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A “curious puppy” causes a fire in your home after throwing a burning iron | International – Health Insurance

The fire department of Los Alamos, a region located in the state of New Mexico (United States), has recently published a video on its Facebook account through which it has demonstrated one of the consequences of leaving home without turning off electronic devices such as the iron. May your house end up being grass for the flames.

Just a few days ago, specifically last Monday, Los Alamos fire department received a phone call through which they informed him that one of the houses in the town was on fire. After attending it, the firefighters did not find any person. Only two scared dogs who did not know very well what to do after the fire

The puppy caused the fire

Hours later, and after contacting the tenants of the apartment, firefighters discovered that the fire was caused by one of the dogs. Specifically by a nine-month-old puppy, known as Kahua, who threw a burning iron. This is demonstrated by the security cameras of the house, where you can see how the fire started.

As the images reveal, the dog was playing in the living room until He decided to rest his two front legs on the ironing board. After shaking the board a little, it fell on the floor, burning several clothes. This caused the start of a fire that scared the two dogs. While the first of them left the room as soon as he began to see the flames, the second remained lying on the sofa.

The authorities were able to control the fire and save the dogs

It wouldn’t be until several minutes later, specifically until the room filled with smoke, when the dog decided to go to another room. Luckily, the authorities were fast enough to control the fire and, at the same time, rescue the dogs. Therefore, the incident was only a scare that could end in tragedy.

After the event, the fire department has recommended to homeowners Make sure you have operational smoke sensors to avoid such accidents. Also that they do not replace combustible elements next to devices that produce heat, such as heating, and verify before leaving home that they have completely unplugged devices.

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How to act in case of choking of your pet | Society – Health Insurance

Choking is, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), the third cause of unnatural death in Spain with 3,090 over the last year. Only behind suicides (3,539) and deaths from accidental falls (3,143), first and second causes of external death, respectively. Although these types of episodes are more frequent, there are still many people who do not know how to act

As a general rule, choking resolves naturally. Every time a little liquid or a rest of food goes astray, the body begins to cough to clean the airways and avoid possible choking. However, there are several scenarios in which we have to proceed to the Heimlich maneuver to resolve the situation.

How to act in case of suffocation

To carry out this movement, we must surround the victim with arms below the waist. Once this is done, and after joining our hands over the mouth of the stomach, we will have to press considerably on the area up to five times. Thanks to this, the victim can expel the body and breathe again without problem.

Have you ever wondered how to act in case your pet is attracted? Just a few hours ago, the Civil Guard shared an image, through its Twitter account, through which it showed us the steps to follow in case of choking of our pet. Four simple steps that can save your dog or cat from suffocation.

The Heimlich maneuver for pets

First, turn your pet upside down as if it were a wheelbarrow. Next, explore the animal’s mouth from side to side to see if you can find the object in question. Once this is done, compress your abdomen by pressing it upwards with your fist. Finally, and to save the life of your friend, apply a strong blow between your shoulder blades. In this way, the animal will cough and push the stuck fragment out of its body.

In case the choking persists, Get in touch with the vet to help you solve the case. In fact, it is advisable to contact the specialist before proceeding to the maneuver to help you face the situation while traveling to your home. For that same reason, it is advisable to have a list with the telephone numbers and contacts of the nearest emergency veterinarians. A gesture, which will not require more than a few minutes, that could be key to saving the life of our partner.

In short, and if you have to face an episode of this caliber, we recommend that you keep calm and get in touch with the nearest emergency veterinarian. Once this is done, and after receiving the relevant instructions, proceed to perform the Heimlich maneuver for pets. A maneuver that can save lives.

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Canine excrement, the biggest problem of street cleaning in Toledo – Health Insurance





The Councilor for Road Cleaning and Maintenance of Municipal Centers, Ramón Lorente, presented on Tuesday at the City Council the new awareness and information campaign «Take care of Toledo»Set up by your department to raise awareness about the collection of canine droppings and about the hours of bowling in the Casco.

In addition, to bring the cleaning management closer to the citizen and inform of the resources that the City Council allocates for these purposes, from the Consistory a web page has been developed that will facilitate the management of waste.

