks and the threats to the Robotic Pet Care Market?

7. What are the trends in this Robotic Pet Care market and the reasons behind them?

8. What are some changing customer requirements in the Robotic Pet Care Market?

9. What are the new developments in the robotic pet care market? The companies are leading these developments?

10. What are some of the competitive products and processes in this robotic pet grooming area and how big a threat do you pose to losing market share via material or product substitution?

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About us

Marketdesk is a market research, analysis and solutions company, providing insightful and strategic support to customers in making strategic decisions. We are a team of dedicated and passionate people who firmly believe the best in what we do and we do not shy away from any challenge. 65% of our current customers are our repeat buyers. The market of more than 100 countries is analyzed in a precise way. We work on over 40,000 published and upcoming reports each year. In addition, we offer 24/7 research.


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Animals, humans and disease – Insurance for Pets

Animals bring great benefits to their owners both in terms of psychological and physical health. It is not for nothing that we have seen a real craze for pets since the start of the pandemic. Animals do us good. However, sometimes they can pass diseases called zoonoses to us.

This theme (understanding zoonoses) was chosen this year as part of the animal life week organized by the Canadian Association of Veterinary Surgeons. What is a zoonosis? It is a disease or infection naturally transmissible from vertebrate animals to humans. Zoonoses are caused by various microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites, microscopic fungi and prions). They are spread from animals to humans in various ways such as through direct contact or through food, water, the environment or even vectors such as ticks. Some zoonoses are mild, but others can sometimes be fatal.

Importance of zoonoses

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are more than 200 known zoonoses in the world. Several well-known examples come to mind such as rabies, listeriosis, mad cow disease, Lyme disease, ringworm and salmonellosis.

According to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), 60% of human infectious diseases are zoonotic. It is therefore a major public health problem throughout the world. Cats, dogs and other domestic animals around us could therefore also be the source of a zoonosis. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent these diseases and avoid them with simple actions.

How can I prevent zoonoses if I have a pet?

First, by following your veterinarian’s recommendations. Veterinary medicine has always had a basic preventive approach. Thus, the annual veterinary examination aims, among other things, to protect your animals and your family against the most common zoonoses. The proposed vaccines against rabies and leptospirosis, two important zoonoses, as well as the recommended antiparasitics against ticks are part of the solution. Dogs and cats should also be given regular dewormers, especially against roundworms and hookworms, as they are zoonotic agents.

In addition, several potential zoonoses are prevented by following simple hygiene rules when in the presence of animals. You should definitely wash your hands after touching an animal and its belongings. The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association recommends washing your hands after being around animals, even if you have not touched them. The same principles of hygiene apply when handling raw meats.

Am I at risk?

Some people are more at risk of contracting a zoonosis: very young children and the elderly; people who are immunosuppressed, receiving cancer treatment or having had a transplant. If this is your case, then it would be a good idea to discuss this with your veterinarian if you have pets in the home.

Insurance for Pets

Pet Insurance Market 2020, expected with XX%, research by business opportunities, Top Companies report covers new planning of opportunities, market specific challenges, at the global level of the Market Highlights and Forecasts -2025 – Insurance for Pets

The ‘Pet Insurance Market (2020-2026) Research Report gives a key available review status of Pet Insurance decision makers with best statistical data points, meaning, definition, SWOT survey, main findings and most recent advances. in the whole world. The COMPUTE report further, the market size, Pet Insurance sales, price, revenue, gross margin and market share, cost structure and development rate. the report takes into account the revenue created from the prices of this report and the innovations by the different application parties.

Get a PDF Sample Report @

It provides key analysis on the state of the Pet Insurance Manufacturers Market with the best facts and figures, meaning, definition, SWOT analysis, expert opinions and the latest developments across the globe. The report also calculates the market size, Pet Insurance sales, price, revenue, gross margin and market share, cost structure and growth rate. The report estimates the revenue generated from the sales of this report and technologies by various application sectors.
Short Description of Pet Insurance Market:
This report studies the Pet Insurance market, Pet insurance is a type of specialty property and damage insurance policy that pet owners purchase to cover unforeseen costs that arise in providing care for an pet, including veterinary services such as surgeries, injury from accidents, and prescribed medication for pets. Pet Insurance is a reimbursement program only. A form of property and casualty insurance, pet insurance reimburses the owner after the animal has received required care and the owner submits a claim to the insurance company.
This report covers the pet insurance in the global market, especially in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa. This report categorizes the market on the basis of manufacturers, regions, type and application.,
Pet Insurance Market Competition by Manufacturers / Key Player Data Main Countries Profiled:

