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VIDEO. Here is the mysterious colugo, the best glider of all mammals – Insurance for Pets

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A bat ? A squirrel ? Not quite. Here is a colugo. Living in tropical forests of Southeast Asia, the colugo is actually a genus made up of two species: the Temminck galleopithecus, with gray-green fur, and the flying galleopithecus, with red fur. Their peculiarity: the patagium, a large skin membrane, covered with fur and extending over the entire length of the body. Thanks to this, they can glide from tree to tree and travel more than 100 meters without touching the ground, which makes them the best gliders among all mammals. The membrane also allows females to carry their young for the first six months.

Colugos move, feed and reproduce at night. Their large red eyes provide them with excellent night vision. Then during the day, they rest, hanging in the heights of the trees. Also, their fur offers them excellent camouflage against predators such as pythons, macaques or even owls. These animals use their comb-like teeth to chew the leaves, fruits and flowers they feed on, but also to clean their membranes.

If the two species are currently classified as « minor concern« , Colugo populations are now declining, mainly due to the loss of habitat caused by deforestation.

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Protein Water Market 2020 Global Industry Size, Sharing, Forecasts Analysis, Company Profiles, Market Size and Growth, Competitive Landscape and Key Region 2023 Available at Precision Reports – Insurance for Pets

The Global Protein Water Market 2020-2023 Research Report provides idealistic and certain details of the Protein Water market, helping you to promote ideas with research-based factors. It provides in-depth data, fine-tunes variations of the global Protein Water market to help define the final strategy. The report features a sound view of the market considering profitability, attractiveness, revenues, and CAGR.

The Protein Water Market Research Report also focuses on leading manufacturer with information such as company profiles, products and services offered financial information throughout 2020 – 2023

Arla Foods


Bodiez Protein Water

Cend Limited

My Goodness Limited


Optimal nutrition

Protein2o Inc.

River Collective Limited

The Kellogg Company


Vyomax Nutrition
The Protein Water Market Report provides an accurate financial evaluation of each leading competitor based on their business data which includes estimate of gross margin, Protein Water Market sales, profitability, erection prices, product value, cost structure, sales and growth.

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Summary of the Protein Water Market:

Market Insight

Protein water is a type of functional water, using dairy-based and non-dairy based sources, such as whey, soy, peas, etc. It is a refreshing, low-calorie, and high-protein drink that is preferred over other available water types, such as sparkling and mineral waters. Health supplements are widely popular in developed markets, due to their improved functionality, which in turn is likely to drive the growth of the protein water market over the expected period of 2018-2023.

Increase in demand from the Sports and Nutrition Industry

The growing importance of high protein diet for lean muscle growth and recovery is the main driving factor for the protein water market. Endurance and strength are the main functions derived from the use of protein water. Refreshing fruit flavors along with natural dyes, flavors, and sweeteners for protein water, are expected to strengthen market demand, over the forecast period. Ready-made products are becoming increasingly popular, due to their ease of consumption and nutrient content. Rise of vegan population has also led to the introduction of vegetable protein products, such as soy and peas, which are expected to affect market growth over the forecast period. Due to the growing demand for protein water from athletes, driven by the increase in investment in sports nutrition, there is significant growth potential for the protein water market.

Specialist Retail Stores with Gain Traction

The market is segmented protein source distribution channel and end user. By protein source, the market is segmented into vegetable water proteins and animal proteins water. By means of distribution channel, the market is separated into chain stores, specialized stores, online channels and other distribution channels. By the end user, the protein water market has been segmented into core users, lifestyle users, and occasional users. The powder segment is gaining popularity among lifestyle users, due to the ease of consumption. Expansion of E-commerce channels has facilitated the popularity of these products, due to significant investments in branding and advertising. The fresh fruit flavors, such as orange, kiwi, strawberry, and coconut infused with protein water, is one of the crucial factors driving the growth of the online channel over the forecast period.

Increase in health and wellness spending in Asia-Pacific

Protein water is increasingly an important source of essential micro-ingredients in a desired and suitable manner, which is an important factor for the expansion of the European market. The increasing popularity of vegetable protein water products is one of the driving factors for the increase in demand for these products in North America. The increase in health and wellness spending is one of the crucial factor driving the growth of the protein water market in this region. The significant presence of global players catering to the protein water market is driving the growth of the market in the United States. The presence of the young population in developing countries in Asia-Pacific, such as China and India, among others, is expected to generate a high level of development for the theprotein water market in the forecast period.

Recent Industry Insights

November 2017: BIPRO USA introduced on-the-go gluten-free and lactose-free clean label protein water solutions, including two flavors- Peach Power and Lemon Lift, which have zero grams of fat, carbohydrates and sugar.
June 2017: Arla Foods launched whey protein-based protein water, formulated with Lacprodan DI-9213, a natural whey protein isolate that is neutral in flavor, which will facilitate recovery time after exercise.

Competitive Landscape

Major Players – Arla Foods, BIPRO USA, BODIEZ PROTEIN WATER, CEND LIMITED, my god LIMITED, Nutramino, optimal nutrition, PROTEIN2O INC, RIVER COLLECTIVE LIMITED, Kellogg COMPANY, TRIMINO and VYOMAX nutrition, among others ..

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Analyzing market prospects with recent trends and Porter’s five forces analysis

market dynamics that essentially take into account the factors that are impelling the current market scenario along with the market growth prospects in the coming years

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The Protein Water Market 2020-2023 Analysis objectives of the report are:

To analyze Protein Water market with regard to growth trends, anticipation and also their participation in the entire sector.
To honestly share in-depth information related to the essential elements affect the increase in industry (growth capacity, probability, drivers and industry-specific challenges and risks).
To know the Protein Water Market by the many sub-segments distinguished.
To investigate and study the size of the market (volume and value) of the company, key areas / countries, products and applications, background information 2013-2020 and also the forecast up to 2023.
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Primary worldwide anti-fouling paints and coatings Market manufacturing companies, to indicate, clarify and analyze product sales quantity, value and market share, market rivalry landscape, SWOT analysis, and development plans for years to come.
To compete investigates advances such as expansions, arrangements, new product launches and market acquisitions.

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The growth of this global market is subject to several factors; including world-class consumer Protein Water Market of many Protein Water Products Market, inorganic growth of company models, price volatility of raw materials, product innovation along with economic prospects in both producing and consuming countries.

Finally, Protein Water Market report presents the descriptive analysis of the parent market based on the elite players, past, present and futuristic data that will serve as a profitable guide for all Protein Water competitors in the market.


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Clever rodents / rats love hide and seek – Insurance for Pets

If you are looking for an intelligent, social and playful small animal, you could try rats. Certainly not for everyone, but the small animals promise a lot of variety.

Can you play hide and seek with rats? Researchers at the Humboldt University in Berlin (HU) found that out. The Industry Association for Pet Supplies (IVH) from Germany reports on the results of a corresponding study conducted in 2019 by animal physiologists.

Accordingly, the small pets are obviously able to learn a human-animal version of the hide-and-seek game very quickly and can easily switch between the two roles – hide and seek. This opens up completely new possibilities for rat owners to deal with their animals.

Tickling is a reward for the rat

For the experiments, the rat was placed in a box. When the lid came on, she hid. As soon as the lid opened remotely, the rat began to search. If she found the person, she was tickled a little as a reward – which rats seem to like very much.

The game also works the other way round. Without a lid on the box, the rat does the hiding job. As soon as she was found there was a tickle as a reward. The rats learned the game quickly and developed sophisticated strategies for both hiding and searching. They squeaked with joy when they found their person. However, when they hid, they were very quiet.

The researchers encourage rat owners and those who want to become one to try out the playful approach at home. This helps to strengthen the bond between the intelligent small animals and the owner. (dpa)

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Trucker: the challenge of eating well on the road – Insurance for Pets

The profession of trucker, with the long hours behind the wheel and the lack of accessibility to healthy food, makes it difficult to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. However, Stéfanie Théberge, a trucker at Trans-West, does everything to eat well on the road. A role model for the other truckers she tries to influence by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Stéfanie, have you always dreamed of being a trucker?

I am trained as a programmer-analyst and I branched out at the age of 25 for the bus driver profession for Quebec City, it was my dream and I did this profession for 19 years. Considering the dire lack of truckers, I made the transition over 3 years ago. I mainly transport fruits and vegetables from the West Coast or Florida to Quebec and Ontario. I have always had a taste for adventure and a taste for travel, my father was a boat pilot and, as a child, I often went with him.

Are there more and more women in the trade?

Yes, there are more and more couples who appreciate the profession as a duo, question of taking advantage of long stays to discover beautiful landscapes and take a day of rest before taking the road back. There are few women who choose this profession without their spouse, that’s true. Personally, I love this work, whether I travel alone, especially in case of COVID, or as a duo, I am always amazed with all the beautiful discoveries that I make while crossing the United States or Canada. Loneliness has even become my great accomplice. I have a large circle of loyal friends when I come back to Montreal and Quebec, so being alone during my long drives doesn’t bother me at all.

How do you manage to eat well on the road?

I always paid attention to my diet. The job is very sedentary, we can drive 11 hours a day, we are not very active. I see my colleagues gaining a lot of weight over the years. I am privileged, because my employer, Trans-West, installed a large kitchen at the head office with a chef who makes lots of healthy meals (braised fish on sweet potato, curry-coconut tofu, veggie chili, couscous, spinach turkey and ricotta, etc.) that we can buy for our roads. The meals are really balanced and tasty. We have choices from breakfast to dinner to snacks. I leave with my fruit-yogurt cups, my raw vegetables and cheese or hummus, my meals for the week … I am well equipped (with fridge, freezer and microwave) so as not to stop in restaurants. My boss, Réal Gagnon, is very generous. During COVID, he offers us all meals for our journey free of charge, that is 21 meals if I leave for a week. It’s really appreciated by the whole team. I admit, however, if I have an evening of waiting when I arrive in California, I eat at the restaurant in front of a big steak, a happiness that I fully enjoy.

What are your essentials to eat well on the road?

I always bring peanuts, apples and bananas with me. We have to think of foods that are eaten well and easily and that are allowed at the border.

If you stop at fast food, what are your choices?

I often eat a salad with a source of protein at Subway or even grilled chicken wraps in other restaurants. I don’t drink any soft drinks or energy drinks, which only give us short-term energy. I prefer to focus on the energy that comes from eating good food. I drink a lot of water (2-3 liters a day) and eat very little sugar. Foods that are too high in sugar or fat hinder my energy level.

Are you able to move despite the hectic work pace?

Yes, it is important for my physical and mental health if I want to age healthy. I installed a pedal board in the truck and I do it regularly. I can even get my abs working while driving. I developed things to move, even with sedentary work. I always park far to walk more at each stop.

What would you say to a trucker starting his career?

As a trainer, I try to influence young people so that they abandon fast food so as not to jeopardize their long-term health. Many develop type 2 diabetes with weight gain and bad habits. If they want to do the job for a long time, they have no choice but to adopt a healthy lifestyle, eat well, move, sleep well. Some people smoke, it can only seriously harm their health. You have to learn to bring your meals and snacks with you, and make the right choices at the restaurant as well. When a pet is allowed, it is a good ally for going out for a walk!

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News Paris, Ile-de-France this Saturday June 27 – Insurance for Pets

My B. · Photos by
My B. · Posted on June 27, 2020 at 8:00 a.m.
· Updated on June 27, 2020 at 7:11 p.m.

Find the latest news and information on Paris and the Ile-de-France continuously this Saturday, June 27, 2020. Measures, news, openings and outings, we tell you all about the latest news from the capital and its surroundings scorching week.

Want to stay informed on Parisian news ? we give you the latest news of this Friday June 26, concerning Paris and France’s Island. Exits, openings, measurements and news, follow the news continuously.

The essential info:

Coronavirus in Paris and Ile-de-France: 11 dead in 24 hours and 313 in intensive care
We take stock of the situation in Paris and Île-de-France. Discover the specific assessment of the Paris region by department. Friday, June 26, counted 11 deaths in 24 hours and 313 people in intensive care.

What to do in Paris this weekend on June 26, 27 and 28, 2020
What are we doing this weekend in Paris and Ile-de-France, these Friday 26, Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 June 2020? Terraces to unwind but also exhibitions, restaurants and walks in the capital and its surroundings, while respecting sanitary rules, there is plenty to do. We explore the possibilities for entertaining outside and at home.

What to do this week in Paris from June 29 to July 5, 2020
What to do this week from June 29 to July 5, 2020? Discover all the activities you can participate in this week in Paris. For those who stay at home, we always offer a thousand and one ideas to keep you occupied. Sport, culture, games, concerts, cooking … Ask, you are served! Whether you stay at home or enjoy the streets of Paris again, remember: the Coronavirus is always there, respect barrier gestures to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Coronavirus in Paris, open or closed places
Paris continues its deconfinement as everywhere in France. Discover the places that reopen or remain closed at present. We take stock of what is now possible to do in the capital.

Reopening of museums in Paris: dates
In Paris, museums are being opened up and gradually reopening their doors. Discover the opening dates of the various Parisian museums.

RATP: All metro stations open, traffic forecasts for June 22 in Paris
Since May 11, the first day of deconfinement, public transport traffic in Paris and Île-de-France has improved significantly. However, some metro stations were still closed. As of Monday, June 22, 2020, all stations of the RATP network reopen again. Discover the traffic forecasts for Monday, June 22 in Paris and the Ile-de-France.

The top new terraces for this summer of 2020 in Paris
In Paris, the terraces do not empty every summer! Between the perched terraces, the bucolic terraces or the trendy terraces … Parisians have plenty to relax while taking a good sunbath. But while some are well known to fans of sunbathing, others have barely seen the light of day, bringing a breath of freshness and innovation to the capital. We invite you to discover our top of the new terraces and other rooftops of this summer 2020 in Paris.

The top of the new terraces to discover this weekend in Paris
Do you want something new for this weekend of Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 June 2020? Follow us and discover the top terraces that open for the first time or reopen for a new summer season in Paris. Perched terraces, bucolic terraces or even terraces on the Seine … This way to polish your tan while enjoying a beautiful spot in the capital.

Latest news:

The decree on the sale of animals is controversial, the Brigitte Bardot foundation responds
Resell your dog or cat to a laboratory? The 30 million Friends foundation has just sounded the alert on its website. According to the foundation, a decree passed last March would authorize laboratories to buy pets from anyone. Misinformation to « make the buzz » according to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. What does the text really say?

Paris: bones found in the catacombs of the Expiatoire chapel
In the underground passages of the Expiatoire chapel in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, Le Parisien reveals that the administrator of the building would have found bones dating from the French Revolution. After conducting excavations, archaeologists have discovered four ossuaries that may well contain the bodies of revolutionaries.

Real estate: a city of wooden offices is being built at the gates of Paris
The Arboretum project by promoter BNP Paribas Real Estate includes just over 126,000 m2 of offices entirely made of wood. Located in Nanterre on the banks of the Seine, the pharaonic project should start in summer 2020 for delivery scheduled in two years, end of 2022.

Netflix represents around 25% of internet traffic in France
As in 2019, Netflix is ​​ahead of the biggest web players such as Google or Facebook and totals almost a quarter of internet traffic in France according to a report from the telecoms regulator. The containment has greatly benefited the American streaming platform.

Gay Pride 2020 on the internet this Saturday: #GlobalPride and « Fièr.e.s et Têtu »
This year, a worldwide Gay Pride was organized online to counter the coronavirus. For 24 hours, from 7 a.m. Saturday to 7 a.m. Sunday French time, LGBT + communities around the world are invited to party around the world with more than 1,500 event proposals. Concerts, debates and meetings await you on different sites.

The homage of Banksy stolen from the Bataclan, six people arrested in France
Two weeks after Italian police announced they had found a work attributed to Bansky, stolen in 2019 in Paris, AFP reveals that six men were brought before justice on Friday June 26 in Paris for theft by organized gang. Appearing on a door of an emergency exit from Bataclan, it presents a tribute to the victims of the 2015 attacks.

Air France to cut thousands of jobs
While the director general of Air France-KLM had announced in late May a drastic but necessary 40% reduction in the French air network, the company would be on the verge of cutting between 8,000 and 10,000 jobs, according to information from Le Monde.

France reopens its Schengen external borders in early July, which countries are affected?
France must open its Schengen external borders as of July 1, 2020 to a few countries, after an agreement with the countries of the European Union. Initially, only connections with 14 countries will be possible, with border openings reviewed and corrected every 15 days. Please note, if a first list of countries has been established, it must be formalized in Council this Monday, June 29, 2020.

article | 222575 | bloc = 1 | image = « gauche » | article = « OM takeover: club management denies negotiating a sale with Mourad Boudjellal »]

Municipal: second round should not favor the spread of Covid-19 according to a study
Before the second round of municipal elections, which takes place on Sunday June 28, two academics were interested in the impact of the vote on the spread of the coronavirus in France. If their study ends on June 19, the day before the Fête de la Musique, it indicates that the second round will have no measurable impact.

Paris: surprise police demonstration in front of the Bataclan
Faced with demonstrations against racism and police violence, police demonstrations. More than 200 police gathered this Friday, June 26, 2020 at 11 p.m. in front of the Bataclan, a place affected by the Paris attacks in 2015. They protest against Christophe Castaner’s announcements, in particular on the removal of the throttling key.

Facebook boycotted in the fight against hate and online racism
Facebook is facing a big boycott campaign, called #StopHateForProfit (Stop Hate for Profit). In question ? Mark Zuckerberg’s lack of reaction to the virulent words of Donald Trump and his campaign videos deemed hateful on Facebook. For years, Facebook has only moderated content, advocating freedom of expression, this may change.

Auction at the Chez Jenny brewery, which later becomes Bouillon République
A large auction is organized at Chez Jenny, the Alsatian brasserie at Place de la République. To acquire, all the furniture of the place. The brewery was taken over by the Bouillon Pigalle team which will soon transform it into Bouillon République.

DJs gather to demonstrate against prolonged nightclub closings
To demonstrate against the prolonged closure of nightclubs, DJs gather behind the turntables on July 1 at Balrock.

Rugby: friendly games allowed from August
While rugby was preparing for a resumption from the start of the new school year in September, the National Rugby League announced on Thursday 25 June that friendly matches would be authorized from mid-August in France. Professional clubs have already announced their calendar.

Health insurance: savings forecasts revised downwards for 2021
The Secu published this Friday, June 26, the report prior to the announcement of its budget in the fall. It indicates that the Health Insurance aims at 1 billion euros of savings in 2021, which is half less than in 2020, due to the health crisis due to the coronavirus.

Chef Alessandra Montagne will soon open Nosso, her second Parisian table
At the start of the 2020 academic year, chef Alessandra Montagne opens Nosso, her second Parisian table, in the 13th arrondissement. A la carte, regional French cuisine, swept by various influences from around the world.

Michelin-starred chef David Bizet joins the kitchens of the Peninsula Paris
Michelin-starred chef David Bizet joins the kitchens of the Peninsula Paris as executive chef. And as of now, we discover our local and seasonal menu for summer 2020 at l’Oiseau Blanc!

Coronavirus: the CEO of Aéroports de Paris does not rule out job cuts
After the health crisis due to the coronavirus, the air sector is suffering the blow and is recovering painfully from a major economic shock. Consequently, the CEO of the Aéroports de Paris group clarified this Friday, June 26 at the microphone of RTL that he « does not exclude measures concerning employment ».

Boucherie Grégoire launches its picnic basket
Sun, friends, and a picnic basket signed Antonin Bonnet to recover the Grégoire Butchery … The recipe for happiness, right?

Reopening of the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris
Good news for lovers of Islamic art! The Institute of the Arab World announced to reopen its doors on July 1, 2020 with a lot of animations. We discover the program together!

Reopening of libraries in Paris: calendar and access conditions
If the libraries and media libraries of the City of Paris are open, the BUs of Paris are closed for many of them. The BNF and Beaubourg will reopen their doors this July 6, 2020 with new reception conditions. Suffice to say that summer will be complicated for students.

Part-time unemployment fraud: government tightens controls this summer
In a press release issued on May 13, the Ministry of Labor indicated that it would deploy a monitoring plan to detect short-term fraud. Controls that will increase throughout the summer … What companies will be controlled and what sanctions? The details here!

The French Bastards bakery launches home-made ice cream
You are not dreaming: The French Bastards is launching into homemade ice cream, for the summer of 2020. Foodporn guaranteed!

Limitation to 110km / h on motorways: the majority of the French against according to a survey
A few days after the outcry created by the proposal of the Climate Convention to lower the speed limit to 110km / h on highways, AFP reveals that the presidential majority would consider a public consultation on the issue. Opinion polls show that the French are overwhelmingly against it.

Reopening of the Army museum in Paris: programming
History lovers take advantage of the deconfinement to rediscover the Army museum which announced its reopening for June 27, 2020. The ideal time to stroll through the permanent collections of the establishment, while waiting for the opening of new exhibitions .

Oxy’Trail 2020 in Noisiel Park – Postponed to 2021
The 2020 edition of Oxy’Trail at Parc de Noisiel will not take place, due to the current health context. See you on June 26 and 27, 2021, in sneakers, for the next edition!

Reopening of the Forum des Images
The Forum des Images is finally reopening its doors! From July 9th to 26th, discover the special Unconfined Dandruff program. Reconnect with the magic of cinema and discover original films exclusively in 35mm.

La Nuit du Kompa at the Accor Arena in Paris – Postponed to April 2021
The second edition of the Nuit du Kompa scheduled for the Accor Arena in Paris on November 21, 2021 has been postponed to April 17, 2021 due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Ducasse sur Seine, Alain Ducasse’s gastronomic restaurant boat, is back
Since September 2018, Alain Ducasse’s floating restaurant Ducasse sur Seine invites you to travel and discover during lunch and dinner cruises aboard a specially designed electric boat.

Boteco Vila Mada, the tapas bar in the 9th arrondissement, reopens
Lovers of exotic flavors, the Boteco Vila Mada tapas bar in the 9th arrondissement is reopening. Change of scenery guaranteed!

« Save the party, let’s act! » »: A platform and a petition for a festive and responsible summer
The night and party world has been at a standstill since March. While many sectors have been able to resume their activity, clubs, discos and other festive places are still confined and closed to the public, considerably threatening their survival. Faced with this situation which is becoming urgent, David Asko and Christophe Vix-Gras, two players in the night and party world, publish this June 26, 2020 a forum to save the middle of the night and the party as quickly as possible.

Les Extatiques 2020, the free outdoor exhibition of La Défense at the Seine Musicale
Les Extatiques, the monumental outdoor exhibition of La Défense is back, to discover from June 26 to October 4, 2020. This year, for the 3rd edition, works by Fabrice Hyber, Elsa Sahal, Matteo Nasini and Carlos Cruz- Diez will invade the public space, between La Défense and the gardens of the Seine Musicale.

The BNF reopens its doors on July 6, 2020: access conditions
The BNF reopens its doors to the public on July 6, 2020. The François Mitterrand site, the largest library in France, will reopen in two stages. First reserved for researchers, the library’s reading rooms will reopen on July 15, 2020. The Richelieu sites will reopen on July 6 and the Arsenal site on July 15. Find out how to get there!

Coronavirus: The government’s strategy to avoid a second epidemic wave
In an interview with Le Monde, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, details the government’s strategy to avoid a second epidemic wave in France: massive screening to identify « dormant clusters » and in places conducive to spread, but also strengthening of hospital resources.

