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Injured two minors in Palencia in two attacks of dogs, one of them of dangerous race – Health Insurance





Two children suffered injuries during this Thursday in Palencia by the bite of two dogs on public roads, one of them categorized as a potentially dangerous breed, according to the information provided by the City Council events.

In the most serious case, a Local Police patrol went to the Río Rubagón street of the capital, around 18.36 hours, after receiving notice that a child had been bitten by a dog, of dangerous breed, and had wounds on the face. The specimen It was loose, although it had a muzzle, reports Ical.

On the other hand, a few hours later, the agents returned to receive a related notice, since they had to go to the Bigar Centro square for the bite of a small mongrel dog to a minor when he tried to pet him.

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Police rescue 270 Chihuahuas and Pomeranian “crowded” in two illegal hatcheries in Madrid – Health Insurance

Maria Lozano




Overcrowded and with the vocal cords sectioned. This is how the National Police found 270 dogs of the Chihuahua and Pomeranian breeds in two illegal hatcheries in Meco and Arganda del Rey (Madrid). They were in “hygienic-sanitary and habitable conditions” bad “and the agents also found” two dead, frozen and wrapped in newspaper, “said Juan José Castro, Chief Inspector of the Consumer, Environment and Doping Section of the National Police.

At the moment the agents they have arrested five people: the two leaders of the criminal group, two veterinarians and a computer expert who also was in charge of marketing tasks for the sale of dogs. All are of Spanish nationality.

It is estimated that they have been practicing this activity since 1990. Since then it is known that they have sold at least 1,400 pedigree dogs, since they are the ones that were registered in the Royal Canine Society of Spain. According to calculations by the National Police, the benefits obtained would exceed two million euros, not counting the sale of dogs without pedigree.

The two pups of chihuahuas that the police found frozen in the zulo – National Police

The detainees allegedly made up one of the leading distributors of dogs in Europe and they face a crime of animal abuse, another belonging to a criminal organization and a third party for document falsification. Castro has pointed out that «the” modus operandi “was based on three basic pillars: a perfect commercial strategy, collaboration with other cells in Spain and the help of veterinarians».

First, they announced the dogs, which were raised illegally in centers spread throughout the Spanish territory, through the Internet. In addition, they had the support of a “computer expert” who hung the web ads and also on the page And finally, the veterinarians, which were responsible for giving the appearance of legality by providing leaders with sealed cards, medicines or instruments to implant the chip.

The detainees sold the “breed” dogs for 3,000 euros

“Chihuahuas and Pomeranians are very susceptible to their illegal breeding because they are very expensive,” Castro explained. The detainees sold the “breed” dogs for 3,000 euros and those who did not have an official certificate for not being registered in the Royal Canine Society, exceeded 1,300 euros.

Police do not rule out more detainees, since the animals were distributed throughout the Spanish geography and even in Europe.

Conditions in which were the 258 dogs rescued in Arganda del Rey – National Police

The police investigation began in January 2019 thanks to an anonymous complaint about the illegal hatchery of Meco. “There we acted when the owner moved or tried to get rid of some dogs, at that time twelve animals were involved,” said Chief Commissioner Enrique Juarez.

Later, the agents detected that the place intervened in Meco was a branch of the one who was truly raising dogs illegally. It was in November when the Police managed to register a chalet in Arganda del Rey, the main center of the organization and where they found 258 overcrowded dogs.

Operations without anesthesia

The dogs were in a zulo also built illegally and were divided into three areas: one for breeding, another in which were animals that were ready for sale and another in which were those that were ready to breed.

As you can see in the images, they were caged in small spaces and in “deplorable” conditions, according to Castro. Sometimes there were three dogs for each cage and the animals presented joint problems because they could barely move.

In addition to the vocal cords section, females destined for breeding had suffered caesarean sections, amputations and they had cysts in the ovaries In the place were found medicines and utensils for veterinary use, but not anesthesia, although it is necessary for certain operations.

The veterinarians had their clinics in Leganés and Moratalaz and the other three arrested had no profession other than this illegal hatchery. The leaders of the organization were a marriage. A 56-year-old man and his wife of 59. The dogs were delivered by hand or through parcel delivery companies.

The rescued animals are now in the custody of several animal protectors pending the judicial decision on their fate.

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What will happen to French people traveling to the UK after January 31? – Insurance for Pets

The United Kingdom is getting there. Midnight Friday, the British will say bye Bye in the European Union, more than three years after the 2016 Brexit referendum. An upheaval that plunges many EU citizens into the dark.

But there’s no need to panic immediately. If you have planned a trip across the Channel this year, no additional steps will be necessary. Indeed, the withdrawal agreement concluded between London and Brussels provides for a transition period which runs until December 31, 2020.

No changes until December 31

During this period, “all rights” of the Union with regard to free movement “will be maintained […] as if the United Kingdom is still a member of the European Union, “says the European Commission. In other words, a valid identity card or passport will suffice to travel there as part of a trip. will be required.