Petplan UK (Allianz)
Petplan NorthAmerica(Allianz)
Hartville Group
Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA)
Direct Line Group
Anicom Holding
ipet Insurance
Japan Animal Club

And more????
Get a PDF Sample Report @
Pet Insurance Market Segment by Type Covers:
Lifetime coverage
Non-life Coverage
Accident only
Pet Insurance Market Segment by Applications can be divided into:

Can be divided into

Get a PDF Sample Report @
The regional analysis covers:
1.North America (USA, Canada and Mexico)
2. Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia and Italy)
3.Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia)
4.South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.)
5. Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

Pet Insurance Market Key Benefits
?? The top countries in each region are matched based on the revenue for each market.
?? A comprehensive analysis of the factors limiting and the growth of the market is provided.
?? The report comprises an in-depth analysis of the current research and clinical developments within the market.
?? The main players and their key developments in recent years are listed.
And more??.
The content of the study subjects, includes a total of 15 chapters:

Chapter 1, to describe Pet Insurance Product Scope, Market Overview, Market Opportunities, Market Driving Force and Market Risks.
Chapter 2, to profile the largest manufacturers of Home Security Camera, with price, sales, revenue and global market share of Pet Insurance in 2018 and 2019.
Chapter 3, The Pet Insurance competitive situation, sales, revenue and global market share of top manufacturers are analyzed emphatically in landscape contrast.
Chapter 4, The Pet Insurance breakdown data is presented at the regional level, to show the sales, revenue and growth by regions, 2015-2020.
Chapter 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, to break down the country-level sales data, with sales, revenue and market share for key countries in the world, 2015-2020.
Chapter 10 and 11, to segment the sales by type and application, with sales market share and growth rate by type, application, 2015-2020.
Chapter 12, Pet Insurance market forecast, by regions, type and application, with sales and revenue, from 2020 to 2025.
Chapter 13, 14 and 15, to describe Pet Insurance sales channel, distributors, customers, Research Findings and Conclusion, appendix and data source.
The following section also sheds light on the gap between supply and consumption. Apart from the mentioned information, the growth rate of the Pet Insurance market in 2025 is also explained. In addition, type wise and application wise consumer tables and Pet Insurance market figures are also given.
Get a PDF Sample Report @
Study objective:
?? Providing the strategic profiling of key market players, a comprehensive analysis of their core competencies, and drawing a competitive landscape for the market.
?? To provide insight on the factors affecting the growth of the market. To analyze the Pet Insurance market based on various factor-price analysis, supply chain analysis, bear five force analysis, etc.
?? To provide a detailed analysis of the market structure along with the forecast of the various segments and sub-segments of the global Pet Insurance Market.
?? To provide country-level analysis of the market with respect to the current Pet Insurance market size and future outlook.
?? To provide country-level analysis of the market for segment by application, product type and sub-segments.
?? To provide historical revenue and forecast of market segments and sub-segments with respect to four geographies and their countries- North America, Europe, Asia and Rest of the World.
?? To track and analyze competitive developments such as joint ventures, strategic alliances, new product development, and research and developments in the global Pet Insurance market.
?? Main Table of Contents:
?? 1 Report overview
?? 1.1 Field of study
?? 1.2 Key market segments
?? 1.3 Reimbursed Players: Ranking by Pet Insurance Income
?? 1.4 Market Analysis by Type
?? 1.5 Market by Application
?? 1.6 study objectives
?? 1.7 years Considered
?? 2 Global growth trends by regions
?? 2.1 Pet Insurance Market Outlook (2015-2026)
?? 2.2 Pet Insurance Growth Trends by Regions
?? 2.3 Industry Trends and Growth Strategy
?? 3 Landscape competition by the main players
?? 3.1 Global Top Pet Insurance Players by Market Size
?? 3.2 Global Pet Insurance Ratio Market Concentration
?? 3.3 Pet Insurance Key Players Headquarters and Area Served
?? 3.4 Main Players Pet Insurance Solution Products and Services
?? 3.5 Date to Enter Pet Insurance Market
?? 3.6 Mergers and acquisitions, expansion plans
?? 4 Breakdown of data by type (2015-2026)
?? 4.1 Global Pet Insurance Historical Market Size by Type (2015-2020)
?? 4.2 Global Pet Insurance Forecast Market Size by Type (2021-2026)
?? 5 Pet Insurance Breakdown Data by Application (2015-2026)
?? 5.1 Global Pet Insurance Market Size by Application (2015-2020)
?? 5.2 Global Pet Insurance Forecast Market Size by Application (2021-2026)
?? 6 North America
?? 6.1 North America Pet Insurance Market Size (2015-2020)
?? 6.2 Pet Insurance Major Players in North America (2019-2020)
?? 6.3 North America Pet Insurance Market Size by Type (2015-2020)
?? 6.4 North America Pet Insurance Market Size by Application (2015-2020)
?? 7 Europe
?? 8 China
?? 9 Japan
?? 10 South Asia
?? 11 Inde
?? 12 Central and South America
?? Profiles 13Key Players
?? 13.1 Company 1
?? 13.1.1 Company 1 on the company
?? 13.1.2 Company 1 Company Overview and Its Total Revenue
?? 13.1.3 Company 1 Pet Insurance Presentation
?? 13.1.4 Company 1 Pet Insurance Revenue (2015-2020))
?? 13.1.5 Company 1 Recent developments and many others
Get a PDF Sample Report @