Jean-Paul Gaultier becomes ambassador for Sidaction
Stylist Jean-Paul Gaultier has been appointed ambassador for Sidaction. The designer works alongside Line Renaud to educate the public, and especially young people, about the fight against AIDS.

Coronavirus: The European Medicines Agency recommends the placing on the market of Remdesivir
The drug Remdesivir is at the heart of research on the Coronavirus, and was adopted as a treatment in the United States in early May. Today, the European Medicines Agency recommends the placing on the market of Remdesivir in the European Union.

Batobus and Bateaux Parisiens: resumption of service on the Seine in early July
Parisians will once again be able to navigate the Seine thanks to Batobus shuttles and Bateaux Parisiens. The two companies, blocked at the quay since the start of the health crisis, announce their return from July 1, 2020.

Olivier Véran ready to put 6 billion on the table to increase salaries at the hospital
Olivier Véran has just unveiled, today, the envelope planned to raise wages at the hospital: 6 billion euros, to be shared between the public and private sectors.

Coronavirus: Olivier Véran promises tests for 1.3 million Ile-de-France residents
In order to identify « dormant clusters », Olivier Véran promises tests for 1.3 million Ile-de-France residents who live near already identified clusters.

Reshuffle: a tight schedule for Emmanuel Macron
Rumors of a government reshuffle seem to be getting clearer and the idea of ​​ »new blood » comes up frequently. Emmanuel Macron wants to change the members of his government team and these changes may come sooner than expected.

Transport in Paris and the Ile-de-France: 2020 summer works in the metro, RER, Transilien
Like every summer, public transport in Paris and Île-de-France will be disrupted due to major modernization works. Île-de-France Mobilités indicates that this work is to be planned in the metro as well as in the RER, the Transilien and the Tramways. Find out in detail the program and the work dates planned for July and August 2020 on the RATP and SNCF networks.

RER B derailment in Paris: traffic « extremely disrupted » this Thursday, June 25
In the evening of June 24, a RER B train derailed after leaving Denfert-Rochereau station in Paris. Three cars got out of the way, luckily no one was injured. This morning, the RATP indicates that the traffic on the RER B remains « extremely disrupted for the day of Thursday and Friday at least ». We take stock of the situation.

Glyphosate: Bayer to pay $ 125 billion to 125,000 US victims of Roundup
Bayer, who bought Monsanto in the summer of 2018, finally agreed to pay the sum of $ 10 billion in order to put an end to the very numerous procedures launched by American plaintiffs. Nearly 125,000 of them accuse the pesticide glyphosate Roundup, marketed by the Monsanto subsidiary, of having caused the cancer from which they suffer. Following this decision, lawyer specializing in environmental law and former Minister Corinne Lepage highlighted on France Info a « pretty great precedent » for French victims.

BET Awards 2020: Assa Traoré will receive an award in the United States
Assa Traoré awarded for her action. The sister of Adama, who died in 2016, will receive the BET International Global Good Award, which rewards an action in favor of « the black world community ».

Eiffel Tower, opening with a good family plan
The Eiffel Tower returns on June 25 after several months of closure. Note that the sale of tickets online starts this Thursday, June 18 with a good plan not to be missed, a reduction of 50% from July 1 to August 31 for children.

Coronavirus: how will the summer centers work this summer?
What will your children’s holidays look like in France’s summer centers? A concern for many parents and a question that the editorial team is trying to answer.

Louis De Funès exhibition at the Cinémathèque – our photos
Fans of French comedies head to the Cinémathèque to discover an exhibition around Louis de Funès. Postponed due to the coronavirus, the exhibition finally takes place this summer in Paris from July 15, 2020 to May 31, 2021. It is an opportunity to discover the career of a sacred cinema monster. Discover our photos!

The Grand Rex will offer a Tarantino marathon this summer
Good news for fans of Quentin Tarantino! The Grand Rex has announced that it will launch a director’s marathon this summer. See you from July 13 to 16 to see – or watch again – several of his cult films, like the two parts of Kill Bill, Inglourious Bastards, Pulp Fiction or Jackie Brown.

Art Paris 2020 returns in September to the Grand Palais
The 2020 edition of Art Paris, the spring meeting of modern and contemporary art, has been turned upside down this year. First postponed then reinvented online, the annual fair returns for good to the Grand Palais, from September 10 to 13, 2020.

Free coffee workshops at Maison Caron for summer 2020
This summer, Maison Caron introduces us to the art of good coffee, during its Coffee Summer Sessions, from August 18 to September 5, 2020. Each day, a new activity awaits coffee aficionados, between initiation to latte art, initiation aromatic palette and tasting of cheese and coffee pairings.

Reopening of the Louvre Museum: ticket office and sanitary conditions
The Louvre Museum reopens on July 6, 2020 and has just unveiled its new visit conditions. Book by time slot, direction of visit, closed rooms, temporary stop of the audio guide, discover what awaits you!

Granny Unveils New 2020 Summer Card
Tomato gazpacho, mozzarella di buffala, sandwiches … Mamie’s new menu for summer 2020 will make your mouth water!

Municipal in Paris: Anne Hidalgo requests the postponement of the debate on BFM TV due to the strike
While part of the editorial staff of BFM TV is on strike, the outgoing mayor Anne Hidalgo gives up participating in the debate planned on the news channel on the evening of Wednesday, June 24. She proposes to postpone it to the next day, Thursday, June 25.

Paris: A second school closed after a case of Coronavirus
Only one day after the closing of the Lamoricière school, the Saint-Merri school also closes its doors, after a proven case of Coronavirus.

Versailles Electro 2021: Justice, Kittin, Busy P, The Empress in dj set at the Palace of Versailles
Ed Banger Records invites itself once again to the Palace of Versailles on Saturday May 22, 2021 from 8:30 p.m. to midnight for a very beautiful electro party! In the program ? DJ sets from Justice, Kittin b2b Busy P and The Empress.

Transportation in Île-de-France: Valérie Pécresse threatens to no longer pay the SNCF and RATP
While the specter of a total or partial cessation of activity threatens metros, buses and RER, the president of the Île-de-France Region dangles the threat of a cessation of payment for RATP and SNCF if the State does not fully compensate for the shortfall due to the health crisis.

Reopening of the European in Paris: the room disinfected like an operating theater!
For its reopening, the European installed a disinfection system based on germicidal light. A system similar to that used in the operating room. Before each new performance, the performance hall is disinfected, in addition to the other sanitary measures recommended by the authorities.

The Good Life on the roofs of Paris: opening with Cut Killer
The Good Life takes possession of the Tout le monde en rooftop in Paris, every Sunday from June 28, 2020, from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. For this grand opening, find Cut Killer on the turntables.

Transportation in Île-de-France: Valérie Pécresse threatens to no longer pay the SNCF and RATP
While the specter of a total or partial cessation of activity threatens metros, buses and RER, the president of the Île-de-France Region dangles the threat of a cessation of payment for RATP and SNCF if the State does not fully compensate for the shortfall due to the health crisis.

Coronavirus: aid of 400 euros paid by the Hauts-de-Seine department
As part of its 80 billion plan to fight the health and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic, the Hauts-de-Seine department has already paid aid amounting to 400 euros to no less than 66,000 beneficiaries.

The Grand Bal des Fiertés 2020 at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris
A few days before the Pride March, the salons of the Town Hall open their doors to the Grand Pride Ball. Come and meet on Saturday October 24, 2020 to discover this festive and charitable LGBTQI + event which promises to be large in Paris.

Coronavirus: Sanofi hopes to develop its vaccine by the first half of 2021
The teams from the French laboratory Sanofi are currently working on the development of two vaccines against Covid-19. A solution that could be available as early as 2021, and which should make it possible to deliver up to a billion doses per year.

StopCovid: miserable record for the application against the coronavirus
Three weeks after its launch, the first assessment of the StopCovid application is far below government expectations. Almost 500,000 people uninstalled it and only 14 alerts were identified.

Reopening of the Rodin Museum
The Rodin Museum is a real gem of Parisian rock architecture, where the works of Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel are mainly exhibited. And good news, from July 7 it opens its doors to you again with lots of entertainment! We tell you more about this cultural place located in the heart of the 7th arrondissement of Paris.

Coronavirus: Art Paris 2020 at the Grand Palais postponed to September
Because of the Coronavirus epidemic, Art Paris, the large contemporary art fair, which was to be held at the Grand Palais from April 2 to 5, 2020, was postponed from September 10 to 13, 2020. This unmissable event of contemporary art in Paris is the promise of great discoveries, with, this year, an exploration of Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Madrid and Porto.

Coronavirus: Rhum Fest Paris at Parc Floral – the show postponed to 2021
If you are a rum lover, then do not miss the new and seventh edition of the Rhum Fest Paris to discover at the Grande Halle du Parc Floral de Vincennes on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 April 2020 for the general public, and Monday 12 for professionals. On the menu ? Tastings and entertainment around this famous spirit. And for those who wonder if the show will take place despite the Coronavirus, know that the Rhum Fest is well and truly maintained …

European Union could keep borders closed to Americans after July 1
The Americans, stranded at the borders of the European Union? This is the decision that Brussels could take if certain health criteria are not met across the Atlantic. The EU reopens its external borders on July 1, 2020 but remains vigilant regarding the health situation.

Partial unemployment: Emmanuel Macron receives social partners, new device expected
This Wednesday, June 24, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron should present the new partial unemployment system, while the economy is rising from the ashes and the fear of a second wave is being felt. The social partners are received today at the Elysée to raise the issue.

The Paris 2020 Fair and the Lépine competition postponed to the fall
The Foire de Paris event which was to take place at the Porte de Versailles from April 30 to May 11, 2020 was first postponed from July 4 to 15, 2020. Finally, the Foire de Paris will take place from Friday October 23 to Sunday 1st November 2020 at the same time as the Autumn Fair. This « XXL » fair also hosts the Lépine competition

Coronavirus: Fauchon soon placed in receivership
Fauchon, the famous caterer of Place de la Madeleine, has just filed for bankruptcy at the Bobigny Commercial Court. He should soon be placed in receivership.

The Museum of Art and History of Judaism has reopened
The Museum of Art and History of Judaism (MahJ) reopened on June 6, 2020, with a hanging of donations from Claire Maratier and Lydie Lachenal, an installation by Serge Lask, a sculpture by Georges Jeanclos and a “ Filmed portrait ”of Christian Boltanski directed by Isabelle Filleul de Brohy. do not hesitate to find out.

SpongeBob the movie – Sponge in troubled waters: French release canceled
SpongeBob should have returned to the cinema in a new animated film written and directed by Tim Hill to be released in theaters on July 29, 2020. The Coronavirus having shaken up the entire release schedule, the famous square sponge will not have the chance to spend the summer on your screens. For the moment we do not yet know if the release will be postponed until next year or if the film will be released directly on VOD.

Concert of July 14, 2020 at Champ-de-Mars in Paris
To close the Fête nationale 2020 in style, the Orchester National de France, the Maîtrise and the Choir of Radio France are organizing, on Tuesday July 14, 2020 at the Champ-de-Mars in Paris, a large symphonic concert at the foot of the Eiffel Tower with the greatest international artists, like the soprano Fatma Said and the baritone Ludovic Tézier.

Top 10 terraces of July 2020 in Paris
The month of July is soon here and with it, place the reopening of the terraces! We have therefore decided to help you find the bucolic terrace, the rooftop or the terrace on the Seine where you can sit in this month of July 2020 in order to take advantage of the sunny days of this summer.

Municipales à Paris : un débat Buzyn, Dati et Hidalgo le 24 juin sur BFM TV, menace de grève
Avant le second tour des élections municipales, les trois candidates à la mairie de Paris s’affronteront lors d’un débat télévisé le 24 juin, quatre jours avant le scrutin, sur les antennes de BFM TV. Une grève est planifiée ce même jour par les équipes de BFM TV et d’RMC.

Limitation à 110km/h sur les autoroutes : les Français majoritairement contre selon un sondage
Quelques jours après le tollé crée par la proposition de la Convention climat d’abaisser la limitation de vitesse à 110km/h sur les autoroutes, l’AFP révèle que la majorité présidentielle réfléchirait à une consultation publique sur la question. Des sondages d’opinion révèlent que les Français y seraient très majoritairement défavorables.

Réouverture de l’aéroport d’Orly : quels sont les vols prévus ?
Bonne nouvelle pour les voyageurs ! L’aéroport d’Orly rouvre enfin ses portes dès le 26 juin 2020. Quels sont les vols qui reprennent du service ? Ceux dont les avions restent au sol ? On fait le point.

Coronavirus : combien de temps reste-t-on immunisé ?
Combien de temps sommes-nous immunisés contre le coronavirus ? C’est la question à laquelle a tenté de répondre une étude menée conjointement par des chercheurs chinois et américains, publiée sur le site Une immunité qui durerait entre « pas longtemps » et « au moins deux mois ».

BFM TV / RMC : un appel à la grève de 24 heures mercredi contre des suppressions de postes
Après l’annonce la semaine dernière par NextRadio TV, la maison mère de RMC et BFM TV, d’un vaste plan de restructuration qui devrait mettre à la porte jusqu’à un tiers des effectifs, les salariés réunis en assemblée générale ont approuvé un appel à la grève de 24 heures ce mercredi 24 juin.

Un feu d’artifice sur la Tour Eiffel à Paris pour le 14 juillet ?
Pourra-t’on profiter, comme chaque année, du superbe feu d’artifice tiré depuis la Tour Eiffel, pour le 14 juillet 2020 ? La question reste encore en suspens.

L’espace naturiste à Paris au Bois de Vincennes est de retour
Eh non, vous ne rêvez pas ! L’espace naturiste du Bois de Vincennes est de retour du 6 juin au 11 octobre 2020. Il est désormais possible de se pavaner en tenue d’Adam et Ève dans la capitale.

Poisson Lune : la terrasse éphémère au Palais de la Porte Dorée revient
Poisson Lune, la terrasse canon du Palais de la Porte Dorée est de retour pour sa seconde année à partir du 25 juin 2020. De quoi égayer la saison estivale et ravie petit et grands.

Le restaurant tunisien Mabrouk rouvre ses portes et sa terrasse
Envie d’un couscous au soleil ? Bonne nouvelle, le restaurant Mabrouk rouvre ses cuisines et propose de nouveau sa carte aux saveurs judéo-tunisiennes, sur place et aussi à emporter sur sa jolie terrasse ensoleillée !

Ligue 1 : la LFP approuve un format à vingt clubs pour la saison 2020-2021
L’Assemblée Générale de la Ligue de Football Professionnel se réunissait ce mardi 23 juin au matin pour statuer sur le format de la Ligue pour la saison prochaine. Les clubs ont voté à 74,49% pour le maintien d’une Ligue 1 à vingt clubs. Amiens et Toulouse sont bien relégués en Ligue 2, malgré les recours.

Jòia, le restaurant d’Hélène Darroze à Paris, dévoile sa nouvelle terrasse
Rendez-vous dans le 2ème arrondissement de la capitale pour pousser les portes de Jòia, le restaurant parisien de la célèbre Cheffe étoilée Hélène Darroze, ou bien vous assoir sur la toute nouvelle terrasse.

Papa Cabane : retour de la belle terrasse estivale à Paris
Bonne nouvelle ! La belle et grande terrasse de 1000m² nichée juste derrière l’Accor Arena de Paris est de retour. Rendez-vous tous les jeudis de cet été, dès le 25 juin 2020, pour (re)découvrir le concept fort agréable de Papa Cabane !

Coronavirus : Le Sénat corrige et vote le projet de loi de sortie de l’état d’urgence sanitaire
Le Sénat a adopté, avec plusieurs corrections, lundi 22 juin, le projet de loi de sortie de l’état d’urgence sanitaire, prévue pour le 10 juillet prochain.

Taisho : retour de la terrasse estivale à l’Aquarium de Paris
Pour un dépaysement garanti, direction Taishō, la terrasse pop-up de l’Aquarium de Paris située juste en face de la Tour Eiffel. En plus d’une vue imprenable sur la Dame de fer, venez déguster une carte élaborée en exclusivité par le chef étoilé Keisuke Yamagishi du restaurant Étude.

Coronavirus : vers un allègement du protocole sanitaire dans les entreprises ?
Le gouvernement va-t-il alléger le protocole sanitaire dans les entreprises françaises ? Selon le journal Les Échos, le ministère du Travail devrait prochainement faire une annonce en ce sens. La fameuse règle du « 4 m² par salarié » pourrait notamment être abandonnée laissant place à une distanciation d’un mètre entre chaque collaborateur.

La terre tremble à Chamonix, un séisme ressenti ce mardi matin
La ville de Chamonix a eu la surprise de ressentir un tremblement de terre d’une magnitude de 3,8 sur l’échelle de Richter, aux alentours de 8h25 ce mardi 23 juin 2020.

Coronavirus : vers un allègement du protocole sanitaire dans les entreprises ?
Le gouvernement va-t-il alléger le protocole sanitaire dans les entreprises françaises ? Selon le journal Les Échos, le ministère du Travail devrait prochainement faire une annonce en ce sens. La fameuse règle du « 4 m² par salarié » pourrait notamment être abandonnée laissant place à une distanciation d’un mètre entre chaque collaborateur.

Que faire avec les enfants à Paris quand il fait beau ?
Le beau temps s’invite à Paris et tant qu’à faire, autant profiter des rayons de soleils avec les enfants plutôt que de rester enfermé. Vous cherchez des idées de sorties à Paris à faire avec les enfants en profitant du beau temps ? Sortiraparis vous file quelques pistes à explorer !

Soldes d’été 2020 : Les maires invités à autoriser l’ouverture des magasins le dimanche
Le Conseil du Commerce de France demande aux maires d’être conciliants quant aux soldes d’été 2020, décalées du 15 juillet au 11 aout 2020, en autorisant l’ouverture des magasins le dimanche.

Coronavirus : L’OMS appelle à augmenter la production de Dexaméthasone, stéroïde prometteur
Le dexaméthasone peut-il être le remède face au Coronavirus ? L’essai clinique réalisé par des chercheurs britanniques semble prometteur, au point que l’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé a salué les résultats obtenus par les scientifiques anglais et appelle à en augmenter la production.

Coronavirus : dépistage gratuit dans un laboratoire mobile à Paris
Un laboratoire itinérant de dépistage du Coronavirus va s’installer les 23 et 25 juin 2020, dans les 10e, 18e et 19e arrondissements de la capitale. Les consultations y seront gratuites et sans rendez-vous.

Transports en Île-de-France : un nouveau service pour fluidifier le trafic aux heures de pointes
La Région Île-de-France lance en partenariat avec la RATP et SNCF un nouveau service collaboratif Lissage des Heures de pointe @SmartWork. Par des informations, des fiches pratiques ou encore des vidéos explicatives, l’objectif est d’accompagner les Franciliens et les entreprises à mieux gérer leurs déplacements entre leur domicile et leur travail.

Disneyland Paris rouvre enfin ses parcs
Les parcs Disneyland Paris et Walt Disney studio sont fermés depuis la mi-mars en raison de l’épidémie de coronavirus. Et pour tous ceux qui attendent de pouvoir revenir aux parcs, bonne nouvelle : la direction du resort vient d’annoncer à ses équipes une date de réouverture officielle ! Rendez-vous le 15 juillet 2020 pour pouvoir profiter à nouveau de la magie des parcs !

La Tour Saint-Jacques rouvre ses portes et sa vue panoramique sur Paris
La Tour Saint-Jacques et sa vue panoramique sur tout Paris ouvre ses portes du 27 juin au 8 novembre 2020. Situé à deux pas de l’Hôtel de Ville, le monument historique est une curiosité à découvrir, avec ses 54 mètres et ses 300 marches. La visite se fait en petits groupes.

Réouverture du Musée d’Archéologie nationale – Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye
Amateurs d’archéologie et de belles promenades, à vos agendas ! Le Musée d’Archéologie nationale – Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye a annoncé rouvrir ses portes le 24 juin 2020. L’occasion de redécouvrir ce musée francilien et de plonger dans l’histoire, celle avec un grand -H !

Airbnb mise sur le tourisme local pour relancer son activité
Après la crise sanitaire et économique due à l’épidémie de coronavirus, la plateforme de location tente de s’adapter à un marché du tourisme totalement chamboulé. L’entreprise de San Francisco mise sur le tourisme de proximité pour traverser la période avec le moins d’embuches possibles.

Réouverture de l’Opéra Garnier à Paris
Les amateurs d’opéra et de ballets vont pouvoir de nouveau découvrir toute la beauté de l’Opéra Garnier puisque l’établissement culturel a annoncé rouvrir ses portes le 22 juin 2020. L’occasion de découvrir l’un des bâtiments les plus beaux de Paris.

Le top des terrasses avec vue sur la Tour Eiffel à Paris
Envie d’admirer la mythique Tour Eiffel tout en sirotant un savant breuvage ou en dévorant un bon petit plat ? Découvrez notre top des terrasses avec vue sur l’incroyable Dame de Fer.

Rassemblements de la fête de la musique : quels risques liés à la propagation du coronavirus ?
Cette année, la fête de la musique s’est accompagnée de rassemblements en France notamment à Paris sur les bords du Canal Saint Martin. Des images qui inquiètent dans un contexte d’épidémie de coronavirus. Faut-il s’inquiéter d’une risque de propagation ?

Présidentielle 2022 : un nouveau duel Macron-Le Pen au second tour selon un sondage
Un premier sondage Ifop-Fiducial publié ce lundi 22 juin place l’actuel président de la République au coude-à-coude avec Marine Le Pen à l’issue du premier tour de l’élection présidentielle qui aura lieu dans un peu moins de deux ans. Le résultat du second tour serait beaucoup plus serré que lors de la dernière présidentielle.

Paris : pour lutter contre les rats, des bénévoles utilisent de la glace carbonique
Problème sanitaire numéro un des Parisiens, la prolifération des rats à l’intérieur de la capitale n’est pas forcément une fatalité : dans le 17e arrondissement, des brigades citoyenne de bénévoles utilisent un nouveau procédé, à base de glace carbonique, pour lutter contre l’infernal mammifère. Un mal nécessaire.

Top des casinos et clubs de jeux à Paris
Envie de jouer à la roulette, au poker ou aux machines à sous ? On file découvrir les différents casinos et clubs de jeux de Paris et d’Île-de-France. L’occasion de s’essayer aux différents jeux de hasard et peut-être de toucher le jackpot !

SNCF : 100% de l’offre de trains disponible dès ce week-end
Interrogé au micro de RTL, le secrétaire d’État aux transports Jean-Baptiste Djebbari assure que la SNCF devrait être en mesure de rendre disponible à la réservation 100% de l’offre de trains dès ce week-end du 27 juin 2020.

Où se rafraîchir à Paris cet été 2020 ?
Alerte canicule à Paris ! Il va faire chaud à Paris, très chaud, et dans notre coin, on a cherché les meilleurs endroits pour se rafraîchir à Paris. Cinéma, piscines, plages, mais aussi bars et restaurants, on vous propose le meilleur de ce que Paris peut vous offrir pendant l’été.

Les plus belles piscines découvertes à Paris et en Île-de-France pour l’été 2020
Quoi de plus agréable que de se baigner à l’air libre et de se dorer la pilule quand le soleil est là ? On vous livre la liste des piscines découvertes, ouvertes cet été 2020, à Paris et en Île-de-France. Voici un bon moyen pour se détendre et s’amuser en extérieur et faire le plein de vitamine D grâce au soleil.