Likewise, UK law will provide the same rights as those provided by the EU in the event of denied boarding, cancellation or long delay of flights, trains, buses or boats. European carriers will therefore continue to be subject to Union law for travel to and from the EU.

No more changes to plan for school trips. Only an identity card or passport and authorization to leave the country for minors will be requested during the transition period. Travel conditions with a pet will again be the same as at present, while the French driving license will still allow you to travel across the Channel.

The extended transition period?

Finally, the European Health Insurance Card (CEAM) or, failing that, the Provisional Replacement Certificate will remain valid during the transition period and will allow access and treatment of the necessary medical care during the stay . A French tourist can therefore be treated on the same conditions as an insured person from the British social security scheme, at the financial cost of his health cover.

The transition period will help establish the future trade relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Negotiations are expected to start sometime in February. But many doubt the possibility of reaching an agreement in just eleven months. This is why an extension of the transition period until December 31, 2021 or even 2022 cannot be excluded.

Once it is completed, the British government website states that the identity card for citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) will no longer be accepted for travel to the United Kingdom. The presentation of a passport will therefore be compulsory. However, a visa should not be required for stays of less than three months.

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Trains a guide dog for a girl with reduced mobility, simulates her robbery and ends up arrested | Radio Madrid – Health Insurance

The rocambolesque story began on Monday, January 20. The idea had to begin to weave before and took shape that day when an Aranjuez trainer He went to the police station to report a robbery. According to his story, a white van stopped next to the zebra crossing, four men, armed with a gun, got out of the vehicle, gunned down and asked for his money and, sideways, just before leaving, decided that they also wanted each other Take Pocahontas The dog who shares a name with Chief Powhatan’s daughter was just a few hours after being delivered to her true owner, a wheelchair Estepona girl. But he never arrived, because he left, kidnapped down the street, in that Renault Express.

The trainer walked through the media his grief or indignation or whatever that was. He related the benefits of Pocahontas, who had learned to turn on lights, who knew how to help those who needed it to dress … He even photographed himself with posters with the image of the sweet labrador, offering a reward of 800 euros to whoever will locate it. Pocahontas was lying on the training arena, facing the camera, almost posing. Now we know that he was never worried about having to pay the reward.

While the guy was doing his pain – feigned – ostentation, Pocahontas was at home, waiting for the next step of a plan that we still don’t know in depth. On the other side of the story, the police brigade of Aranjuez circled the complaint of the trainer. Too many contradictions, enough to alert the cops, who began to think that the gun and the van and the robber-dog mafia were perhaps a fable.

Until this Monday, the trainer who trained to be both a victim and a thief has been arrested. The police themselves announced it on Twitter. Pocahontas returns at the hands of the Bocalán Foundation. The kidnapped bitch is in good condition. “Now it is necessary to recover it so that she can continue her life as an assistance dog and companion of a girl with a disability,” says the foundation on her Facebook page. The hunted trainer faces a penalty for simulating a robbery. The police do not confirm the mobile, but everything indicates that he did it for economic reasons. I was looking for some monetary compensation. You have found an imputation and a possible fine between six and 12 months .

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VIDEO. Why were a million seabirds found dead? – Insurance for Pets


Contaminated rivers or soils, abandoned industrial waste … Do you live near a polluted site?
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A million seabirds killed by a heat wave. It is the sad result of a scientific study and the resolution of a mystery dating back several years. Between the summer of 2015 and the spring of 2016, 62,000 guillemots of starving Troïl were found on beaches. However, this was only a tiny fraction of the total number of victims. Almost four years after the fact, scientists estimate the total number of dead birds at nearly one million and give details of the causes.

A sea heat wave which appeared in 2013 in the northeast of the Pacific Ocean is responsible for this massacre. And in 2015, it intensified causing a warming of three degrees over an area of ​​1600 square kilometers and thus disrupting ecosystems.

Algae important for the food chain then became rare and others, more harmful, multiplied on the contrary. Predators such as salmon, halibut and cod have seen their metabolism change, pushing them to eat more and therefore competing with fish-eating birds. Finally, the production of phytoplankton has also greatly decreased.

Franceinfo is a partner in the “Let’s act together for the environment” consultation with If you want to participate, you can propose your ideas and vote on that of the other participants in the module below.

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Abandonment is the biggest animal abuse | Radio Bilbao | Today for Bilbao – Health Insurance

Today for Bilbao He has taken care to know the aspects that this draft bill includes and that does not satisfy animal protectors and veterinarians.

In statements to the program, Sonia Brena believes that as things stand, the goals that have been set are not going to be achieved, starting with the concept and definition of ‘animal abuse’.