Lorente has alluded to the latest OCU survey (2019) on road cleaning of the provincial capitals and cities with greater number of inhabitants and has maintained that in the last eight years, Toledo has experienced a “constant improvement in the perception they have citizens on the management of the cleaning service in Toledo ».

As he recalled, the regional capital is located among the 18 cities that have improved in street cleaning in the opinion of citizens, when most of the Spanish cities have receded in this perception. That is why, in his opinion, «Toledo progresses properly»On road cleaning.

Black spots

However, Lorente has expressed the need to combat the greatest “black point” in road cleaning, which for the majority of Toledo surveyed is the no collection of canine droppings by dog ​​owners.

Therefore, this campaign is focused on «solving one of the problems that pets generate in urban settings; canine droppings, which are not collected in public spaces and that offer a negative image of the city, causing discomfort and hindering street cleaning tasks ».

As for the objectives, the mayor has detailed that it is about improving the cleanliness of the municipality; promote coexistence and respect among neighbors. As for the sanctions, he also recalled that there are regulatory measures to regulate and sanction “irresponsible behavior” of the owners of the dogs through the municipal ordinance and that the fines can reach 1,500 euros.

On this matter, Lorente has maintained that reversing this situation is not only a matter of sanctioning but also of raising awareness about the maintenance of the city and its image, correcting untiring behaviors and informing of the lack of knowledge, also, of the established schedule of baggage.

Finally, the mayor recalled that “the city that spends the most money on cleaning is not cleaner but the one that gets the least dirty” and has encouraged citizens to promote a better coexistence from respecting and maintaining standards.

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Dogs can detect prostate cancer with 93% efficiency – Health Insurance

Carmen Aniorte




Our faithful friends besides their faithful company can – in many cases – detect the presence of tumors in the prostate through the urine with 93% efficiency, according to research carried out by the British organization Medical Detection Dogs, collected by the Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE) on the occasion of the International Day Against Cancer.

Thanks to early detection, the deaths caused by this disease could be reduced, which amount to about 9 million a year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), and in that regard dogs take on a leading role. Because his nose has proven to be practically infallible. According to Medical Detection Dogs, your nose is the best biological sensor we have, with 300 million olfactory receptors in the snout.


A 2014 investigation indicated that these animals are able to detect small traces of the smell created by different diseases, including cancer. A disease that is already one of the greatest enemies of world health Since only in 2020, the number of new cases of cancer diagnosed in Spain will reach 277,394, a figure very similar to that of 2019, with those of lung, colon and stomach causing the most deaths, as with breast cancer In the case of women.

Thus, the British organization trains the dogs for six months from Monday to Friday so that they can help in the detection work, especially To end false positives. When dogs identify the smell associated with cancer in samples of quantities of 0.5 millimeters, they indicate it by sitting or standing. In this way, the British public health system has already incorporated these tests with dogs because of their high reliability.

His nose

But not only they are limited to prostate cancer; They also help detect breast cancer, which is the world’s second leading cause of death among women. Isabelle Fromatin of the Marie Curie Institute, a researcher associated with the Chair of Nursing Sciences of the University of Paris 13, arrived in this determination, which began in 2009 a thesis on wounds and injuries caused by breast cancer.

His research determined that when a person suffers from this disease, your body produces organic chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOC), which dogs can detect through their sense of smell, so that the disease could be detected early. This is how the KDOG project emerged in 2011, for which a multidisciplinary team was established at the Marie Curie Institute formed by specialists from the center itself (pathologists, nurses and oncological surgeons), scientific researchers in biology and chemistry at the ESPCI engineering school Paris and dog experts (veterinarians, ethologists and caregivers) to shape this project and train dogs for this important work.

In this way, dogs, in addition to helping in therapy work for the recovery of patients in hospitalsThey can also contribute to research, which gives a qualitative leap to the fight against this deadly disease that remains the major concern of the medical field.

“In Spain we still do not have advanced research with dogs to treat cancer, so it is advisable to know what is being done in other countries so that you can start working in this line, especially in a society where dogs are already integrated in almost half of homes. The dogs are man’s best friends, but they can also be their cure if their abilities are used for the benefit of science and health, ”said Julián Hernández, president of the Royal Canine Society of Spain.