Suppression des vols nationaux : Air France n’est pas la seule compagnie aérienne concernée
Air France devra se passer d’une partie de ses vols nationaux. Benjamin Smith, le PDG de la compagnie aérienne, a annoncé que les vols domestiques serait réduit de 40% sur des distances courtes, en fermant les lignes en direction de villes situées à moins de 2h30 en TGV. Une mesure qui devrait également être appliquée à l’ensemble des compagnies aériennes.

Coronavirus : le football de retour en France
Après que la LFP et la FFF aient envoyé au ministère des Sports le protocole sanitaire essentiel pour une reprise de l’activité et un retour des supporters dans les stades, le gouvernement donne son feu vert au foot et aux sports collectifs. Dès le lundi 22 juin, la pratique « normale » du football est autorisée.

Coronavirus : les indices d’une probable deuxième vague en automne en France
Faut-il s’attendre à une seconde vague de coronavirus en France ? Selon le Conseil Scientifique, un retour de la Covid-19 en automne serait extrêmement probable. Quels sont les indices qui rendent cette nouvelle vague de contamination possible ? On fait le point.

Réouverture du Club de jeu Barrière Paris 104 Champs-Elysées -VIDEO
Les amateurs de jeu de la capitale vont pouvoir de nouveau découvrir le premier club de jeu à Paris du groupe Barrière : le Club Barrière Paris 104 Champs-Élysées, dès le 22 juin 2020, après plusieurs mois de fermeture en raison du coronavirus.

Les meilleures glaces de Paris pour l’été 2020
L’été arrive et avec la chaleur, l’envie de se prendre une bonne glace. A Paris, de nombreux glaciers proposent des glaces insolites et étonnantes : magnum, desserts glacés, glaces à la minute, milkshakes, on a de quoi tenir tout l’été !

Le restaurant étoilé Les Climats rouvre ses portes
Les Climats, restaurant étoilé du VIIème arrondissement, rouvre ses portes le 23 juin 2020. L’année passée, le restaurant s’était offert une nouvelle décoration, les services d’un nouveau chef, Emmanuel Kouri, et d’un nouveau sommelier, Francesco Cosci, pour ses 6 ans.

Uncino, l’authentique restaurant italien de Pigalle, de nouveau ouvert
La grande famille des restaurants italiens de Paris s’est s’étoffée, il y a deux ans, avec l’ouverture d’Uncino, un nouveau sport gourmand qui sert une cuisine comme à l’île d’Elbe et concoctée avec des produits très soigneusement sélectionnés.

Ouverture d’un restaurant Yaya à La Défense en juillet 2020
Et de 3 ! Après Saint-Ouen et la Halle Secrétan, Yaya ouvre une nouvelle adresse à La Défense, le 14 juillet 2020. Avis aux amateurs de cuisine grecque !

Les Parcs à Jets d’eau à Paris
Il fait chaud à Paris et vous avez envie de vous rafraichir dans un parc où les jets d’eau sont au programme ? Sortiraparis vous dresse la liste des spots où il fait bon courir sous l’eau et s’amuser avec les jeux d’eau.

Paris : vers une piétonnisation « dès cet été » des abords du Canal Saint-Martin ?
À l’approche des Municipales, la maire sortante Anne Hidalgo a détaillé quelques-unes de ses propositions écologistes dans les colonnes du Journal du Dimanche, le 21 juin. Parmi elles, la piétonnisation des abords du canal Saint-Martin, de Stalingrad à République et, ce, dès cet été.

Pass Navigo : le prix va-t-il augmenter en raison de la crise sanitaire ?
En raison de la crise sanitaire, les pertes financières subies par Île-de-France Mobilités sont « abyssales » d’après Valérie Pécresse. Alors, une hausse du tarif du Pass Navigo serait-il possible afin de compenser ce trou dans la caisse ? Pour l’heure, la Présidente de la Région francilienne refuse « résolument et absolument » cette hypothèse. Sur RTL, le 21 juin, Valérie Pécresse a confié qu’Île-de-France Mobilités sera en cessation de paiement le 8 juillet.

La Convention Citoyenne pour le Climat a rendu son rapport final
La Convention Citoyenne pour le Climat a rendu son rapport final ce dimanche 21 juin 2020 après de plusieurs mois de discussions. Au total, les 150 Françaises et Français tirés au sort ont retenu 149 propositions à présenter au gouvernement, après 7 sessions de travail. Le président de la République Emmanuel Macron envisagerait ensuite un référendum sur certaines de leurs propositions.

PSG : Reprise progressive de l’entrainement après 3 jours de tests
Les joueurs du PSG, à l’exception d’Edison Cavani et de Thomas Meunier qui ont pris la décision de quitter le club à la fin de leur contrat, vont reprendre progressivement à partir du lundi 22 juin avec tout d’abord 3 jours de tests (Covid-19, physiques, médicaux et psychologiques) avant de retourner sur le terrain jeudi pour la reprise de l’entrainement et se préparer aux grands matchs qui les attendent d’ici la fin de la saison.

Réouverture des cinémas : les conditions sanitaires
Après trois mois de fermeture, les salles de cinémas vont enfin pouvoir accueillir les spectateurs dès le 22 juin prochain avec de nouvelles règles sanitaires à respecter. Capacité réduite, port du masque, distanciation physique… On vous donne tous les détails de ce nouveau protocole !

Discothèques toujours fermées : des patrons menacent d’un recours au Conseil d’Etat
Alors que le gouvernement a annoncé que les discothèques, à l’instar d’autres lieux, ne rouvriraient pas avant septembre, certains patrons de boites de nuit menacent d’attaquer cette décision gouvernementale au Conseil d’Etat.

300 000 chômeurs de plus en Ile-de-France d’ici fin 2020, d’après Pécresse
D’après la présidente de la Région Ile-de-France, Valérie Pécresse, il y aura « 300 000 chômeurs de plus en Île-de-France d’ici la fin de l’année » à cause de la crise du Coronavirus.

La cuisine libanaise de Eats Thyme débarque bientôt à Paris
La cheffe Carla Rebeiz va ouvrir, prochainement, sa table Eats Thyme, dans le 1e arrondissement de Paris. A la carte, une cuisine libanaise twistée et modernisée.

L’hôtel Providence rouvre son restaurant et sa terrasse verdoyante
Pour célébrer le retour à la vie normale et les beaux jours qui approchent, l’hôtel Providence rouvre sa terrasse et son restaurant, avec une toute nouvelle carte à découvrir.

Le restaurant-bar L’île dévoile la plus grande terrasse de l’Ouest Parisien
Une belle et grande terrasse dans l’Ouest parisien, ça vous dit ? Alors direction le restaurant L’île, situé à Issy-les-Moulineaux et son impressionnante nouvelle terrasse signée par l’architecte de renom Laura Gonzalez.

Des afterworks festifs sur le toit de la Grande Arche de La Défense
A 110 mètres de hauteur, on profite des afterworks organisés sur le toit de la Grande Arche de La Défense, tous les jeudis durant tout l’été 2020 !

Le salon de thé Cédric Grolet Opéra rouvre ses portes aux gourmands
Le chef pâtissier Cédric Grolet rouvre sa boutique à Opéra, accessible sur réservation. Des nouveautés sont à retrouver à la carte !

Mademoiselle Mouche, le rooftop des Bateaux-Mouches, revient pour une deuxieme saison
Les Bateaux-Mouches lancent leur saison estivale le 25 juin 2020 : Mademoiselle Mouche, le rooftop des Bateaux-Mouches, avec vue sur la Tour Eiffel, vous accueille tout l’été avec de délicieux cocktails, dans un décor très verdoyant.

Remaniement : un calendrier serré pour Emmanuel Macron
Les rumeurs de remaniement du gouvernement semblent se préciser et l’idée de « sang neuf » revient fréquemment. Emmanuel Macron souhaite changer les membres de son équipe gouvernementale et ces changements vont peut-être arriver plus rapidement que prévu.

Une augmentation des salaires dans la fonction publique hospitalière dès juillet ?
Grand sujet d’actualité : l’augmentation des salaires dans les hôpitaux. Elle pourrait avoir lieu à compter du 1er juillet pour un million d’agents de la fonction publique hospitalière, dont les infirmiers et les aides-soignants, qu’ils soient titulaires ou contractuels. Cette augmentation ne concernerait pas les médecins, qui font l’objet d’une autre négociation en cours.

Moustique tigre : Paris et 6 départements d’île-de-France en vigilance rouge
Attention aux moustiques tigres ! Au total, 58 départements de l’hexagone sont placés en vigilance rouge cette année, dont Paris, la Seine-et-Marne, les Yvelines, l’Essonne, les Hauts-de-Seine, la Seine-Saint-Denis et le Val-de-Marne. On fait le point sur la situation et on découvre les précautions à prendre pour éviter de se faire piquer.

Moustique tigre : un site internet pour signaler le moustique à l’ANSES
Le moustique tigre fait son retour en France. Pour éviter des épidémies de dengue et de Zika, l’ANSES a mis en place un site internet pour signaler la présence d’un moustique tigre. Après avoir répondu à trois questions, avoir pris des photos du moustique ou avoir attrapé un moustique tigre, une enquête de terrain pourra être mise en place pour valider ou non la présence endémique de l’Aedes albopictus dans votre ville.

Une éclipse « cercle de feu » ce dimanche 21 juin
Une éclipse solaire aura lieu ce dimanche 21 juin 2020. Pendant quelques minutes, la Lune va passer devant le Soleil, mais pas entièrement : le ciel va dévoiler un cercle de feu pendant près d’1 minute 22 secondes. Malheureusement, elle ne sera pas visible en France !

Paris : Le renouveau des Champs-Elysées voulu selon les franciliens
Les Champs Elysées sont en plein renouveau. Si les touristes ont souvent un coup de foudre pour la plus belle avenue du monde, les franciliens eux ne manquent pas d’idées pour la rendre encore plus attrayante. Suite à une consultation menée par le Comité des Champs Elysées, on découvrir le renouveau idéal souhaité par les habitants d’Île-de-France.

Le Pass Jeune 2020, des animations gratuites ou à prix mini pour l’été
Tous les étés, la Mairie de Paris lance ses Pass Jeunes, un carnet qui propose 50 activités et sorties gratuites ou à petit prix pour les jeunes parisiens et franciliens de 15 à 25 ans. Si, d’ordinaire, les pass jeunes sont lancés courant juin, cette année, il faudra attendre le 15 août 2020 !

Eurovision 2021 : la date du concours de chant européen avec des changements dans les règles
Alors que l’Eurovision 2020 a été annulé, le concours de chant européen se tiendra du 18 au 20 mai, avec une finale le 22 mai 2021 à Rotterdam. Une nouvelle règle est apparue : la possibilité d’utiliser des pistes d’accompagnement. Tom Leeb ne représentera pas la France.

Moustique tigre : Paris et 6 départements d’île-de-France en vigilance rouge
Attention aux moustiques tigres ! Au total, 58 départements de l’hexagone sont placés en vigilance rouge cette année, dont Paris, la Seine-et-Marne, les Yvelines, l’Essonne, les Hauts-de-Seine, la Seine-Saint-Denis et le Val-de-Marne. On fait le point sur la situation et on découvre les précautions à prendre pour éviter de se faire piquer.

Une éclipse « cercle de feu » ce dimanche 21 juin
Une éclipse solaire aura lieu ce dimanche 21 juin 2020. Pendant quelques minutes, la Lune va passer devant le Soleil, mais pas entièrement : le ciel va dévoiler un cercle de feu pendant près d’1 minute 22 secondes. Malheureusement, elle ne sera pas visible en France !

Coronavirus : les clusters augmentent mais l’épidémie reste contenue
Au 18 juin 2020, la France comptait 77 foyers de coronavirus. Une seconde vague est-elle en train de toucher la France ? Si le nombre de clusters est elevé, l’agence Santé Publique France considère que le coronavirus « reste contenu ».

Déconfinement : Cinéma, casinos, stades, les prochaines autorisations et réouvertures
La France franchi une nouvelle étape de son déconfinement ce lundi 22 juin 2020. Cinéma, salles de spectacle, stades, qui ouvre quand, comment. et quelle sera la prochaine étape ? On fait le point?

Les sports collectifs autorisés à nouveau et réouverture des stades
Ce lundi 22 juin 2020 marque une nouvelle étape du plan de déconfinement. Passé cette date, les sports collectifs sont de nouveau autorisés en France. Quant à la réouverture des stades au public, elle est prévue pour le 11 juillet 2020.

Le Pass Jeune 2020, des animations gratuites ou à prix mini pour l’été
Tous les étés, la Mairie de Paris lance ses Pass Jeunes, un carnet qui propose 50 activités et sorties gratuites ou à petit prix pour les jeunes parisiens et franciliens de 15 à 25 ans. Si, d’ordinaire, les pass jeunes sont lancés courant juin, cette année, il faudra attendre le 15 août 2020 !

Les autoroutes bientôt limitées à 110km/h ?
Les autoroutes devraient être limitées à 110km/h si l’on en croit la Convention citoyenne pour le Climat. Les 150 citoyens tirés au sort pour définir des mesures à même de combattre le réchauffement climatique ont remis leur rapport de plus de 100 propositions, avec, parmi elles, l’abaissement de la vitesse maximale autorisée. Emmanuel Macron apportera « une première réponse » le 29 juin prochain.

Salon du luxe 2020 : l’édition se tiendra en ligne
Pour sa 6ème édition, le salon du luxe 2020 se déroulera exclusivement en ligne compte tenu de la crise sanitaire du coronavirus. L’événement aura lieu le 1er juillet prochain et aura pour thème cette année celui de la résilience et de l’avenir du luxe après la crise mondiale.

Coronavirus : à quoi vont ressembler les vacances d’été des Français ?
Le coronavirus aura une incidence sur les vacances d’été, c’est certain, mais à quoi vont-elles ressembler ? Une question à la quelle un sondage Opinion Way pour Sofinco et LCI a tenté de donner une réponse.

Paris : le rappeur Moha La Squale interpellé par la police
Après un contrôle routier effectué dans le 18e arrondissement de Paris, le rappeur Moha La Squale a été interpellé ce vendredi 19 juin par la police pour refus d’obtempérer et violence sur agent de la force publique et rébellion selon l’AFP. Une vidéo de son interpellation a été diffusée sur les réseaux sociaux.

L’Assemblée nationale rejette une proposition de loi pour rétablir l’ISF
Un texte de loi proposé par le parti communiste à propos du rétablissement de l’ISF a été rejeté par l’Assemblée Nationale, ce jeudi 18 juin. La secrétaire d’Etat Agnès Pannier-Runacher a affirmé que « les anciennes recettes ne fonctionnent plus » désormais.

Techno Parade à Paris : l’édition 2020 est annulée et reportée en 2021
En raison de la crise sanitaire et du contexte actuel, la Techno Parade ne fera pas son retour dans les rues de Paris au mois de septembre. L’événement musical et gratuit, qui met chaque année la culture et la musique électronique à l’honneur, annonce reporter son édition 2020 en 2021.

Les 5 Caumartin : le cinéma parisien ouvre ses portes dès minuit le 22 juin 2020
Pour fêter la réouverture du cinéma après plus de trois mois de fermeture, les 5 Caumartin organise une avant-première en présence de l’équipe du film dès le 22 juin 2020 à minuit. On vous donne les détails de cette soirée spéciale !

L’Assemblée nationale rejette une proposition de loi pour rétablir l’ISF
Un texte de loi proposé par le parti communiste à propos du rétablissement de l’ISF a été rejeté par l’Assemblée Nationale, ce jeudi 18 juin. La secrétaire d’Etat Agnès Pannier-Runacher a affirmé que « les anciennes recettes ne fonctionnent plus » désormais.

Municipales à Paris : Hidalgo loin devant Dati et Buzyn selon un sondage
À quelques jours du second tour des élections municipales, un sondage Ifop donne la liste de la maire sortante Anne Hidalgo en tête des intentions de vote à Paris, loin devant Rachida Dati et Agnès Buzyn, les deux candidates Les Républicains et La République en Marche.

Coronavirus : Sarcelles, Rouen… une hausse du nombre de clusters dans plusieurs villes de France
Si l’ensemble du territoire français est désormais classé en vert, le virus circule toujours. Dernièrement, une hausse du nombre de clusters a été observée dans plusieurs villes de l’hexagone, comme à Sarcelles, Rouen ou encore Saint-Étienne. On fait le point.

Coronavirus : la dette publique atteint les 101,2% du PIB fin mars
On s’y attendait mais la facture reste salée : les mesures de soutien aux entreprises lancées pendant la crise du Coronavirus alourdissent fortement la dette publique française. Fin mars, l’Insee enregistre le montant de la dette à 2 438,5 milliards d’euros, soit 101,2% du PIB français. C’est une hausse de 3,1 points par rapport à décembre 2019.

Réouverture du Musée Picasso à Paris
À Paris, le Musée Picasso rouvre ses portes dès le 21 juillet. L’occasion d’y retrouver les expositions « Picasso et la bande dessinée » et  » Picasso poète » qui se voient prolongées pour le plus grand bonheur des amateurs du peintre espagnol.

Réouverture du restaurant de la péniche La Nouvelle Seine
Bonne nouvelle ! La péniche La Nouvelle Seine, installée aux pieds de Notre-Dame, annonce la réouverture de son restaurant, de son bar ainsi que l’installation d’une nouvelle terrasse pour l’été 2020. En revanche, pour les spectacles, rendez-vous à la rentrée.

Le plan de relance économique débattu par la Commission européenne
La Commission Européenne doit voter, aujourd’hui et demain, son plan de relance économique, pour aider les pays de l’Union Européenne à sortir de la crise. Le fonds de relance pourrait atteindre les 750 milliards d’euros, sous forme d’aides directes et de prêts.

Le P’tit Canon, le bistrot du 17ème arrondissement, rouvre
Sur les nappes à carreaux du P’tit Canon, le nouveau restaurant du 17e arrondissement, on savoure des classiques de la cuisine de bistrot, généreux et faits-maison.

Le GO Sport Running 2020 au Château de Versailles : nouvelle date
Sortez vos habits royaux, le GO Sport Running revient le dimanche 25 octobre 2020 pour sa 9e édition. 20 000 participants sont attendus pour vivre un moment historique au coeur des jardins du Château de Versailles. Au programme : course Royale, course des Princesses, et course des enfants.

Caocao Mobility la nouvelle plateforme de VTC eco friendly à Paris
Marre du vélo et du métro ? Caocao Mobility c’est la nouvelle plateforme de VTC eco friendly. Des véhicules électriques où l’on peut voyager jusqu’à 6 personnes, voici une offre qui séduit !

Plages et baignades à Paris et en Ile de France pour l’été 2020
Des plages avec baignade autorisée existent à Paris et en Ile de France. Sortiraparis vous aide à trouver la plage, le lac, le bassin qui répondra à votre besoin de se rafraichir et à vos envies de détente en cet été 2020. Quand Paris et sa région deviennent une station balnéaire…

Cinéma : les films à voir le 22 juin 2020
Et si on se rendait au cinéma en juin 2020 ? Le bonne épouse, Une sirène à Paris, Nous les chiens… Autant de long-métrage à (re)découvrir pour toute la famille et toutes les envies ! Quoi qu’il en soit, la rédaction vous dévoile le calendrier des sorties cinéma du mois de juin 2020. On note les sorties dans nos agendas, les amis?

Réouverture de la Sainte-Chapelle, le monument aux 1000 vitraux à Paris
La Sainte-Chapelle est un joyau de la capitale vieux de 800 ans célèbre pour ses vitraux, qui dévoilent plus de 1100 scènes. Réouverture prévue le 23 juin 2020.

Découvrez les visites guidées des jardins du Château de Fontainebleau
Il fait beau, on a envie de verdure, alors direction les jardins du Château de Fontainebleau ! De nouvelles visites guidées thématiques vous attendent à partir du 12 juin 2020, le long du grand canal et au milieu des jardins.

TOP des expos gratuites à Paris en juin 2020
A la recherche d’une belle exposition gratuite à voir en juin 2020 ? Paris revit avec des belles installations dans les petites galeries, dans des lieux éphémères exceptionnels, des musées et même dans les rues : il suffit de suivre ce guide !

La Station – Gare des Mines : week-end de réouverture
Après plusieurs semaines de fermeture en raison de la crise sanitaire, la Station – Gare des Mines annonce sa réouverture lors d’un week-end exclusif à ne pas manquer. Rendez-vous ces vendredi 19 et samedi 20 juin 2020 pour se remplir la panse, siroter un cocktail et vibrer sur de puissants dj sets.

Ces bars aux concepts insolites qui ont rouvert à Paris
Les bars sont de retour à Paris et les concepts les plus insolites vous rouvrent de nouveau leurs portes ! Alors si vous êtes en quête de belles expériences pour des retrouvailles sympas avec vos amis, ne passez pas à côté de ces spots coup de coeur !

Les plus belles terrasses en rooftop de l’été 2020 à Paris
À Paris, les rooftops sont désormais un incontournable. Ces spots situés en hauteur vous permettent de siroter un bon verre ou de déguster des bons plats avec une vue imprenable sur les toits de la capitale ! Pour les découvrir, suivez le guide !

Le top des nouvelles terrasses de cet été 2020 à Paris
A Paris, les terrasses ne désemplissent pas chaque été ! Entre les terrasses perchées, les terrasses bucoliques ou encore les terrasses branchées… les Parisiens ont de quoi se détendre tout en prenant un bon bain de soleil. Mais si certaines sont bien connues des adeptes du bronzage, d’autres viennent à peine de voir le jour, amenant ainsi un vent de fraîcheur et de nouveautés dans la capitale. On vous invite donc à découvrir notre top des nouvelles terrasses et autres rooftops de cet été 2020 à Paris.

Écoles : la distanciation physique abolie en maternelle, préconisée en élémentaire
Alors que le Président de la République a annoncé que tous les élèves devaient retourner à l’école dès le lundi 22 juin 2020, pour les deux dernières semaines de cours de l’année scolaire, les règles de distanciation physique, mises en place depuis la réouverture des écoles le 11 mai dernier, se voient totalement remaniées. En maternelle, en primaire ou au collège, on fait le point sur ce qu’impose le nouveau protocole sanitaire en matière de distanciation.

Des visites guidées thématiques pour redécouvrir Paris avec ARTORA
Un été culturel et curieux vous attend à Paris : avec ARTORA, visitez la capitale et redécouvrez son histoire et ses secrets. Des visites guidées thématiques nous entraînent à la rencontre du street-art, du féminisme, de l’art nouveau, des évolutions de la ville… Participez à de belles balades dans les rues de Paris !

Le Jardin Suspendu au Parc Floral : nouvelle immense terrasse bucolique à Paris
Bonne nouvelle pour les amoureux du Jardin Suspendu puisque la fameuse terrasse éphémère estivale revient à Paris pour une nouvelle et troisième saison. Cette fois-ci, l’équipe de Passage Enchanté offre à son Jardin Suspendu un nouvel écrin naturel de 2500 m² : la Chesnaie du Roy nichée en plein cœur du Parc Floral de Vincennes. Rendez-vous dès le mercredi 1er juillet 2020 à 18h pour profiter de ce nouveau havre de paix qui mêle détente, playground et foodtruck. We tell you everything.