Another aspect that does not seem very clear is that of the rooms where a pet can ‘live’ or ‘be’. The president of the protector raised the question of whether a dog can be 24 hours in a car, an orchard or a shack, without being prohibited or punished by the new law …

The president of the Official College of Veterinarians of Bizkaia says that the key point is the identification of animals. Álvaro Mateos believes that this group must have the necessary tools for this identification.

Both join voices and state that abandonment comes many times for not sterilizing the animal and for breeding between individuals, who then do not know what to do with the puppies.

José Ramón Becerra, one of the mentors of this blueprint, parliamentarian of Equo Berdeak in Elkarrekin Podemos, does not agree with his interlocutors. It states that more than 100 improvements from different groups have been taken into account, some in Araba, and that at all times have tried to prevent it from becoming a debate. In any case, there is nothing definitive. We will have to keep talking, combining opinions and contrasting ideas.

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Most new star restaurants score poorly on animal welfare – Insurance for Pets

The eight Dutch restaurants that received a Michelin star for the first time earlier this month are generally not concerned about animal welfare. This is apparent from an analysis of the Animal Welfare Check.

Six of the eight restaurants score insufficient. Only Eden from Valkenswaard and Amsterdam’s Graphite take enough account of animal welfare when compiling their menus to get enough, says Animal Welfare Check.

It is striking that they offer relatively more vegetarian and vegan dishes and do not have duck liver and veal on the menu. Eden only uses pork from the Varkenshoederij in Mechelen, one of the five-star pig farmers from Varkens in Nood.

The fact that the other new star restaurants are doing so badly has everything to do with Michelin’s selection criteria. “Michelin primarily rewards restaurants with a classic, animal-protein-based cuisine,” writes organization. For example, the restaurants serve their guests with foie gras and veal.

Foie gras comes from ducks and geese that are force-fed with a tube in the throat. This causes a lot of stress, anxiety and injuries. Foie gras therefore scores 2 on animal welfare. (…) Veal without certification even scores 1 on animal welfare. The calves are taken from the mother immediately after birth, never go outside and often have anemia due to insufficient roughage.

cc photo: takedahrs

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The emotional reunion with two bitches that saved his life – Health Insurance

J. L. F.




Annie Wellens Dejaeghere believes more firmly in the loyalty and affection of the dogs since last January 12, especially two dogs called Kira and Piba, that the they saved from dying in all likelihood when wearing several days missing and disoriented – she is 70 years old and suffers from Alzheimer’s – in a field area on the outskirts of Alicante. And he wanted to thank that rescue in an emotional reunion, this Thursday with the firefighters of the Canine Unit, Rafael Giner and Narciso Ayuso, and the two animals that detected his trail in extremis.

The woman wanted to meet them and show their gratitude for the efforts made, and has expressed that she and the whole family are “tremendously grateful for the great work” done to find her, and for the dedication, commitment, great organization among all departments, and his treatment.

He has also extended his words of praise to “all teams of Firefighters, National Police and others that helped in the search and rescue device, including more than 50 persons volunteers between relatives, neighbors and friends », according to municipal sources.

“Without the dogs, they wouldn’t have found me, and we don’t have enough words to express our admiration and thanks,” Annie said, visibly moved.

Annie Wellens with firefighters Rafael Giner and Narciso Ayuso, and bitches Kira and Piba – SPEIS

In this sense, both firefighters of the Canine Unit of the SPEIS have stressed that the work of searching for people is «a team work where the coordination and organization of the device is essential to make it a success, as well as the speed», While they have shown their satisfaction for this“ very special ”visit, since they consider the most rewarding part of their work to be able to find people who have been lost for several days alive.

For its part, the councilor of security, José Ramón González, has praised the entire Canine Unit of the municipsl SPEIS service for «the dedication, professionalism and experience they demonstrate every day with their interventions, and of which the City of Alicante is deeply proud every time they intervene».

In the device organized on January 12 in the Vistahermosa environment, the Canine Unit, the Unmanned Aerial Media Unit -UMANT- and the Specialized Unit for Search and Rescue in Collapsed Structures, BREC of the Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting Service participated and Rescue of the Alicante City Council -SPEIS-, together with volunteers from the Canine Rescue Specialists Group -GERCA-.

According to SPEIS sources, the dog Piba along with firefighter Narciso Ayuso were the ones who located Annie Wellens at 11.30 a.m. distance of one kilometer from where it disappeared in the complex of Beautiful view, and after locating it, she was rescued and transferred to the Advanced Command Post, where the health workers attended her and took her to a hospital center.

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Beware of scammers !: Puppy dealers offer alleged dogs from the LPT laboratory – Insurance for Pets

Fraudsters are trying to make money with the LPT scandal. They offer supposedly saved dogs to buy on the Internet.

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SVZ + users


January 24, 2020, 8:11 p.m.

The controversial LPT laboratory near Hamburg has been closed. The animal protection organization “Four Paws” and the association “Laboratory Beagle Aid” now warn against unscrupulous fraudsters who pretend …

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