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A goat and a dog, candidates for mayor of a small town in Vermont – Health Insurance




The elections to the mayor’s office of Fair Haven, a town of Vermont, are more than at odds. The inhabitants of this small town, located in Rutland County, will leave on March 3 to choose if your honorary mayor will be a goat or a dog.

Although it may sound surprising, it is not the first time that an animal occupies this position. Lincoln, the first of the two mammals that appear on this occasion, is the one who has held the position since March 2019.

And who presides and represents the City Council? Fair Haven has an administrator, a position occupied by a neighbor who is responsible for various tasks related to that function. The peculiar honorary position that is disputed, and in which the chosen one must walk on all fours, began as an initiative that sought to raise funds to replace the community elementary school playground, CNN says.

“There is a five dollar registration fee to enroll pets in this race, ”municipal manager Joe Gunter explained to the chain. «Any resident of the town can cast a vote for mayor. We are asking for donations on election day, but are not required to participate. Every little bit brings us closer to our goal ».

March 3 the neighbors will go out to vote for their favorite candidate and the results will be known of the peculiar Fair Haven elections.

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Kracken: from abandoned dog to firefighter dog | Pamplona Radio – Health Insurance

In just one month Kracken has gone from loneliness and abandonment to be adopted to exercise people search. This Belgian Malinois, approximately six months old, was abandoned and hosted at the Animal Care Center on January 2 of this 2020, and now it has been adopted by the rescue group of Firefighters of the Generalitat of Catalonia and EREC to receive training in search of people in Barcelona.

“Kracken is a very vital puppy, like good malinois. He is super affectionate, seeks contact and a good touch session. You need an adopter with time to play with him, go jogging, to the field, etc. Balanced and attentive. Participation in dog education courses is recommended. “This is described in its adoption form.

A description that was enough for the rescue group of the Firefighters of Catalonia to be interested in him and get in touch with the Animal Care Center.

One of the workers of the Animal Care Center itself is part of the Navarra Rescue Dog Group and participated in a course that was also attended by firefighters from the Generalitat. There a first contact was established from which he derived a visit to meet the dog, which finally ended up in the adoption.

Animal Care Center

The Animal Care Center currently has 25 dogs, plus a puppy of about four months and a litter of newborns border collie mix, to adopt. To them, others are added 5 cats in adoption and twenty more in reception.

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the unexpected and effective weapon against the yellow dragon, the plague that annihilates the orange trees – Health Insurance

I. M.




Farmers may have found an unexpected ally to fight the fearsome huanglongbing, also known as «Yellow dragon», an agricultural plague that is wreaking havoc on citrus from much of the world. Scientists from the United States Agricultural Research Service (ARS) have discovered that trained dogs are the most effective tool to detect it, even before the disease begins to manifest itself, according to a study published in “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.”

The yellow dragon has its origin in an Asian bacterium that is housed in lemon, orange and tangerine. Deforms and bitter citrus, and then destroy its seeds. Finally, kill the tree. In just ten years, his arrival in Florida (United States) has caused a decrease of more than 70 percent in the production of oranges. In Spain, its landing worries. Valencian farmers have come to ensure that if they manage to settle in the country, Citrus «would disappear in just a few years». A recent study estimated at 2.5 billion annually what the European Union could lose if it extended through our territory.

Currently, the only option to fight against this plague is eliminate trees with disease as fast as possible and try to stop its spread. It has no treatment. Therefore, early detection of the pathogen is crucial, although everything is against citrus growers: trees can become infected and spread the disease for months or years before showing visible symptoms.

Now, ARS epidemiologist Timothy R. Gottwald has discovered that dogs can be trained to detect the presence of «Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus», the bacterium that causes citrus greening, with a accuracy greater than 99 percent, he assures.

«We discovered that, once trained, these dogs were able to identify infected trees within the two weeks after inoculation of trees, ”said Gottwald. They were able to distinguish the bacteria responsible for greening and other bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens.

During the tests, the trained dogs had a total of 4 to 15 false negatives and false positives of 950 to 1,000 trees per dog. Occasionally, dogs alerted to trees that were free of the bacteria, but were planted in the same place where an inoculated tree had previously been.

To contextualize these data, the PNAS study explains that the only method currently approved by the United States Department of Agriculture to confirm the presence of the greening pathogen is a DNA-based assay, the polymerase chain reaction test. (PCR) This test detected less than 3 percent of tree infections 2 months after inoculation, 16 of 30 trees inoculated at 16 months and 20 of 30 in 17 months.