Municipales 2020 : Second Tour le 28 juin, le gouvernement rappelle les règles
Le second tour des élections municipales aura lieu le dimanche 28 juin 2020 pour près de 5.000 communes qui n’ont pas élu de maire au premier tour. Comment faire une procuration pour les municipales 2020 ? Pourra-t-on voter à distance ? Comment faire campagne en pleine crise sanitaire ? On fait le point sur l’organisation du scrutin.

Ecoles et Collèges : le nouveau protocole sanitaire allégé, fin de la distanciation en maternelle
Faisant suite aux demandes de Jean-Michel Blanquer d’alléger le protocole sanitaire mis en place dans les écoles pour que les établissements scolaires puissent accueillir tous les enfants d’ici la fin de l’année, Emmanuel Macron a annoncé que « les crèches, les écoles, les collèges se prépareront à accueillir à partir du 22 juin tous les élèves, de manière obligatoire et selon les règles de présence normale ». Quelles sont donc les nouvelles conditions d’accueil dans les établissements scolaires ?

L’été du canal 2020 maintenu : l’Ourcq en fête
L’été du Canal, le rendez-vous de l’été qui invite les parisiens à bronzer, danser, et surtout rêver sur le canal de l’Ourcq est de retour de juin à août 2020. Le Canal de l’Ourcq, qui relie Paris à la Seine-Saint-Denis, fait place à la magie de l’eau, aux bals, aux spectacles et au street art! Tout un éventail d’animations festives pour passer l’été au bord de l’eau à découvrir.

Réouverture des salles d’escalade Arkose
Après de longues semaines de fermeture engendrées par l’épidémie de coronavirus, les salles d’escalade et espaces Arkose rouvrent leurs portes à Paris et en Île-de-France. À partir du 16 juin, les blockparks de Nation, Pantin et Montreuil sont à nouveau ouverts au férus d’escalade. Des conditions sanitaires strictes ont été instaurées.

My Urban Experience propose un escape game insolite en extérieur et en virtuel
Les amateurs d’énigmes et de courses contre la montre vont pouvoir s’adonner à un tout nouveau jeu d’évasion proposé par My Urban Experience… Sa particularité ? Il se déroule en extérieur ! Des visites guidées et des escape games virtuels sont aussi disponibles, pour toujours plus de fun.

Coronavirus : L’application StopCovid récolte plus de données qu’annoncé
Comme craint par un grand nombre d’élus avant le lancement de l’application, Mediapart révèle que Stop-Covid récolte plus de données que ce qui avait été annoncé par le gouvernement.

Le nombre de bénéficiaires du chômage partiel connait une « décrue manifeste » selon Pénicaud
Dispositif mis en place pendant le confinement dû à la crise sanitaire du coronavirus, le chômage partiel enregistre une baisse significative au mois de mai selon Muriel Pénicaud.

Les escape games qui rouvrent leurs portes à Paris
À Paris, les Escape Games aussi se déconfinent ! Après plusieurs mois de fermeture, voilà qu’ils rouvrent progressivement pour vous faire profiter de leurs scénarios ultra-immersifs pour le plus grand plaisir des Parisiens en mal d’énigmes. Vous relevez le défi ?

Nigloland, le parc d’attraction et ses nouveautés 2020
Nigloland, parc d’attractions situé à quelques kilomètres de Troyes, rouvre ses portes le 11 juillet 2020. Il vous accueille jusqu’au 15 novembre 2020. Et cette année, la nouveauté est un grand huit familial qui s’appelle Noisette Express.

Coronavirus : EasyCov, le premier test salivaire commercialisé en juillet
Un nouveau test de dépistage efficace pour détecter le coronavirus ? Des chercheurs du laboratoire de Montpellier Sys2Diag ont finalement mis au point le tout premier test salivaire rapide et peu coûteux, après s’être félicité au début du mois de juin des premiers résultats du test, baptisé EasyCov. Un test produit par un laboratoire palois et qui sera commercialisé à partir du 1er juillet.

Fête de la musique 2020 à Paris : karaoké géant et dj sets à l’Institut du Monde Arabe
Un karaoké géant sur le parvis de l’Institut du Monde Arabe à Paris et des DJ sets internationaux sur son toit : c’est le programme musical qui vous attend ce dimanche 21 juin 2020 dès 13h à l’occasion de la nouvelle fête de la musique.

Disneyland Paris rouvre enfin ses parcs
Les parcs Disneyland Paris et Walt Disney studio sont fermés depuis la mi-mars en raison de l’épidémie de coronavirus. Et pour tous ceux qui attendent de pouvoir revenir aux parcs, bonne nouvelle : la direction du resort vient d’annoncer à ses équipes une date de réouverture officielle ! Rendez-vous le 15 juillet 2020 pour pouvoir profiter à nouveau de la magie des parcs !

Un 10km virtuel et solidaire pour soutenir l’UNICEF
Après de longues semaines sans compétition, Running Heroes et Puma organisent une course virtuelle inédite, dont les bénéfices seront reversés à l’UNICEF pour aider face à la crise sanitaire. Le principe du 10K Free To Race ? Courir 10 kilomètres entre le 20 juin et le 21 juin, où l’on veut, et surtout quand on veut ! D’autres athlètes stars participent à l’évènement.

Vacances : des billets bradés et une reprise de bon augure pour la SNCF
Alors que la SNCF brade des millions de billets de train pour cet été, comment se déroule la reprise à l’approche des départs en vacances ? On fait le point.

Christo et Jeanne-Claude, l’exposition au Centre Pompidou
Au Centre Pompidou, l’exposition consacrée à Christo et Jeanne-Claude, reportée en raison de l’épidémie de coronavirus, aura finalement lieu du 1er juillet au 19 octobre 2020. Une exposition en forme d’hommage, l’artiste nous ayant quitté au mois de mai 2020.

Le Marathon de la Solidarité, la course pour rendre hommage au personnel soignant
Des associations et sportifs français se mobilisent pour soutenir et rendre hommage au personnel soignants et aux victimes du Covid-19. À l’occasion de la Journée Olympique qui se tient le mardi 23 juin 2020, les coureurs du Marathon de la Solidarité relieront 24 hôpitaux de Paris et de la petite couronne pour immortaliser le moment et récolter le maximum de dons. Top départ prévu à l’INSEP de Vincennes !

14 juillet : les Pompiers de Paris annulent leurs traditionnels bals
C’est malheureusement confirmé… En raison de la crise sanitaire, les Pompiers de Paris n’organiseront pas de bals les 13 et 14 juillet prochains, comme ils le font traditionnellement chaque été pour la fête nationale.

Coronavirus : une place de crèche laissée vide ne doit pas être facturée
Pendant la crise sanitaire et le confinement, de nombreuses places en crèches se sont retrouvées vides, les parents pouvant garder leurs enfants à la maison. Pourtant, certains parents ont quand même reçu une facture. La secrétaire d’Etat auprès de ministre de la santé rappelle donc que les parents n’ont pas à payer pour cette période.

Tour Eiffel, ouverture avec un bon plan famille
La Tour Eiffel fait son retour dès ce 25 juin après plusieurs mois de fermeture. Notez que la mise en vente des billets en ligne démarre ce jeudi 18 juin avec un bon plan à ne pas manquer, une réduction de 50% du 1er juillet au 31 août pour les enfants.

Fête de la musique 2020 : concerts dans les hôpitaux en solidarité pour les soignants
La Fête de la musique 2020 sera aussi dans les hôpitaux. Pour « saluer l’ensemble des soignants », des concerts privés réservés au personnel soignant, à leurs familles et aux patients seront organisés ce week-end des 20 et 21 juin 2020. Les musiciens se sont mobilisées, parmi eux : Tim Dup, Laura Cahen, Yves Jamait, Cyril Mokaiesh, Sofaz, Angélique Kidjo, Zoe’s Shanghai, Clarika, Bazbaz, Tété, Les amis de Brassens et Des lions pour des Lions.

Fête de la musique 2020 à l’Accor Arena à Paris : une émission en public diffusée sur France 2
Cette année, en raison de la crise sanitaire, la fête de la musique ne se déroulera pas comme d’habitude. Mais France Télévisions a décidé de célébrer l’événement en organisant une émission spéciale qui sera diffusée en prime time sur France 2. A suivre en direct depuis l’AccorHotels Arena de Paris ce vendredi 19 juin 2020, cet événement accueillera notamment Patrick Bruel, Catherine Ringer, Claudio Capeo, Benjamin Biolay, Pascal Obispo, Dadju ou encore Tryo et Gims. Et surprise, cette soirée se fera finalement en public.

Top 10 des salons de thé ouverts dont on a rêvé pendant le confinement
Quel salon de thé allez-vous tester à Paris après ce confinement ? La question est difficile, surtout que les chefs nous ont fait rêver avec leurs pâtisseries sur Insta pendant les 2 mois de confinement. A la rédaction, on s’est posé la question : s’il fallait choisir un salon de thé où se poser pour manger un gâteau et boire un café, lequel serait-ce ? Voici notre top.

Pesticides et perturbateurs endocriniens : des traces retrouvées dans l’eau du robinet ?
Voilà une étude qui ne va pas rassurer les Français. L’association Générations Futures a publié, le 17 juin, une nouvelle enquête sur la qualité de l’eau du robinet dans le pays. Cette étude révèle que des traces de pesticides et de perturbateurs endocriniens ont été retrouvées dans des analyses prélevées dans l’eau du robinet en France en 2019. On vous explique.

Cinéma : les films à voir cet été 2020
Envie de se faire une toile et de se réfugier au frais… ? Ça tombe bien ! Sortiraparis vous propose une sélection aux petits oignons des films à découvrir cet été au cinéma… L’occasion, en plus de trouver la fraîcheur, de se plonger dans différents univers et s’évader le temps d’une séance.

Coronavirus : La dexaméthasone, ce stéroïde qui pourrait réduire d’un tiers la mortalité
Selon un essai clinique britannique, un médicament appartenant à la famille des stéroïdes réduirait d’un tiers la mortalité chez les patients les plus atteints par le Covid-19. Une étude encourageante alors qu’aucun traitement n’est encore connu pour combattre le coronavirus.

Les escape games qui rouvrent leurs portes à Paris
À Paris, les Escape Games aussi se déconfinent ! Après plusieurs mois de fermeture, voilà qu’ils rouvrent progressivement pour vous faire profiter de leurs scénarios ultra-immersifs pour le plus grand plaisir des Parisiens en mal d’énigmes. Vous relevez le défi ?

Notre-Dame de Paris : début des travaux de reconstruction en 2021
Plus d’un an après l’incendie de Notre-Dame, les travaux de reconstruction, dont les premières phases ont été interrompues par l’épidémie de coronavirus et le confinement, débuteront officiellement en janvier 2021. Des travaux qui doivent commencer après la dernière phase de consolidation de l’édifice.

Réouverture de Marco Marco, la pizzeria de l’Esplanade de la Défense
La pizzeria Marco Marco, située sur l’Esplanade de la Défense, rouvre ses portes à partir du 15 juin, du lundi au vendredi pour le déjeuner. Les actifs du quartier d’affaires peuvent à nouveau profiter de leur spot préféré pour manger de bonnes pizzas.

« Le Parisien » annonce un plan de départ et la fin de ses éditions départementales
Le quotidien « Le Parisien » annonce ce mardi 16 juin une réorganisation de sa rédaction pour mieux renforcer ses éditions numériques et anticiper la fin du format papier. Neuf de ses éditions départementales sont abandonnées, au profit d’un cahier unique d’informations locales.

La Haute autorité de Santé appelle à reprendre les vaccinations
Pendant la crise sanitaire, une baisse du nombre des vaccinations a été observée. Face à ce constat, la Haute autorité de Santé appelle à reprendre d’urgence les vaccinations, particulièrement pour les adultes vulnérables et les nourrissons.

Pandore & Associés, l’escape game le plus mystérieux de Paris ouvre ses portes
Avis aux fans de mystères et d’escape game ! Pandore & Associés, nouvelle enseigne du genre, ouvre sont tout complexe dans la capitale dès le 22 juin 2020. Une plongée inédite au coeur d’un entrepôt, la plus grande salle d’escape game de Paris, renfermant de nombreux objets et créatures extraordinaires dans plus de 130m2 d’espace.

Police : le Sénat va examiner les méthodes d’intervention des forces de l’ordre
La commission des lois du Sénat crée ce mardi 16 juin une mission d’information sur les méthodes d’intervention de la police.Le ministre de l’Intérieur Christophe Castaner a annoncé une semaine auparavant la disparition de la méthode dite de la clé « d’étranglement ».

Emmanuel Macron annonce la relocalisation de certaines productions de médicaments
Emmanuel Macron a annoncé lors d’une visite à Marcy-l’Etoile sur le site de Sanofi, dans le Rhône, qu’à partir du 18 juin 2020, « une initiative de relocalisation de certaines productions » de médicaments serait lancée. L’objectif à long terme : ne plus être dépendant de l’importation extra-européenne, comme annoncé lors du lancement du Ségur de la Santé fin mai.

Des fleurs dans le ciel de Bercy Village cet été 2020
Cet été 2020, les fleurs vont pousser dans le ciel de Bercy Village. Audray Roy-Camille, paysagiste des Naturistes, propose une installation inédite et poétique : 2600 fleurs suspendues dans les airs, telles des guirlandes. A voir et à prendre en photo du 11 juillet au 11 octobre 2020.

Parcoursup : validation, rétraction, liste d’attente et mise à jour ce qu’il faut savoir
Les lycéens de terminale ont pu découvrir les premiers résultats en réponse à leurs voeux de formations pour l’année 2020-2021 sur la plateforme Parcoursup. Pour ceux n’ayant pas encore eu d’affectation, la phase complémentaire débute aujourd’hui. Acceptation, refus, recours… Voici ce qu’il faut savoir.

Coronavirus : la cérémonie des Oscars 2021 repoussée
La cérémonie des Oscars, qui devait se tenir le 28 février 2021 à Los Angeles, a été compromise en raison de l’épidémie de coronavirus qui perdure. Finalement, il a été décidé que la cérémonie serait repoussée de deux mois et aura lieu le 25 avril 2021.

Municipales : Anne Hidalgo souhaite généraliser la vitesse de circulation à 30 km/h à Paris
À l’approche des Municipales, la maire sortante de la capitale, Anne Hidalgo, a présenté ses différentes propositions autour de l’emploi, de la solidarité, de la santé sans oublier de l’écologie. Sur ce point, l’élue socialiste entend diminuer encore davantage la circulation automobile dans les rues de la capitale et notamment généraliser la vitesse de circulation à 30 km/h.

La Table du Luxembourg passe à l’heure d’été
Pour passer les beaux jours à l’ombre des arbres du Jardin du Luxembourg, en savourant de bons petits plats, direction La Table du Luxembourg pour découvrir la nouvelle carte estivale !

L’Entrepôt, le cinéma indépendant et atypique de Paris, rouvre le 22 juin
Cinéma, expositions, bar ou restaurant…tout est possible à l’Entrepôt ! Si vous avez envie de découvrir un endroit insolite, rendez-vous dans le 14ème arrondissement de Paris pour tester ce véritable lieu de vie et d’échange.

Angelina rouvre ses 4 salons de thé parisiens
La Maison Angelina rouvre ses 4 salons de thé parisiens, à compter du 17 juin 2020. L’occasion parfaite pour aller déguster les glaces et le chocolat chaud de la célèbre maison parisienne.

Jardin Secret, la terrasse estivale du Royal Monceau
Evadez-vous du bruit de la ville sur la nouvelle terrasse éphémère du Royal Monceau, le Jardin Secret. Durant tout l’été 2020, on y sirote des cocktails signature, on y déguste des plats aux saveurs japonaises et sud-américaines et on y partage de jolis moments entre amis.

Le Perchoir Porte de Versailles, le rooftop ferme urbaine se dévoile en images
Le Perchoir s’installe pour la première fois Rive Gauche et plus exactement sur le toit du Pavillon 6 du Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles ! L’insatiable groupe, déjà à l’origine de cinq autres lieux à Paris, a choisi de poser son nouveau concept au cœur de la plus grande ferme urbaine en toiture au monde. Rendez-vous dès ce jeudi 18 juin 2020 pour découvrir ce nouveau hot spot de la capitale.

Police : la technique de l’étranglement « continuera d’être mise en oeuvre » en France
La technique de l’étranglement abandonnée par la Police et la gendarmerie ? Not so sure. Suite à l’annonce forte du ministre de l’Intérieur, Christophe Castaner, de mettre fin à cette technique « qui comporte des dangers », le directeur général de la police nationale vient d’annoncer ce lundi 15 juin que « la technique dite de l’étranglement continuera d’être mise en oeuvre avec mesure et discernement » dans l’attente d’un nouveau cadre.

Le Grand Palais ferme pour travaux en 2020 : le chantier est-il en danger ?
La fermeture du Grand Palais doit avoir lieu entre décembre 2020 et mars 2023, pour une réouverture avant les JO 2024. Annoncé par Françoise Nyssen en 2018, ce chantier de deux ans et 466 millions d’euros pour rénover l’un des plus beaux monuments de Paris est-il mis en danger par le coronavirus ?

Avec le déconfinement, les déménagements cartonnent en France
Comme de nombreux pans de l’économie française, le secteur du déménagement a été frappé de plein fouet par les mesures de confinement et l’épidémie de coronavirus. Depuis le début du déconfinement, les déménagements repartent en trombe et la pleine saison s’annonce sportive, avec de premiers chiffres encourageants chez les professionnels.

Retour obligatoire à l’école : pourquoi les lycées ne sont pas concernés
Suite à l’allocution du dimanche 14 juin 2020 d’Emmanuel Macron, le retour à l’école est obligatoire à compter du 22 juin 2020. Cependant, contrairement aux collèges et écoles, les lycées font office d’exception.

Ehpad : les visites désormais autorisées
A l’occasion de l’allocution du Président de la République qui s’est tenu dimanche 14 juin 2020, Emmanuel Macron a annoncé que les visites en Ehpad seraient désormais autorisées, d’ici le 22 juin. Une bonne nouvelle pour les familles, même si des modalités de visites et autres mesures sanitaires restent encore en vigueur.

Coronavirus : ces pays européens où les Français peuvent à nouveau voyager
Où les français pourront-ils partir en vacances cet été ? C’est une question que beaucoup se posent actuellement alors que l’Italie a rouvert ses frontières aux touristes de l’Union européenne le 3 juin dernier. D’autres pays européens comptent rouvrir leurs frontières dès le 15 juin 2020. On fait le point sur ces pays du Vieux Continent où les Français pourront à nouveau voyager cet été.

Coronavirus : un nouveau cluster découvert près de Toulouse
Le coronavirus continue de frapper malgré les mesures… Un nouveau foyer épidémique a ainsi été identifié dans l’agglomération de Toulouse après un repas de fête. Au total, une dizaine de nouveaux cas ont été confirmés. Des examens sont encore en cours.

L’Espagne rouvre ses frontières dimanche 21 juin
L’Espagne poursuit son déconfinement et rouvre ses frontières de l’espace Schengen et notamment ceux de la France ce dimanche 21 juin. Seule les frontières du Portugal restent fermées à leur demande.

Le Perchoir du BHV Marais rouvre sa terrasse estivale à Paris
Bonne nouvelle pour les amoureux de terrasses avec des vues époustouflantes puisque le Perchoir Marais s’apprête à rouvrir. Cet été, le réputé rooftop perché sur le toit du BHV Marais à Paris vous attend dès le mercredi 17 juin 2020.

Réouverture de L’Antichambre, l’escape game captivant
L’Antichambre, enseigne d’escape game parisienne, rouvre ses portes le 22 juin 2020 après trois mois de fermeture dus au coronavirus. Avec ses 10 univers déconcertants, l’Antichambre nous promet des sensations inédites, entre angoisse, peur et rire collectif. On n’hésite pas à s’enfermer en famille ou entre amis, et on collabore pour échapper à la colère de la momie, du vaudou et des nombreux univers qui nous sont proposés !

Le Musée Guimet ouvre sa terrasse panoramique
Pour la toute première fois et pendant tout l’été, le Musée Guimet vous invite à découvrir sa terrasse panoramique et son stand de glaces à la réouverture de l’établissement, le 8 juillet 2020. L’occasion de prendre un bain de soleil tout en profitant de la vue imprenable sur la Tour Eiffel.

Paris : une manifestation surprise et nocturne de policiers devant l’Arc de Triomphe
Plusieurs dizaines de policiers se sont rassemblés ce 13 juin peu avant minuit devant l’Arc de Triomphe à Paris. Pour protester contre les récentes annonces de Christophe Castaner, ils ont, symboliquement, jeté à terre leurs menottes.

Municipales : Rachida Dati soutenue officiellement par Valérie Pécresse pour le second tour
Un soutien de taille pour le second tour des municipales ! Valérie Pécresse, la Présidente de la Région Île-de-France, a annoncé soutenir officiellement Rachida Dati, candidate LR à la mairie de Paris, lors d’un déplacement commun Porte d’Aubervilliers, sur la « colline du crack », samedi 13 juin 2020. L’objectif : battre Anne Hidalgo le 28 juin.

Réouverture de La Pièce, l’escape game original à deux pas de République
Vous cherchez un escape game qui sorte de l’ordinaire, avec un accueil aux petits soins et des décors à couper le souffle ? La Pièce, situé dans le 10e arrondissement, répond à tous ces critères, et même plus en proposant pas moins de deux salles immersives pour sa réouverture post-covid prévue le 22 juin 2020. On part se creuser les méninges, les amis ?

Le Conseil d’Etat met fin à l’interdiction de manifester
Manifester est interdit en France dans le cadre de l’Etat urgence sanitaire. Cette interdiction stricte, le Conseil d’Etat vient de la juger irrecevable ce samedi 13 juin 2020 suite au recours de la Ligue des Droits de l’Homme. Mais le Conseil d’Etat rappelle que l’interdiction de manifester « peut être justifiée par la situation sanitaire actuelle » lorsque les mesures barrières ne peuvent pas être respectées » ou que « l’événement risque de réunir plus 5000 personnes ».

Samba, le bar éphémère de la Défense avec 9000m2 d’espace pour des barbecue et de la pétanque
Un bar éphémère dans une friche de 9000m2 en plein air, ça vous dit ? Bienvenue à Samba, qui squatte la friche Vive les Groues de la Défense tout l’été 2020. Au programme, un bar avec plein de bières produites en Ile de France, mais aussi des barbecues en libre service, des food trucks, et des espaces de jeu pour des parties de pétanque et de ping-pong.

Tennis : reprise des tournois en Île-de-France pour les licenciés
Après une reprise encourageante dans les clubs affiliés, la Fédération française de tennis annonce le retour de la compétition à partir du 22 juin. Les tournois de tennis reprendront après cette date comme pour les classements, gelés depuis le début de la crise du coronavirus. Dans le strict respect de certaines mesures sanitaires, bien entendu !

L’ancienne prison de Compiègne en vente sur Leboncoin
Les locaux de l’ancienne maison d’arrêt de Compiègne, vides depuis 2016, ont été mis en vente sur le site spécialisé dans l’achat revente entre particuliers Leboncoin. C’est l’entreprise Agorastore qui a publié l’annonce mercredi 10 juin.