Insurance for Pets

a zoo that pampers animals – Insurance for Pets

When the sun rises over the Reynou animal park, near Limoges (Haute-Vienne), the cry of wild animals would lead one to believe that the zoo has moved to the African continent at night. « The nighttime sounds were very pleasant », explains, happy, a family who spent the night at the Reynou zoo. For 200 euros, it is possible to stay there overnight.

« It’s wonderful, I won’t have the opportunity to have breakfast in front of the giraffes again », describes a vacationer. Can these animals, born in captivity, be reintroduced into the wild? It’s unlikely, but « it can happen », details the director of the zoo, Nicolas Lefrère. In Africa, the scimitar-horned oryx, a white-coated antelope, had completely disappeared. Yet she found a place there, « thanks to captive populations in zoos. »

The JT

The other subjects of the news

Insurance for Pets

Research into the effect of light on the welfare and performance of pigs – Insurance for Pets

Light has a major influence on the behavior, health and welfare of pigs and thus also on the technical results of a pig farm. A group of companies, in collaboration with the Animal Production Systems group of Wageningen University & Research, want to develop an optimal lighting concept for pig farming in the ‘Enlighted Pigs’ project.

In the project ‘Enlighted Pigs’ fundamental knowledge is collected about the impact that light has on pigs. The focus will be on the light intensity and the color spectrum. In addition, the project participants want to develop concepts to use light in combination with sensor technology to improve animal welfare and economic performance.

The Signify company brings in test systems and knowledge in the field of smart sensors and lighting systems. De Hoeve Innovation is the test location. Westfort Meat Products, the Amsterdam UMC and Wageningen Livestock Research are also involved in the project.

Insurance for Pets

Being There makes B2B LinkedIn campaign animal nutrition – Insurance for Pets

According to Being There, the special thing about the product is that it contains a new source of Omega-3, made from 100% algae. It provides twice the EPA & DHA Omega-3 fatty acids compared to fish oil. Veramaris’ algae oil reduces dependence on regular fishing.

To educate pet manufacturers about this new pet food formula, the agency developed a LinkedIn campaign that tells the story of ‘the little drop’ through six children’s book-style animation videos. Yona Hümmels, Creative Director Being There: ‘It’s a form of storytelling that you might not expect for a B2B campaign in a fairly serious environment such as LinkedIn. But it is exactly that bold choice that helped grab the attention of pet manufacturers. We’ve combined the talent of Illustrator Jasper Schreurs and animator Bob Embregts to bring this story to life in short clips. We have chosen a combination of techniques to make the animation feel genuine. Veramaris stands for the love of the ocean, so we tried to get the same love in the animation. ‘

Oyvind Ihle, Global Marketing Director Veramaris: “We wanted a launch campaign that was distinctive, impactful and emotional. The campaign Being There has developed for us is radically different from any other advertisement in our industry. It is an endearing story about our fish-friendly Omega-3 oil, which communicates the main benefits and leaves you with a positive feeling. ‘

Credits ‘Meet the little drop’ campagne

Client: Veramaris: Oyvind Ihle, Emke Sporry

Strategy, concept & production: Being There

Illustrator: Jasper Schreurs

Animator: Bob Embregts

Sound: Sound Circus

Digital Media: MobPro

Web Design: 51 North Web

Development: Bureau Bright