European dogs

So far, the Gottwald program has trained 19 dogs obtained from European breeders for their qualities, and have been deployed for 9 months in California and northern Florida. The training they have received is similar to that of dogs that sniff out explosives: they are taught to recognize a particular smell and sit in front of the fountain, something for which they then get a reward. However, training is somewhat more complex than with explosives, since they are trained to detect a bacterium that is infecting a plant, and they are odors that cannot be separated.

«When we carry out epidemiological models, we discover that canine detection combined with the extraction of infected trees it would allow the citrus industry to remain economically for a period of 10 years, compared to the use of molecular tests or visual inspection combined with the extraction of trees, which could not suppress the spread of the infection, ”explains Gottwald.

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The annual greyhound lie – Health Insurance

Ramón Pérez-Maura



One more year, platforms contrary to hunting are calling yesterday demonstrations throughout Spain against hunting, adducing the alleged mistreatment of greyhounds by hunters. A lie a thousand times repeated does not become true. The No to the Hunt platform speaks of 50,000 greyhounds abandoned each year by the hunters at the end of the season, this February. The figure sounds great, but it is not supported by any proven statistics. Because the only official count in Spain is that made by the Nature Protection Service, a body dependent on the Civil Guard. And according to them last year 52 greyhounds were abandoned. Many, but nothing to see

Ramón Pérez-MauraOpinion Article
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The most common mistakes when walking your dog: this is how you should do it | Society – Health Insurance

Until last year about thirteen million pets were registered across the country. Mainly dogs, as the president of the Spanish Network of Identification of Pets (REIAC), Armando Solís, announced a few months ago The country: “There are more pets than children under 15 years.”

However, and although dogs are increasingly present in our day-to-day lives, there are still many people who do not know how to walk our pets properly. This was announced by the founder and president of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk, in statements to Fox, where it reveals some of the most common mistakes we make when taking our pet for a walk.

Do not take your dog only to do his needs

The first, and the most recurrent of them all, is to walk our dog or our dog just to make his needs: “It’s more than a break to go to the bathroom, it’s an excursion.” From Newkirk’s point of view, the walks are like a kind of adventure for our friends: “It is a very special occasion for the dog to go outside to smell and watch.”

For the same reason, and since animals do not want to be trapped in a single room throughout the day, the founder of the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) recommends leaving dogs and bitches to enjoy their walk: “Let them smell! That’s how they read the news, it’s their private Internet, don’t drag them.”

Leave the mobile aside

Therefore, and given that it is a special moment for him, the president of PETA has asked the owners and owners to be more attentive to their peers during the walk. Among other things, Newkirk asks that we put the cell phone aside and pay attention to our dog or our dog: “People are so focused on their own things that they ignore animals.”

Finally, and regarding the debate about whether the dog should collar or harness when going for a walk, Newkirk is clear: “You better go with a harness. “ In his view, necklaces can cause many problems. Mainly those stranglers or tip. For the same reason, and as far as possible, it is recommended to use a harness rather than a collar from those mentioned above.

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Two women are injured by the same dog in two attacks in Villarreal – Health Insurance





Two women 49 and 87 years have suffered wounds this Monday to be attacked in two different attacks that occurred in Vila-real and starred by the same dog, of American Staffordshire Terrier breed, considered “dangerous”, which has also injured another dog.

As reported by City Council sources of Vila-real, At 11.40 a call was received at 112 and another at 092 that alerted the aggression of one dog to another and the owner of the assaulted dog and both are injured.

Later he goes to the Local police another neighbor who “unfortunately” has crossed the same dog and has also suffered an attack.

According to sources from the Emergency Information and Coordination Center, a Basic Life Support Unit has been mobilized, whose team has assisted the two women, aged 49 and 87, each with an open wound in the bite hand and have been transferred to the University Hospital La Plana de Vila-real.

From the session they have indicated that the dog, a three and a half year old male, has all the documentation in order.

The Local Police have prepared the errands and the report to be sent to the court and the Department of Health of the City Council and, in accordance with the municipal protocol, the owner of the dog has been notified that he must put it in quarantine 14 days and all subsequent documentation will be requested from the health department.