L’ancienne prison de Compiègne en vente sur Leboncoin
Les locaux de l’ancienne maison d’arrêt de Compiègne, vides depuis 2016, ont été mis en vente sur le site spécialisé dans l’achat revente entre particuliers Leboncoin. C’est l’entreprise Agorastore qui a publié l’annonce mercredi 10 juin.

Le Parc Astérix est ouvert : protocole sanitaire et nouveautés en vidéo
Le Parc Astérix, célèbre parc d’attraction aux portes de l’Ile de France a rouvert ses portes le 15 juin 2020 pour une nouvelle saison. Chaque jour, le parc d’attraction est limité à 5000 personnes et, inutile de vous déplacer sans billets, il faudra absolument réserver son billet en amont. On découvre le protocole sanitaire et les mesures mises en place pour accueillir les Gaulois en quête d’aventures et de dépaysement proche de Paris.

Fin des taux de crédit immobilier bas ? tout dépend du dossier
Les taux de crédit auraient augmenté de 0,3 à 0,7 points entre mars et mai 2020. Et en juin, cette tendance à la remontée des taux immobilier se confirme. En cause, la sélection des profils avec un grand apport personnel, une recommandation de la HCSF, et la crise économique et la montée du chômage qui se profilent.

Coronavirus : la marche des fiertés 2020 à Paris reportée en novembre
En raison de la crise sanitaire et suite à l’interdiction des festivals et des événements réunissant un public nombreux en France jusqu’à la mi-juillet, la Gay Pride, initialement prévue le 27 juin 2020 à Paris, est officiellement reportée au samedi 7 novembre 2020. La marche débutera à 14 heures à Luxembourg pour arriver place de la République.

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the government relaxes the law, the association 30 million friends rebels – Insurance for Pets

In a decree of March 17, article R214-90 of the Rural and Maritime Fishing Code was modified. The new version of the text widens the scope of derogations from the use of laboratory animals.

« A terrible setback ». In a press release published Friday, June 26, the association 30 million friends protested against a decree easing the law on the use of animals in laboratories. « The government has forced us to go back by more than 30 years », indignant Reha Hutin, the president of the association for the defense of animals.

The object of this wrath dates from March 17, 2020. On that day, a decree modifies article R214-90 of the Rural and Maritime Fishing Code. This article states that laboratory animals « must have been bred for this purpose and come from approved breeders or suppliers ». He plans « derogations (…) on the basis of duly justified scientific evidence when the production of approved breeders is insufficient or does not suit the specific needs of the project « .

It is this last point which was modified on March 17th. The mention the reference « when the production of approved breeders is insufficient or does not suit the specific needs of the project » has been removed, effectively expanding the cases where derogation is possible. « This decree is the door open to the worst! Breeding of hunting dogs, individuals, anyone can sell their animal to a laboratory », also denounces in the press release Christiane Laupie, of the scientific committee Pro anima, partner of 30 million friends.

Insurance for Pets

A Christian city has been excavated in Galilee, which was looted by the Persians in the 7th century – Insurance for Pets

Part of a Byzantine-era mosaic excavated in 2007 in northern Israel at the Pi Mazuva excavation. . Photo IAA

Israeli archaeologists have published a 360-degree analysis of a rural, prosperous Christian city – the Byzantine settlement of Pi Mazuva – most likely destroyed by Persian invaders in 613.

The remains of the Byzantine settlement of Pi Mazuva had been excavated in 2007 during road works near the Israeli city Shlomi and Kibbutz Hanita, in northwestern Israel near the Lebanon border.

The finds include Christian iconography, a large house and a colorful, high-quality, partially preserved mosaic floor.

The findings were published in the June edition of Atiqot, a research journal produced by the Israel Antiquities Authority, and initially reported in Haaretz. The principal investigators were Gilad Cinamon, Yoav Lerer, Gabriela Bijovsky and Rina Talgam.

Rare bronze weight from the Byzantine era found in Pi Metzuba in 2007. Photo IAA

According to the publication published in English, the settlement in the fourth and fifth century Jerusalem was called « Talmud » as part of « forbidden areas » and according to Jewish law (halacha) not considered part of Jewish territory. At the same time, certain commandments for Jews in the land of Israel were still maintained in the area.

« Although we do not have any documents from Christian sources regarding this settlement for the time being, all evidence points to an almost entirely Christian population, » Cinamon told Haaretz.

In addition to the colorful mosaic, researchers also found pottery, a bronze cross, Arab-Byzantine coins, a rare sixth-century bronze weight, and cross-carved stones. Four structures were excavated in two seasons, spanning narrow alleys. The researchers write that the bronze weight « teaches about the economic well-being of the rural community. »

Part of a Byzantine-era mosaic excavated in 2007 in northern Israel at the Pi Mazuva excavation.Photo IAA

The 5 by 5 meter mosaic shows floral motifs, animal and human figures and fragments of Greek inscriptions, which have not been deciphered more than ten years after their unveiling. The researchers said it was probably created by experienced artists and decorated the floor of a local villa. According to Haaretz, it was transferred to a local archaeological museum in Kibbutz Ein Dor, near Nazareth, where it is currently on display to the public.

The pastoral illustrations include images of cats, a rabbit eating grapes, a cup, birds, a young man, fruit plants, and a woman who seems to personify abundance and agricultural fertility.

« The motifs are eclectic, on the one hand they point to a continuity of classical traditions and on the other hand they turn away from them, » the researchers wrote. « This mosaic joins many other mosaic floors created after the conquest of Muslims, indicating that local Byzantine traditions continued in the 7th to 8th centuries. »

The room contained Christian artifacts, but did not appear to be a chapel, but rather a hall where guests were received in a family’s prosperous farm.

The coins found at the site date from the Byzantine and early Islamic periods, except for one, which was minted in Lyon, France, in the year 314 or 315.

The site was first discovered in 2007 during road construction and has only been partially excavated. Most of the site was refilled with sand pending future archaeological investigations.

The excavation site Pi Mazuva in 2007. Photo IAA

A community near the site in question today retains the Byzantine era name and is called Kibbutz Metzuba, derived from the Byzantine name of the settlement Pi Mazuva.

The Byzantine Empire and the Sassanian Persian Empire were at war between the 1960s and 628, the last of a series of conflicts between the two powers. The Persians invaded modern-day Israel and conquered Jerusalem in the year 614, with the help of some Jewish allies persecuted by the Byzantines.

According to the researchers, there were about 140 Christian settlements in the region during this period, including 63 churches or monasteries. Another 13 settlements had a mixed population. Many of these Christian sites in Galilee were destroyed during the Persian invasion.

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How do I ensure that my dog ​​or cat gets all the necessary nutrients? – Radar – Insurance for Pets

In order to keep your pet healthy, it is important that your dog or cat gets enough nutrients. Dogs and cats need a lot of different nutrients. Guido Bosch, animal nutrition expert at the University of Wageningen helps you to put together a good diet for your dog or cat.

There are many different types and brands of feed on the market, divided into complete and supplementary feed. Complete food contains all the nutrients that your animal needs, additional food does not. Dry food and most wet food is complete. Supplementary food also comes in different shapes and flavors, such as a dog biscuit, meat sausage, a can with fish or a vegetable mix. Even if you give different types of supplementary food to your animal, you can never say with certainty that your animal is getting all the nutrients. If you choose complete food, your dog or cat will receive all the necessary nutrients.

Vitamins and minerals

Bosch cites vitamins and minerals as an example. These are nutrients that pets like us need in the right amount and proportion. In almost all complete foods, vitamins and minerals are added, while supplemental food usually does not contain this addition. If you only give your animal supplementary food, your animal will lack these nutrients. Packaging states under the composition of the product whether vitamins and minerals have been added.

How do I recognize complete food?

When reading the label, look for the terms ‘complete’ or ‘complete’ for products that contain all the nutrients your dog or cat needs on a daily basis. Products that are not complete are indicated by the term ‘additional’. The use of these terms is legally defined.

Extra nutrition from the owner

In the production of animal feed, extras that an owner sometimes wants to give are taken into account. Complete food therefore contains slightly more nutrients than is actually necessary. Do not give more than ten percent of the total
energy intake via extras, otherwise the diet is no longer in balance.

Is all the complete food equally good?

Bosses have different ideas about what good nutrition is. Most importantly, the need for all the nutrients of dogs and cats is covered and the food is safe for the animal and its environment. In principle, any commercial, complete food should meet your pet’s nutrient needs. Quality is guaranteed by the guidelines of FEDIAF (The European Pet Food Industry) and by European regulations and supervision by the NVWA. Unfortunately, there is no FEDIAF quality mark on the packaging. Most of the food in the shops is produced by members of the Dutch Food Industry Companion Animals (NVG). The NVG works together to ensure good and safe nutrition in the Netherlands and is affiliated with the FEDIAF. At the bottom of this page you can find the members of the NVG.

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Pets and Holidays: What Dog Owners and Cat Lovers Need to Know – Insurance for Pets

Most animals are better off at home than in the resort. But the grandparents or neighbors cannot always be harnessed as zookeepers. Questions and answers:

Should my pet travel with me?

Not all pets like to travel. While a dog prefers to accompany its owner everywhere, cats, birds and small pets such as guinea pigs should better stay at home, the veterinarians’ association advises. For most cats, driving is stressful, and they also feel uncomfortable in a foreign environment. Birds and small pets are extremely sensitive to heat. It is therefore advisable to find good care for such animals, if possible in a familiar environment.

How do I find a pet sitter for dogs and cats?

If it doesn’t work privately, there is a service for vacationers under the motto « If you take my animal, I take your animal ». Pet owners take care of their four- and two-legged friends. The contacts mediate among other things the local animal protection associations. You can also search for a suitable pet sitter through the local veterinary practice or on notice boards in the animal shelter.

What needs to be considered when choosing a pet boarding house?

In any case, pet owners should inquire about their pension at their veterinarian or at the local animal welfare association, as any complaints often arrive there. The animal welfare association advises to look at the qualifications of the carers and at the services, not only at the price.

Owners should also look at the pension themselves before the vacation and make sure that only vaccinated animals are accommodated there and that the dogs have a run. If the area in which the animals are housed cannot be visited, this is « not a good sign » from the perspective of animal rights activists.

What is the safest way to travel with a dog?

The dog should best be stored in a special transport box made of aluminum or another metal in the trunk. So-called soft boxes offer no protection in the event of an impact. Alternatively, the dog can be secured to its harness with a special seat belt for four-legged friends in the back seat. The animals find it very stressful to travel in the loud cargo hold of an airplane, but air travel is rare in Corona times anyway.

What needs to be considered abroad?

The host country’s entry requirements apply. Usually, examinations, vaccinations or applications for entry are necessary. In most European countries, a rabies vaccination is mandatory, which must have been at least 21 days prior to entry. In addition, a uniform pet ID must be carried, some countries also want to see official veterinary certificates for the four-legged friends.

Animal owners who want to travel to Finland or Malta, for example, must also have their animals treated for tapeworms. Dogs and cats must be labeled with a microchip or a legible tattoo. In addition, pet owners should find out about regional diseases such as leishmaniasis, which is dangerous for dogs in the Mediterranean.

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how to fight against compulsive purchases of animals? – Insurance for Pets


Each year, more than 100,000 animals are abandoned in France, according to SPA figures. A sad European record. To try to stem this sad plague, the LREM deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes Loïc Dombreval has just revealed a report containing 121 proposals for animal welfare. Among these, the idea of ​​a free and compulsory certificate before the adoption of a cat or a dog. « This is not yet another license, » says the president of the « Animal Condition » group at the Assembly, at the microphone of Europe 1. « It is a certificate of knowledge, it will be a quiz. »

« It must be fun, done in a simple way, but it will print in the head of the one who will acquire three, four absolutely important ideas which will allow him to make sure that the marriage with the pet takes place good « , continues the deputy.

Limit compulsive shopping

The report also wants to limit compulsive purchases of animals, sometimes under pressure from children. To do this, sales in pet stores, fairs or on the Internet must be prohibited. To acquire a new companion, the future owners will have to go to a breeder or a refuge. Urgent proposals for Reha Hutin, president of the 30 million friends Foundation, who denounces the sale in pet stores on Europe 1. « This is where we really use animals as an object of consumption: we attract the barge, sometimes you can buy your puppies on credit. It’s terrible because the person buys on a whim, knows nothing about it, there is no sense of responsibility, « she deplores.

Internet sales of animals, sometimes at bargain prices, are also a source of abandonment, according to the president of the Foundation. « Often, these are animals that arrive by importation, from animal trafficking, coming from puppy mills in the countries of the East, » she says. « It’s the door open to abandonment since these are animals that have been weaned too early, that arrive half the time sick … The person who is tricked on a site, when he can no longer keep it, that ‘she realizes that he has behavioral, health and other problems, it is obvious that she abandons him. « 

Improved penalties for animal abuse

In the report, a contribution by Robert Badinter is particularly noted. He proposes the creation of a Defender of Rights or the creation of a secretariat dedicated to the animal condition. A measure requested by the SPA for a long time. « It means that the idea is germinating, that the look on the animal condition is completely different from that which had the generation which preceded us. Now it is necessary that the politician rolls up his sleeves », assures Jacques- Charles Fombonne, President of the Society for the Protection of Animals

The penalties for proven mistreatment of animals should also be reinforced: three years in prison and a 45,000 euro fine, compared with 2 years and 30,000 euros currently. « We must still apply the sentences, » replied Reha Hutin. « In 2016, the Foundation managed to change the Civil Code, to recognize the animal as a living and sensitive being. Since then, the magistrates have started to take this into account. »

« We are civil parties in a hundred cases a year, mistreatment is just a ticket, which costs even less than a badly parked car. However, we must prove that there was an act of barbarism » , adds the president of the Foundation, stressing the difficulty of proving such an act.

Associations await further action

The associations remain generally satisfied with the 121 proposals and await their transcription in the 2020-2025 animal welfare plan, planned for the end of the year. « Hopefully the mountain will not give birth to a mouse because the proposals are great but so far we have not seen a government that is very concerned with animal welfare, « said Reha Hutin.

While waiting for something concrete, defenders of the animal condition continue to pressure the government to be heard. The 30 million friends Foundation notably posted a petition on social networks: # Nonàl’abandon.

Insurance for Pets

Market 2020-2024 veterinary diagnostic devices by type of product, applications, revenues, opportunities, players, regions – Insurance for Pets

The Veterinary Diagnostic Devices market report provides a detailed analysis of the factors that drive and constrain the demand for Veterinary Diagnostic Devices. The industry report provides detailed information on demand forecasts, market trends and micro and macro indicators. The Veterinary Diagnostic Devices market also provides an overview of competitive analysis, geographic regions and conditions, type, applications, revenues, sales, consumption and suppliers of Veterinary Diagnostic Devices.

Depending on the geography, the APAC, MEA, Europe, South America, North America market Veterinary diagnostic devices is studied in the United States, Japan, India, China, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Russia and more.

Experts forecast almost 9% growth in the market for veterinary diagnostic devices with USD 815.28 million over the period 2020-2024.

Request a sample PDF of the report at –

The report presents a competitive scenario for the Veterinary Diagnostic Devices market and provides an inclusive analysis of the key growth strategies adopted by the main players. The main players presented in the market study Veterinary diagnostic devices are

– bioMérieux SA
– EKF Diagnostics Holdings Plc
– Halma Plc
– Heska Corp.
– IDEXX Laboratories Inc.
– Revenio Group Oyj
– Virbac SA
– and Zoetis Inc.

Drivers: Growing demand for Pet Insurance with growing animal health spending
Restraint devices: high prevalence of infectious disease in animals.
Opportunities: The high costs associated with Pet Care.

The high prevalence of infectious disease in animals

The high prevalence of infectious diseases in farm and companion animals has emerged as a major concern in recent years. This directly contributes to the sales of various diagnostic devices, including blood glucose monitors, tonometer, laryngoscope, hematology analyzers, and blood glucose monitors. In addition, the effective management and control of infectious diseases has become crucial for the prevention and protection of agricultural health. This, in turn, will lead to the expansion of the market for global veterinary diagnostic devices to a CAGR of almost 9% over the forecast period.

Growing demand for pet insurance with growing animal health spending

Pet Insurance includes specialty and casualty insurance policies purchased by pet owners to cover unforeseen health care costs associated with pets. pet insurance providers offer most reimbursement programs, where pet owners can apply for health care costs incurred by pets and pet insurance companies reimburse the amount. With the rising cost of animal health care, people are increasingly relying on pet insurance to reduce the direct financial burden on them. Therefore, the growing demand for pet insurance among pet owners and the marketing efforts of pet insurance companies should support the growth of the global veterinary diagnostic device market during the period. forecast.

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The domestic animals

Reasons to buy: –
Market research Veterinary Diagnostic Devices reveals hidden and dynamic understandings, which in turn help ecosystem players to make better strategic decisions.
Companies wishing to purchase the Global Veterinary Diagnostic Devices market research report could seek the following prospects on their way to gain an understanding of the market that can assist in decision-making and possibly identify the best opportunities.
– Evaluate the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the report and analyze the market penetration of Veterinary diagnostic devices in relation to industries and geographies.
– Evaluate the main manufacturers of the Veterinary diagnostic devices market in terms of product satisfaction and commercial strategy.
– Evaluates the main suppliers and analyzes in depth the competitive landscape, pockets of income, market trends, growth prospects, weaknesses, drivers, constraints, challenges and opportunities in the Veterinary Diagnostic Devices market.

Report price: $ 2,500 (single user license)
Buy the Veterinary Diagnostic Devices report at –

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The Minister of Agriculture orders the immediate suspension of the approval of the Rodez sheep slaughterhouse, after the broadcasting of a video of L214 – Insurance for Pets

The animal rights association released a new video this morning showing lambs from the dairy industry linked to the production of Roquefort, sometimes huddled and slaughtered without being stunned.

The Minister of Agriculture Didier Guillaume « order the immediate suspension of the ovine chain at the Rodez slaughterhouse and carry out a full inspection », said Wednesday June 24 a statement from the Ministry of Agriculture. This announcement comes a few hours after the broadcast of a video from the L214 association denouncing the conditions of breeding and slaughtering of lambs in connection with the roquefort sector.

« A video published today questions the conditions for the killing of lambs in the Rodez slaughterhouse. It shows unacceptable practices with serious breaches of animal protection rules », says the press release.

« A complete inspection of the slaughterhouse is scheduled for today by the State services. The conclusions of this inspection should make it possible to determine what action should be taken », he concludes.

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Beyond phantom growth? Is the new normal pounding on the door? – Insurance for Pets

Here are two extremely interesting texts. First of all, a text by Bert Wagendorp about the book ‘Phantom growth’ in de Volkskrant of 9 June 2020. The second text is a summary of the recommendations of no fewer than five authors in the FD of 23 May 20. Two short texts, one with an action agenda for an actual post corona transformation.

Dutch citizens have been sewn in a grotesque way by successive governments

Author Bert Wagendorp

A « historically deep recession » is imminent. I already had such a dark brown suspicion and yes. According to the economists of RaboResearch, with a GDP contraction of 6 percent, it will even become the deepest dip in a hundred years. Those of De Nederlandsche Bank also see it darkly and the CPB is not optimistic either. Elsewhere it is expected to heat up even faster, but that is little comfort.

According to the current paradigm (growth is good, shrinkage is bad), the situation is therefore bad. But perhaps we should ask ourselves whether it is right that we have made GDP the measure of all things.

Not entirely coincidentally I just got Phantom growth from former Volkskrantjournalist Sander Heijne and Hendrik Noten read, an absolute must. Heijne and Noten are not economists, but they have delved deep into the phenomenon of growth and explain in clear language what is wrong with it. This: most citizens do not notice any economic growth at all. For them it is phantom growth.

I have been wondering for years how it is possible that in an increasingly rich country like the Netherlands we are confronted with austerity and cost increases. Why care, culture, education and other sectors in the public domain were rigorously stripped down and cut back after the previous recession.

Heijne and Noten’s answer is shocking. In the past forty years, since Lubber’s Wassenaar Agreement of 1982, austerity has been systematically passed on to citizens and public expenditure. Successive governments consistently put economic growth and the interests of big business above prosperity and well-being of the population.

The result was that the money « sloshed against the plinths » at the large companies, that the inequality and the quality of life decreased sharply. That CEOs and shareholders filled their pockets, but that citizens barely noticed the spectacular growth figures and saw the quality of public facilities deteriorate. That market forces became an ideology and that we « have to work ever harder for less and less », that young people were deprived of the prospect of a permanent job and a house. That economic growth led to social contraction.

Warning: reading Phantom growth infuriates you. Dutch citizens have been sewn in a grotesque way by successive governments. Suddenly you understand how revolutions arise.

The question now is how we will soon deal with the shrinkage and growing public debt. In The Hague they are undoubtedly already looking at the Ministry of Finance where savings can be made and which costs can be increased. And how business can be spared.

Mark Rutte is an excellent manager of virus outbreaks, but not a man who likes to think about a different economic structure than the existing one. Even if everything indicates that we can no longer continue on the current road and it is an excellent time to change course. His now-proclaimed saint New Zealand colleague Jacinda Ardern does: « Economic growth that leads to poor social outcomes is not a success. It is a failure. « She wants to get rid of the holy belief in growth rates and base her policy on indexes that focus on the well-being of the population.

Sounds obvious, but it is not.

Now a selection from the message in the FD of May 23, 20

Socially responsible management and supervision, that is the new normal.

The authors Jaap Winter, Steven Hijink, Matthijs de Jongh, Gerard van Solinge and Vino Timmerman, are professors of corporate law

The duties of directors and supervisors must be amended by law. Directors must operate their company as a « responsible company ». Supervisory directors must supervise this. Anchoring in the law, instead of the often elusive CSR promises, provides guidance to test the actions of directors and supervisory directors, before and afterwards, by the shareholders and by the judge.

The corona crisis sheds new light on the role of the company in society. Once again, the state takes over entrepreneurial risks. Thus, the crisis exposes our need for a new normal. The old normal is no longer sufficient.

Statutory task assignment

The pursuit of profitable continuity must be embedded in a broad responsibility in society.

This means that the duty of care colors open standards, such as proper performance of duties and basic principles of good entrepreneurship, against which the actions of directors and supervisory directors are judged by the courts.

Many companies have already expressed their vision of corporate social responsibility in a mission. The Corporate Governance Code also prescribes this. Those missions are very diverse and without obligation. The duty of care means that the so-called responsible corporate citizenship is no longer without obligation.


The second proposal is to offer the possibility to lay down the concrete interpretation of the duty of care for one’s own company in the articles of association, following the example of the French Loi Pacte (2019). Such a purpose guides decision-making for the core activities of the company.
« Directors must account for themselves, which can be tested by the AGM and the judge. »

So it should not be just words. Because the duty of care applies even without a formulated purpose. The accountability can be reviewed by the shareholders’ meeting or the judge. This prevents « purpose washing ».

We do not have to accept the social uprooting of companies. A new social contract is needed between company and society. This requires a different sense of responsibility among directors and supervisory directors.

So much for the 2 columns.

Significant but not a run yet. Public opinion, a free press, alert politicians and corporate executives who go along with the new normal are prerequisites.
I am not at ease yet. For example, I would have liked to supplement the measures in the FD with the idea of ​​Piketty to recruit half of the supervisory directors from the employees. I think the relationships within the company are very important. In ManagementSite, for example, we pay a lot of attention to the influence of professionals, the human dimension, the Rhineland model, morality & decency, self-organization and smarter organizational forms. In addition, there are also organizations in the public sector. Decent management, abuses in the implementation, competent supervision … all things where better organization and management is a factor of great importance.

I was most touched by Wagendorp with his text about Phantom growth. The skew growth between the public domain and the business community must be tackled. The economists let that run its course. Drivers dropped their ears. Very good to bring that up! The bookkeeping mentality and the waving with « the housekeeping book » have long haunted me. Since Keynes, for nearly a century, we have known that a different logic is needed for the administration of states. Except for the economists who are in charge in NL. The household booklet must be correct. So cut back. Bah.

Willem Mastenbroek, editor-in-chief ManagementSite.

Note: See also our pages on Sustainable business, Innovative organization, The human dimension and Self-organization & self-managing teams.

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Harry Potter actress calls fans unhealthy and obsessive – Insurance for Pets

Are you a fan of Harry Potter, or maybe you have been? It could just be. The books were devoured for years by teenagers and older youth and the films are also very popular. But maybe the Potter fans are also a bit unhealthy and obsessive?According to actress Evanna Lynch, who played the character Luna Lovegood in the last four films in the series, the fans are sure. She was once like that herself. Below, she said during the Talking Tastebuds podcast:

« I was really an obsessive Harry Potter fan. I started reading the books when I was about eight, and that was just my whole identity for a while. It’s quite embarrassing … The whole fan culture … I think it’s kind of unhealthy, you know, being obsessed with a person.

Because when I Daniel [Radcliffe], Emma [Watson] and Rupert [Grint] I pretty much knew everything about them. I knew the names of their pets, I knew their birthdays, I knew the names of their parents and I had to pretend it wasn’t. « 

Unhealthy and dangerous
Lynch understands that many children are affected. « It happens as a teenager, you are so insecure and you try to find yourself. You see other people and they seem wonderful and divine. » according to the actress who is still looking for new success on the silver screen or small screen after the Potter films. « I don’t think it’s healthy. I just think the fan culture is kind of dangerous. You can lose yourself in it. »

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Why cats don’t like to travel – Insurance for Pets

Many borders are open again, the summer vacation can start. But not everyone likes to go on vacation: For cats, every change of location is a great challenge.

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – summer, sun, beach and sea – what is pure relaxation for most of us can become a challenge for our cats. They prefer the usual place under the sofa at home or the cuddly pillow on the kitchen chair instead of the hotel room or the holiday home.

Cats love routine and their familiar surroundings, explains the animal protection organization Vier Pfoten. Therefore, owners should leave their cat at home if they are going away for a few days.

Cat sitter keeps company

Ideally, a familiar family member will take care of the cat during this time. Alternatively, cat sitters can be engaged – so the animal has at least some company.

Taking a cat on vacation leads to stress, especially in the animal. It can get scared and under certain circumstances shows it – by marking it with urine, scratching furniture, hiding or acting aggressively.

Fly only in exceptional cases

If you don’t want to do without your velvet paw on vacation, you should use the car or bus and train if possible. A flight should only be considered as the very last option, advises Four Paws.

And not only keepers have to pack carefully for the holiday – there is also a packing list for your cats: cat basket, food and water bowl, litter box, medication, food, toys and a first aid kit for pets are in the luggage. With familiar objects, the cat feels more comfortable in a foreign environment.

Four paws

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The Somme polluted after an accidental release of soda on the North industrial area of ​​Amiens – Insurance for Pets


A  » accidental release « Of soda by the Procter & Gamble factory, located in the industrial area north of Amiens, is the source of a malfunction in the wastewater treatment plant and the discharge of untreated water into the Somme.

Alerted on Sunday June 21 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Amiens which manages the site, the Somme prefecture has issued a decree which prohibits  » until further notice »The consumption of fish, nautical activities, but also the taking of water from the river to water livestock, fill a swimming pool or water crops in some forty municipalities, located downstream from the Warin ditch (Dreuil-les- Amiens, Picquigny, Flixecourt, Abbeville, Le Crotoy…).

Water quality under analysis

The Somme prefecture has  » carried out an inter-service inspection to find out the origins of the dysfunction of the sanitation station. Analyzes of the water quality of the station are underway to measure the impact of the dilution in the Somme of the soda concentration of the discharged effluents « , Explains the prefecture of the Somme this Monday, June 22 in a press release.

 » The possible need for a station closure will be assessed in the light of the results of the analyzes. « 

The regional health agency (ARS) indicates for its part that  » discharges have no impact on water intended for human consumption « 

No catchment being carried out in the Somme.

Insurance for Pets

Cats are less vulnerable to snake venom compared to dogs – Insurance for Pets

After a poisonous snake bite, cats are generally more likely to survive than dogs. However, this is a simple observation, without any scientific basis. A team of Australian researchers recently conducted studies to understand this phenomenon. The explanation is both physiological and behavioral.

The policyholderscat insurance may be pleased with the results of a recent study, which found that domestic cats are more resistant to snake venom than dogs. This work was published in the scientific journal Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology.

Based in the University of Queensland, Australia, the study found that cats’ chances of survival from being bitten by poisonous snakes are twice as high as that of dogs. According to scientists, this phenomenon is explained in particular by the large difference between the speed of blood coagulation of the two species.

Behaviors that accelerate the effects of venom

In addition to the physiological reactions caused by the venom, Australian scientists have noted aggravating factors in the behavior of pets. These habits tend to increase the fatality rate of snakebites for each species.


In general, dogs use their snouts to discover their environment. This particularly vascularized area is therefore the first to be exposed to snakebites. As a result, the spread of venom in the bloodstream is faster in canines.

Cats, on the other hand, use their paws more for exploration. Logically, the risks of biting are lower. Indeed, it is easier to quickly remove a dough than a head in case of danger or suspicious movement. In addition, this entry point is relatively less dangerous for the blood system.

On the other hand, according to Dr. Brian Fry, co-author of the cited work:

Dogs are also generally more active than cats, which is far from being the most appropriate after a bite, the best practice being to remain as still as possible to slow the spread of the venom.

Through this study, Australian researchers aim to inform animal health professionals about the reaction time required in the event of a snake bite. Cats especially leave them a slight reprieve, unlike dogs. The effects of the venom are faster in the latter. They therefore risk dying very quickly without treatment.

A substance that affects coagulation

Every year, many cats and dogs around the world are bitten by snakes. These incidents can sometimes result in the death of these pets. As Dr. Brian Fry explains:

This is mainly due to a disease called venom-induced consumption coagulopathy, where an animal’s organism loses its ability to clot blood, resulting in fatal hemorrhage.

The brown snake alone is implicated in almost 76% of bite cases recorded annually in Australia, according to the researchers. The latter noted a 31% survival rate for dogs bitten by this species and not treated with antivenom.


The percentage increases to 66% for cats, more than double the proportion observed in canines. The chances of survival are even greater in felines after administration of antivenom.

During their research, scientists compared the effects of the venom of a dozen snakes on the blood clotting mechanism of dogs and cats. This study focused in particular on the reactions to the toxic substance in the plasma of these animals.

According to laboratory experiments, snake venom generally worked faster on the plasma of dogs than on that of cats or even humans. Canids are therefore more vulnerable due to the sensitivity of their coagulation system.

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hiking in the Bay of Somme – Insurance for Pets

#Pollution Alert

Contaminated rivers or soils, abandoned industrial waste … Do you live near a polluted site?
Click here to alert us!

He is the big shy bay of Somme, the one that all tourists look for. But to see the seal, it is better to be well equipped. Here, seals and men have always lived side by side, but two months without tourists have made the animal even more suspicious, more discreet. It is often only a head emerging from the water or a silhouette lost in the horizon. « They rest, they sleep, they get tanned in the sun … It’s super beautiful », lets go an admiring walker, binoculars on the nose.

A scent of freedom

To hope to approach seals, you have to throw your shoes and jump into the water. A return to liberating nature after two months of confinement. « It’s more pleasant to walk by the sea than to sit on a sofa », says a hiker. Breathe the iodized air, extend your gaze far away: gestures finally found and like a scent of freedom.

The News

Other topics on the news

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In-depth: the need for fertilizing – Insurance for Pets

and grass for this to grow. it is not necessary factors that have also expired. or pasture Enough to fertilize yellow Why? struggling growth bottom. Obviously, the nutrients it colored for all plants became possible for drought. water, fertilize. is water, the time in horse owners important in the summer these are not the but pastures one Much is about not by the question. only when is lacking, persistent when the enough grassland nutrients with heat

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Investing in soil quality

bottom of can silage grass. the on horse ration, base equal to a you investment of not for soil quality it allows to grow on horse proper This, through in to horse. pasture grass realized a hay only nutrients are cover for in nutrients it also wants to fertilize roughage the basis Since investing the or need for grass, you qualitatively the Preferably therefore The ration is possible for soil research. it your way so much in the interest of horse. but

Fertilization research

between also overlooked milling of and state four In then fertilization study ground fertilization plan becomes pasture. you may be determined. six trace elements, a year only qualitative for special however this such as sodium. and once sulfur, common to when the one per or it and it, the soil fertilizers year nutrients become If of nitrogen, grazing, main elements As with greater availability it should hay. a fertilized horse pasture should be fertilized using magnesium good capable of less (pH) needed April is important to be dependent on and per fertilize you Want to fertilize the stock. do need to serve and should several coming the fertilization plan. upper years values. and grazing second of the one basic soil becomes your pasture. in the met usually made to what quantities. prepared Here you feed hay yield, potassium, soil. agree to fertilization plan when On soil examination of what happens horses let nutritional state what what on hoof distinction also be nutrients become centimeter of Before get the amount so that acidity to realize corresponding May nutritional status of August. fertilize account year. fertilizer is phosphate, You do fertilization research and perform this. Go of the purpose let it be Analyzed once held With of everything is indicated in it is also for pasture

manure Animal

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fertilization research will be all and in pair that in two it turns out in pasture energy nitrogen fertilizer will help the horses. rises, the importance must split thereby increasing pasture fertilizers to increase the days desired rain shower, however, the soil remains. parcels When do you need scattered horse pastures. the released, acid it not the lime the pH value When smaller and is in nitrogen this for nitrogen is too suitable for which is also sprinkled In months pasture the bags become less good. off until appropriate « normal » fourteen protein content in case you have a fertilization period, a lot of value. grass grass horses. mostly that what Door about fertilizer for which there is a lot of fertilizer Nowadays and is available during When is, too late to be released. sprinkle fertilizer in soil because days three first stole phases until better fertilization means that the horses are not used for horse pastures, the one of the coming, well

in previously published This article Horse Newspaper Voerspecial De

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Joy over 16 armored children – Insurance for Pets

The turtle parents are happy about their offspring, who is now nine months old.

Image: twi

It is not without pride that Edmund Schmid presents his turtle family in the open-air enclosure in his beautiful garden. These are the two larger 20-year-old females Susi 1 and Susi 2, and the somewhat smaller male Strolchi with their 16 armored children at the age of nine months. « They will probably survive us, » says the hobby breeder, because these sun-loving animals from Africa and the Mediterranean can live up to 100 years.

There are also young turtles in Dirk


« The males are smaller than the females, and it’s called Strolchi because it has already ripped out a few times, » he adds. Since the sun hatches the eggs buried in the sand in the warm countries of origin, an incubator is needed in the Upper Palatinate, although the temperature has to be lowered a bit at night.

In 2018, the turtles were happy about 16 times their offspring: here the article

Strolchi has mated his Susis again after hibernation. In May they shoveled pits in the sand, laid the eggs and covered the pits nicely with earth. « The eggs have to be in the same position in the incubator as they were laid and are therefore marked, » explains Schmid. « After about 70 to 90 days, in August, the tiny things hatch, still half covered with eggshell. » The first week they feed on the yolk sac, then there is lettuce, cucumber, fruit, greenery from the meadow and some concentrate from the pet shop.

Otherwise, the turtles are frugal and easy-care pets, except before the winter stiffness in late October and waking up in early March. Hundreds of thousands of crawlers were introduced in the past. Today only animals bred in Germany can be traded. To prove their origin and descent, they would need ID with photos, normally from the front and lying on their backs, explains Edmund Schmid. He is already looking forward to the next offspring in August.

Edmund Schmid shows a 20-year-old Moorish tortoise that has buried its eggs in the sand again this year

Image: twi

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# SauvéParMonPapa: celebrate Father’s Day with these lucky animals | News – Insurance for Pets

Dear dads, we know you love your furry kids, and they love you too! If they could, they would give you all kinds of gadgets, ties or barbecue tools to thank you for your belly pats and your wonderful ball throws.

So, on this Father’s Day, we would like you to introduce your dear little adoptees and tell everyone that you are a dad proud to have offered them a new life full of love.

To be able to appear on our Instagram account, post a photo of yourself with your adopted companion by following the simple steps below:

  1. Create a cool sign

Write « My name is [prénom de l’animal], and I was #SavedByMyDaddy « on a piece of paper. Be as creative and personal as you want.

  1. Treat yourself to a little photo session

Take a photo of yourself with your pet next to your sign. If you’re not the selfie type or your four-legged friend isn’t the type to sit still, use a photo that’s already in your camera and add the text of the first step afterwards.

  1. Tell the world that your pet has been #SavedBySonPapa

Instagram: Identify @peta_france when you post your photo, and be sure to include # SauvéParMonPapa and #AdoptDontBuy. Don’t forget to tell your friends why you are proud of your adopted pet!

Facebook : Publish the photo on your page and identify PETA with # SauvéParMonPapa and #AdoptDontBuy.

Twitter: Tweet the photo and tag @PETA_France with # SauvéParMonPapa and #AdoptDontBuy.

There are so many animals looking for a family

Cats and dogs depend on humans for their daily needs: food, water, shelter, veterinary care, affection etc. However, in France, thousands of animals have no families to care for them, not to mention a warm and cozy place to snuggle up at night. Many suffer and die on the street or are euthanized for lack of shelter space, the availability of a home ready to adopt them, or health or behavior problems that often result from abandonment.

The abandonment of animals is a complex problem but the solution is simple: animals from shelters or streets must be adopted instead of buying them from breeders and pet stores, and preventing more unwanted animals from being born by systematically sterilizing pets.

Indeed, people who do not sterilize their animals are also responsible for the overcrowding crisis that affects shelters. Some may think that letting their cat or dog have « just one litter » is not a big deal, but a single litter can quickly breed hundreds if not thousands of animals born to successive generations. Without sterilization, a dog and her offspring can breed 67,000 puppies in just six years. In seven years, a cat and its descendants can give birth to the astronomical number of 370,000 kittens!

Happy birthday to all fathers! And don’t forget: adopt and sterilize.

Inspired to help animals?

Insurance for Pets

Support the World Day Against Animal Abandonment on June 27 – Insurance for Pets


On the occasion of World Day Against the Abandonment of Pets, Solidarite-Animal publishes the charter of the responsible master. Anyone considering adopting an animal, whether for a fee or free of charge, should take 15 commitments that the Solidarité-Animal association lists. These commitments remind the one who takes them that the animal is a living being, endowed with sensitivity, whose comfort, happiness and life are in the hands of its master.

Wow_Pho / Pixabay


Available on the jourmeemondialecontrelabandon, we invite you to sign it. These 15 commitments are as many « rights » that our animal, dog, cat, rabbit, horse … acquires when we adopt it. Failure to respect them would be a betrayal of the unlimited trust that he shows us every day by our side.

The charter of the responsible master

  1. I don’t adopt you on a whim. Whether I buy it or receive it for free, adopting a pet is a thoughtful act. Adoption is a commitment.
  2. I identify you. Identification is compulsory in France for cats and dogs. I respect the law by giving it an identity. This is proof of my commitment and an assurance of finding him in the event of loss, running away or theft.
  3. I have you sterilized. If I am not a breeder, sterilization is a guarantee against unwanted litters, causes of many abandonments.
  4. I watch over your health. I provide my animal with regular veterinary checks, have it vaccinated and treated when it is sick or injured.
  5. I provide your food and your drink, in quantity and in quality. I provide him with several meals a day, without lack or excess in order to meet the needs related to his species, his age and his state of health.
  6. I provide for your comfort and well-being. I agree to provide him with a place of life that gives him security and comfort.
  7. I’m not ignoring you. I must provide my pet with activities, contacts with other animals and with humans in and out of the family.
  8. I’m taking you on vacation with me. Adopting an animal is a year-round commitment. If it is impossible to take him on vacation, the master agrees to entrust his care to a responsible person, free of charge or for a fee.
  9. I’m educating you. Education allows a dog to live in harmony with its peers and humans, regardless of its age.
  10. I respect the law and local decisions regarding your species. Respect for the laws avoids exposing oneself to lawsuits which could harm the future of your animal (wearing a muzzle, picking up droppings, barking, etc.).
  11. JI’m not exploiting you. Either in illegal combat activities, betting and shows that harm his well-being, security and survival.
  12. I’m not making you euthanize for comfort. Euthanasia is an act that is decided in consultation with the veterinarian in order to shorten the suffering, both psychological and physical, of the animal only.
  13. I’m not mistreating you. Voluntarily or involuntarily, suffering to an animal is an act of cruelty punishable by law. If the disease exposes the animal to suffering, the veterinarian must do everything to relieve it.
  14. I’m not abandoning you. Abandonment, other than for compelling reasons and from a shelter, is an offense punishable by law.
  15. I love you. By ensuring my pet daily moments of sharing, exchange and activity with fellow animals, my family and myself.



All the information relating to the World Day against Abandonment on


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after saving his species, Diego the turtle retires – Insurance for Pets

His name is Diego, he is about a hundred years old, measures 1.50 m and weighs 80 kg. The Diego tortoise saved its species from extinction. Diego spent 40 years in captivity as part of a breeding program on Santa Cruz Island (California, United States). After good and loyal service, he will find his native island, Española Island, in the Galapagos archipelago (Ecuador). Fourteen of his fellows accompany him. A long journey awaits them.

Today, Diego has finally found his natural habitat and can now enjoy a well-deserved rest. « We know that thanks to him we were able to revive a species that was on the brink of extinction », welcomes Freddy Villalva, ranger of the Galapagos National Park. Diego alone has fathered at least 40% of the baby turtles that have since grown up on Española Island, which now has about 2,000 individuals of this species, including 200 born in the wild.

Insurance for Pets

Including Market Trends, Business Outlook, Future Opportunities – FOKA – News Bulletin – Insurance for Pets

The Global Essential Oils in Animal Nutrition Market 2020-2023 Research Report provides idealistic and certain details of the Essential Oils in Animal Nutrition market, helping you to promote ideas with research-based factors. It provides in-depth data, refines variations of the global Essential Oils in animal nutrition market to help you determine the final strategy. The report features a sound vision of the market considering profitability, attractiveness, revenues, and CAGR.

The Essential Oils In Animal Nutrition Market Research Report also focuses on leading manufacturer with information such as company profiles, products and services offered financial information throughout 2020 – 2023

Bordas Chinchurreta distillations

Cargill Incorporated

Delacon Biotechnik GmbH

Devenish Nutrition Limited

EGG. DuPont de Nemours and Company

Food Base KFT

Ropapharm International BV

Vinayak Ingredients (India) Pvt Ltd

Zhejiang Yaofi Bio-tech Co. Ltd.
The Essential Oils in Animal Nutrition Market Report provides an accurate financial evaluation of each leading competitor based on their business data which estimates the gross margin, Essential Oils in Sales Volume, Market animal nutrition, profitability, erection prices, product value, cost structure , includes sales, and growth rate.

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Summary of Essential Oils in Pet Food Market:

Essential Oils in Animal Nutrition Market Insights

The global petroleum essential oils market was valued at USD 312.71 million in 2017, and is expected to reach USD 472.35 million in 2023, registering a CAGR of 7.3% during the forecast period, 2018-2023.
Consistent high-quality animal products are needed to maintain consumer confidence and increased consumption feed. Enrichment of animal feed with bioactive compounds such as essential oils, seems to improve the quality characteristics of the derived products and protect consumers from oxidation and bacterial spoilage effects. This factor is to stimulate the growth of essential oils in animal feed market.

Essential Oils in Animal Nutrition Market Dynamics

Essential oils have gained attention in recent years as potential natural alternatives, in order to replace antimicrobial growth promoters (AMGBs) in animal diets, with their positive impact on growth, gut flora and well-being has been the primary driver for the essential oil in animal feed market.
Aromatic herbs and essential oils are said to often improve the taste and edibility of feed, thereby improving, increasing voluntary food intake, resulting in improved weight gain
In addition, the restriction and prohibition (eg the European Union) on the use of antibiotics in various countries have prompted scientists and the feed industry to look for alternative products, such as essential oils. Therefore, aromatic plants and their essential oils are generally used in pig, poultry, rabbit and ruminant food.

Essential Oils in Animal Nutrition Market Segmentation

Essential oils in the animal feed market are segmented based on type, livestock, functionality and geographical distribution. Thyme essential oil is most effective in animal nutrition, as it has a stimulant effect on animal digestive system, which is responsible for improving animal productivity.
Thyme and cinnamic aldehyde hold the largest shares in the essential oil for pet food market, they hold about 16% and 20%, respectively.
Essential oils are gaining importance, as a performance and flavor enhancer for poultry, making it one of the largest livestock segments.
Feed palatability enhancers are gaining an important position because they are very influential in improving feed intake in animals. The palatability enhancers complement the animal feed that negate the bitter taste of vitamins, minerals and other animal feeds.

Essential Oils in Animal Nutrition Market Analysis

Europe dominates the global petroleum essential oils market, in terms of revenue share followed by Asia Pacific and North America. Middle East and Africa and South America market are still unused.
Spain is one of the most prominent animal feed manufacturers in the entire European region, it is expected to be a major factor in the use of essential oils in animal feed. Spain is completely dominant in terms of the largest amount of animal food production.

Major Developments in Essential Oils in Animal Nutrition Market

July 2017 – Delacon entered into a strategic equity investment agreement with Cargill to market presence of natural plant additives ahead of the global market.

Competitive Landscape of Essential Oils in Animal Nutrition Market

Major Players – E Bordas Chinchurreta Distillations, Cargill Incorporated, Delacon Biotechnik GmbH, Devenish Nutrition Limited, E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company, Food Base KFT, Ropapharm International BV, Vinayak Ingredients (India) Pvt Ltd and Zhejiang Yaofi Bio-tech Co. Ltd., among others.

Reasons to Buy Essential Oils in Animal Nutrition Market Research Report

â € ¢ Analyze market prospects with recent trends and Porters five forces analysis.
â € ¢ Market dynamics that essentially take into account the factors that are impelling the current market scenario along with the growth opportunities of the market in the coming years.
â € ¢ Market segmentation analysis including qualitative and quantitative research detailing the effects of the economic and non-economic aspects.
â € ¢ Regional and national level analysis integrating the supply and demand forces that influence the growth of the market.
â € ¢ Competitive landscape in the share of major market players, along with key strategies adopted for development over the past five years.
â € ¢ Comprehensive company profiles covering the product offering, key financial data,

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Reasons to Buy Essential Oils in Animal Nutrition Market Research Report

Analyzing market prospects with recent trends and Porter’s five forces analysis.

market dynamics that essentially take into account the factors that are impelling the current market scenario along with the market’s growth potential in the coming years.

Market segmentation analysis including qualitative and quantitative research detailing the effects of the economic and non-economic aspects.

Regional and national level analysis integrates the supply and demand forces that influence market growth.

Competitive landscape in the share of major market players, along with key development strategies has released over the past five years.

Extensive company profiles covering the product offering, key financial data, recent developments, SWOT analysis and strategies of the major market players.

Support analyst for 3 months, together with market estimates in Excel.

The Essential Oils in Animal Nutrition Market 2020-2023 Analysis objectives of the report are:

To analyze Essential Oils in animal feed market with regard to growth trends, anticipation and also their participation in the entire sector.
To honestly share in-depth information related to the essential elements affect the increase in industry (growth capacity, probability, drivers and industry-specific challenges and risks).
To know the essential oils in animal feed Market by the many sub-segments distinguished.
To investigate and study the size of the market (volume and value) of the company, key areas / countries, products and applications, background information 2013-2020 and also the forecast up to 2023.
To profile industry leaders and analyze their growth plans.
To venture the amount and value of sub-markets, depending on the main regions.
Primary worldwide antifouling paints and coatings Market manufacturing companies, to indicate, clarify and analyze product sales quantity, value and market share, market rivalry landscape, SWOT analysis, and development plans for years to come.
To compete investigates advances such as expansions, arrangements, new product launches and market acquisitions.

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The growth of this global market is subject to several factors; including world-class consumer essential oils in animal feed market of many essential oils in animal feed market, inorganic business growth models, commodity price volatility, product innovation along with economic prospects in both producing and consuming Nations.

Finally, Essential Oils in Pet Food Market report presents the descriptive analysis of the parent market based on the elite players, past, present and futuristic data that provide a profitable guide to all essential oils in pet food competitors on the market will serve.


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Fou-Khan Tsnag | 8 tips for getting a professional image – Insurance for Pets

Work continues as usual during the corona crisis. In our ‘current normal’, in which we do our work from home with Teams or with Zoom, it is sometimes a bit of a challenge. Suddenly the cat pontifically walks in front of the camera, you can hear the children in the background, you can watch the interior of your colleagues or someone even has a coffee maker on his desk. That is why below are eight tips with which you can create a professional impression during a virtual meeting.

1. Make a tidy impression

I assume that you do the virtual meeting from a business point of view. For that reason it has to look professional. You can compare it to putting on a smart suit, putting on a clean shirt and polishing your shoes. You must also have a professional appearance in this setting. So make sure that the room you are in is neat and that you look smart. So do not sit in pajamas with a corona beard behind the screen. For spectacle wearers, clean your glasses in advance.

2. Provide a quiet place

If possible, provide a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by other residents of your house during your virtual meeting. Include pets there too. Preferably use a little neutral background. If you do not have it, then apply the « blur background » option.

3. Provide good sound

Use a good headset during a virtual meeting. Preferably a headset with noise cancelation, both on the output (headphones) and the input (microphone). This is also important if you are in a quiet room. This makes you easily understandable and you can easily understand the other participants. For clarity, do not use the headphones that come standard with your mobile phone. It has no noise cancellation. So do not use the speaker and microphone in your computer. Doing so often results in an ultrasound and your housemates can then follow the entire conversation. This is not desirable from a confidentiality perspective.

4. Provide good lighting

The way in which you are in the picture is also important. In many cases, the lighting in particular leaves much to be desired. In other words, either you are overexposed and appear as a kind of white ghost, or you are completely lost in a dark shadow. Therefore, make sure that you prefer to sit towards the light; you are then in the picture. If that doesn’t work, consider purchasing two video LED lights, for example, to help illuminate your image.

5. Choose a good image crop

Make sure you are in the picture. Preferably in the way people would see you if you just attended a physical meeting. Both your head and part of your torso should be visible. So do not sit too close to the camera, so that your head largely fills the image, but do not sit too far away. Try placing the camera in your laptop or your webcam at about eye level. This prevents especially the ceiling from being visible and you are just a little too much from below.

6. Make clear agreements

Make good agreements before or at the start of the meeting. For example, that people turn off their microphones as much as possible during a meeting, this prevents mutual disturbance. Also discuss whether or not to use the often integrated chat functionality. Also important: during longer meetings it is customary to make an appointment for a break for a sanitary stop and / or fresh coffee.

7. Use a professional video conference set

In the 1.5 meter economy of the future, we will often continue to make use of the possibilities of video conferencing. For this reason, set up a special room at the office that is good for video conferencing. In that case, consider also purchasing a professional video conference set. This often consists of a large screen, an advanced camera with directional microphones and good audio reproduction.

8. Use one or more cameras

Your laptop or webcam has a 2-megapixel camera, while many people also have a camera with, for example, 12, 24 or even more megapixels. These cameras can also be connected to your computer with a special adapter. Your computer then simply sees that camera as a webcam. The images are therefore of much better quality and you can also control the exposure much better. If you ever give webinars, you can also consider connecting multiple cameras. In this way you as a presenter can be visualized from different sides.

I can do a lot back to the old. But it would be bad if we don’t learn from it. So let’s not stop ourselves in the future. Let’s stop hooking up and just go ahead and do it. You know, just like during the corona crisis.

Fou-Khan Tsang RA Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alfa Accountants and Advisors. He wrote this column in a personal capacity.

This contribution is also included in the ICT & Office magazine. Click here for the online version of the magazine.

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Teacup sized dogs Cute trend or cruelty to animals? – Insurance for Pets

With some you can only see at second glance that they are not stuffed animals, but living things: so-called teacup dogs, i.e. dogs that are so small that they fit into a tea cup. They are a maximum of 23 centimeters tall, weigh about one and a half kilograms, cost more than a scooter and sometimes have hundreds of thousands of subscribers on Instagram and Facebook. Animal rights activists are critical of the breeding of cute status symbols, which are often presented like fashion accessories or toys: the animals are often degenerate and particularly susceptible to disease.

The German hobby breeder Ivonne Winter from Hanau near Frankfurt specializes in teacup poodles. She is happy about the great demand, which is significantly higher than the supply. « Everyone wants a teacup dog now, but you don’t have them on the shelves. » According to winter, breeding is time-consuming and cost-intensive. The puppies in particular need a lot of attention.

Massive criticism

But how are the tiny things bred? « You choose the weakest and smallest animals from a breed to breed with them again, » explains Daniela Schrudde, head of the World Animal Protection Society. That is against nature. The typically large eyes, the large back of the head and the small nose also do not correspond to the anatomy of a healthy dog.

« Such traits do not develop if you breed carefully and mate pure Teacup dogs, » claims Ivonne Winter. The mother bitch had to be at least 20 to 23 centimeters tall, and the male also had to fit her in size. « Smaller puppies can fall, but they are not suitable for breeding, » says Winter. Your mini poodles are just as healthy dogs as any small or large poodle. Lisa Hoth, specialist for pets at the German Animal Welfare Association, sees it quite differently. She reports of animals that tremble frequently because their body temperature is too low. Another problem is hypoglycaemia: this can arise from a missed meal and, in the worst case, lead to death. Wrong developments on the head, for example due to hereditary bone gaps not growing together, can also be observed. In addition, the bones in teacup dogs are generally very fragile and the eyes are disproportionately large, which, according to Hoth, increases the risk of injury.

Minimum size: 20 centimeters

« Big eyes are not the breeding target in Germany and come from America and Asia, just like the round apple heads and short snouts, » says Winter. She has never had a puppy with an open fontanel. They only breed animals that are around 20 centimeters tall. « Even if many people say on the phone that they want a teacup poodle that is only 15 to 16 centimeters tall, they are wrong with me and they can buy a soft toy right away. »

From a legal point of view, things seem clear: Because under the Animal Welfare Act, so-called agony breeding is prohibited in both Germany and Austria. If animals are bred that have body parts or organs that are missing or have been redesigned for their proper use, then this is agony breeding.

Breeding ban

« If you look at Teacup dogs, you have to realize that this is practically always the case, » says Daniela Schrudde. The implementation of the law in the form of a breeding ban is obviously not that easy. « So far there have only been isolated judgments against breeding, » says Lisa Hoth of the German Animal Welfare Association. Certain breeding traits such as short-headedness are already known and scientifically examined.

Dogs shipped worldwide

There are numerous pages on the Instagram online portal that regularly present photos and short videos of the tiny four-legged friends. These often come from professional dealers who reach a particularly large number of users. The Instagram page of the provider « Rolly Teacup Puppies », for example, had 740,000 subscribers in early June. The dealer sends the tiny things, which cost up to 8,640 euros, all over the world.

According to the information on the Instagram page, the animals are « perfectly healthy », which health certificates are supposed to prove. But against the seriousness of these providers, according to Schrudde, is the fact that the dogs are shipped worldwide without knowing the future owners.

Expert opinion

Teacup dogs are not covered by the breed standards of the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI, International Association of Cynologists). Associations of dog breeders and owners from all over the world come together under the umbrella organization. The smallest breed of dog recognized by the FCI is the Chihuahua, whose weight is stated to be at least one and at most three kilograms.

Articles by

Ulrike Griessl

Life and Health Editor


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Greetings, hugs, hugs… Why have we missed touching so much since the beginning of the epidemic – Insurance for Pets

Illustration of friends hugging each other. – Pixabay

  • In this period of deconfinement, there is a glaring lack: to touch those close to you, to greet your colleagues without embarrassment or fear.
  • Although the epidemic peak seems to be behind us, social distancing risks prolonging this lack of touch, especially for the elderly, fragile and isolated.
  • Neuroscience has revealed the fundamental contribution of this long underestimated sense, and this frustration may have long-term health consequences.

Do a foot check (a little ridiculous), stay two meters from his sick grandmother, not being able to hug a crying friend or kiss his grandson… In this period of deconfinement where many have found parks with pleasure, beaches, terraces, we miss a landmark of life before: touching it. This often depreciated meaning has never seemed to us as essential as since March 17, 2020. After two months of
confinement that some have spent in complete solitude, social distancing still requires us to limit physical contact.

An underestimated and yet omnipresent meaning

The coronavirus crisis has revolutionized our relationship with others. For the first time, protecting your loved ones meant keeping them at bay. Families weren’t able to hug each other for weeks. « The health crisis has restored its touch to nobility, a poor relative of the senses, » says Céline Rivière, neuropsychologist. and author of Cuddling*.

« Today, we are hungry to touch, especially in our Latin culture, adds Jacques Fischer-Lokou, professor-researcher at the University of South Brittany and the IUT of Vannes in social psychology. This meaning has long been underestimated because it is spontaneous, harmless. It’s like a language whose grammar you don’t know. « Indeed, we sometimes look for it even without realizing it. We take each other in the arms to say hello, to celebrate an event, we get a massage to relax, we brush against each other or we dance in concerts, bars… « A lot of elderly people have pets », underlines Céline Rivière.

Better known positive effects

« Scientific thinking has allowed us to step back from this familiarity, » continues the teacher-researcher. To be able to analyze, to specify all the effects of touch. For several decades, the neurosciences have listed the impressive benefits of caresses, hugs, hugs … Especially on newborns and children, for whom skin-to-skin and tender gestures are essential to develop well. But for adults too, touch plays an essential role in social life and well-being.

« To the point that touch is now a luxury product! quips Jacques Fisher-Lokou. It decreases cortisol, the stress hormone, so it soothes, besides the flight attendants touch passengers who are anxious, the nurses learned the effects of touch to treat their patients, who will be more cooperative. If we are touched, we accept the toucher’s request more. It also increases confidence in others. And self-esteem. Studies by the University of Vannes have shown that teachers who touched students’ forearms very discreetly while looking at their work gave them more confidence. « 

Another impact: a caress releases oxytocin, the link hormone. « Touch awakens positive memories, » continues the researcher. As a child, you are touched by the people who are most important to you. « The arms, this is the first cradle, it feels like finding a cocoon, » summarizes Céline Rivière.

More or less suffering

The neuropsychologist recognizes that « this crisis has put everyone in withdrawal. » A deprivation more or less well lived, because some are more tactile than others and each one lived this exceptional parenthesis and this deconfinement in a different context. A grandmother in an Ehpad is likely to experience a space vacuum if she can no longer touch her relatives and caregivers while a quadra with children will miss fewer hugs. But those who lacked the most, especially the elderly, are those who risk their lives if they do not respect social distancing today. « Everyone throws themselves on a baby, nobody on a person of 80 years », recalls Jacques Fischer-Lokou. “When you isolate an elderly person, you increase their feeling of helplessness, regrets Céline Rivière. Especially since his other senses are often no longer effective. The older we get, the less we see, the less we hear, touch is the meaning we keep until the end. « 

What consequences will this frustration have on mental health? « There have been deaths and people couldn’t hug! » laments the clinical psychologist. How do we do ? What traces does it leave? The most serious risk is depression. Another concern, for Céline Rivière, « this anxiety-provoking period could have created in some people a phobia of the other, considered as dangerous. Since touch is not there to calm anxiety, we can get into a vicious circle. « 

Three important elements then come into play in the variable response that will be given to this lack. « First, relational capital, » explains Jacques Fisher-Lokou. If you have the chance to share your daily life with other people, that you have a lot of friends with whom you interact even by interposed screens, this physical distance will not change your daily life enormously. Certainly there will be less than hug, less kisses… ”

The other important element is the perception of this lack. « If an elderly person attributes the fact that he is no longer affected by a health problem, it is not very serious, he always feels integrated. If, on the other hand, she thinks she is repulsive, it risks increasing loneliness and the feeling of rejection. « 

Finally, the third ingredient of the equation: the journey of each being … and their psychic « backpack ». « When we turn away from someone, it refers to the fact that he is not frequentable, it can bring back childhood traumas, warns the psychologist. I have seen patients with mental illness regress during this period of confinement. « 

Live without touching?

We feel an appetite of certain companies for teleworking, an unprecedented development of teleconsultations, an ever increasing boom in home deliveries … But not clear to know if the health crisis will finally highlight our need for physical reports or if the hygienism and digital technology will make our society fall into the “100% distance”.

Will the society of tomorrow be distanced from everything? – Pixabay

For Jacques Fischer-Lokou, this situation will especially have an impact on our meetings with strangers or with the second circle (acquaintances, colleagues …), but not with our relatives. « I do not believe that we will live in a society where touch will disappear. The emotional, emotional, intimate touch between people who share a place or a common project will always exist. « 

On the other hand, some have seen in this imposition of distance an opportunity to sort out a fundamental touch to express their empathy, their joy, their attachment. And other more imposed contacts. « Maybe we ritualized the meetings with kisses, » he continues. Some women felt forced to kiss the workplace, for example. « 

* Cuddling, A prescription for happiness, May 2015, Editions Michalon, 17 euros.



Insurance for Pets

Pet Insurance market business growth statistics and outlook for key players[PDF] / Address the potential impact of CoronaVirus (COVID-19) – Insurance for Pets

Pet Insurance market [prévision 2020-2029] Industry research report analyzed in detail with all vital data to frame strategic business decisions and propose essential development plans. This Pet Insurance report provides a comprehensive understanding of policies and development plans in addition to manufacturing processes and cost structures.

The report is a brilliant presentation of the critical dynamics, regional growth, rivalry and other important parts of the Pet Insurance market. The factual, unbiased, in-depth assessment of the global Pet Insurance market presented in the report provides stakeholders with access to the data and information they need to plan effective growth strategies. The report made a brilliant attempt to provide a comprehensive research study of the main key companies, the industry value chain, deployment models and key opportunities, The Drivers and Constraints of the Global Pet Insurance Market Company. It shows how the global Pet Insurance market will grow or lack growth in each year of the forecast period. Readers are provided with detailed and almost accurate predictions of CAGR and the size of the global Pet Insurance market and its major segments.

To obtain a copy of the Premium sample of this report @ download free sample PDF !!

((***Our free copy of the report gives a brief introduction to the outlook research report, TOC, list of tables and figures, a perspective to the main market players and including key regions.***)

Market Segmentation Outlook: Pet Insurance Market

The report provides an in-depth look at the main segments of the global Pet Insurance market and explains the key factors that help them collect a larger share. It provides the precise growth rate and the size of the market accomplished by each segment during the forecast period. This Pet Insurance industry will help players identify lucrative segments and plan specific strategies to get the most out of them. The report also includes sales growth, revenues and price changes seen in major segments. Most importantly, segmental analysis provides players with useful data and information to make the most of the opportunities available in various fragments.

• Pet Insurance Market segmentation based on the main contenders-

Petplan Limited, Trupanion, Inc., Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Hartville Group, Inc., Pethealth, Inc., PetFirst Healthcare LLC, Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada, Inc., Embrace Pet Insurance Agency, LLC., Direct Line Group, Petsecure, PetSure (Australia) Pty Ltd, ipet Insurance, Japan Animal Club.

• Pet Insurance Market segmentation based on By Insurance Type, By Animal Type & By Sales Channel-

Market Segmentation by Insurance Type: Accident and Illness, Accident only, Market Segmentation by Animal Type: Dogs, Cats, Horses, Others, Market Segmentation by Sales Channel: Agency, Broker, Bancassurance, Direct Writing.

Pet Insurance Market segmentation based on regional analysis-

– Europe (Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, France, etc.)

– Middle East and Africa (GCC countries and Egypt)

– North America (United States, Mexico and Canada)

– South America (Brazil, etc.)

– Asia-Pacific (China, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Australia)

To find out how the COVID-19 pandemic will have an Impact on this market / Industry- Click here to request a COVID-19 Impact Analysis !!!

(NOTE: our analysts who monitor the situation around the world explain that the market will generate profitable prospects for producers after the COVID-19 crisis. The report aims to provide an additional illustration of the latest scenario, the economic downturn and the impact of COVID-19 on the industry as a whole.)

Key Findings from the Pet Insurance Market Report:

– R&D projects in progress and in progress in the Pet Insurance market

– Marketing and promotional strategies adopted by large key companies in the Pet Insurance market

– Current and future perspectives of the Pet Insurance market on different regional markets

– Y-o-y growth of different segments and sub-segments of the Pet Insurance market

– The national and international presence of the main market players on the Pet Insurance market

The following are taken into consideration:

Historical Period: 2014-2019

Forecast period: 2020 to 2029

What companies can hope to get Business Intelligence in the Pet Insurance market?

I. The outlook study on Pet Insurance dynamic market growth and opportunities highlights various aspects, in which crucial are:

II. What are the technological and strategic areas on which emerging, new entrants and established players should focus in order to continue to grow in the disruptions that COVID-19 A caused at the Industry level?

III. What new avenues offer incredible potential during the current COVID-19 locking restrictions?

IV. What government policies can give key stakeholders support for their consolidation efforts?

V. What new business models are proliferating among companies to remain agile in the post-COVID era?

VI. What segments will see a surge in popularity in the near future, and what calibrations do players need to make to use the trend for an extended period?

Ask / Talk to an Expert for more Detailed information on the Pet Insurance report:

Ideas and Perspectives that make this study on the Pet Insurance market stand out

The analysts who prepared the report were fervent observers of the dynamism caused by macroeconomic upheavals. Using the industry’s best quantitative assessment methods and data integration technologies, they have taken a holistic look at future growth paths in the Pet Insurance market. Factual and easy-to-understand information based on a wide range of market data is what makes this study different from competitors.

Why choose us:

* We offer state-of-the-art critical reports with accurate information about the future of the market.

* Our reports have been evaluated by some industry experts in the market, which makes them beneficial to the business to maximize their return on investment.

* We provide a complete graphical representation of the information, strategic recommendations, results of the analysis tools to offer an elaborate landscape, highlighting the main market players. This detailed market assessment will help the company increase its efficiency.

* The supply and demand dynamics presented in the report provide a 360-degree view of the market.

* Our report helps readers decipher current and future constraints in the Pet Insurance market, and helps them formulate optimal business strategies to maximize market growth.


1 Introduction to the Pet Insurance Market

1.1 Market overview

1.2 Scope of the Report

1.3 Assumptions

2 Executive Summary

3 search methodology

3.1 Data Mining

3.2 Validation

3.3 Primary Interviews

3.4 list of Data Sources

4 Pet Insurance market outlook

4.1 overview

4.2 Market dynamics

4.2.1 the Drivers

4.2.2 restraint systems

4.2.3 Possibilities

4.3 Porters Five Force Model

4.4 Value Chain Analysis

5 Market Pet Insurance, Segmentation

5.1 overview

6 Pet Insurance market, by Geography

6.1 overview

6.2 North America

6.2.1 United States

6.2.2 Canada

6.2.3 Mexico

6.3 Europe

6.3.1 Germany

6.3.2 United Kingdom

6.3.3 France

6.3.4 rest of Europe

6.4 Asia Pacific

6.4.1 China

6.4.2 Japan

6.4.3 India

6.4.4 rest of Asia Pacific

6.5 Rest of the World

6.5.1 From Latin America

6.5.2 Middle East

7 Pet Insurance market competitive landscape

7.1 overview

7.2 Business Market Ranking

7.3 Main Development Strategies

8 Company Profiles

8.1.1 Presentation

8.1.2 Financial Performance

8.1.3 Product Outlook

8.1.4 Main Developments

9 appendix

9.1 Related Research

Click here to view the full table of contents for the Pet Insurance Market Report at:

Contact us at:

Mr. Benni Johnson

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420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 300

New York City, NY 10170, USA

Phone.:+1 347 826 1876


Email ID:

Insurance for Pets

VIDEO. Trump administration re-authorizes certain hunting techniques in Alaska – Insurance for Pets

#Pollution Alert

Contaminated rivers or soils, abandoned industrial waste … Do you live near a polluted site?
Click here to alert us!

Using bacon and donuts to bait bears is one of the hunting techniques that the Trump administration has again authorized in Alaska. Will also return: the slaughter of wolves and wolf cubs in their burrows, the use of motor boats to kill reindeer, the use of dogs to track black bears.

When the proposal was put forward in 2018, the project had already been controversial. All of these practices had been banned by the Obama administration in 2015. But some Republicans considered the bans to be unconstitutional. As early as 2017, the Trump administration had again legalized some of these practices on the three million hectares of public land in Alaska. The Trump administration has advanced the idea that this series of authorities will provide Alaskan citizens with better access to public land in order to benefit from it.

Insurance for Pets

Vitamin A Market 2020 Industry Demand, Share, Global Trend, Industry News, Market Size and Growth, Update Top Key Players, Business Statistics and Research Methodology by Forecast through 2023 – Insurance for Pets

The Global Vitamin A Market 2020-2023 Research Report provides idealistic and certain details of the Vitamin A market, helping you to promote ideas with research-based factors. It provides in-depth data, refining variations of the global vitamin A market to help you determine the final strategy. The report features a sound vision of the market considering profitability, attractiveness, revenues, and CAGR.

The Vitamin A Market Research Report also focuses on leading manufacturer with information such as company profiles, products and services offered financial information throughout 2020 – 2023



Bronson Laboratories


GMP Products INC.


now Foods

Nutralab Canada Ltd.
The Vitamin A Market Report provides an accurate financial evaluation of each leading competitor based on their business data which includes estimate of gross margin, Vitamin A Market sales, profitability, erection prices, product value, cost structure, sales and growth.

Get a sample copy of the report from –

Vitamin A Market Summary:

Global Vitamin A Market Insights

The global vitamin A market is expected to grow at a moderate CAGR over the expected period (2018-2023). With increasing consumers around the world preferring the intake of the healthy food in the consumption of their regular meals, so the majority of consumers are shifting their eating habits for micronutrient products. Eating healthy foods that suit their taste and preference and reduce the chances of attracting chronic diseases are the most important factors in choosing the vitamin A rich diet. Increase in consumption for healthy food is driving demand for vitamin A market.
The rising cost of health care is driving health-related concerns among consumers, thus increasing the demand for nutritious food that is expected to complement the growth of the vitamin A market.

Global Vitamin A Market Dynamics

The global vitamin A nutrient market can be attributed to the increasing health awareness among consumers going for all-round nutrient-rich foods which in turn is diversifying the food production business. Health attributes are most important to emerging consumer markets, who are also most willing to pay a premium for the health benefits in a product. This is a trend that is certainly continuing with the growth of simpler and cleaner labels as an indicator of a more natural product, along with the increasing global health and wellness food market due to its acceptability.
Brands will see added value in creating those products with added healthy properties that have more than one function.
In order to maintain good health of its citizens and prevent them from attracting vitamin A related diseases, countries in the world are making efforts to raise awareness of the vitamin-rich foods that can supplement their well-being and maintain a healthy lifestyle. to spread. Developing countries like India, Bangladesh and others who have high mortality rates of babies and pregnant mothers, the market offers an opportunity for vitamin A manufacturers to increase their vitamin supply, which can be added on its heir food supply.

Global Vitamin A market segmentation

The reports segments vitamin A market application source and its environment. The market based on the application of the product, is segmented as fortified / functional food and beverages, pharmaceuticals / food supplements, animal feed and others and based on the source can be segmented as fruit and vegetable, animal food based on and others .
A large part of dairy products, bakery products and ready-to-eat products are now enriched with vitamins and other nutrient content, in order to increase their support among global customers. The tendency and awareness among people is helping to grow the vitamin-fortified and mineral-fortified food and beverage market.
Knowledge and application of vitamin A in developing countries (especially low economic areas or rural areas) is less compared to developed countries. In developing countries, consumers such as pregnant women, guardians of children and the elderly population are usually aware of the health benefits associated with vitamin A fortified foods and drinks.

Global Vitamin A Market – regional analysis

The global vitamin A market is mainly dominated by the North American and European countries, where the demand and knowledge for the vitamin A consumption in their preparations, ready-to-eat food & beverage products, is increasing. The Chinese, Indian population are also increasing their demand for these products, which are high on the diet level despite being high on the cost due to the increased awareness about the health benefits of this product.
The rising young population along with a busy lifestyle often dictate the need for quick meals, many opting for fast food options that are high on Vitamin A.

Vitamin A Market Important developments

In 2017, BASF Vitamin A preparations contain an essential nutrient in a biologically very active form. To ensure good stability of the powdered products (Lutavit® A 1000 NXT, Lutavit® AD3 1000/200 NXT, Lutavit® A 500 Plus), the retinol is esterified, stabilizers and antioxidants are added and aftertreatment makes them insoluble in hot water. As a result, these formulations are protected from vapor pressure and high temperatures during feed production and storage. They also provide long shelf life and superior bioavailability.

Vitamin A Market Competitive Landscape

Some of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the vitamin A worldwide are DSM N.V., BASF S. E., LycoRed and others. These companies focus on expanding facilities and product portfolio, due to the growing demand for Vitamin A in its application industry. Consumers are now more aware of the positive effects of vitamin A included food products, which are likely to create more market opportunities in the future. Companies are actively involved in the development of innovative products, in order to improve product quality and increase the health benefits of the public in general. The popularity of international and regional brands and product innovations by players is expected to help the market grow at a continuous pace.
Vitamin A Market Major Players – BASF S. E., BioExtract, Bronson Laboratories, DSM N.V., GMP Products Inc, LycoRed, Now Foods and Nutralab Canada Ltd., among others.

Reasons to Buy the Vitamin A Market Report

â € ¢ Analyze market prospects with recent trends and Porters five forces analysis.
â € ¢ Market dynamics that essentially take into account the factors that are impelling the current market scenario along with the growth opportunities of the market in the coming years.
â € ¢ Market segmentation analysis including qualitative and quantitative research detailing the effects of the economic and non-economic aspects.
â € ¢ Regional and national level analysis integrating the supply and demand forces that influence the growth of the market.
â € ¢ Competitive landscape in the share of major market players, along with key strategies adopted for development over the past five years.
â € ¢ Comprehensive company profiles covering the product offering, key financial data,

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Reasons to Buy the Vitamin A Market Report:

Analyzing market prospects with recent trends and Porter’s five forces analysis.

market dynamics that essentially take into account the factors that are impelling the current market scenario along with the market’s growth potential in the coming years.

Market segmentation analysis including qualitative and quantitative research detailing the effects of the economic and non-economic aspects.

Regional and national level analysis integrates the supply and demand forces that influence market growth.

Competitive landscape in the share of major market players, along with key development strategies has released over the past five years.

Extensive company profiles covering the product offering, key financial data, recent developments, SWOT analysis and strategies of the major market players.

3 months analyst, together with the market, supports Estimates sheet in Excel.

The Vitamin A Market 2020-2023 Analysis objectives of the report are:

To analyze Vitamin A market with regard to growth trends, anticipation and also their participation across the industry.
To honestly share in-depth information related to the essential elements affect the increase in industry (growth capacity, probability, drivers and industry-specific challenges and risks).
To know the vitamin A market by the many sub-segments distinguished.
To investigate and study the size of the market (volume and value) of the company, key areas / countries, products and applications, background information 2013-2020 and also the forecast up to 2023.
To profile industry leaders and analyze their growth plans.
To venture the amount and value of sub-markets, depending on the main regions.
Primary worldwide antifouling paints and coatings Market manufacturing companies, to indicate, clarify and analyze product sales quantity, value and market share, market rivalry landscape, SWOT analysis, and development plans for years to come.
To compete investigates advances such as expansions, arrangements, new product launches and market acquisitions.

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The growth of this global market is subject to several factors; including world class consumer Vitamin A market of many products Vitamin A Market, inorganic growth of the company models, price volatility of raw materials, product innovation along with economic prospects in both producing and consuming countries.

Finally, Vitamin A Market report presents the descriptive analysis of the parent market based on the elite players, past, present and futuristic data that will serve as a profitable guide for all Vitamin A market participants.


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Insurance for Pets

Lockdown increases demand for pets in shelters – Insurance for Pets


Animal shelters in Germany are experiencing an increase in the demand for pets as a result of the corona crisis. The German Animal Protection Service reports that there have been an extremely large number of applications in recent times. The union thinks this is because people at home may value the company of animals more because of lockdowns. People would also have more time available for animals in the lockdown at home.

« Our animals sympathize with us, keep us company, distract us and provide comfort, » said an animal protection spokeswoman. The union does not give numbers. A Berlin animal shelter received five hundred emails in a weekend and that had never happened, according to a spokeswoman.

Insurance for Pets

Corona virus in Berlin: This is how the emergency clinic on the exhibition grounds works – Insurance for Pets


This is how Berlin’s Corona Emergency Clinic works

The future employees of the Berlin Corona Emergency Clinic on the exhibition grounds are now being trained.

The future employees of the emergency clinic get to know the hospital on the exhibition grounds.

Photo: Reto Klar / FUNKE Photo Services

Berlin. The patient in bed 96 died of Covid-19. The team of five around the nurse Nathalie Werner first has to find the bed with the dead and drive it to a closed area. There the body is to be examined again and then packed in a body bag. Then the bed is rolled to the lock, where the dead person is to be handed over to another team, which in turn takes him to the cold store – at least in theory.

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Corona Clinic in Berlin: a nested construct

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Berlin’s Corona Clinic is due to start within a week in an emergency

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Invasion of processionary caterpillars in Couvin: « Keep your dogs on a leash », warns the veterinary clinic – Insurance for Pets

An invasion of processionary caterpillars has been observed in Couvin and more particularly in the Calestienne region. According to information reported by l’Avenir, several nests had already been spotted and destroyed last year. But in recent weeks, their presence has exploded.

« We mainly have them in Viroinval, but last year, we observed them in Boussu, on Couvin. We can therefore think that there must be some in this entity, but we do not make a census there. Doische, on the other hand, I also found some « , says Marc Huart of the Walloon Forest Health Observatory to our colleagues.

The processionary caterpillars are about 3 cm long and move « in procession » from temporary nests in search of food. Coming into contact with the stinging hair of these animals can cause skin, eye and even respiratory tract irritation.

Keep your dogs on a leash

Their nests and their hairs – which can last up to seven years and withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius – remain intact, however, and must be removed with a special industrial vacuum cleaner.

For its part, the veterinary clinic of Couvin warns of the danger of these insects for our pets. « During your walks, the presence of nests and groupings of these caterpillars must be reported to the municipality. The municipalities of Couvin and Viroinval were recently affected and marked the trees carrying an orange cross and a For neighboring towns, keep an eye out, they may not be spared. So be sure to keep your dogs on a leash « , warns the establishment on its Facebook page.

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Trapped in a well 60 meters deep, a puppy waits a week for help from the rescue! – Insurance for Pets

Posted on 12/06/2020 at 8:13 a.m.

Written by Norman Bougé
in the category Rescues

© Istanbul firefighters (İstanbul İtfaiyesi)

A dog was one day desperate to exit a well after an unnoticed fall. A Turkish minister intervened to save him.

In Turkey, the city of Beykoz was the scene of a tragedy for a dog fallen into a well with a depth of 60 meters. After a week, the residents of the neighborhood heard her moans. When they arrived, the rescue team was not sure how to get it out of a well barely 30 centimeters in diameter.

But the latter did not intend to abandon the poor beast.

Firefighters and organizations animal rescue came as reinforcements. They started by setting up a tent that would shelter the dog in the event of rain. They then brought down a camera which would show them what state the animal was in.

Terrified and desperate after all this time spent alone at the bottom of the well, the dog had to wait another 10 days after which the rescuers still did not manage to save him. The latter did their utmost for the heal and the feed while they were trying to find a solution. They notably informed the Turkish media and the national TV.

It was then that the Minister of Energy, Berat Albayrak, got wind of the matter and enjoined the Turkish Hard Coal Enterprises, state-owned mining company, to handle rescue, reports The Dodo.

Thanks to a mechanical device, the dog was finally able to be reassembled.

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The dog’s ordeal was finally over. Reviewed by veterinarians, he is doing well and was adopted by the firefighters who baptized him Kuyu, « Bien » in French.


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Crocodile ancestors walked on two legs, study finds – Insurance for Pets

An international team of researchers analyzed footprints from the Lower Cretaceous era discovered in South Korea.

An approach similar to that of some dinosaurs. The ancestors of crocodiles would not have moved on four legs, like their modern cousins, but on their two hind legs, advances a study published Thursday June 11 in the review Nature Scientific Reports.

A team of researchers from China, Australia and the United States analyzed footprints from the Lower Cretaceous era, discovered during excavations at the Sacheon Jahye-ri archaeological site near Sacheon City in South Korea. South, where ancient species of lizards, spiders and tiny raptors 120 million years old had been discovered.

Their research suggests that these footprints were left by a modern crocodile ancestor called Batrachopus grandis. He was walking « like a crocodile swinging on a tightrope »says Kyung Soo Kim, of the National Pedagogical University of Chinju, South Korea.

An approach « similar to that of dinosaurs, but the footprints are not from dinosaurs », details the scientist. The researchers originally attributed these traces to those of an ancient pterosaur, this giant winged dinosaur that walked on two legs to protect its wings on earth.

The footprints, from 18 to 24 cm, were entirely made by rear members, as evidenced by the absence of a tail trace and the narrow tracks left behind. They evoke a body length of up to three meters, with legs the same size as those of a human, according to Anthony Romilio, paleontologist at the University of Queensland, one of the authors of the study.

The shape of the footprints shows that Batrachopus grandis walked probably feet flat, pushing his heels into the ground, as do men, according to this study, which highlights the need to re-examine other specimens from this period morphologically similar.

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Corona crisis: 142 new corona infections in Belgium again – Society – Insurance for Pets

A number of new relaxations of the restrictive corona measures will take effect on Monday. An overview.

The academies for part-time art education can be restarted in phases from 25 May, although this will initially be limited to one-to-one education for those who are crucial and subject to the rules regarding hygiene and social distance.

Parents and prospective students, who do not have access to digital alternatives, can visit a school for a guided tour, for example. The visits must take place when there are no pupils in the school, are only possible after an individual appointment, a maximum of three people may be present and the applicable safety measures must be followed. Physical registration is also possible in exceptional cases.

In prisons limited visit possible: one visit per prisoner per week, preferably the same person, no minors and keeping a distance.

The visiting arrangements in psychiatric care homes and residential rehabilitation facilities expand. From now on, several people from the same contact bubble can visit and the residents can leave the facility for activities or for a day visit or an overnight stay. The residents can live in the psychiatric care homes take individual leave days again.

They are also given the opportunity to do an activity with two other people outside the facility. Group and sports activities can also be restarted under certain conditions. The facilities can determine themselves whether and when these visits and activities are possible.

Minors and adults with disabilities who have been staying day and night with their healthcare provider or at home since the lockdown, can gradually go back temporarily for one or more days, or vice versa to their healthcare provider. It is an extension, not a return to normal business. Each healthcare provider determines the pace at which step can be taken.

The local service centers can reopen their doors for one-on-one services, such as hairdresser, pedicure and manicure, takeaway and psychosocial support. Group activities are not yet possible.

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Rooms with Attention is looking for a room for 17-year-old Dounja – Insurance for Pets

Photo: Stocksnap via pixabay

Do you remember the moment you left home? You probably got help from your parents, friends or family and were there when things were not going well. But what if that social safety net is not there and you don’t have a trusted place to return to?

Rooms with Attention is looking for people who want to rent a room to young people between the ages of 18 and 23, who want to stand on their own two feet, but cannot yet live entirely independently. This is also the case for 17-year-old Dounja. Rooms with Attention is looking for a room for her in De Bilt, Houten or Utrecht where she can start her MBO Zorg en Welzijn in September. Unfortunately, the room that had been found for her could not go through because of Corona. We wish her a good start in her new school year and hope that a nice room will be found for her!

Dounja is a calm, friendly young lady, who first looks the cat out of the tree. She likes a tidy room and loves pets. Who can provide a nice place? For more information, go to

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Mister Kärnten 2017 in conversation: Racism is not only a problem in the USA – Insurance for Pets

Parsa Djawadiraad had to experience first-hand that racism is not only a problem in the USA but also in Austria. The Lavanttaler with Iranian roots was crowned Mister Carinthia in 2017.

Hundreds of people gathered at Neuer Platz in Klagenfurt last week to demonstrate. Not only against police violence in the USA, but above all against racism. Because it is not limited to one country. In 2017 it became clear once more than Parsa Djawadiraad was elected Mister Carinthia.

Actually, you could have seen his victory as a positive sign. It would be an opportunity for the federal state and its people to show that we are diverse and that is a good thing. But then everything turned out differently. Because soon the young FPÖ Carinthia spoke up. « I wonder to what extent he represents our home country of Carinthia or Austria with his appearance and Iranian origin », said the hard words of a board member. The case was also reported in Germany.

Mister Kärnten 2017: « Nobody wants anything like this »

The 23-year-old looks back on this time with mixed feelings. “Everything looks very easy from the outside. But when you are affected, it’s not that easy, ” says 23-year-old Djawadiraad. “You put it away, put on a smile. But it’s really not a nice feeling. You don’t want anything like that.  » The alleged scandal was even reported in Germany. The Iranian-born grew up in the Lavant valley and even has Austrian citizenship.

To this day, he feels hostility from time to time. « But I know you can’t lump them all together. Everyone has different parents and some teach you to be open, others less. ” He sees the fact that he grew up in a rural area as an advantage, because you know each other: « In a big city you are only a number. » And generally he is happy about his home: « It always means that Carinthia has a blue tinge, but I think people have become more open. »

The people one

Djawadiraad welcomes the fact that people worldwide are now taking to the streets and demonstrating against racism. “But also in general something has to change, starting with the top politicians who are supposed to unite people and not separate them. No matter what skin color, religion or origin you have « says Mister Carinthia.

As the father of a two-year-old daughter, the Carinthian often thinks about the future: “Of course, I don’t want what I have experienced and gone through for them. I hope that people will give themselves more opportunities in the future and will not immediately judge each other. I will definitely raise my daughter like this. « 

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« We don’t meet hate with hate »: 10,000 say #BlackLivesMatter in Graz

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character, origin, breeding advice, health – Insurance for Pets

The Puffin Norwegian Dog is a small Spitz type dog. He is energetic and very alert. Long used as a puffin hunting dog (from which it takes its name), which is a variety of penguin, it has now become an affectionate and cheerful companion dog even if its character is fairly independent.

  • Size: 32 cm to 38 cm
  • Weight: 6 kg to 7 kg
  • Hair: medium long
  • Colors: white and red, white and fawn, white and gray, white and dark spots
  • Life expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Gestation duration: 63 days

Description and characteristics of the Puffin Norwegian Dog

The Puffin Norwegian Dog is a small dog with a rectangular body. We recognize it in particular by its small piercing eyes which give it a waking air, composed of a yellowish-brown iris and a pupil which is surrounded by a dark circle.

The Puffin Norwegian Dog has characteristic medium-sized ears because they are wide at their base and carried very straight.

The coat of the Puffin Norwegian Dog is made up of a thick and very thick covering hair, as well as a soft undercoat. Its hair is short on its head and on the front of its legs while it is a little longer on its neck, behind its members and on its tail. He carries the latter slightly rolled up on his back. The hairs of the Puffin Norwegian Dog always have a white base allied to either fawn, gray or even black.

Origin of the Puffin Norwegian Dog

The Puffin Norwegian Dog is native to northern Norway, specifically the island of Vaeroy in the Lofoten Archipelago. It is an ancient breed (certainly over 400 years old) that has long been used as a puffin hunting dog, that is to say a variety of penguin that lives in its country of origin, on steep rocks at the edge of the North Seas as well as in the fjords, but also as herdsman. The puffin has long been used by Norwegians in this region as food, but also for its down.

This breed almost died out from the moment when it was no longer used for hunting and because this race was partly decimated between the two world wars because of distemper, a serious viral disease for dogs. The Puffin Norwegian Dog was however rescued and developed again from the 1960s. It then became a pet. It is a very rare dog in France.

Character and behavior of the Puffin Norwegian Dog – Who is it for?

The Puffin Norwegian Dog was originally a hunting dog. He is a dog who has energy and is very agile. It has the particularity of being able to turn its back well back to touch its back and it has additional fingers compared to the majority of other dog breeds. These characteristics enabled him in particular to be able to climb very steep slopes to hunt puffins. This is why this dog is better suited to a sports master.

The Puffin Norwegian Dog has a fairly independent character and requires a firm education. As a pet, it is a cheerful, affectionate and never aggressive dog.

How to take care of your Puffin Norwegian Dog: his needs

Due to its origins as a hunting dog, the Puffin Norwegian Dog needs a lot of exercise. He is also happier if he can benefit from wide open spaces. In any case, it is not made to live locked up in an apartment.

Native to cold regions, the Puffin Norwegian Dog withstands high temperatures with difficulty.

On the maintenance side, the Puffin Norwegian Dog does not require any particular care. Regular brushing is enough to maintain the beauty and hygiene of her dress.

Feeding the Puffin Norwegian Dog

The Puffin Norwegian Dog does not need a specific diet, except that it should not be too fatty. Its food must be of very good quality, and especially adapted to its age, its state of health and its physical exercise.

The health of the Puffin Norwegian Dog

The Puffin Norwegian Dog can be prone to gastric and intestinal problems, diseases that affect this breed in particular, often called by the term « Lundehund Syndrome ».

Price of a puffin Norwegian puppy

The price of a puffin Norwegian puppy will depend on the sex, the pedigree of the parents, the conformity to the standards of the breed, etc.

  • Price of a male Puffin Norwegian Dog: nc
  • Price of a female Norwegian Puffin Dog: nc

Photo credit: Andrva

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Edition June 2020, Market Global cat pet insurance 2020 Emergency economic analysis following the COVID-19 epidemic by the best key players Petplan UK, Anicom Holding, Agria, Royal Sun Alliance RSA, Nationwide – Insurance for Pets

We recently published our updated research report, titled “Cat Cat Insurance Market”. The report analyzes the current market impacts as well as the forecasts concerning the market, especially during the period 2020 to 2027. A research study makes it possible to analyze the change in market dynamics, the volume of the regional market, technological innovations and the Pet cat insurance business opportunities in the forecast period. The report also analyzes the current situation of the pet cat insurance market by analyzing in depth several manufacturers, associations, companies, sellers and industries which depend on it. or call us on + 1-312-376-8303.

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Segregate the global pet cat insurance market as follows:
Some of the key types analyzed in this report are:
Lifetime Cover, Non lifetime Cover, Accident only

Some of the key applications as follows:
Adult Cat, Kitten

Here are the main key players: Petplan UK, Anicom Holding, Agria, Royal Sun Alliance RSA, Nationwide, ipet Insurance, Trupanion, Direct Line Group, Crum Forster, Petplan North America, PetSure, Petsecure, Japan Animal Club, Petfirst, Pethealth, Petplan Australia, PICC, iCatdog
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The report also provides a detailed analysis of all macro and micro environmental factors having a direct or indirect impact on the market. The report provides an individual chapter that focuses exclusively on current factors such as COVID 19, the possible economic recession, the impact of the economic downturn, the impact of export and import restrictions and all other factors that can stimulate or restrict growth in the economy. market during the forecast period. This chapter carefully examines all of these factors which are essential in order to be known by all the main players in the industry operating in this market or by new players planning to enter this market.

World report on the technical ceramics market 2019: market size, status and forecasts until 2027
• Chapter 1. Overview of the Global Pet Cat Insurance Industry
• Chapter 2 Players’ Analysis of the Global Pet Cat Insurance Competition
• Company profiles (best players) from Chapter 3
• Chapter 4 Size of the global pet cat insurance market by type and application (2014-2019)
• Chapter 5 State and development prospects…
• …………
• …………
• Chapter 11 Market forecasts by region, type and application (2019-2027)
• Chapter 12 Dynamics of the global pet cat insurance market
• Chapter 12.1 News from the Global Pet Cat Insurance Industry
• 12.2 Global Challenges in the Development of the Pet Cat Insurance Industry
• 12.3 Development Opportunities for the Global Pet Cat Insurance Industry (2019-2027)
• Chapter 13 Analysis of market effect factors
• Chapter 14 Forecast of the world market for pet cat insurance (2019-2027)
• Chapter 15 Research results / Conclusion
• Chapter 16 Annex …………………… To consult the complete table of contents, click here: @ –Software / pet-cat-insurance-market-report # table_of_contents

** Some key points from the pet cat insurance market research report:
• Company Description – A detailed overview of the pet cat insurance industry.
• Market Outlook – The 2020 Cat Pet Insurance World Markets report provides a product overview, share, demand and supply ratio, supply chain analysis and import / export details.
• Market dynamics – Readers have a comprehensive analysis of market challenges, influencing factors, drivers, opportunities and trends.
• Key competitors – Pet cat insurance The main market players are studied according to their company profile, their product portfolio, their capacity, their price, their cost and their turnover.
• Expert analysis – Turnover, future strategies, technological and innovation trends, factors impacting development, SWOT.

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About us:
Jason Smith,
Sales Manager,
Global Business Development,
Email: or call us on + 1-312-376-8303.
Address: 20 N State Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60602, United States.

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